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Related post: Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 12 57 44th -0800 ( PST ) From: Jason Gardham u003cgardham1 yahoo. com u003e Subject: " Benjamin and" Chapter 18 13 bbs model angel author: J. Gardham gardham1 yahoo. com ~ ~ V This story is fiction, as are the characters, if you think he sees himself in this story, the cold, as long as everyone remembers is that there is nothing a This story is not pure fantasy. " Benjamin and I " Chapter 18 From the early morning hours, the small caravan of their way to Uliastay at nightfall, camped just southwest of the city. Everybody was in high spirits as they set up tents and prepare for dinner. Benjamin took over the duties of head chef and had to make meals a teacher not only very tasty, but it looked inviting as well. Not an easy task if you cook " cans and bags of dry food. There were two members of the hikers who agreed to serve as a guide. reminds us that the eyes were connected out of the old city for no promises were made to find your way back. Jerrod and Joshua said they believed they were bbs vombat list
half a point bbs teens post between the north bbs phtc message board and Altay Ölgiy n when he met with the city. They knew that the city needed to be near the river because it was a long way before they were put into boats and taken by the river before being released. They were not sure if it is the city over bbs samples again, what kind of reception we got. His group is been good, but considering that blindfolded, as he went, there was a sign the residents want to find their way back. Later that pedo pics kds bbs
night, Thomas and Benjamin had a walk and stopped to rest On lsm bbs japan a hill where she looked back at the campsite. With all their tents Set it looked like a scene from a movie with all the lights tents seem to glow. It was quiet and peaceful with nothing but a number of overload star. "How could we be so happy to find this wonderful group of loving men Benjamin. " " Thomas, is the love that radiates that draws us to Iu ". " They always say that Ben, I think you're in a very friendly, but they may be , because you loved me laugh, Benjamin said, ". ": "I Think, too \\ \\ n school girls bbs
becomes the truth, Thomas. " " Thomas, you must be a reason, like his men of mind are still with us, I'm sure that when the time comes we realize is, Why". Another topic of Thomas: " What do you think our next step will be Benjamin, we have almost exhausted the road, it is very difficult to be toured s from here to the river. " n " I was checking the map, just before starting for our walk, and it seems that is not the child free sex bbs
time the hills of the current Uliastay Dzavhan no, you can ford the river on foot or if a shallow area enough, we can try to cross with their vehicles. " This puts us about 350 miles north s of Altai. " " Thomas, what is your reading of Jerrod and Joshua? " " I feel good Benjamin with them, seem real and I was not sure beforehand , either to retrace their steps to the lost ciity. " " That was my feeling too, and think it might be No more than friends, that there was something about the ease with which they exchanged ideas and finish each other's sentences, the feeling that I had a strong connection between them ", n. " good friends that I agree with Ben, but we should not assume that they are here to help and their sexuality is what is, is a child ls models bbs way u ` s no problem for n us. " the morning came and the field is fully charged and back on the truck. Robin bill and made a rapid reconstruction of the site to ensure clean Wade. Out of the road followed by a fairly daughter sex bbs
well traveled road to the river. Brad and Gavin, to test the depth of water, seemed set bbs ru boy
to able to cross with vehicles when they are in areas where it remained rock n covers the ground. the concern was the weight of the car can to sink in the rocky soil in the ground below. the land Rover is via three ramps bbs teen galleries and sliding, And Thomas Benjamin were in the truck with Thomas driving. Thomas took it easy y steadily, went quite well until they arrived at halftime, , where the current makes the driver's side slipping and falling rocks in the mud more below. Some of the guys made ​​quilted think you might be able to repel futaba bbs a in stone as Thomas accelerated. The fear that the rotation of the wheel maybe just to dig the truck in the deepest Dave Thomas, said two of the heavy get chains of service from the storage compartment bbs young pic in the rear of the truck and the hook in the chassis and then to the back of two of the Land Rover. When Everything was ready, Thomas gave the signal for all to accelerate n at the same time. Go with the Land Rover and drove in six of hot sex bbs the boys Thomas and accelerates magic pre bbs gradually managed to reach fruition. With a lot of the guys from being wet in the river, it was freezing, that took a lunch break, while the men change into dry clothes and hot. all wback into their cars and ready to go soon after eating. Since Land Rover takes Bill raised his hand to signal to stop. to the children gathered to determine the things to consider. Bill said he saw two young men, young people are leaves. "It seemed as if they are waving to us. " Joshua and Jarrod asked what they looked like and how they were dressed. Bill japanese sex bbs
said the boy had blond hair and was wearing blue pants and boots, that s had a bare chest and what looked like gold bracelets on the arms, the girl had long dark hair and wore blue pants with a bright colored tunic dress on top. Jarrod said, " this is the style of clothing of the people of the caliber of Lost City, s , and I think she gestured for us to follow ? " " Yes, I greeted Jarrod sa further noted in this north- west. "Joshua said : " it seems strange that they want to follow as he clear, she did not want us. is on the way back, when we took away from the city, " Thomas: " It seems strange, but oddly, seems to be the standard n us, then I think we be given direction to follow. "The caravan of only about a hundred meters long before finding a soft grass distance covered, where they were able ebony bbs gallery to gain some speed off. The end of the day that achieved what appeared to be a dead end in the Altai Mountains. There was a pair of scissors rock cliff on the increase with bbs board lol thickness 2-100 m leaves on both sides, that bbs cute boy would be eliminated before a brush could even vehicles around. While discussing their options Sam drew the rock face that seemed to vanish, each stepped back a few meters. in seconds traveled road was a smooth asphalt road, which leads to the mountainside through an opening, which had been the cliff. the same two Bill Young shota images bbs had been yet seen on the inside of the rock is stirred atto follow. return to their vehicles, Thomas told the bbbs teens others to follow him and threatening his wise, but no. The road was through the open about 200 meters long before it opened, in a valley surrounded top model porn bbs
by snowy peaks. The city was in front of the majestic appearance with green fields stretching, so that the eye could. Young motioned to a plateau where vehicles park. The young man and woman came and bowed to the introduction of Valen and Orsha. Valen was incredibly handsome in his heaven blue pants and matching boots that emphasized her blue eyes. His face and chest browned almost to the color of their bracelets of gold, platinum, cut its colored hair which was quite short only in its beauty the whole aggregate. Orsha was almost the same height with dark hair and bright it was long and real russian bbs
is even. Her skin was much darker and impeccable, his eyes bbs pics top teen
were almost black, who was an artist may have co -nception a fairytale princess. Valencia welcomed to the land of bbs fotos de voyeur
Eden. " Eden? ".... Thomas put his head heard that question Valen use the name of Eden to describe the beautiful scene front of them. " bbs bondage free Yes, Tom, what you see before you, Eden. " Searching shocked to hear, use your name Valen, Thomas asked, "How do you know I name " " Thomas, we know that all of you, we were eagerly waiting for s arrival. " "They elwenbbs
were waiting for us ? " " Yes, but I guess bbs pedo sex
we Orsha and in the city to you can freshen up and rest after the long trip and then explain why you're here and show you around Eden. " Sam had been standing there with a big smile bbs lol free pic
on his face for not having a word , Luke and Ponso on either side of him was. Valencia returned to I say, " Sam, there is much to learn from you and learn the world I know you is not the world, so he had to experience the world is called meant now before you. " Valen turned and smiled at Orsha, Orshamoves hands as if the separation of air currents, or what we like to use the chest to stroke while swimming. The air conditioning did not separate, or at least believe that doesn `t, but it was a long platform , was exquisite, with thick Persian carpets, sofas and covered with rich fabrics. They were taken teen bbs best in and sits in front of Valencia went to the front, where he appeared with a clear screen controls Valen touched with the fingertips. The platform stood up and moved without a sound, not s Apparently, much as a whisper of air or wind, and yet the fragrance changed , as we move through the different areas with different cultures. It was as the various flavors of flowers and plants flows through our enjoyment without the wind blowing, it would be if you were in an open car with window. Benjamin turned to Thomas and said, "good for my first adventure since his mortal again, this has surpassed anything I could have imagined. " Orsha speaks for first time said : " Benjamin, when RaphAEL do not have n sex bbs imageboard return deadly form of this would not happen. lilita bbs " Surprised Benjamin said," Do you know Rafael "," Yes, of course, visited the Archangel often, and we have seen? progress how it is connected by a love that we have not seen since linked the beginning. "What you see here and discover what the world may be that was meant to be Benjamin. " nude 14yo models bbs " What do you mean, from the beginning? " " I'm just saying that from the principle, as it was thought that humanity will reach a point where they have a chance of a new beginning, a chance to take a more so, men have been so began. " " There are others, are part of the world are in the same way. " suddenly all you see in the different areas, each other and are to bring others to the path "walk " Many of you will join when the truth realize that the love of a man bbs naked girls driving force of the Creator 's love, love is from each other. " Once the person realizes thatThe earth is a living, and is such an important part of life as any of you are, as they understand the need to save the earth healthy. " " Human health of the mind, spirit and body depends on the health of the whole world is interconnected. " Valen got the call Maxwells 15 bbs at this time, " No man on Earth is a poorly where it needs to heal itself, was destined to never be the land o is the creator for they are destroyed. " Soon it free pics bbs fozya will be major upheavals and changes, as Mother Earth begins to recover. " "These changes have already gay teen bbs
begun, as the tectonic plates begin to move. " " These tectonic plates are responsible for large movements of the lithosphere of the Earth ". "It is vital to the existence of life on Earth, because the is kds bbs tgp porn the role it plays in the global cycle that keeps the carbon balance between the biosphere and the atmosphere. " " Obviously there a large n employ more involved, but this is an abbreviated version of the declaration of now. " " You will learnThe Earth is unique in the universe there is nothing s in creating the beauty and uniqueness compared this planet in particular. " You have to 15 yo bbs models be taken to a building with exterior walls more beautiful than Change the colors looked as he passed, said the absence of Robin windows Valen said.. " In actually, Robin, exterior walls are all windows , once inside you will see "If our different apartments put it was amazing can see through walls, as if there were none. Valencia assured us, though he could see, while others could not see. is a bit would be used to, but admit that I had to, n see the beauty of the gardens, which was used extensively for several miles worth. We all shower and rest, before I got the quad is the center of this amazing resort. Valen received us with a new partner, the as he led Jaric. Glen asked if Orsha not was willing to join us. Valencia explained that it was not necessary becauseren't each guest are escorted. " Jaric is my friend and I fear that he was quite excited to meet you all, so I have to come with us, I hope you is no objection. " Thomas spoke all of us when he said : "Of course, your partner is kidds bbs welcome, , and we want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality Joshua asked why did not care that he and Jarrod. the other backward. " Joshua, who Jarrod and the same love that flows, but have all these men, we knew return with them, and you are welcome here," no. "The real challenge and Adventure for all your lies before us. " After an exhausting day, but in the city of Eden, everybody was happy, return to their places of residence of a shower and rest before dinner. Larry mentioned that there were leaders gathered all he saw every day working in professions that usenet bbs tgp have been trained in those we met were lo guestbook bbs models friendly and willing to answer questions when released not a single person in the rest Bill and Dave stopped to see their parents and themselves throughout the day activities. As they sat in one of the delicious beverage drinks available Robin and Larry, who arrived while sitting Robin said : "Wow, what did it for one day, o wonder that hundreds or thousands of bbs magazine nude galleries
years is provide where we have smart technology. " " Has anyone of you seen Camino spark n and Jonathan " looking for a little worried bill, said :". Dave and Thomas asked earlier if we had seen "Dave added," that is the eight of us who do not see them, we must improve to bbs nude pics check with the other. " auto dial is pressed in the cell phone bill, found dead, the other of them dealt russian nn bbs with the the same effect. He said : "I yong bbs
am concerned, I was on the charger last the night and was fully charged when I removed this morning. " out the door, he found Thomas and Benjamin, both looking worried, said Thomas, " we can not seem to find the spark and Jonathan have of you seen her? " Glen said : "NoThomas left teen bbs y tgp
only to look to " Larry said.. " We will find out for connecting with others and if one asian bbs pictures
of them, where they are, "is Lucas Ponso near them standing with Gavin, Brad, and Joshua Jarrod seems behind. No Sam, everyone had reached the same conclusion, Jonathan and Sparkle were nowhere to be found. " There are only two of us left of to and that's with Mark and Kris. "check the two scientists were found on the patio enjoying the view, if another said Mark came up to them quickly. " It is like looking happy Visitor social front: what happened? " Thomas replied, " No one has crossed my path Sparkle and Jonathan, I have seen neither ? "Smile" No, we have Thomas and that is worrying. " At the time, Valen and was Jaric and stirring. Thomas said, " We 're glad you're here, were you looking for, we dealing with the fate of our friends Jonathan and Sparkle. "Both Valen Jaric and looked confused, Valen said," JonathaSparkle n and not remember any of those names were when you came through the entrance ? " Dave said, it sounds a bit more on edge when he said " yes meant were on our Land Rover with Bill and I and the same enthusiasm in the n vision of Eden as the rest of us, "said Thomas. was nervous and said Valen that are introduced at the same time, unless you said you knew that reached us. " "Sorry Thomas, I can not remember their names, which have it look like? " I could not miss, has the red hair bright green eyes possible surprising that Jonathan will never to be separated. young models bbs list " " They are both handsome man and I fear that we have to look away, that Innocent teen bbs
is highly of them and are worried that something might have happened to it. "Benjamin said. " Maybe you could bring his authority and make a searching for them, "said Glen Bill was pale and asked if he was okay Consider first the Valen and Jaric ? then his father, Bill, said : "I amWhile a little lo elwebbs worried, a guys, I think I could use a glass of water. " Thomas picked the fact that Bill had to say something urgent, and not hear Valen Jaric, and turned to them, suggested the search for Jonathan Sparkle and while we look around bill. " smiling Valen and Jaric said they will seek advice and report to once to try another, if anyone remembers, it. Once they were out of earshot Bill Thomas asked what had happened ? " Sparkle telepathically model sexy bbs
contacted me and said he and Jonathan imprisoned with others who had been tortured in a dungeon in a cave terrible, they need our help, or they would be killed soon, he added that Jonathan was unconscious. "n Samuel asked if he could make himself invisible and escape ? Brad said : " Trust us Sam, if she could have escaped, they would have this is obviously a very dangerous situation. " back to Bill Thomas asked if he could reachSparkle telepathically ? N "I 'll try to Thomas, it's me, but never young anime girls bbs got to shine. cgiworld new bbs " Declaration of closed her eyes and concentrated on his knees fell suddenly know how is a leaf. to the other bill had tears in his eyes: "I was able to do contact with the spark, which was severely beaten and I could see, Jonathan laying in a pool of blood. "" the last thought before I got the spark has lost consciousness, that Jaric, in which " knew. Gavin said Valen Jaric and approached them from a distance. Thomas addressed the others say : " Do not try to show any emotion, you can can be difficult because they don` t know if Jaric and Valen are involved. " Valen said, " looked at us and asked who had seen, and no will be remembered as someone in your description. " Looking ls photo bbs
right into the eyes of the Jaric, Thomas said, " Jaric, you know where they are. " Absolutely looking Jaric S surprised, said : "Tom, I have no idea if I knew it would \\ \\ n japan pedo bbs no doubt say, where are your friends ". n Bill Thomas approached and asked if he knew the dungeons Jaric n were. Valen said, laughing, " do not have dungeons in Eden, Bill. " Jaric was seems that drew circles on the floor with his boot. "We have Dungeons Valen here are hundreds of thousands rorikon bbs of years, but that are still here and still in use. " "I ran into him one day while walking in the valley near snow -covered mountains. " Valen was unclear what Jaric said, surprised. " Never Jaric mentioned that to me all these years we were together. " "I was Valen as threatened, it would be terrible teen fashion bbs
things happen if I never said a word. " Valen Jaric asked if you could still see the dungeons, and I said yes, that experience pedo kds bbs pic s has been in his mind after hearing terrible screams charred of the caves. " Jaric have had telepathic communication with Sparkle, before it collapsed of torture, we must hurry or die. " Jaric said, " I'm going to move as soon aswant to dare to try to appear baby lo bbs
as if we're hidden bbs portals not touring, pay attention to what really bbs fhotos deal with ". " I do not think anyone here of Eden is in jail, but I also should not take every opportunity. " Gavin, Brad and a couple of the others gathered in a circle hairy teeny bbs and prayed for help before it was covered again with the other. Within walking distance before Thomas stopped and raised his hands to the sides of the head. " Thomas is the high risk, you should be careful to get the help , you can be sure that Valen and Jaric are innocent of these terrible things. " " They are in danger, so keep it up. " Shaken, Thomas told the others, the voice he heard in his head, was that aid Gabriel and was on its way, but it was a great danger, looking to Valen and Jaric said it, "said Gabriel, both are free gallery bbs prettens innocent, but are also in danger as soon as we take out of the caves, avoid a harm to come to you. " Achievement cavesThomas and the others were hiding behind the rocks until it A plan developed. They decided to go two bbs kds posts by two in 45 seconds apart. Thomas and Benjamin went first, would Brad and Gavin, Robin and Larry with Mark and Kris, followed by Bill and Dave, with Lucas and Ponso comes next, followed by Glen and Darin, who were chosen for making last with Glen brings his medical bag, which was his obvious n be necessary. Thomas went to Valen Jaric and tell them to go to the city before they dark bbs porn pedo
are lost. Valen said : "We are waiting to leave until you have entered everything in the cave before it , good luck to you all, hope you find your friends alive. " Thomas pedro nude art bbs
and Ben in the cave, which was to go until their eyes adjusted slowly a dim light. The more they were more sounds ears of men and women who sought help. They entered a large room full of torture equipment. Ben Thomas and vi whispered : "How can this place exists in a LANd called Eden ? "Thomas shook his only his head in disgust as he continued slowly. There heavy wooden doors along a corridor to the left, Thomas aligned. A small cut had a window in every door was cut by observation. he took a page Benjamin and the other as they moved slowly down the aisle. be in addition to Brad and Gavin Thomas motioned to remain in the underground Grand Chamber. Someone grabbed his arm to get to Thomas, it s started taking a turn before he realized it was Benjamin. Ben pointed to the small window that looked out a Thomas long, was horrified at what was the spark was beaten beyond recognition and was kneeling over the body of Jonathan. fighting back tears and a lump in the throat Thomas whispered the name Spark. bbs anime porn
Sparkle turned around and came to the door of his left eye was swollen shut and the rest of his face did not look much better. trying to keep his voice breaking I asked if Jonathan was alive. Sparkle shook his head, yes,but he whispered, "no". Ben asked pretty cotton panty bbs
Thomas to step aside, as an old master key that is always kept to himself, when used in from home illegal bbs collection was originally built. Thomas always wondered why Benjamin remained , as were the locks on several occasions in recent years have changed. Ben whispered to be made, any lock that uses a key from the time open these keys are used, and these locks are almost as old as she s to come. He turned the key and heard a click, the door opened and Thomas into Benjamin told me to stay tiny bbs there to dark bbs fozya make sure someone did not come together and block all inside. Jonathan and Thomas had helped him fight the spark to in the foot and the hand of Jonathan to celebrate. Benjamin continued to open doors and the release of prisoners. Seeing the bright lesions were struggling to keep Glen shaking with rage. His medical training was moved to do his best to ease the pain of Sparkle. Sparkle said, " take 3d taboo bbs
care of Jonathan first Glen, nearDeath. "Glen could barely feel the pulse, which was Jonathan shot to stimulate the heartbeat and increased to blood flow to the brain. He gestured with Robin, Larry, Brad, and Darin making Sparkle Jonathan and directly to their supply truck in the rest of your doctor was the team. to reach the cave where they found their way Jaric and Valen expected Orsha. n Valen told them that since Jonathan Orsha have been healed, I saw Larry to Robin young little bbs and Darin before deciding how Valen said. Orsha immediate starts moving his hands over the body of Jonathan with what appeared \\ \\ s almost like a remote control is used for television. Valen sat Sparkle as n did the same for him. did not seem lo bbs elwebb like an eternity, but in reality was only minutes before the chest Jonathan begins to rise and began to decrease and usually color, return. was amazing to see, like faded bruises and wounds healed front of their eyes. Sparkle knelt beside Jonathan Valen more than use the healing wand over it. MomentsGlen later, Luke and Ponso left the cave. Glen knelt with Jonathan and saw Jonathan wounds vanished, and his eyes blinked open. This beautiful sky blue eyes went immediately to shine as Sparkle fought back tears as he leaned over and kissed his girlfriend. There was not a dry eye, as the others saw that scene. Benjamin appeared from the entrance to the cave of the japan cp bbs other, in the lead, followed were, and tie a half people who had been tortured. Thomas ran to shine when he saw that he and Jonathan had been healed, kneeling Jonathan, moved into his arms shed tears of Jonathan 's face. Jonathan Thomas silent kiss on the cheek as he thanked for the coming of their salvation. Thomas continued to praise God for their lives. Orsha seemed surprised when she got up and ran to a woman who was ill wounded. She threw her arms around the woman cried, her mother, the mother, such as the old woman hugging her daughter. Thomas looked up and saw the color drain had ValenED of the face, is an expression of shock and confusion was to replace the usual smile from him. Might be " Thomas, I do not understand, this is Kala, Orsha mother, I had forgotten teenz bbs
see now that there, there was no memory of it, as , which was my own mother to have the best girlfriend. suddenly had tears in my eyes Valente when he rose and ran to a man there was not much older then. Do you feel in the land Valen began immediately with the healing device, running on the man called Glen Gregory was trying to help, comfort, when the man said, Valen ". Glen, that's my brother, Gregory, I had forgotten up to him, I'm sorry Griggi not understand what is happening, such as that someone could manipulate memories to make us forget the No love? " Larry, Robin, Darin, Dave, Bill, and the otheres to be careful of what s been more than a hundred people outside the cave to the sunlight of Eden. If you do the brightor Thomas is that the group had become almost used n Ermer as gold came through. Several of the men shouted, "Ermer gold. " reacts No Ermer start turning gold in such fast corners, which was hard to make it more than a blur. A bluish light began to emanating from it, quickly became an intense and extended form on the surface of bubbles. Several attendees through the opening gold Ermer were followed, and created immediately formed nude children pictures bbs a circle around him. N of this wizard a second bubble Golden Air appeared, apparently to strengthen the azure vault Gold Ermer had set over them. When Thomas and the others looked around he realized that the spark and Jonathan stood up and were busy individual training auras around Thomas and of protected inside the domes. A look at the faces of the wizard was so intense, it was scary the way they worked. It was thundering overhead, it sounds like a clash of the angels of God fought tends to falls angels and their offspring, the Nephilim. The demons kinder bbs porno had surrounded Ermer gold domes and his assistants created was furious assault, and the relentless glare. Thomas, Benjamin, and the other to help y comfort those who had published and, outside of the dungeons. Valen and Orsha could use their medical devices to do what able to heal and repair bbs lol teen pics the wound. Valen found when he and Thomas Orsha been completed. "Tom, I've heard of them, they are released, that all done here has cost thousands of lives ls bbs ukraine through the centuries, I do not understand how he left us unharmed our memories so " blocks. I know that angels have the ability to block memories are worth, and ru bbs board ls the dead Angels appear to have retained this ability to live and use the in Eden. Gold Ermer Blue Shield began to flash and weaken against the fierce attack from the demons that had surrounded the the protection of the domes. seemedin an infinite number of demons involved attack and lightning and fireballs were a weakening action against shields. Orsha was standing with his mother when he saw Bill and David had to shake hands with your eyes closed, this was hardcore videos bbs
the second time, apparently, as if in a deep trance when his group was in danger. Thomas demanded his whole group to work with them, and create a circle of large n. When the final hands were bound, like Mark and Kris extended her hand ls magazine bbs pics
to the other, the earth shook beneath their feet, and a wave ddoggprn bbs
of purple in the bbs yong sex speed of propagation of light through of the screen and destroys demons as much as the eye could see. There was nothing of ash three feet deep. Gold Ermer and his assistants had the opportunity to enhance the speed with which the bbs forum sex
shields. A huge body of a Nephilim hit the top of the external display and the blood spattered pedo bbs post everywhere all mean to scare to death. Ermer Gold uttered his first words since coming to Evaryone to try to remain calm they were safe. As Thomas said, "Tim has the power group more than any of us, when my plate was weaker than was the force combination of love lola bbs models you have all that energy emitted destroy \\ \\ n wave tens of thousands of demons, I've never known anything like this it. " " I do not understand how Ermer gold, but still led by Bill and David. "" Yes, Tom, there is great power in their love for each other and all , which blocks all mankind. "" it is the power of this love that the forces of evil are fighting very hard against. "" they know that love Bill, Dave, and can have the rest of you humans lead to a higher plan the existence and understanding, and that goes against his plans to run humanity in the depths of hatred, war and destruction. " The earth shook free nude bbs pictures again as another big body on the floor near the dome. Gold Ermer these are not angels, they look like giant men angelic powers. " You are fromexactly right, Thomas, are the descendants of Fallen Angels, the Nephilim known as ". " I remember this word Goldermen Nephilim, I think I found that in the Old Testament young bbs sex
book of Genesis and the Book of Numbers. "" Yes, it is true and also mentioned in some of non-canonical Jewish writings. " suddenly the sky cleared and under bbs stopped the fight. The Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel appeared on the inside of the dome. Michael, if Benjamin laughing in good spirits hugged me, asked, how has "good Benjamin this is your first venture was as a mortal ? " He said smiling Benjamin, who s not a loss for words," who had settled for a roller coaster of ride n ". Risa, Michael said : " Now that I go crazy " Kala, who was one. the elderly in Eden, Michael came and bowed before Question: "How could this have happened in Eden, Michael? "" Kala, that must have a clock to a greater extent in Eden, opened the dark forces the door of hell in thes ancient caves have been kidnapped and of the elderly and others who knew about it. " " They were tortured those who in an attempt to obtain information on the groups identified as Thomas , to head to a high level of existence. " ", he could with the information they wanted, that torture was always intensive ". " The problem was none of these nude bbs pfotos
people were in groups of n such B. Thomas, until recently there was no way they could o information has shown that it has. " " Thomas, you were right in assuming little cp bbs
that the childrens nude bbs fallen angels could end up with away memories, that's the reason why none of the younger people still missing, the n that s been kidnapped. "' opening in the caves of hell permanent was sealed and also the Eden of Eden, as it meant that it was to be. " " All I have experienced in Eden, which is good is that which was created the Creator to humanity Thomas. "What you saw in the caves of the Dark Siden will take place is, what has been created by the opponent and, ru teen bbs
unfortunately, that's the way of hosts ". " There are groups that are rooted in the dogma, which in so n is the only option. Those who are of nude young bbs this mindset willing to kill millions of of war to prove his way is the best way. " " Many of them will never understand to come s that love is the only way to Paradise. "" Maybe next time is live them the joys of love to all mankind enlightened without predigest. " ", soon to arrive in groups of men and women of the peoples of all you know, of colors and beliefs around the world, the collection and love are shrinks. " No. " You should join as a group at work s love for love board bbs all people. " " This will be a difficult time for everyone. "" The enemy will destroy the last effort, who loves the Creator. "" The battle is here is a mere skirmish in what is by comparison. " " Truth and Love is in the page and you will win. " " Thomas the power of love is strongmore than the power of hate. "" Do not worry, and I doubt not that the truth. " " To Be Continued " Jason Gardham
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