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Related post: Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 00:05:11 +1100
From: mhines
Subject: Boy Scouts Gang Show 8Nothing in this story is true; it's preteen childporn from my imagination. If you read this
Tale don't imitate what the man is doing to the boys. No safe sex is
recorded and the story is purely fantasy. Nothing written expresses my own
life-style. If you are not over 18 then go somewhere else as this story is
not for you. I have no way of knowing your age and if you read my words
it's your responsibility. Please email me if you have some opinions, I
enjoy feedback but flames will be ignored. I'll certainly reply to readers
who like my story.
Boy Scouts Gang Show 8
Something woke me; I tried to focus young nonnude preteen and managed to spy the bedside
clock. Fuck, 10 pm and Dean's still here, he's supposed to be home. I
freaked and moved feeing soft breaths from the two slumbering boys sweating
in the heat, their bodies reeking of sex. My pillow was damp and the heat
of boy flesh infused me causing moist rivulets to dribble down my tummy and
swim over my groin. I smelt sweat and sex as I tried to lift my head erotic preteen thumbs and
consider even more complications. Hell, I haven't feed the boys, instead I
spent the day fucking them and having trouble with Max's father. Dean has
to go now, his mother will be worried and she could cause all sorts of
problems. Max is okay, he's with me anyway.Wouldn't you know it Don, I thought, a bloody piss hard cock that has to
spray the pan! Fuck I'm trapped and if I move the boys will wake. Best they
sleep a bit more until I figure what to do. I've got the best kids in the
World, fast asleep in my arms and their bottoms full of. Used to be easy
to perv and wank but this is for real. At my age I'm supposed to look and
not touch! Shit I've fucked both boys and they're not virgins any
more. They wanted it with a man of my age and a cock fucking their bottoms
that men have trouble taking, most don't because it's too thick.Max's father hates me because I rooted his boy's bottom and made him cum
for the first time. His mother hasn't done anything about him except throw
her husband out because he takes boys in his butt. He crept into my house
when Max was shitting and fucked his bum in the toilet. I found Max
weeping, showered him, carried him to bed and he helped me root Dean.
Bloody hell, what a fucking mess! To make everything worse I've got to leak
now. I tried to wriggle away from the boys but they clung! Max muttered
sleepily and Dean grunted as I pried his tender torso away and managed to
lever myself from bed. I jumped up pure preteen nudism
and took myself to the on-suite and
leaked into the pan. What a relief, shit I needed that.Looking back I realised preteen childmodel girl the boys were lost in sleep, Max had slipped pornos preteen
out of
Dean and both lay separately, unless I wake them they'll stay under for a
long time and I had to fix it with Dean's mother, make sure she wasn't
going to worry or worse contact the authorities and inform them that her
son was missing. Grabbing Dean's jeans I felt in the pockets, finding his
wallet. I checked it out and yes his home `phone number was written on a
card. I took it, returned the wallet and wandered into my lounge. I had to
let her know I had her boy with me, Max was his friend and surely that was
a good reason?I stopped thinking, dialled the numbers, it took three rings and then a
hullo."I've got Dean here." I mumbled. "I'm sorry he hasn't left yet, he's very
tired after having fun with Max all day. Is it okay for him to stay over?"
I asked quickly. "He's asleep in Max's new room and I reckon both boys
won't wake until the morning. I can drive him home then if you want.""I know you've got Max with you, his mum told me, she's happy to see him
gone and yes if Dean can stay, that'll be good as I won't be here in the
morning. I'm going to a friend's house for the weekend, Dean's used to that
and he'll find some food and entertain himself until School on Monday. If
Max wants to play some more and you're happy, he can stay there. Get him
back for School; drop him off on Monday morning. He's got some uniform
clothes in his wardrobe so yea, its okay with me. Guess preteen models outdoors I need your number
in teens sex preteen case something happens.""Of course and I'm sure he'll enjoy the weekend with Max." I portal preteen boys replied giving
her my `phone number."Thanks for cute preteen art
having him, I hope he behaves himself, doesn't here. He's a
difficult kid and not having a Dad means I've got to do everything. It's
bloody hard and he's no help. Get him to behave; you're a man, maybe he'll
listen to you.""I'm sure he will and I'll ring if there are any problems.""Hope not, thanks, bye." She said, disconnecting the `phone.I dropped the receiver and couldn't believe what I heard. She lets her son
stay alone while she school preteen amateur sleeps with someone. Shit he needs lots of care and
love! I realised why he wanted my arms and gave me his backside. He could
be connected to someone at last, in fact anyone if they used the words,
`hey kid, I love you.' Max isn't much older but he's better at covering
hurt and somehow he loves Dean as a brother. He wanted him to enjoy being
rooted as much as he does and helped him take my cock so the kid wouldn't
be virgin anymore and get used to having my penis in his arse-hole whenever
I feel like screwing him.I remembered how carefully Max held Dean as he watched my cock slowly
filling his bottom. He encouraged the boy and gave him his dick to suck as
the pain of my penis penetrating his bum made him scream, it muffled the
noise and Dean took all of me after a very slow fucking and once I got in I
gave him a very hard pounding. Shit it took a while and I held back and
then shot my sperm into his hot little bottom. Max fucked him after me and
stayed in his bum until I woke; Dean's been full of cock for hours and
loves it. The boy needs love forbidden preteen photos in more ways than one and I bet he's a shit at
School and a very difficult kid at home. His mother leaves him at the
weekend and he's not wanted, what a way to raise a boy.Funny, I thought, Max's mother hasn't bothered to contact me. Maybe I
should make contact and assure her he's okay. She knows Dean's here and can
always ring me. Both women need their heads read, surely they figure what
their boys are doing. I struggled to understand, women have an instinct
and they know boys don't stay with a man just to play with his
computer. They don't want the kids, that's pretty clear and Dean has
nowhere to turn and about to enter puberty. Max made sperm with me for the
first time. Shit two boys discovering and I've fucked them. I'm no sexy angels preteen better
than their uncaring parents but they wanted it and Max needs it I figured.Fuck the mind-games, these kids are mine and stuff all the no, no's. If
they didn't want it, all they had to do was say don't. I didn't force
either boy and I love Max, now he's got a brother, shit why not? I can
cope with both boys and if they want to sleep in my bed, so what, nobody
needs to know and if they don't ukraine preteen nudists
want anymore then so be it! I'm the grandad
they never knew and star preteen bbs if they want to be sexy they can.Lifting myself from the chair I returned to bed. They were sleeping side by
side, the room smelt of boy and they smelt of sex. I shot my dressing gown
and lifted Dean so I could lie between them. He quickly snuggled my right
side and Max moved unconsciously into my left. Wrapping my arms around
their shoulders I cuddled the boys. My sweat and theirs connected and I
felt two hard cocks pressing against me as I increased my hold on their
bodies. I couldn't rub my erect cock and used the boy's bodies to
masturbate. It didn't take long for my penis to erupt as I cuddled soft
boy-bodies and bounced against them on the bed. Max wriggled and seemed to
know I`d used his body to make spunk. Dean giggled, shit the kids asian preteen whores were
awake, could have fucked them again."Dad, it's late but we're hungry. Can we have some supper? Max said. "I
loved seeing you cum like that.""Of course son, hey let's nude preteens porn have a very late night snack and I'm hungry too
after that hot spunk-up." I told the boys. `Seriously, I preteen giving head need to talk to
both of you and yea, feed you.""Something wrong Dad?" Max murmured."No son, just need to talk about you and your futures and what your parents
said while you've been asleep.""Not going back ever," Dean said, "want to be here, like being
fucked. Wanted it for a while and now I'm not virgin, do me again Don,""Not now son, I'm out of spunk. Shit, I just shot holding you."Dean giggled, hairless nudist preteen
"Know Don and it was fun seeing you cum. preteen latvian models
Must've been like
that when you did it in my bum, any wonder I'm full of spunk; yours and Max
did his up me too. You sure cum lots and I'm pretty sore but it's so good I
can take it, hurts going in but then it's fab; being bummed is the best.""You and Max are terrific boys and I love bumming you both. Hell I'm the
luckiest man preteen with dog ever having two gorgeous boys to fuck and cuddle. You're ready
to have a wet cum like Max very soon Dean and we'll make illegal index preteen sure it
happens. Let's eat and chat. Need to be serious and get some answers from
you and make sure you know the problems we've preteens fucking underage got, being sexy."I pushed the boys out of bed and laughed as they tried to find their pants."Don't bother boys, just wrap those towels round your waist and find your
way to the kitchen."I grabbed my dressing gown and followed the kids. Luckily I had some frozen
pizza and my oven was pretty fast. I turned it on and sat with the
boys. They looked carefully as I started to speak."We've done stuff that many people think is very wrong boys. I've been in
your bottom many times over the last few days Max and now I've given your
body my seed Dean. Your parents know where you are Max, and your Mum's
happy you're with us Dean, she wants you to stay until Monday then you have
to be at School. I've got big problems with preteens models blogspot your Dad Max, he's really
pissed off with me and I know he hurt you son. I told him to stop coming
here and I think he's living in a room somewhere close and wants you to be
with him. I've told your Mum that you're happy together Dean and you're
playing lots of games. She doesn't know what we're really doing and she
chats to your Mum, Max so she knows where you are. I'm not sure whether
they want preteens japan cunts you back, what do you want boys?"`Never going back Dad; I portal cp preteen don't want to see them again." Max answered
quickly. " Specially my Dad, I hated him doing sperms in me. I only want
yours Don.""Same for me Don, I don't want to go home ever." Dean jumped in "My Mum
will never know what you did, it's my bum and if I want to be fucked, it's
got nothing to do preteen hymen pics with her. Loved my first time and now I know how good it
feels I want more if Max is okay for me to do it with you. I know he's your
boy Don but I want to be as well. I loved you bumming me.""Of course Dean, Dad fucks me lots but I know he likes your hole and we can
share, I love Dad as you do." Max encouraged Dean."Well that's the problem boys; I don't think you've ever had anyone say
they love you. preteen schoolgirl porn I know I did when I had my cock in your bodies and fucked
you, and when you slept in my arms. Looking at you now, I want you to know
I love you for yourselves and not just sexy kids wanting cock. I love both
of you and reckon you should see each other as brothers. You've both had
horrible young lives and need to find yourselves. You'll know each preteens pussy rape other
for many years and I hope share your lives and experiences. I feel guilty
Max, went to Gang Show and once I saw you on the stage and heard you
singing I wanted to fuck you son. I did pre teen cumshots and you're not a virgin boy
anymore. You've still got my sperm in you and so have you Dean. You're both
very young and things may change as you grow older. Maybe you'll hate
remembering an old man's cock fucking your bums or sucking it and lifting
your legs so you can feel it inside your bodies. I don't know boys, I'm
scared I've done the wrong thing and you'll hate me when you're older."Max started to cry, his eyes flooded as he dropped wild preteen 14 his face over preteen pic thumb
table. Dean looked at me, his eyes clouded and slowly tears formed, then he
let go a torrent. He screamed and wailed and his body shook. I pushed the
pizza into the hot oven and sat."Dad, no, please don't say this stuff." Max cried."I wanted you Don, can I call you Dad like Max does, let me please. I've
never had anyone like me and nudes preteens pics I did it because I wanted too, it made me feel
good, it hurt yea, but I love it. Please don't send me away." Dean
whispered. "I'll do it here for you Dad. I want your cock more than
anything. Fuck me now, I'm still wet and your sperm and Max's spunk is in
my beautiful preteen boys bottom, do it again Don, please fuck me, I belong here. Please Dad,
please, let me stay. I want to be cuddled and sexed. I've never felt good,
ever, and you've made me happy. I'll do anything you want and I don't want
to be alone all the time. I hate being home most weekends and the guys I
hook up with on the net don't love me, they just want to do my
bottom. Never met any of them but they talk sexy and make me hard. You
fucked my bottom for real, I loved it and I trust you. Know you'll make me
have a wet spunk up soon. I'll do anything to stay here. Want me to suck
you Dad? You can do it in my bum now if you want I've got a sticky hole and
it would be easier for you to get in me Dad.""I don't want to be anywhere else Dad, I love you and it's my body and if I
want you to fuck me that's my choice. You know that Dad, and it's not fair
that someone says you can't. I love what you do and you cuddle me. I've
never had that even when I was a little boy." Max sobbed. "Don't send me
away, I've just found the best place ever. Please love me Dad. I won't hate
you when I'm older, want to be with you all the time anyway."I said nothing, shit what could I do? I wanted the boys and they opened
their hearts to me. Dean wanted more of my cock in his bottom, shit he's so
tight and a wonderful fuck. Max knows how to use his bum and keep me happy
for a long time! Ah fuck I love the boys. My fears dissipated a bit; maybe
I had two troubled boys who really did need me. But they had everything in
front of them and they're simply hot and will grow into absolute adolescent
hunks and have the preteen bikini nonude
time of their lives doing anything they want. Dean's a
very outgoing lad whom everyone will love, Max is gentle, caring and
affectionate but he's got a future that I won't see, I'll be too old and
probably gone when he's in his 20's.Never ilegal preteen underage had I expected all this from a harmless visit to the Boy Scout's Gang
Show.The oven buzzed deciding the pizza was cooked. I took it out, cut slices
and lifted Max's face to a piece. He smiled a little and took it. Dean did
the same. I couldn't eat and gave the lot to the boys. They ate, watching
me."I'm young preteen mmodels
sorry boys, I've put you through hoops that you don't need. I don't
want you to go preteen kd link anywhere Max. Dean's almost your brother and he's part of us
now. But I'm really your grandad boys and I do want you both with me.""Dad, we want that more than anything if you'll have us." Max whispered."I'm happy Dad and please love me." Dean sputtered."I love you both and Max is preteen asian modeling almost my son and Dean you'll be his brother
very soon. I guess it's a different family because we've been sexy and
nobody must know what happened.""Nobody will, ever." Both boys chimed."I want lots more." Dean said easily."I'm the same." Max smiled.I tried to hold back tears but it didn't work. The boys destroyed me and preteen serx movies I
fell back against my chair, weeping. Suddenly I had love and it was
unrequited, simply two battered young souls who needed affection and wanted
to have more than cuddles. Sexy boys who wanted to feel my love for them in
their bodies, I wept and they cuddled me. My dressing gown opened and the
boys let go of their towels. Max felt my penis and put his lips over my
dribbly knob and I fucked my juice into his mouth as he worked his spit
into my preteen suck cock skin. So much emotion and worry made me sexy and I wanted my
beautiful Max. super bondage preteen He knew what I needed and worked his bottom over my dripping
penis. Dean was hard and very sexed and he put his lips over mine kissing
me. I fucked Max and encouraged Dean to move so I could suck his precious
penis. He rubbed in my mouth and as I shoot into Max I felt Dean's first
cum rain over my tongue. Max cried out as my seed filled his bottom and
Dean fucked hard until his cock stopped shooting dribbles of watery
boy-semen.Max sat back keeping his bum over my cock as Dean collapsed as his cock
shrivelled and fell against my leg. Max moaned sinking his bottom onto my
shrinking penis. I lifted him, sucked his cock and made him shoot. preteen girls fetish
Boy cum
is so sweet and these kids have so japanese preteen portals much. Max especially and now Dean. Max
grinned, kissed me and I knew he tasted his cum as we rubbed tongues. Dean
stayed put preteen animated sex
as his body had discovered something new.We all needed to sleep, it was very late and I wanted to take the boys to
my cabin in the Mountains so we could escape the horrors of reality. I
urged Max to lift nn preteen bbs his brother and both of us carried his excited body to
bed. We managed and I preteens underwear pics held Dean in my arms as he came down from his first
orgasm."He did it Dad; I know you sucked his spunk. I love Dean as a brother and
you as my Dad. I wish we didn't have the problems you talked about; I want
to stay here, please say you'll let me and have Dean as well. You talk to
me and I love being in bed cuddling into you Dad and I know Dean
does. Please Dad; make it happen so we can be with you all the time." Max
mumbled, finding my chest.Dean slid easily into my arms and wriggled so his body warmed and I
fingered his bottom. I felt hot boy, now pubescent and able to make
ball-juice. He sighed and pushed as I kept rubbing inside his bottom. Fuck
I wanted to root him but Max needed more and he felt my penis, rubbed it
and put his hot mania preteen link crack over my knob. I had to fuck him again and he moaned
as my dick entered his body. I held Dean and stuffed preteen striptease pictures Max, shit this could
be every night!"We're going to my country cabin in the morning son, get away from all the
crap and spend time bonding. You with Dean and me as your new Dad, want
that son?""Yea Dad, very much. Fuck me again like before so I can get the feelings
with you, please Dad root my bum. Do me hard I'm full of your penis and
it's so cool." Max moaned.Dean licked my lips opening his mouth for my tongue. I stabbed his tonsils
with each thrust I gave Max and having such hot boy-flesh in my arms made
my spunk ride quickly. Max fucked hard knowing his body again, shit he
wanted it and when I came Dean pashed hard and Max fucked back. I filled my
boy's with sperm and wrapped him in my arms as he moaned with the pleasure
Dean rubbed his small penis over me and muttered:"I'm first in the morning Don; please do my bottom and you made me do
sperms. I love you Dad."Max wriggled, keeping my penis in his bottom and both boys lay against
me. I held them and told Dean to set the alarm for 6 am. He did and we all
slept once again. Max grabbed my arms making me hug him. I loved having
his young body in my arms and beautiful preteen model
Dean snuggled my back, his penis between my
legs his body pressing tight. I tried to work him up as I hugged
Max. Didn't take much because Dean masturbated using my fleshy legs his
second load, I felt the wet watery-boy-seed spunking over my balls nonude preteen kissing as I
fucked k inside Max What a fucking hot feeling, young spunk pulsing out of
Dean and mine inside my boy. I changed hands and pulled Dean against me
feeling his rapid breathing slow as he dosed. Max fucked a bit and gave up
to sleep I did the same and the heat of the night made us sweaty, I
couldn't wait for the morning as I wanted the boys in the bush, running
free, no pre teen temper problems with any one except me, maybe.We sort of slept and my penis slid out of my Max as he lost it. Dean
mumbled and cuddled as I hugged his precious body. preteens japan porn Shit I had two gorgeous
boys sleeping in my arms I can't let them go I thought as sleep finally
conquered me.We all woke with the alarm. The boys needed to piss and so did I, laughing,
we raced to the preteen nude bikini on-suite managing to piss torrents into the pan and crossed
swords. Shit they were fun to be yung preteenz
with and knew I'd made the right decision
to keep them. The pissing stopped and two naked foro preteen models sweaty boys stood looking
up at me. We all reeked of sex, spunk and sweat so I organised the
shower. preteens sex galeries When the water heated I soaped my horny boys, they giggled and I
let them feel my penis as I cleaned their butts."Gosh it's thick Dad," Dean said."Yea, and it fits your bum Dean," Max laughed."Yea Max and goes up you all night." Dean smiled."Does and I love it; so do you." Max giggled.I wiped the boy's bruised butt-holes, patted their buns and told them to
dress. I followed and found some jeans and a tee, both boys copied me and
we made some food. Neither boy had a change of clothes, I figured that
wouldn't matter, because my cabin is hidden in the hills and running naked
and having fun would be exciting for them and me.I managed to get two happy, hyped kids into my wagon and some food for the
rest of the weekend. Engaging first gear I shot down the drive and looked
at two highly charged gorgeous boys ready to enjoy what had been denied
them for most of their young lives. At last they would see nature, feel
free; explore and not be chastised and laugh, knowing they're loved. I
whistled, they joined youg preteen me young preteen pearls
and we made so much noise I couldn't hear the
motor and reaching the freeway I put my foot down. The boys felt the charge
and I realised they felt at home dark preteen toplist with me as much as I was with them."Love you kids." I muttered."Dad we love you and this is so cool. Never been on the freeway, it's a
fast place." Dean smiled."He's right Dad, you've made us so happy, preteen upskirt mpegs never going anywhere without
you." Max said."Don't have too, we're family, do stuff that most don't, but we love it
boys." I said."I know that Dad, so does Dean but we'll only do it with you." Max
replied. "It's new stuff for me and I know Dean feels the same, we've never
been in the Country Dad, sounds like fun."After four hours and only two to go I discovered soft preteen boys sweet preteens galleries
a MacDonald's and figured
that the boys needed food and probably a piss as I did. They'd spent most
of the drive looking at the scenery and said very little"Going to stop here boys and get some Maccas, you want food?" I asked."Yea Dad, I'm hungry.' Dean exclaimed."I need a toilet Dad and yea I'm hungry." Max answered.Finding a parking slot I stopped the motor and we entered the food
queue. Max asked for a Big Mac and Dean joined him. Both boys wanted the
toilet so I stayed, purchased lunch, found a table, arranged the food and
soon two sheepish boys found me."Dad, we had to go, Dean did his stuff in preteen porn comic
the pan and I was next door and
heard him and I did it too. When we came out a man was watching us and he
said things." Max muttered."What things?" I asked my son."He said we made smells and knew what it was." Max replied."I understand you both needed to go, but shit, a man knows those smells? Is
he in here now?""Yea Dad, he evie preteenmodel followed us and he's in the queue." Max said.I looked and sure enough a guy was looking hard at my boys. His eyes were
lowered so they could check out the kid's groins and then preteen incest stories
he stared at me."Its okay boys, he wants to get into your pants but he has no chance,
unless you want him." I replied."Never, I don't want anyone but you seeing me naked and putting your penis
in my bum, he's not a nice man and had no right to hear me have a crap
Dad. I'm okay now and I had to go." Dean said."Same here Dad, he's a perv I reckon and I suppose he smelt your sperm. I
had to empty myself and Dean did as well. He's not getting near preteen bikini pix
me, only
want you Dad." Max muttered."Forget him boys, he can think what he likes but he's not putting his penis
in your bums. If you want to experiment then that's up to you, told you
earlier that I won't keep you away from more fun. You don't realise how hot
you look and many men will come onto you boys. I know you'll be superb
studs russian mafia preteen
in the next few years and you'll get what you want from men and
boys. Shit you don't realise preteen golden showers what you do to men. You're both fucking
gorgeous!""Dad, you make both of us feel good. Nobody has ever praised me and I know
Dean hasn't had anyone like him or say he's okay." Max said."I'm spoiled having two handsome boys with me and nobody will do anything
to you unless you want it. Eat the lol preteens Maccas and we'll keep driving, my
cabin's about two hours from here.""Dad that's why it's so good being with you, we feel safe and know you love
us." Max replied."Don't make me cry again Max, I want you son all the time but I have to be
fair and let both of you go into the World and enjoy your youth.""Not yet Dad, you made me have my first cum, and preteens free nude
I trust you." Dean
muttered."Same for me, Dad and jp pantie preteen
you made us preteen models hairy very happy when you fucked our
bottoms. I'm not a virgin boy anymore nor is Dean. Don't know preteen cartoon video
about the
future just know what I want now, Dean's the same." Max said."Eat up and let's get out of here. Want you to naked preteen phonesex enjoy being boys and have
fun. Forget about the guy and let's do what we want." I suggested.The boys crammed their mouths preteen cocks and I noticed the guy looking hard at both
kids! He should find his own, shit he can't touch these boys!I gathered the wrappings and shot them into the rubbish slot. Max and Dean
laughed and chased each other, shit they were young boys enjoying something
they haven't had ever. I watched my boys and noticed the guy licking rusian preteen model
lips. Fuck him, I thought, get his own boys he's not having my kids. I'll
show him something and stopped the boys, put my arms around their child top preteen
and led them to the exit. Both boys grinned and looked into my face; I
figured we were a family and fuck the watcher.Max looked back and smirked."Dad he's a perv, wants us to show our dicks and do stuff, he's still
looking but he's not going to see us naked, right Dean?""Hell no, no-one sees me starkers but you and Dad." Dean grinned."No one's going to son unless you want." I told Dean. "Many men would love
to see both of you naked. You're very handsome kids and you don't realise
the effect you have on them. You've both been fucked and having my penis in
your bodies has changed you. You know about adult 3d preteen sex and men who see you looking
so flushed and happy will know you've discovered something that sets you
apart from other boys. You've got to understand Dean and Max, lots of men
will go to great lengths to have your bodies. They'll figure you're fair
game because you have the look. It's a special, secret sort of look that
only men who know about boys understand. You two look sexy anyway, you have
gorgeous bums that fill your pants and you've got bodies that men would die
for and faces that are angelic. I still can't believe that I have you both
with me and I've made you have your first preteen pantyhose forum cums. It's so special boys and
you've let me do sperm in your bottoms and want more. Many men would love
to be in my shoes.""Yea, but they won't see me getting sexed or do it in me. I'll only do it
with you Dad. heavenly preteen models You know how to make me happy and I'm safe when you fuck my
bottom." Max said."Same here, they can look but nobody gets in my bum but you Don." Dean
muttered.We climbed into the Wagon and I drove quickly. Two hours later we arrived
at my cabin and both boys snuggled against their seats. Sleepy kids, full
of food and ready for what I thought would be a preteen upskirt video weekend of fun and maybe
we'll forget the horrors we've left behind.Snapping the brake I shook Max. He looked up and grinned."We there Dad?""Yep son, you two have been asleep since we left Maccas. Wake Dean and
we'll carry the gear into the cabin and collapse. Show you lots preteens bikini pics in the
morning."Max woke Dean, he quickly came alive and both boys carried our bags as I
opened the cabin's door. It japanese preteen toplist had been a while since I visited my holiday
retreat and I needed to turn on the power and thumbs of preteens engage the hot water
service. The boys watched and I got them to carry the food and stock the
fridge. I knew the bedroom was reasonably ship-shape and my king-sized bed
would give us enough room to sleep and have fun if that's what the boys
wanted. After unpacking I gave up, locked the front door and dragged two
very sleepy boys between the sheets. Dean crawled into my arms and Max lay
against my back, I cuddled Dean feeling Max's slow breaths against my neck
and lost it to sleep. The boys did likewise and Dean's sweet breath
expelled over my cheek. I held his body and my cock rubbed his butt. Dean
moved so I could throb over his crack and he pushed opening his very tight
boy-hole just a bit to take my knob. Max clutched me as my penis sprayed
Dean, he moved holding me and Dean mumbled as his body felt sperm just
inside his tiny hole. I gave up and held him tight and Max climbed over me
so he had my arms cuddling him as well as Dean.Two beautiful boys almost asleep in my arms, hell the Gang Show was a
turning point in my life I thought, having my knob inside a boy's bum and
my Max in my arms, sleepy and child preteens top
such a wonderful sexy boy, I leaked some
tears. Max seemed to know my thoughts and rubbed his body against me."Dad, I'm so happy being with you. You've changed everything in preteen underage porno
my life and
I love being your boy."I struggled and looked into his young face:"I've tried to make you happy Max but I've done things to your body that
I'm scared will harm you for the rest of your life. I don't want you to
hate having my penis in your bottom. I topless preteen photo can't help loving you Max and I want
you forever son.""Dad I wanted you to fuck me. I love your penis preteen maxmodels asia
and I love you, how can
that change? Dean's the preteen art videos same, hey Dad we're family, you said we were and
you're crying preteen nonnude porn like me before, it's not right you should be worried. I know
what I want and so does Dean. We love being sexy with you and don't want
other men. We love you Dad." Max whispered."Let me hold you son, come here, crazy angel preteens I want you all the time." I snivelled as
Max wrapped his arms around my aging body."I'm here Dad and you can love me all the time. I've got a lot of catching
up, being loved. preteen 12yr
No-one has ever wanted me until you did after Gang Show. preteen handjobs I
didn't know I was an okay boy, never had any one say I'm okay. Dad you love
me and I love you. I don't want to be anywhere but with you. It was fun
today when we crossed swords and had maccas and you did Dean and you fucked
me some more. I love knowing I don't have to leave, just sleep in your arms
and have your penis in my body. I want it Dad, you can have me whenever you
want."I collapsed dragging Max with me and my penis rubbed Dean's tight
crack. Max cuddled and I held him. My tears covered his and we poured
emotions into each other. If I loved him before this cemented everything. I
kissed my son and he reciprocated. Our tongues masturbated preteen little women our mouths and
we fell asleep. Dean's bum against my cock and Max over my body.I cuddled the boys as they slept and fingered Max. He moaned as his bottom
loosened for me and he wanted my cock. His lazy, sleepy body sank back and
he rubbed preteen pics forums
my penis. Fuck, what a way to sleep I thought. Just as everything
seemed so perfect I heard a thumping on my cabin door. No-one comes here,
ever, shit, who's this?Max lifted his body and looked at me:"Dad, someone's here, thought we were away from people?"Yea son, so did I, just you and Dean. Better see who it is. Lie back son
and I'll check the door.'Max sank into my space and closed his eyes. I found some shorts and
cautiously opened my chained door. hentai preteen asian
I spied an old guy and he cgiworld nude preteens tried to
speak. hentai preteen nude
Shit he's a mess I realised; he's been wandering in the bush as my
cabin is a long way from the town."Been walking for a while and I slid on something, made me fall, saw your
light and hope you'll help me man." The old man said."You walking at this hour of night, shit its dangerous here. Too many
places to trip, hell man I bet you've done some damage.""Yea, I think so and I need help.""You better come in and I'll check you out for damage.""Thanks man. Saw you drive up a while ago, you had some kids with you, they
here?""Yea, my boys, they're sleeping.""Nice looking kids, you're lucky guy.""You got kids?" I asked as I opened the door.`Nope but I like boys." He muttered."You want me to set you a bed in here?" I said pointing to my lounge."That's great friend and I think I'll be okay.""K, I've got a couple of blankets and you're welcome to stay. My boys will
probably wake you when they drag themselves chinese preteens out of bed to explore the
bush.""That's okay, I love boys enjoying themselves. Bet yours are good looking
kids if they take after you.""Uh, I'm actually their grandad; I'm a bit younger than you I reckon.""Yea, that's true, thanks for the bed and I'll enjoy resting my leg."I covered the old guy and went back to bed. Dean was out of the World and
Max moved, mumbling as I settled against him. He cuddled into me and I held
his smooth body in my arms and collapsed into sleep.To be continued ...
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