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Related post: Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 14:09:47 -0500
From: T B
Subject: In Time 5 RevisedIn Time
Chapter 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Written By: Pyro
Edited By: JCPCo Staff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Writer's Address: Pyro1677hotmail.com~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Disclaimer: This is a story involving two gay teens. If you are NOT 18, or
the legal age in the state you are in, young xx girls or this type of material does not
interest nude young girl you then please leave NOW. This is my first attempt at a story so
please bear with my mistakes and me. Thanks: The writer, his editors, and
the publisher accept no responsibility for the actions of the
reader. Copyright JCPCo2001I would like to thanks Jusitn69sk and his company for editing this story and
making it the great story I invisioned thanks everyone. Please check out
Justins webpage at:http://justinscorner.homestead.com/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I awoke about 6:30 the next morning; my ribs and head hurting. I slowly
opened my eyes with the light hurting them. I gradually got out of bed
wanting to cry I was hurting SO BAD. I got europ young tgp dressed and headed down stairs.
When I got into the kitchen, my parents were already eating breakfast. As I
came through the kitchen door, my mom looked at me with concern and worry on
her face."Are you all right dear?" she asked, helping me sit down."I'm fine, just my head and nude young boys
ribs are hurting REALLY bad right now."When I said that my dad got up and came over to me. He had me take my shirt
off and he looked at me. He examined my ribs and took a pocket flashlight
and looked into my eyes."Well your ribs are still swelled up and are probably putting pressure on
you. sweet young malyshok
You are still suffering from the effects of the concussion. Are young pink teens you
sure you want to young hunk
go to school today? If anyone young girls blog accidentally bumps into you,
you are going to probably be hurting quite young hairless nudes a bit," my dad asked me."I have to try. If things get too bad, then twinks young boys I will call mom and have her
pick me up," I replied slipping my shirt back on."OK son, if you are sure," Dad said.I nodded my head, took my medication, and began to eat.
After I ate, I picked young pussy rape
up my book bag and put it on. Just picking it up hurt
me. I took the backpack young preeteen pics
off and took out everything that was not essential
to me. So basically, everything was left in there. It was younger child nudes still heavy, BUT I
didn't let the pain show on my face. I was about to walk out the door when
my dad stopped me. He told me to wait and young naturist teens
he would take me to school. I
said OK, xxx young jpg and waited.Dad dropped me off at school. As I got out of the car, I told him I loved
him and would see him tonight. He said OK, and told me to call mom if I got
to hurting to pregnant young nude
bad. I said I would as I shut the door, and turned around and
started walking to the doors.The students that were outside, stopped and stared at me, and some kept
whispering as I walked by. My ribs, chest, and head kept pounding. As I
walked through the doors I felt a pair of hands grab my shoulder. I
couldn't turn around fast bitch young russian enough to respond because of the pain I was in. I
was thinking that someone was going to try and hurt me. The hand on my right
shoulder took my backpack off and held onto it. I slowly turned around and
saw Alex, Brian and Eric standing there smiling at young 3d incest me.When I saw them I smiled, but my eyes went straight to Alex's. Alex slowly
walked up to me and took my hands in his."Hey baby. We saw you get out of the car and the look of pain on your face
when you lifted Tight young supple your book bag. So, we decided to help you out. How are you?"
he asked with worry and concern on his face.I smiled and said, "I'm doing OK, still sore but doing better. My dad looked
at my ribs and said they were still swollen and I was still suffering from
the effects of the concussion.""Well we will be here for you baby," young pyssy Alex said and smiled at young jeezy wallpaper
me.I young teens links
smiled back and just stared into his eyes. I felt tears brimming mine,
and I looked away."Why the tears Brett?" Alex asked me."Because....Because...I Love you SO much..." I young free porn trailed off letting the
tears fall from young boy mature my face.Alex turned me slowly amateur young tits toward him remembering I can't move that fast and
made me look at him. "I young european girls Love you too, Brett now and always," Alex said, I
saw tears in his eyes as he slowly leaned into me. His lips brushed mine in
a slow chaste kiss. It felt great. There were a few kids and teachers there
with a look of uncertainty on their faces, but they knew better than to
argue with someone who had the football team backing him up."Get a room young erect
you two," porn lol young
someone said behind me. I turned around and saw
Trent, one of the football players, looking at us. I smiled at him and
turned back to Alex.Alex smiled and replied to Trent, "We do have one.""Oh really, Mature sexy young WHERE AT?" Trent asked, with a smile on his face young girls angels and laughter in
his eyes."Your room," Alex said and started laughing.I started giggling which only caused Alex and the other football players
standing around to laugh harder, then I started blushing."I DON'T THINK SO AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW," he said laughing. "And if you
ever did do anything on my bed and got something on the covers, I would have
to kill you."We all laughed and started heading younger teeny pussy
for our homerooms. Alex, Eric and Brian
took me to mine and made sure I was OK. One of the JV football players was
in there and looked at very young privat me and nodded. So I knew everything would be OK. As
the teacher started the homeroom lecture she looked at me and smirked. I
just stared at her in disbelief. How could she think this was funny? I had
to do something. I raised my hand and asked to go to the nurse's office
because my ribs were hurting and she said NO.I couldn't believe it. I just stared and started crying. Then the bell rang.
The football player named Chris came up to me as I was getting up and
grabbed my book bag."You OK?" he asked."Yeah, young vibrator
just real sore and I don't feel good," young female naturist I said wiping the tears from
my eyes."Well let's get you to the nurse's station. OK?" Chris said."Yeah, please."He took me there and told the nurse what had happened, including the fact
that the teacher would not let me come and see her. The nurse looked at me;
she knew what happened because she was told by one of the other teachers.
PLUS, unbeknownst to me, my mom called and told her about me this morning.The nurse said she would be right back and walked out of the office. I don't
know what happened, but a few minutes later she returned. I found very young grils
out later
that she'd gone to call my mom. Chris got up and said he was going to be
right back. The nurse gave him a hall pass.About 5 or 10 minutes later Alex came running young intercourse pics
into the nurse's station and
came right next to me."Hey what happened?" he asked crying and holding my hand.The nurse did nothing but smile and went back to young ebony sex
reading her book. I told
him what the teacher did and he got angry. I could see the fire in his eyes
and knew I had to calm younger girls nude
him down."Babe calm down, I'm feeling a little better. youngstown amateurs OK? Please don't say anything,
and don't do anything stupid, PLEASE, for me," I begged.He looked and noticed the fear I ls teen young had in my eyes and hollywood young stars
said, "OK."He stayed with me a little while. Then my homeroom teacher came in. She saw
us there and had a mean look on her face. "Brett what are you doing in youngest video sex here?
You need to be in class, and Alex so do you," she said coming toward us. The
nurse stopped her."What do you think you're doing in my station ordering people around?" the
nurse asked her."Brett is in my homeroom and Alex is in my art class," she said, like that
explained everything."The nurse glared at her and said, "I don't care when you get them, right
now amatuer young nudes they are in here and in MY care, young nudist porn now GET OUT," she said the last two
words with force.Mrs. Barlem young thumbs nudist didn't budge and the nurse took her outside shutting the door.
We could hear them arguing outside of the room. When Mrs. Barlem made her
last statement, I already knew how she felt."Those faggots don't deserve to be here," she said loud enough for Alex and
me to hear through the young girls nudist door.The door opened and the nurse came back in. She sat at her desk and picked
up the phone. Mrs. Barlem young adolescents pics came in and looked at us.Alex turned young ukranian and looked at Mrs. Barlem and youngest nonude pictures calmly said, "I hope you didn't
want your job ma'am, because I am letting my parents know what you said."She looked at him and laughed, "YOU, YOU CAN'T do anything. It's my word
against yours and they will believe me because I'm a teacher," she said."No, they won't. I heard you say it, Brett heard you say it and the nurse
heard you say it," Alex said smiling.Mrs. Barlem looked at Alex, then me, and finally the nurse. The nurse was
smiling and nodding young tight
her head up and down."What did you hear Alex?" my mom asked when she walked in. Mrs. Barlem
looked at her and went pale."Mom!" I said, young teens strip surprised to see her here."Uhmmm, nothing Mrs. Mikells. Alex is youngsex porn
just upset." Mrs. youngest angels porn Barlem said."Oh really, well I would like to hear it from HIM," my mom said.My mom looked at Naughty young latinas
Mrs. Barlem as Mrs. Barlem looked at Alex with pleading
eyes."Well, one of my beautiful young shemales
football friends is in Brett's homeroom. Brett's naked young gymnasts
ribs and
head started to REALLY hurt him and he asked her if he could come here and
she said NO. Well, Chris, the football player, brought him here after
homeroom was lil young teenies over. Then Chris left when the nurse came back from the office
and came and got me. I came here to see how Brett was doing. Mrs. Barlem
came in here and told us we had to go to class. The nurse stopped her from
talking to us and took her outside. Then they started arguing and we heard
Mrs. Barlem say and I quote "AND THOSE illegal pictures young
quote. The nurse came in here and sat back down. Mrs. Barlem came younge chiense girs nude young childs
in and I
told Mrs. Barlem that I hoped she didn't young girl movie want her job because I was going
to tell my parents and I am pretty sure Brett was going to tell you and Mr.
Mikell's. She said that y'all won't believe us because she is a teacher and
we are just students. young kiddy teen Then I said that not only did I hear it, but Brett and
the Nurse also heard it. That's when you walked in." Alex said smiling as he
finished, staring at Mrs. Barlem."She said WHAT?" my mom yelled.Let me explain my mom. I love her to death, but if you EVER, and I mean
hear her holler, then you know that you are in DEEP SHIT. She looked at
Mrs. Barlem, and Mrs. Barlem backed up."Let me tell you one thing, right NOW. I am going to SUE YOU and the SCHOOL
for slander and letting Essential oils young my boy get hurt. By the littel young sex time I am finished with you,
YOU WILL NEVER work in this city EVER again," my mom said getting REALLY
PISSED."What is going on in here?" said the principle as very young jerk he walked in. My mom
turned toward the man."Who are YOU?" she asked with her eyes ablaze."I am the principle ma'am, and you?" he asked back."I am Brett's mother, the boy laying on the bed. He was hurt at the football
game. I'm sure you heard about it.," she said calming down."Oh yes. How is your son?" he asked looking over at Alex and me youngest kiddy porn holding
hands. He saw that but said nothing. His facial expression NEVER tgp youngest art
changed, as
if he has seen it all before."He is hurting, and let me tell you what Alex, my son's boyfriend, said," my
mom saidBy the minute, as she re-counted the story, you could see his face getting
redder and redder. He turned toward Mrs. Barlem."Mrs. Barlem you have 15 minutes to get young pussy cp
your belongings and get out of here.
As of now, you are terminated. It states in the board of education rules, no
one will be discriminated against, that includes sexual orientation. I will
have someone take over your classes. Goodbye." he said turning toward my
mother.With tears in her eyes she left. I felt a little for her, but not much."I feel sorry for her," I said.Alex looked young nn porn
at me. "Why?" young russain naturists he asked naked young brother surprised."Because she thought she was right, young american porno and that what she believed was right,
but she wasn't and it was too late for her to change that," I young loltia said.Alex looked at me and smiled. He knew my forgiving heart and loved me for
it."Well, Mrs. youngs russian naturists Mikells, I am sorry for that. I will do whatever it takes to
make this up too you," Mr. Jordan. the principal, said."I don't know right now, all I youngteen
want to do is take Brett home and let him
rest. I won't call my attorney on the school, but Mrs. Barlem is going to
get it," my mom said."No mom, let it rest, it's over, I don't young hot pussy
want to fight anymore. OK?" I said
looking at her.She looked at me and smiled. Mr. Jordan young cunts pic
excused himself and left. My mom
signed the papers and waited on me to get ready. Alex helped me up and
grabbed my backpack and took it out nn youngest to my car for me. The nurse gave him a
pass for him to go back to school. Alex went russian younger girls to class and my mom took me
home.When we got home I took some more medication and laid down to rest. The
next youngest pussy tgp
thing I became aware of was someone stroking my hair. I slowly looked
up and saw Alex sitting there smiling down at me."Hey sleepy head, how do you feel?" he asked bending down giving me youngest nudist family
a kiss.I smiled at him and kissed him back. "I'm feeling better. Thank you. What
time is?" I asked."4:30," someone said. I looked at Alex then slowly sat up. Sitting there
were Eric, Brian, Chris, Trent, Mike and Jimmy of the football team. "Hey
guys how long have top youngest teens y'all been here?" I asked sitting all the way up.Alex got up and sat behind me. Putting his legs Gay young kids young small on either side of me and
wrapping his arms around me to hold me. I young buck lyrics
snuggled down and rested my hands
on his as his rested young russian porno on my stomach."For about 40 minutes. Prince charming didn't want to wake you. He kept
saying, 'awww, he looks so sweet asleep,'" Brian said. We all cracked up
laughing as Alex blushed! I kissed Alex and he smiled at me."Thanks guys. So young europe pussy how was school?" I asked."It was good, the talk of the school was how your mom blasted Mrs. kid young porn
and she got fired for discrimination. A lot of the students ru incest young
were happy and
some weren't. Oh well, life's a BITCH."We all laughed. They gave me my assignments and we started on homework. I
helped them the best I could. Even with what I missed of school, I was still
doing pretty well. We finished about an hour later. My mom came to see if
everyone was staying for dinner. Chris, Mike, Trent, and Jimmy said they
had to go, but maybe next time. Brian and Eric said they would stay. My mom
said dinner would be ready youngest ass pics in about young child cunt
an hour. We said OK, and started
Me and Alex would kiss every few minutes. As I looked at Eric and Brian,
there was something in their eyes, I could see, that was upsetting them."Hey guys what's wrong? I can tell there's something going on," I said.They bikini young gallery looked at me, then at each other, then the tears came. I looked at
Alex and he shrugged small young pussies his shoulders."Come on guys, you can talk to us, Hell, y'all know about me and Alex," I
said.They looked at each other again and nodded."Alex, Brett we have something to tell you," Brian started.I could see Eric reaching for Brian's hands, and then it clicked.
"You're gay," I said in almost a whisper. They looked at me and Alex and
nodded their heads. We smiled at them and they started crying."What's wrong guys?" Alex asked."We don't youngest in porn
want anyone to know, OK, but we had to tell you. We free young art can't keep
hiding it from everyone. It hurts, young guys cumming but since you two came out we felt we
had to tell y'all," Eric said crying.We asked them how it happened, and they said they've been together since
they were 12. We were shocked to Shaved young woman
find they'd been together for so long. They
explained how they met at school, and how they found out about each other.
They each found the other writing the other's name over and over again on
paper and found old young tpg it at each other's house. Eric found Brian's first, then he
made sure Brian found his, and here they young boy shower are now.Their parents found out and almost kicked them out. Then Eric tried to kill
himself, and then their parents decided there was nothing to do to stop
them. Over two years, things have been better, and the families are best
friends. I slowly felt myself drifting off to sleep in Alex's arms.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I hope you have enjoyed the story and please continue to read it. The young fingering
SCENE is coming in the next chapter. Brett and Alex finally make love. Let
me know what you think: Pyro1677hotmail.com
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