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Related post: Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 02:50:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Broadway Angel
Subject: The Boy from Oz is no boyDisclaimer: this is an adult male/male fan fiction. If you are not old
enough, or this is illegal in your area do not read this. preteen angel pictures
OK? Thanks.Note: I am in no way affiliated with Hugh Jackman or The Boy russia sex preteen from preteen pic trading
Oz. This
story is completely fictional, or at least to my knowledge, and this is not
meant top preteen nn
to reflect on Hugh Jackman in any way, shape, or form, and preteen cameltoe org I hope you
enjoy it!The Boy from Oz is no boy The house lights came to half, and then to full. We began to stretch
as everyone else rushed outside to catch a cab. I suppose I should
introduce myself. My name xtreme preteenies porn is sexy preteens links Sean Kolbb and I'm 19 years old and kds preteen a
California boy. I was there until I was eighteen, and then kristina preteen model I got accepted
to naked preteen poses
NYU, so I've been living in New York for a year. I've been trying to get
work as an actor, and I've been getting some chorus parts, but I've been
needing to get in shape. So I've been spending time in rehersal, and at the
gym. I've got a pretty good build now, I'm six two, and I weigh 190 lbs of
pure muscle. I'm naturally tan and supposedly, I have a nice face. I hate
it. My glasses get in the way of everything, but preteen nonude nonude oh well. I spent my first
check on a charity auction. It was tickets to Boy from Oz, and then an
evening with Hugh Jackman! I'd been clutching my backstage pass all during
the second act, and I was just waiting to get back stage. Honestly, I'd
never seen him outside of X-men, but I'd seen him now, and boy did I want
to see more. When I got backstage, the stage manager preteen nude tgps took me to his
dressing room and told me to just go on in. I lightly tapped on the door
and as it swung in I saw him standing there in preteen bbs shock front of his mirror. My jaw
almost hit the floor. He was standing there preteen pussies incest in a pair of black
boxer-briefs, and best underground preteen
he just stood there and smiled. I looked at my friend
Sonnet, and she was grinning like nobodys preteen vegina photo business. He just smiled and
"G'day! How'd ya like tha show?" I just stood there. I tried to say,
"You were great" but what came out was "You uh... uh, you look
fab... I mean you were fabulous." And all I could do was smile. I knew I
was turning red, and preteen model personal Sonnet just squeezed my shoulder and asked Hugh where
his co-stars photo preteen pretty were. He told her, and I realized she was going to leave me
alone with him! My heart couldn't sweet preteens sexy stop pounding. She said goodbye, and Hugh
said goodbye. I just tiny preteen tpg stood there.
"Ey, could you eh, pass me them trousas there behind you?" I looked
behind me and on a shelf was a pair of snap pants. I tossed them over, and
he started putting them on. Then he put on a white wife beater that was supermodel preteens thongs way
too small and showed every inch of his rippled torso. "Would ya like to
siddown?" he gestured at this preteen cum 16
huge couch I could barely see through another
door. I sat down and he came soft porn preteens
in and closed preteen supermodels pictures the door. "Ya thirsty?" He was
pulling two diet cokes preteenie nude cuties
out of gallery dump preteens the fridge, and when I said yes, he pulled
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and I noticed preteens in swimsuit
some condoms at the bottom of the basket. That set me
humming! I started getting hard, but he was still facing away so I adjusted
it so you couldn't see it in my leather pants. He turned around and sat
down and his hand brushed my knee, when all of a sudden, I felt really
comfortable. So I finally started talking, and we preteen latinas nude started talking about all
the shows we'd been in. till finally we got around to Okalahoma!
"I have to say, that last scene when curly comes out in just
suspenders and boots, that was so..." and he just started smiling.
"Ya liked it?" he preteen thong teens
asked, looking really surprised.
"Well, free girls preteen yeah. Who wouldn't? I mean look at you..." He stood up and had
a certain smile on his face. It was more a deviant grin than preteen model celebrities anything else,
but it was turning me on. Next thing I know, he was taking off his shirt!
His chest and stomach were covered naked beautiful preteens in hair, but not the gross curly body
hair, more the sweet preteen fuck hair that just clings. On top of his perfect pecs and abs, I
was ready to melt right then and there. Still smiling he asked,
"What's so great about my russian preteen anime body?" I knew he was baiting me and I
couldn't help but to take it. I stood up and walked over to him.
"Well," preteen modle gallery I said, lightly stroking his pecs. "You have the best nude preteen blondes chest
ever." My fingers trailed across petite preteen modes to his preteen lesbian nudists right nipple. As soon as my finger
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cuter. preteen ls magazine He licked his lips, so I leaned in free preteen pussies
and whispered in his ear, "And
your lips are so silky, I can't even imagine how they'd feel on my preteen girls jap cock."
And then I kissed him hard. But he pushed me away. I stumbled back and he
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onto my button down shirt, and the buttons popped off, and I landed
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leather pants, and no shirt, smooth chest bared, and so
hard, I could have preteen cunt pic
walked through walls. I was scared, because he looked
angry, and I thought it was all imageboard ls preteen
a trap, until he jumped on me, and ground
his hips into mine and said in his Australian accent, "Well come on
Sean. Time to play." And with that he leaned over and kissed me, his tongue
massaging mine. He was supporting himself with his arms, so with my hand, I
ripped off what I could of the snap pants, and free preteen porn
I pulled him down on me. He
kept a constant weight on my dick, and he'd grind into it every couple of
seconds, sending moans out, partly because of the grinding, and partly
because of his tongue being at the back of my throat. When preteen model bailey he finally
pulled out of my mouth, he started kissing my neck, and down to my
chest. He sucked on my nipples for what seemed like hours, but could only
have been seconds. I reached around and felt his ass. It was perfectly
round, and squishy. That was when he stood up. I nude x preteens thought I had gone too
far, but apparently not, cause he dropped his drawers right there, and he
finally exposed what must have been 9 russian preteens underage and a half inches long, xtreme preteens and at least
three inches thai preteen tgp wide. I almost preteenmodel videos feignted when I saw it, and he just said,
"beautiful, preteen beach
aint bbs dorki preteen it?" then I stood up to go over photos sexis preteens
to him. I preteen models sexo dropped to my
knees, and I just watched it. It pulsated, it bobbed up and down. I could
smell his manly scent, and I buried my face in his sly pussy preteens
crotch, smelling the
sweat, and feeling the hair on my face. I kissed around the base of preteen pussy illegal
dick, wondering what his balls tasted like. I didn't hesitate. I sucked in
his preteen pthc guestbook sac that hung inches below him. They were smoothe, and wonderful. All I
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better sensation. Or at least until I moved up free preteen teenager to his cock. I tried to get
it all down, but I preteen lolta couldn't preteen cartoon rape
do it. I preteen anal alien
just looked up at his face while I was
trying to get pthc preteen 50 him all down, and he just smiled, and he said
"Take your time sweetart." And then he'd say things inbetween moans
like "You're the best fuckin blow I've gotten in yeas."
Sooner or later he pulled me up off of the floor. It was his turn to
get on his knees. He started un-lacing my pants. They had laces up both
sides, so it took him a while. It got me even harder to watch him undo my
laces with his teeth. His face was big preteen fucking glowing. All I olya preteen free
could do was stare at
him, his face was chiseled and angled, and he had a five o'clock shadow,
and there was nothing sexier. I ran my hands through his short silky brown
hair. It was damp with sweat, and I kept shuddering when I felt his teeth
on my legs. Finally my pants were gone, and he was pulling my thong out of
my ass. I was standing there all seven proud inches were exposed.
"What do ya think?" I asked grinning...
"I see a lolly pop worth sucking..." He said, so I reached down and
grabbed his dick, and pulled him over to where the couch was. I laid down
and he straddled my chest. I stood there watching his ass. It was perfectly
round, and covered in a light coating of hair. I started to palm it, and
squeeze it. It was preteen girls guetbook squishy and perfect. I started massaging his balls preteen anal tgp
one hand, and I licked my fingers, and slid preteen boys masturbation
one in. He started moaning
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were 69ing for ten minutes until I pulled off of him. gallery preteen I started spanking
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more of that huh? You like my cock
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him up
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table, and I laid him flat so
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and he let out a small moan of pain, but then his face relaxed and he just
stared into my eyes, and he said "You are the best fuck I've evah had." And
I saw him start preteen girlsex 75
to cum, his eyes glazed over, and his breathing got heavy
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him. I laid down preteen naked nymphets
on his chest and started kissing him. Ten
minutes later, we got out of his shower. We were clean and dry, and I asked
if I could borrow some of his clothes. He said "Occourse." And I kissed him
as I left and just watched him preteen sex asian smile one last time. My hands were cold when
I left backstage, my hands were preteen bikini topsites
cold so I put my hands in my pockets, and
there was a paper in one. I took it out and it read "Dear Sean, preteen nymphs xxx if you feel
like bringing my clothes back, be sure preteens 13yo free to bring 'em by to my apartment.
Come by before my show tomorrow. My numbers at the bottom, so gimme a call
tomorrow morning, and maybe foro nude preteen we can get preteen pussy thumbnails images preteens xxx together for some exercise. I can't
wait to see you again. Forever yours, Hugh Jackman, The Boy from Oz." He
was definitely no boy. Walking home, I wondered how Sonnet would get back,
and I realized, I didn't nude preteen video care!

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