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Related post: From: fantus1569 aol. com ( Fantus1569 ) Subject : History: the best camp for all Date : 13 July 2, 1997 33rd 16 GMT always the best course of Part A, Chapter I \\ \\ n I can get information about the camp, and the current search for Jimmy Birthday My name is Erik. That second consecutive 16 to May. I'm here because I in the most incredible fantasy story -with- some already mentioned. and the best is that its truth. If you do not believe me then ask... so, I can not give his name. Just trust me. Let me tell you about me. I am looking forward to 5'5 " and I have dark brown hair with red highlights (total nature, so do not even suggest that I do not topless late models
dye! ), And blue eyes. I think I very good looking, but I do not think so. I like writing and LOVE to act, and I think I'm a little sports. No organized sport for me, however, reality. and I love baseball !Oh yes, I am also gay. a gay comment and I'll kick your ass. Thank you. anyway, I have a boyfriSo called Jimmy, who incidentally is the most incredibly beautiful, beautiful wonderful amazing guy ever on this planet or to each other. He 's cute, he youngest model ass
is sensetive, which is good and kind and loving, and caring... Oh, and that has the most incredibly beautiful body forever. is shorter than me and has blonde hair, a little long and beautiful green eyes bedrooms. I 'll tell the rest of it ( at least for now ), but , suffice to say that he ( and in fact has been known by) a ladder man to turn to other guys. And I have it. He 's all mine. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. , but I think I'm a little lost. You're probably wondering what this to do with an action ( see title). Well, give me a minute and I'll get there. See the birthday of the Jimmy was in June and I wanted a gift, something that n ' d really like something he would never forget. So full of ideas (hey, try a gift for someone who wants nothing Buying ) I thought that go online and look for idelike. I got distracted pretty quickly when I checked my emails. There was this letter. Its subject line was " a special camp for you. " I thought it was a stupid piece of shit -mail, but it opened anyway. It was This letter n refer to a special camp is ideal for the "young", exclusive and as far as I could tell by invitation only. was on an island somewhere, that was actually a part of the field, and the letter told of everything that really fresh material to do there. there was no file attached a picture that the letter s said to download, offered a look at the types of activities in the field. So I did. WOW ! Is a bunch of pictures on this.. blue background, which was quite large, and was about twice as big as my screen were the words go on it that read: " Gero Island is the largest camp somewhere in the world and the one his art is truly a unique and enjoyable experience. Sign up now! " The images were fantastic. w kids Firstere difficult naked, most of them. in some of the images that were swimming, exploring in other sports, in other Forest... And most of them were no part in my favorite : SEX! ! ! I was amazed and oh so happy! ! There were all kinds of kids , large, small, light brown hair, blond, black hair, big cocks, small cocks, n and any size in between! ! I went back to finish the letter. In order to register I had to send an nude hawaiin models
e -mail that I was s interested, and they will do the rest. He even said I could bring to to be a friend ! ! I was a birthday present from Jimmy... always the best course of Part 1, Chapter 2 I sent the email that day, then called Jimmy to see when he was a coming. He spent the night at my house and went to in a museum the next day. I called his house and he took in the third ring. " Hello ? " " Hello! " I said, " When are you coming ? ""We leave in five minutes," he replied, " It s all you need to bring me ? " I thought for a moment and said. " Only you No clothes required, but. Reinforcements needed," he laughed and I continued : ". ? If you can not say, I'm Horney," " Oh, I never really thought about. I love you.. "" I. I love you... Now get this! "" Goodbye, my love... "" I can not wait !... Bye " Bye... " I hung up and straightened my room, then went downstairs and waiting for it to appear. My parents stayed for a while, so I was pretty make sure we had a vlad model links
couple of hours heard a knock fool around. When I saw him, ran to the door wide, and practically dragged him into the house. When I was sure his father would not see the , I kissed him. pressed against me and his arms around my left waist and slid her tongue in my mouth. We were there for a time kissing and rubbing our bodies together, before he took me hand yu took meap to my room. As soon as we were there, began to undress. Since I was only wearing a shirt and shorts, it was not long before I was naked and hard y strip. Once I was naked, dawson teen model
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loved me. pretens models magazin He looked into my eyes and smiled, then leaned over and kissed me, moves, so more or less on top of the I was. I moved my hand up and down the back, feeling her soft skin, while kissed. We did that for about 15 minutes before the phone rang. we were surprised, and fell on me. I jumped up and took the listener to the second ring. " Hello ? " " Hi, this is Erik? " Asked the voice at the other end. Sounded as a man, I think soor in a place between 20 and 30. "This is Erik," I replied, "Who is this ? " " This is Mr. Gero. I think we got our invitation via email? " " Um, yes... "he said. I like to remember my phone number, but that perhaps had forgotten. " We have received your response and just called to verify that you 're interested. Yresponse also suggest you bring a friend s ? " " Yes I teen model rusian have some questions though... " " How... ? "He asked. " Well, how can I get my parents to this end? Or my friends a parents, and what money is and what it will cost and how long is it? How to get there, what is... " interrupted me. " Slow down there," he laughed, " Give me a minute response. Always take care of their parents and friends to take the parents consent. Do philippine young model not know exactly what type of bearings n is or anything about it other than what you think would be the best the chance to go, do. what the price, the field itself truly free, ebony panty models but if you can give a certain price and then that money to spend later at your taste. The camp lasts all summer , if you want to go home early. We offer transportation to from the camp. Is there anything else ? " I have to admit, it was not. Not that I think at least. " Excellent! We give parents a call and then later in the night his e- mail the information you need to know. Is this acceptable ? "I asked. " Sure, "I said, " thank you " " No problem ", he replied: " Goodbye.. " I hung up and turned around to see where I saw Jimmy with a curious expression on his face " What was that. " Called I smiled and said : " not much. It's a surprise. You'll find out soon. " And so I took it without delay. We struggled a little on the futon before freeyoung model galleries continuing where we left out. His tongue was so hot in my chest... n always the best campPart 1, Chapter 4 language Jimmy slid slowly down my chest, around the nipples, then runs over them. He sucked gently on my right nipple while playing increase with my penis, pushing it back to a full erection. Out of curiosity, ( I'm sure many men have tried customizing model ships
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I licked his hand several times, then pushed her tongue against the it. It was still too tight to penetrate, so licked little more than sure it's very humid. This time I pushed my tongue slipped, and moaning, turning up his ass, trying to push him more. I was floating up and down on my cock and I was afraid to finish so I said it was ready. Jimmy turned to me and sat on my slow n -load tap. I felt the head press against her sphincter, and then slide in groaned and pulled me down, with only an inch at a time, until it was everything in it. He leaned forward and started kissing me as he pushed his ass from his s up and down my shaft. Your tongue in my mouth and began to exploring, running through my teeth, my tongue caressing. I began to suck it up and he began to turn her ass on my cock, squeezing and a let go, as he moved up and down. I got theNipples, and went to is a kind of frenzy, moaning and thrust his tongue in my mouth, while beating her ass on my dick stiff. His cock began to shoot his sweet cum between us, landing om my chin, my chest, my belly. the ass attracted to me and my dick started shooting too strong to be hole, as I milked dry. When we arrived he was lying to me and keeps my dick in the ass. We slept I like it. --------------------------------------- n The phone is ringing woke both of us, and jumped at me and ran a response, cum dripping from her ass and run down their legs. It nice when that happens ! It was then, but my parents told me they would from home in an hour and should heat up some pizza for dinner because that is leading us to the movies when they came home. After Jimmy hung up and told me what he said I said. "I think I'd rather have something else to eat. " " Well, you couldcream me. "He smiled. I jumped at the chance and sucks ass away when bent. It was delicious, but definitely not enough to lose the padding Energy, so we got dressed and had the pizza. my parents liked Jimmy and I in the theater and we decided to do Romeo + Juliet, in their wonderful reviews and the fact that one of the his friends said he could see Leonardo DeCapprios ass. he was right, but still a young model angels cool movie, and got to see his chest, so was not a total loss. When my father picked he began to wonder if it was still the way to the camp for the summer. " C'mon, dad, " I said, " you know I hate camps. The last time I went n I had a terrible time. Whywould want to go ? " " I know I do not like the last camp you left, but got a call of a field that you expect to enjoy. " He said. " Yes, of course. I hate camping. Why I like this? " Well, yes, " he replied, "It's a theater camp. " that caught my attention. I love acting, but right now, I that Mr. Gero was probably the husband of the call. Of course, I pressed my skepticism, but secretly I was delighted. When my parents asked me if I wanted to , this means that they liked the idea, which is certainly removed some major obstacles. Well, if Jimmy's father, it was true, then we have set , and I would be the best birthday present I ever have for Jimmy do! always the best course of Part 1, Chapter 5 n When we got home I was so excited I was almost jumping. Father Jimmy called and found out he had been invited to the same field of. What is true of a coincidence, right? He would not get a field haunted , but he was happy to go with me. Of course not, I said, all, but what good is a birthday present when there is a surprise? We talked about the camp a while we warm up a small pizza. Jimmy has an appetite that 3 - expect tons of man, not a 15-year -old eat all the time! Never seems to be gaining weight, , however, something that drives our friends crazy female. that does not gain much weight either, but I eat much less than he. except cum. I eat at least as much as you do that! As we sat down to dinner, the phone rang. I grabbed him and I was Mr. Gero. It was not. It was Lisa, a girl from our class who is in love with Jimmy. " Hello Lisa. Whats up ?" When Jimmy heard his name, he moaned and can hang on the couch. I smiled. "Jimmy is there ? I have to ask you something. " They said. " Jimmy is here? Let me see, wait... " I looked at him preeteens model site
and he frantically began waving his arms and shaking his head, muttering "no " stronger as possible. "Um, I think not, Lis. He was, but he was at home, I think... uh- huh... uh -huh... I'll tell you when nude motorcycle models
I see it... ok... the law... Bye. " I hung up. Jimmy sighed with relief.. " I swear that is stalking me," he said :completely serious. " I think," I replied, " They want you so much my pathetic. I , which practically drool every time I walk by. " " How to... " She smiled. I crouched beside her and put my hand on his lap and press smooth. " I have the right to... " I said. "I am your friend too drool when I, is in the right places," she squeezed Croth for emphasis, , and he resisted her hips against my hand squeezing. " A little slutty, right? " I asked. " I am, I do not know about you... " He answered and began to unbutton my shirt. He grabbed my hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom. if we have I closed the door, then put his arms around my neck and stroked her back, putting my hand under his shirt to feel his tp warm skin. " Remember, we can go a third time? " I whispered to him and licked the neck. moaned and said. " I can go to a room, if you can keep up " He moved his hands on my chest and afterslide it under my shirt began to twist my nipples lightly. that was removed from him and began to unbotton my shirt, but he pushed my hands away and took over. Every time I opened a button, he lick only exposed skin chills down your back when its hot and humid paths made ​​tongue in my torso. When I finally fully opens, Little by little he began to suck my nipples to make sure that one was russian female model hard s before proceeding to the next. Then I did go to bed. When I moved, he began his hands on my routine and Croth carresssing legs, but easy to push down on my cock and again to do sure I'm very hard. My jeans were bulging, and he bowed his head y began by saying the lump on my tail. When I took my hips bucking in operation opened the lock, then slowly lowered the zipper, exposing my boxer and shows a wet spot in my pre-cum. Raised me, but lowered my pants down, then began to lick the place precum in myBoxer, as he removed his socks, and then slipped out of my jeans entirely. The worm began to language in the course of my boxers, then Fishing my hard cock through the hole. He licked the head crest, and then through the slot, but then pushed me back into his pants. He wet the front of them bye licking around the outline of my cock until finally take off my underwear. I was naked except for my shirt open, I quickly slipped off my shoulders and threw it across the room. IN extended my hand to take off his shirt, but he pulled away and stood up. took his socks and then slowly began to move her hips. He slid his hands up and down the chest wound, under a shirt and pinching the nipple. His other hand began to go around the bulge in his tight shorts, tracing the outline of his cock, then grinding webeweb models
it to shake hands, grab. He moved his hand from her crotch daisy ls models
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bathroom to relieve myself. I finished my business, then decided to take a shower to wake. I ran into the water and allowed to reach a comfortable temperature for before stepping is teenage erotic models
just a matter of minutes before the curtain was entered a one side and got into my lover, his tail when he was awake. I smiled n and pulled him in theThe shower and hugged me and wash me back. Like I say, we had a great love n meeting in the shower, but we have because my parents would wake up soon. We wash each other soon went out and got dressed. ******************************************* Two weeks later, "Why do I have to talk to you leave me here again?" growled Jimmy. " Because," he said, "I asked. And I fuck, that seven times in row n. My ass is still sore. " " is not shit summer in hell. "he replied. "There will be in hell. " I said. "How can you be so down to if you still vuluptuos nude models are not there? " He stared at me. "Real Simple. I'm willing to bet that separate us. Please contact us likely to be in this terrible bunk, no refrigeration, no running water and no real health. We have straw mattresses heating. pedo supermodels not be more errors per person is poor conductors of Florida. that no phones. no computers. I will in a litter, without informing all summer hit, ny any other field will be straight and homophobic, not to speak of hot and constantly talk about pussy. "" you ", he said, " is a very negative person. Do not be so bad. have a good time. Now stop whining. It's almost time to board. "" Great. Sedatement time. "Jimmy can not fly very well, so it should be sedated before going on an airplane. " I 'm going to do much with you. I will stop complaining, if you promise to make love at least once a week. And that means that at least half an hour, okay ? " I shrugged my shoulders. " I promise. Now put your drink. " He hit me arm and ran to her father. By the time we were ready, the plane went into topless model gallery was out in the cold. One of the security guards took him on the plane and put \\ \\ n back in his seat. window. numbers. the first thing I noticed was that the whole valley was full of kids. n even adults, but children. all seemed to be calledING at the age of 13 to 17th Not only that, but they were all very good looking ! I have tried to look out the window when a child sat next to me. It s was about the same height as me, with pale skin, black eyes and black short hair n. He was sweet and had a rather large bulge in his crotch. " Hello" he said. "My name is David, " He reached out and shook him. his jump step. Damn, that must be cool, I thought. It was a good step forward, , too. The way the course would not mind licking. I was hoping that her ass was so beautiful. " I'm Erik are. You here in the camp ? " I asked, hoping no one answer positive. I was really hoping to get an idea of his cock. He nodded, then blushed. " Yes, " he said, ".. is that I think everyone on the plane These are all guys, and everything to do with our time," " And they are all really hot. " I smiled. She blushed even more. A virgin ? O maybe he was too embarrassed just about sex, or gay. " How old are you ? " teen nonude model I asked his pants and looked more and more - coverDick. Yes, it was in any case, the new and very fresh. Probably the first time I wanted to have sex to be here. That's nice. " Thirteen". He replied. "They are not cute they are. I've never taken a type before. " He got redder and his eyes went to my crotch, which was very very excited. " Oh, that's great," he said, " You'll love it if you like, we can say together until you feel more comfortable.. " I reached out and grabbed his bulging s Hahn, whick seemed ready to burst into his jeans were. "I'm sure not mind helping you with this beautiful piece of meat. " I said, rubbing the mountain hard tail. His reaction is priceless. He jumped a little, and let out a combination of a gasp and a delight - full of regret, then their involuntary o step was taken in hand. Damn, I felt like a very nice piece of tail. Could left I hope he can take a seat on the plane that I was in the same my mouth. My cock was fully young model cindy
hard now and uploadIng against my jeans. n She looked up and gave a shy but warm natural smile. This guy really needed some sex. " Um, yes. I think I would. I'm really new, it is necessary to the patient though. But I would not mind Helpin me out. He is somehow alone. " he pointed out that what my hand was rubbing gently. I could tell a virgin, he was always close to creaming your jeans and all that was done was rub a little. I pulled my hand from his lap and leaned forward. " When the plane takes off, you can find a place to be alone. I'm really looking forward to to teach you. " I whispered, and then began japan model pussy to gently lick her neck. She let out a groan and reluctantly to grab a hold of my arrival in throbbing cock. I was shaking and I realized I wanted to see it now. I pressed gently, and found it as he could, with two layers of clothing as. Now I was able kind girls modeling
to " educate" this guy hardly wait. *********************An hour later The plane finally lifted and leveled. David and I had Secret groping each other for about an hour and we were definitely ready , a little wilder. I've always been curious about his cock virgin experienced mouth. It looked bigger than mine, and I was always a challenge s. Since getting the level of aircraft, had some of the guys at the top The rear of the aircraft, usually with fairly obvious erections. They usually do not become , but that was very contened smile on their faces, and Some of these faces had apparently forgot to lick the sperm from the sides of the mouth happy. I was very curious and a little later suggested that David come with me to see where was it. went to the back of the plane. In the other rooms was not a metal the door, a eyeslit about eye level, so I peeked in. The room was behind it was place dArk, but from the darkness I could see more ways to be so can be very interesting carnal activities. Apparently there was a room of sex on the plane, for those who could not keep their dicks in their pants long enough to enter the camp. "What," asked David, trying filipino models nude to look inside, I stepped aside, and when he saw a what it was, gasped. "It's like model mpges xxx a fantasy come true. " He whispered. I stood behind him and grabbed his ass (which, incidentally, was, like tail looked delicious ) to be. " How about going with us and some of your fantasies cum true. " I child modelsvideos proposal. He smiled and opened the door. I followed him in The room was lit very weak, but it was enough to see that I had to in which at least a dozen boys. Some kneels at each other, some were there and receiving oral sex, some were convicted and some were engaged in in an action of a fairly hot. The floor was padded and warm, and the room the temperature was warm enoughto be comfortable, but cold enough that you not die of heat if it 's really going on. David and I walked slowly, tried everything inside were hard as rocks, and I wanted to keep that my pants before she staci teen models choked hard on my pain. I brought David to nn children models
a clear spot on the floor and pulled him close to me, bring our lips. He hesitated, but I have to open my mouth and let my tongue in. I explored her mouth and sucked on his tongue inside me left him for a while not in use. He started it and found his tongue in my mouth, rubbing on me, sucking me fight in the mouth with my tongue. He began pushing his body harder against mine, and I felt his hard cock pressing against my thigh. I pulled my mouth to yours. " I want you naked. " I whispered. Almost as soon as the words came out the mouth, began to tear his clothes. He quickly removed his boxers, , but then I was shy and AFTERe Rotate the material in the fingers. " Sun wants to that I take for you? " I asked. looked uncomfortable and said, "I wish... it would be getting naked for the first time ? ". I smiled and took his clothes as fast as I could, at last, almost pulling in my boxers. My hard cock stood straight out from my body, hitting with my throbbing heart. She caressed it slowly while looking at him. " Your turn... " I said. He blushed and turned away, little by little sink s boxers, revealing a tight kid couture model
little ass looked almost as good, eat, like Jimmy. He left his pants, but not yet. I could not understand why. Here we were in a room full of hot shit, and guys suck, and he was shy ? " I can see it ? " He asked gently. " Promise you will not laugh at me ? " He murmured. Now I was confused. child seemed to have a very good size cock, so why do I laugh at " I promise. " I said ?. He sighed and turned slowly. was one of themost beautiful cocks I've ever seen. It was about 7 inches, and really thick stand of jet black pubic hair. His testicles were about to is the size of a walnut and hang low on your bag. He had almost no body , apart from a bush near his tail, and a few scattered tufts in the axils. his Dick was drooling pre-cum, and up and down. I had to stop myself swallow at the time. "Why do you mock me ? " I asked. " You have a big cock ! " " Do not you think that is too big ? " Said in a surprised tone. " Hell, no! " I replied, " The greatest good that most of the children in your age, but this is not something to be ashamed ! " " My friends make fun of me about it. " Does it move. He looked to eyes. "I am very happy that you like. " I said seriously. I looked back on his tail and licked my lips. "Why do not you come to rest. " I said hoarsely. "I want to get big cock in my mouth. " He smiled and lay on his back, spreading her legss wide. I got into the among them and get to your big cock, looking for a while before going to working. There was a trail of precum dripping from the bottom of your tail and licked it, pull the tongue slowly along the length of your magnificent tail. He groaned and thrust his hips. I smiled. That would be fun, what this child to her first blow job. I started to lick around the base of his cock, slowly working my tongue to the swollen head. Let my tongue swirled crest and head, then slit licked the dripping. I pulled nonude child model
my mouth on the tip of the tail and sucked as hard as I could, while my tongue moved quickly along. It was a loud groan, and struggled and tried to push in the mouth. I felt it was almost shot, so simple ball came out and licked some bits. " Please... " he begged, "Please me cum... I'm so hot. I have to cum... Please," I smiled and licked his place under the head, wheresatisfies of the shaft. He groaned and dropped his head back and said, "Please... you cum... needs... Please make me cum... I need... so bad... " be merciful to him, I licked up the top again, and quickly absorbed him as I could, then began to shake in his big, hard cock sucked as a vacuum. It only took about three mouths - Strokes before he shot his hot s, tasty cum, spraying my mouth with his big cock - juice. There was so much I had to swallow several times before he stopped shooting. I had to my mouth began a winding road HID Dick be so sensetive. It was breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath. I crawled over and lay beside him, slowly pump my hard cock against her thigh. "How was it? " I asked. " Wow... that was... amazing... damn man.. whoa... " He looked over and I smiled. His hand grabbed colt models gay my cock and started stroking slowly, explore. " Mmmm... " I moaned as I stroked slowly. His hand wassoft and warm. I sat back and let him explore my body. " I can go ? " Said a voice behind us. We both looked East a youthful look about 16 years old. He was naked and had a very nice Search erection. " Absolutely not," I smiled, "Cum right ! What is your name? " " lunch. " He replied. "There is a Thai name. " " Erik," said David, nervous. "Yes? " " What I can afford? " I nodded vigorously, and he pushed me on my back n and got between my legs. I shook my head noon and hard cock stradle n touched my lips. I felt the mouth of David attached my cock and started sucking and licking that. I opened my mouth and pushed his hard cock noon insinde right. was sweet with a slightly spicy flavor. let out a little " mmmm" sound and smiled from me. I felt like David trying to get into all this, he moved to OONS n tight ass to get all of his cock in my throat. My tongue pressed sucked against the base of his penis so teen model lt hard and Ias I could. I was very near the suction and David wanted NOONS cum in my mouth at a time it, I shot my own David. David moved his mouth to the young models nude tip of my penis and started licking slowly. His tongue went down the shaft of my balls, slowly stroking licking her. He moved his mouth under them and embraced him, where SAC joined my body. I could not jump as my cock spasms and almost precum sprayed some more. He licked his way up and pierced tongue in the slot I 'm sorry about NOONS hard cock. quick lunch was now facing my mouth. Its tail was sliding rapidly into in the throat, like balls bouncing off my chin. The language of David working on the top in the queue was almost ready to shoot, so I stuck a finger in my mouth, I it gets wet, then quickly NOONS jammed tight ass hard. She let out a ladder shrill whine and pushed his cock in my throat whole when he began to shooting his hot cumht to my stomach. As did David took my whole cock in her ls models girls mouth and sucked like a vacuum, and fired wad wad they agree with her ​​hungry mouth. I felt something warm model girl child and wet on my leg and realize David had just jumped out to a wonderful run while sucking me. that collapsed and lay there for a while to regain our energy. We to be asleep because the next thing I remember is hearing the pilot announce that we are preparing for the descent. always the best course of Part 1, Chapter 7 noon, David and I have the clothes back and we returned to our seats in time. We thought the plane begins its descent, and when I out of the window (in the body for perfect sleep Jimmy) I saw the island. It was s great! We could see several buildings, and in the north, there were some mountains with the snowy peaks. It seemed like a nice place to camp. It was not long before the plane landed. young model thumbs
I managed to wake up to Jimmy, sort hugged me while we were until he saw David watching him away. I n otes that Jimmy still do not know about the "right" camp. He thought he act was a warehouse. He sat down, but kept his hand between my thighs and the arm , despite passing through the eyes of David or someone else might. that remained so until the aircraft came to a " full and complete stop " and then took our hand luggage from under our seats. The plane emptied quickly, , although some of the children try to get some quick scans. David seemed easy nervous, but went with a big smile on his face and a lump growing on the front of his pants. Jimmy and I were the last to leave the plane. He stopped me until everyone child supermodels sexy else had left, then wrapped preeteen models links his arms around my neck and pressed her sweet lips on mine. We kissed for a while before saying : ".. Remember, I get some n them at least once a week do not forget, " I smiled and said. " I will not forget as if , like you to do. BesIDES: " I shrugged," We can do more than once a week. " His hand slid down my childmodeltop com back and squeezed my ass as it is based on small worlds model the n me. " I hope so, "he whispered, " To be without one week in the kiss n torture. " I pulled away and led smiled, and then the plane. of the island, as I said, was beautiful. The air was warm and perfect with nn mature models
a light breeze, the kind that makes your hair really cool thing, steering wheel, but do not relax or make you look like you have snakes are in the head. the palm trees were a wonderful sight to my eyes, taking into account all I have to see the whole years out of the leaves of the forest. the grass was emerald green, sky was blue and the ocean was a perfect blend of both. Basically the island was perfect. When we got off the plane , approached a man with blond hair with us flanked by two children. a man wearing a Speedo bathing little too tight demand. it was good. not body fat in thisfriend. He saw in his the mid- twenties. We later discovered that he was 25. Good body, nice eyes, a smile - not bad for an adult. The two children were naked. One of them had blonde hair of medium length, and saw twelve. He had a tight little body, with cute little nipples protruding from her chest small, have already been hard. His cock was semi -hard, but he seemed not to notice. The other boy had separated black hair green eyes in the middle and surprising. He was about fifteen more or less with a nice hard cock and filled with big nipples that seemed perfect for to suck. His balls hung low, and it looks pretty great. Both children were hair completely. " Welcome to camp," said the man, shook my hand. "I guess you are Erik, this has to be Jimmy. " She looked at my lover, who was watching the boy with open mouth. " Yes, and you are Mr. Gero, right? " I smiled at the expression of Jimmy. man nodded. "I am. And these two guys are Ryan, ' Citingthe black -haired boy, " And my son, Andy. " The blonde. Jimmy was stunned. His jaw was open as he looked back the rest of the people there. Suddenly he realized : Naked Boys - Boys kissing - explorations. My comments about doing more than once - Week of action was not a field I leaned over and stuck his tongue into her open mouth and kissed him hard!. After a while he said and kissed her again with energy and hugs me around like the hands of s have begun to explore my body. We broke the kiss and licked my neck. " Happy Birthday, my love -" I whispered, "Welcome to Paradise " Once again, no sex in this is said, but on the island.. If someone is needed to be clear or do not understand what I mean something only tell me and I will try to resolve because I'm not sure if I made ​​it very clear. Well, here it is! always the best course of Part 1, Chapter 8 We learned of the island When Jimmy and I final execution, Mr. Gero offers veiw on the island. Of course we accept. Basically, because the description the whole conversation lasts forever, I'll give a description. Please note, however, that while some things may be incredible, I have experienced it myself. Please believe me, ask Jimmy. so is. The most important thing I had most of the children was in a hotel type building. It was huge and incredible luxury. I mean, really nice! There was an indoor pool (several, actually), an ice rink, a games room, a bowling, several restaurants - I can not even remember all that stuff. rooms were large. They had huge beds, large TV with VCR, computer (very good, some great amature child models games and all things online), stereos, and the bathrooms are divine. Besides the giant shower / bath, had a bidet and a jacuzzi! I was very happy about it, are already planning some alternative uses of for the Jets. For those who prefer a more traditional camp, no cabins. I mean real camping type cabins. The way everyone complains that, , but we all know, is a beautiful experience. The island itself had several different - the art and the land, I guess. There were forests, rivers, waterfalls, jungles, lakes, beaches and even some mountains artificial ski. A great idea, and probably very expensive. There were also several dance clubs on the island. You know the type, part in the night all sorts of things. Of course not everything was the celebration in the form of dancing, and not all was going on round the dance floor, if what I rankings young models mean. It seemed as if sex was very common throughout the world Island s, and the kids have it anywhere, anytime. was the theater for those who wanted to bring plays and musicals, and as. There was usually a week, sometimes more often. I participated in a few, andand it was really wonderful. Well acted, well headed, well done - very professional, considering that it was for fun. The number of movie studios and television as well, for those of us wanted, We were looking to screens large and small. I was in two movies, have toddler model a few episodes of the television series of the islands, not only. It was loads of fun. Mr. Gero finally got Jimmy and I 'm doing some test shots and modeling shots, but I have to make later in this story. The film regularly showed movies and the children themselves filmed here. Vi some from previous years and was very impressed. had sports fields and stadiums for the kids, but I was only for a game or two, I'm the same brush on this topic. Suffice to say, that coating had reason to sport almost everyone. The gyms also very interesting to me. They had a lot of things about the sport. , basically have everything you imagine a sport, even inetc players, and put them in one place. This is a sports center. Moving on... The gym was a nice place. I did some work out, played a volleyball, and hanging out with some hot sex in the shower y saunas and Warriors - not the work rooms, volleyball mention judicial, etc. Up Today I have a hard time I go to the gym each. The sex of the centers were another story. How I can even begin to describe n right? They had everything involving sex. Toys, clothes, videos, magazines,... and the room ! They had rooms orgy for couples, single rooms, rooms for artists (I think), massage rooms have pools for us, the sex - it was like an orgy full time. Imagine is a entire building dedicated to sex, yet I imagine that refers to it, and you have a sex center. What a stroke of genius. The castle was very good, too. It was a gigantic castle mideival quite some time, but with modern conventionaliences, was that the story Mr. Gero had been there, stone by stone from somewhere in Scotland. that play some pretty cool games out there. Yes, I like the game, do it, babies, but if you're there, do not give a damn ! And the costumes were good! True to the era, and therefore look good ! There were secret passages, dungeons - everything you would want from a castle. VR centers also cool. Each virtual reality game, all the pieces of equiptment was there. I've seen expensive as hell, and the creation of high technology, R n ever. Some of the guys who mess up in full swing. It seemed weird, but sex is sex, even with 2 pounds goggles. The arcades ruled. Every game you can imagine and something you can not do. as Heaven video game. ' Nuff said. The simulated environments were basically holodeck. (You know, as Star Trek I have no idea how he did it, but I know it was nevertheless, such as historian, Louis XIV is an incredible, and did not like womenall that much. ! At least not the way I had to The maze was just that : a giant maze. It was difficult to solve, but if trapped in the ground floor to let out. Jimmy and I loved this place. You never know what's there, and the goal is really cool. I say up to then - hee, hee. The restaurants were very ebony model thick good. All kitchens in the world, and flavorful I've had. Of course, sometimes it gets a little strange. We have seen some people do in the tables, but its nice dinner entertainment. more better than a lousy lounge singer ! And licks food from a double treatment of airport and the marina really do not need description. You know what I both, so I think they leave it. was a newspaper on the island, occupied by children. I wrote to that very often, and the offices were so cool. A beautiful building with state is the art equiptment. Great place to work. tea, several manors, for those of us, would have the pleasure the rich people in the real world. Attachments huge houses with tons of earth. extreme luxury. It is a mansion. Double click on it. This is Mr. Yeros mansion, , where he has lived throughout the year with his son petitre nude models Andy. There is so much good in bed, but Andy is a satyr. And black model pussy what an ass with this baby! had toy stores, you do not need money for. Image Toys r only charge ten times bigger and storage. A nice place. The same general idea applies to the child model agenty sex shops. The same idea, different products. Porn stores were right next to the shops. Humongous building full of sex toys , magazines, models swedish nude books and videos. porno studies were fun to make. I made ​​several films there. Were n, of course , was broadcast on private television channel was maintained, but from the outside world. were fun. Modeling and acting in films and magazines is a real treat! The Mall was a mall. In essence, this island was heaven and I shared it with the most wonderful guyever. Jimmy and I were together, where we could be together open and do whatever we wanted without embarrassment. I was very happy, and loved his Birthday always the best course of Part 1, Chapter 9 Mr. Gero told us island / camp when we entered the hotel, left. Jimmy was surprised, but happy, obviously. So far, seemed to like his birthday , and I was delighted that he liked. And do not even get started We arrived at the hotel and got our room keys. The man said Gero our pockets that require constant updating, and there is no binding agreement for the The next morning in a conference room. We thanked him, shook his hand, kiss the boys ( and groped by Andy), and then went to our room. as I said before, it was beautiful. All playboymodels
the subtleties, and a perfect and see something big font porch. As soon as he entered the room of Jimmy lying in bed ( imperial size) and undressed. " Could you please tell me what 's going on here ? "I asked of his shirt. I admired his chest and took off my shoes and socks, then dragged his hand and stroked her back, taking off his pants. No underwear. I No love this child. " is his birthday. "I say. " I have an offer email me is an blackberry phone model opportunity in what is basically a gay sex camp for children who stay and thought it would be a cool birthday gift for you. Like it? "I pulled my pants and underwear and began to unbutton his shirt. grinned. "I love it! "Called out of it. He got up and went to the bathroom. " Can you take a bath. "I smiled and closed under my shirt, , then followed him to the bathroom. We filled the bathtub and turned on the jacuzzi. We jumped in the water and started kissing, tongues in and n in each other mouths. Jimmy ran his hand over my chest, pinching and twisting my nipples, hard before taking a crouched and in the mouth. sucked is gently lickingg his tongue around and over him. I grabbed his hard cock and she started to stroke. He hugged me and started rubbing our cocks together, as he put his face to me and licked my cheek, and then his tongue stuck in my mouth. started fucking each other to dawn model teen go faster as we became more and more excited, asian model portfolio until we finally got to shoot at each other in the water. that leaned back and smiled. "I love you " He blonde nude models whispered, stroking my cheek. I hugged him close to me, caressing your body warm and humid. I felt his cock slowly making it difficult once again, as mine. "I think I 'll like it here. " Said smiling. I laughed, , and bent to kiss him again. Our lips met and our tongues caressed each other. It was so perfect. I got hard again, and I felt his hands start to play with my balls. I turned away from him and turned to on the side of the tub, then leaned forward, spreading my ass cheeks for him. " Fuck me, baby. " I whispered,I felt his fingers move slowly in my hole. He left and I felt that dance around my ass, brush against my prostate and it makes me shudder, as waves of pleasure crashed through my body. Although he had not even cum just five minutes, I knew, I would not take much time. He knew exactly where to touch and what to do to shoot myself. He moved behind me and put the head of his cock into my hole. I was a chills down my spine awaiting their feelings in me. Pressed with care, and the head were lying in felt, and wanted it to be completely inside. I pushed against him and was felt throughout the length of the cock of her s hot on my ass. I groaned and began to turn one of my nipples. I him to catch me. " I love you. " He whispered to me, and slowly began to fuck me by removing almost all the way back to the crowd, then, until his balls were slapping the mine. I loved that feeling. When he was all the way in me, he twisted hellos Dick, moving chemal modelnet
inside my ass, hitting different points and I moan n and press harder against him. He began to move faster, and I could tell, he was near. His hand slipped my chest and grabbed my cock and stroked try it soon, at the same point. I started squeezing her ass muscles around his cock, moaning loudly and thrust faster. Its tail y swelled could feel his 15yo model pics
cum shooting up into my tight ass. I could not contain himself and began to shoot my cum on hand and in the water. My muscles client around his cock was cumming again, although he had no finished shooting of the previous load. I felt another wave of cum rocket his cock and pushed back, so his balls against my how it has return. When he finally finished filming, broke again in the bathtub together, exhausted. I sat beside him and gently stroked his chest as he called the breathe again and my energy levels. " Did you mean ? "I teased, while his arms around me, Press the end of the body. " I give it a 7. 6. " He joked again. " 7. 6? Asshole ! That was at least 8 " " would have a 8 if you were in your back. " " Oh, so now I want to drown, right? And after all the work I with his birthday present. "", would not drown. could have fainted, but I would have saved you... after a while. "smiled. I reached under the water and pinched his ass. She let out a scream and jumped out of the water. " Hey, not fair to attack when I'm exhausted, how I can enjoy right? " I have out of the tub and handed him a towel, then went to any inch dry of perfect body. Several times he managed to be tough, but it was a the sexual. The two were in love. He cleaned when it did, and Then they both went to the preteem bikini model room. The drop in the bed, fell asleep quickly wrapped in each other's bodies. Best of CaAlways pf Part 1, Chapter 10 the rules of the camp and breakfast is interesting n When Jimmy and I woke up, was a knock at the door. that untangled ourselves and went to open the door, while Jimmy went to the bathroom. I checked my watch and was adult models uk surprised to see that it was an 8 ' m. Apparently he had slept all night. I n the door to Andy, one of the boys, who had greeted us when they see we got off the plane opened. Wearing a wetsuit and a small tank top set not got beyond his belly. What a spectacle delicious. " Dad wants to go to the conference room. The number 5 I am You should wake up, but since they already awake, you can only get in? " smiled and stared at my semi -hard tail. " Um... " he said. Jimmy left the bathroom and approached me. " Hello, Andy. What 's going on? " He asked. In response, model baby drown Andy pulled to reveal about his speedometers a cock hard. " naked gay models I". He smiled. Jimmy and Andy laughed at this little joke, and Andy initiated the speedometer and threw them into our room. " I hate to use all about my best friend. Now that you move, we must go ! " He turned and ran toward the elevators. Jimmy and I looked at the nice ass bouncing on free child model the floor. " We have to. " Said Jimmy firmly. "He wants so much. " "I have the feeling that albuquerque nude models if we do not care at the meeting to be even now, that we would do in the room. " I said. " Now come on, we let them go. " I grabbed his hand and ran toward the trixie model nn elevators. We managed to catch to Andy and told us what was going to ride on his way to the room the conference. When we got there, I was surprised. There were several hundred kids not be ! It was a huge room. In the front was a podium, where he was Gero permanent. He cleared his throat and the room was quiet. He smiled at the boy and began to speak. " Welcome to camp! " He cried. This was received with a strong cHeers of all. I glanced around the room and realized that some of the boys were to feel each other, but all were attentive. " For those of you who have been here before, you know what is. We need from you is to look carefully again. They were all The invitation to the camp, either by mail - email, phone or person, so we all know what kind of camp is when those who have been here before we can say, there are few rules here, though, that.. is very important, so pay close attention. " first, there is no force to be on the island. Those of you that are in S M or B u0026 u0026 D, there are special rooms for you to participate in the pleasure. cherish model Yet they will be monitored. We do not want to hurt anyone, and definitely do not want any deaths. Have fun, but be careful and safe. This Island is for love, not hate. Sex should be fun, and pain add No need to get away from him. when at every time you feel sick or in pain, there several hospitals on the island. Note that is no violence on the island. "Secondly, some of you on the agreement of the safe sex lack f of. Island If you're here, you're clean. Nobody here has AIDS or any other disease that is transmitted sexual amber child models
and / or life threatening. There are some among you that can still be worried, or think you have AIDS. rest assured, even if you have been tested and proved positive, no longer needed. Thanks to the miracle of medicine, and the fact that money can buy everything, in fact, scientists I have worked for me, not only a cure for sexually transmitted disease stained , but vaccine also. Rest assured, all of them are safe. If a from which you want to know more, please contact one of the hospitals. " the following is the subject of drugs and alcohol. My personal opinion is that You must not touch it. However, there are certain places in the island where one can obtainsome drugs. However, keep in mind that if you look crack or heroin, none was found. There is a pot, sandra reynolds models
and small amounts of speed, but there are no drugs to kill or hurt you. Again, however, I ask to exercise restraint and not use. Sex is much more enjoyable if that are not high. The only drug that is not discouraged, is XTC. It is possible, , but not expect large quantities thereof. We know it is not easy rationing to come. "Alcohol is on the island. It is only in the night clubs, and you need a drink ticket. It allows a certain amount of alcohol on body weight and other factors. Do not think that can tempt us to do, either. Ask Ryan. "saw the black haired boy we met yesterday, preeteen models
blushed, mad. There were several good-natured laughter and some of the children around him and pushed him comments. Mr. Gero continued. "There is no smoking on the island. For those of you with the additionalExecutive, luck. I can not stand the smell of them, so they are not allowed. We various ways to overcome their addiction, so if you are interested in just ask. However, it is expected to be a mouth full of cock or run to worry about smoking. " This provoked the laughter of children gathered, some the comments made ​​by Andy cum. Apparently was very popular. No wonder. " That's all, boys will. Sex very encouraging, and Andy asks Do not have it. Please guys, do not have it before midnight without telling me, ok ? And no more of this mockery 'Andy' game was going in the last year. If you tease him with his tail, could be read to as well. It's not fair to steal the little satyr. "Andy was smiling widely throughout the ad, apparently happy that he will not have to worry about being the sex -. Stripped " One more thing before you go. Sex on the island is entirely optional. not by forceYone therein. If we know nothing of a force of you a someone else, you are on the island forever. You will not be invited back ever. Sex is a wonderful thing, but only if everyone wants it. Now go Room : n! "There was a standing ovation and the boys got together and is a file to start. When Jimmy and I went to one of pleasure model the restaurants at the hotel, we stopped Someone is calling me. Turned be, we saw David and attracts lunch and running to us. " Hello," said David, "Will you breakfast teenage modeling pictures
with us ? " It seemed that she s was very amanda kerr model close to our little adventure in the back of the plane. Jimmy looked at me and gave me a" Who are you "look. "Oh ! Very good! "I Rief, remember that you did yumu osawa model not, because he had met asleep. " Jimmy, this is afternoon, and David. top models nonude We fooled around in the plane n while in coma. "I smiled and squeezed her butt. I realized that starts hard. " Hello ", my dear, shaking hands with them. " So how much did with my dog ​​. I mean my friend. " He corrected me and smiled. I pouted for him and put my hand on his back. " Not much. " David said. He seemed embarrassed, and at noon came to and grabbed his tail. " Not much, my ass. " Noon said. "Erik, David has his first blow job. A good, even the way that David complained," David turned redder, and lunch began playing with his balls. " Erik good at it. " Said Jimmy. "Your ass is really nice. Hot and up close, and always open. " " Just like your mouth. " I replied. "The only way to keep the language on my cock in your face to push. " I smiled and kissed her cheek. "I do not talk much. " He child nude modells said. " Come, let's get something to eat. I'm starving ! " This is my Jimmy. Always hungry. Not necessarily for food No! The four of us on our way to the dining room and found a table. that ordered eggs and toast. A lot of it. Probably enough to feed the camBodia with a bit of left. Not that there was not much when we eat, ready. Most of the conversation about our plans for the day became. Offered a midday flight by helicopter on the island, and accept the rest of us. When it started, tell Mr. Gero mansion feet felt Jimmy crawl into my lap, and rub my cock. I had already semi -hard, since I woke up, so it was not long before my cock was fully hard. " Jimmy, my love," he said, "It is very difficult to concentrate in food breakfast, if you try to make me cum in my balls. " His foot speed. "You can always stop having eggs and meat for breakfast. " The proposal. "I have a pretty rare piece here. " gave a mischievous smile and slid under the table. It was hard sub teen model
to and stroked it. So were the other two. What the hell, I thought it was a sex Camp. I took my face in her lap and took his whole cock in my mouth once. He resisted and made a very loud moan. Noon I heard laughter and say " amber raynor model
Man thinks that is wrong and there Jimmy He makes sandra model com funny noises " hit me in the leg and put his head for me just the tip of the tail of Jimmy his mouth. I sucked as hard as I was able to quickly and pulled his tongue through the slit. She let out a gasp y jet began his hot cum in my mouth. I've tried every sip drop, but some leaked out of my mouth, my chin down. When he finally finished his incredible orgasm that came out from under the table hottestlittlemodels and sat in my chair. " Enjoy your breakfast? " David said. He had sprayed his cum all over his chest s, and was picked up in his hand and licked it. I smiled normal teen models
and licked my lips. Back to Jimmy, I realized he had moved. I was looking around him, I felt his tongue gently around my balls. I breathed a sigh of satisfaction and leaned back, as Jimmy put the bubbles with great fervor. I sucked very strong and fast as he does when he wants my milk NOW. Iwas in the process, is ready to cum when I slide your wet fingers felt my ass crack and quickly slide in my hole. I let out a loud groan and blasted my cum into her mouth, grabbing the sides of the chair, as I did. Jimmy I was sucking all the milk he could out of my penis, and then swallowed. He kissed her head and went back up to your chair, a big smile on his face n. " if two are done well... " Noon said : " I think it might be a good idea for us here, before starting an orgy in the kitchen. " " It is not be encouraged ? "I asked. " Yes," he shrugged, "but I want you around, so lets get moves preten model
" We left the restaurant and went to our room to get some clothes. At noon we said it did not need it, but I was not very well go naked in a helicopter. They ended the afternoon and David were on the floor n so we left them in his room before entering ours. When we got to our room we noticed that the door was slightly open. Jimmy looked at me, confused, shrugged, and I him. We opened wider and looked in the interior. As we saw, who bell model 30 laughed because I could not. Andy was deceived in bed wearing nothing but shoes on the pool. It was to sleep and had his finger in his mouth. He looked so cute that Jimmy and I stood there and watched him sleep for a while. After a few minutes, eyes open , and saw us for it. His face split into a wide smile, and jumped " More than two times when I got here, I started wondering if I should send The search team ", started the pool and shoes went to the the state in front of us. " Um, hello... Andy," I said. He started strong and was a n effect on both Jimmy and I, "No ` ah, hello Andy me! " He exclaimed," I want to show two Island ! Not have a lot of new guys they are partners, and the two are so cute. I also I have a bet with Ryan, do in the situation, it may be with you No two before he could get it! "With these words he was kneeling and sucked Jimmy semi- hard cock in her mouth while stroking key teen model
me to finish hardness. n order to continue traveling in Chapter 11 We have the island... comments, suggestions, questions, and encouraged all welcome. is estimated that constructive criticism, the flames are being ridiculed, then distributed to all my friends, post bombing is the pull. Each grammatical o spelling errors please ask for my resignation. Thanks !
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