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Related post: Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 14:57:40 -0800
Subject: MUSCLE PUSSY - PART 6Disclaimer (finally) - This is a work of fantasy fiction between mature
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I was flat
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what I must have looked like from the other side, my big pecs against the
glass and my mouth in an open groan.Suddenly I saw Kent walk in and over to the door where he watched me writhe
against the glass for a second ls art models before he banged on it three times. "Dudes,
we're closing in voluptuous busty models ten minutes. Finish up!" he yelled before walking out."Ok" Troy growled "let's do this." He held me tighter by the waist and
started powerfucking my ass hard. All the way in then all the way out,
shoving me against the door very time. Finally he tensed and his huge load
shot up inside. I was really getting knocked up by this big football
stud. Mike whistled softly "Damn, that pussy is so full now" as Troy pulled
out of my twitching hole.I looked around at all the smiling, happy studs. Jorge slapped my big ass
and shook my shoulder before opening the door and sauntering back out to
the lockers. As the other bikini model tits guys left they said goodbye and patted me on the
back. pre upskirt model Troy was last and grabbed my butt. "Thanks man, we needed that. Hope
we see you again."I rested a minute then left the steam room too and went to my locker to
pull on my clothes. I walked to the front of the empty gym where Kent was
still svetlana supermodel com
behind the desk."Hey Rick, we're having a party at the house Saturday and you should
come. It's just some of the guys and the cheerleaders are all coming
too. My girlfriend has some plans or something. I'll text you the nude modeling
ok?"I told tre teen model him I'd try to rapidshare marsha model go then went out and got index tgp models
in my car and drove
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and climbed into bed. I reached down and felt how puffy and slick my hole
still model search websites
was. Just as I was dozing off I heard my phone and looked and it was
a text from Kent. An address then "SAT. chuby teen model 8. HOPE child modeling sites
2 C U THEN".(To Be Continued)NEXT UP : PARTY PUSSY
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