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Related post: Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 12:35:05 -0700
From: Collin Dantry
Subject: MTV Movie Awards part 3I'm sorry the installments have been slow but my summer classes have been
busier than normal. I'm hoping the second summer semester classes are a bit
easier. How hard could public speaking be?If you are not old enough to read this...please go do something constructive
like watch a violent movie or videogame. I'd hate for you to miss out on
all that grotesque violence, so stop reading erotic stuff.I do not know any celebrities and I don't know if any of them are gay
(though I have heard some stories). This is just fantasy, and hopefully a
good one, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Enjoy guys.*****Ashton showed up to the MTV Movie awards in his usual stylish slacker garb.
He had been kicking it some with P-Diddy lately, so they were sitting
together up models sexy young
next to the stage. Ashton's star had really risen over the last
6 months after his movie and the success of Punk'd. Ashton got up to the
table to see P-Diddy sitting there with one of his large bodyguards."Was up P-Daddy?" Ashton asked using his own nickname for Sean Combs."Nothin man, just chillin and waitin." Sean answered, "Ashton this here is
my best guard, Tyson." Sean continued introducing the man sitting across
from him."Nice legal young models
to meet you Tyson." Ashton said extending his hand to the very large
muscular black man in front of him. Tyson's hand almost completely covered
Ashton's hands.The three guys sat through the awards show along with some other celebs,
while providing their own little touch to the night's festivities through
their boyish ways. The show had just ended when Sean got up and leaned over
to Tyson and said something to him."Hey Ashton, I'm not really in an after party mood. YOU just wanna come
back to my hotel suite and kick back with some beer?" Sean said leaning
over to where Ashton was sitting watching the crows leave."Sure man, sounds like a plan. Let me get rid of my limo and I'll just ride
with you.""A'ight. Sean answered grabbing his cell as it rang.Tyson came back latina tee models
a few moments later letting Sean know that the limo was
outside waiting, and the three walked down to the street where a long black
limo was parked. Tyson opened the door for the two stars and then got in
himself, sitting across from Ashton and Sean. Tyson knocked on the black
glass twice and the car began to pull away. The three chatted about their
careers and any juicy gossip. The three especially were fond of ragging on
Justin Timberlake and his attempt to be a hip hop star. binaries petite models The three arrived
at Sean's hotel soon after and the three piled out and took the elevator up
to the suite level. Sean called room service and had them bring up some
food and a case or two of beer."Hey Ashton, I'm gonna run jump in the shower and change into something
cooler, you mind, dawg?" Sean asked loosening his tie."Nah man, go ahead, in fact I'd like to get out of these clothes if you have
an extra t-shirt I can borrow." Ashton said taking off his jacket."Tyson, look up in my top drawer over there, and there's some white
t-shirts. Give him one," Sean turned pointing for Tyson, "There's another
shower in the other room if you wanna go change up in there?" he said
turning back to Ashton.Ashton and Sean both went into their respective bathrooms to shower and
change, as Tyson handled the room service guy and icing down the beer.Ashton came out first in his blue striped boxer shorts and Sean's tight
white t-shirt. The shirt looked like it was about a size too small as the
thin white material clung to every muscle and curve on Ashton's torso. Even
his little dark nipples were visible through the material."Looks like that's a little tight. I don't think he has anything bigger,
but I can check." Tyson legal model videos
said seeing Ashton walk into the room."It's alright man. It feels fine." Ashton said rubbing his hand up and
down his cotton covered chest.Sean korschenbroich modell erotik
came out of the bathroom in a t-shirt and jogging pants rubbing a towel
over his still damp hair. twistys top models Tyson handed Ashton a beer and then handed Sean
one as soon as Sean threw his towel into the corner."Tyson, go ahead and get yourself one. We aren't going anywhere tonight, so
consider yourself off duty." Sean said sitting on the couch across from
Ashton."Thanks boss." Tyson said grabbing a beer and taking off his jacket.The three sat around the suite's living room drinking beer and talking about
people and joking around."Hey Tyson, go throw on some tunes. Nothing too heavy though dawg." Sean
said downing his kitty model 12yo second beer."No problem, want another?" Tyson adult erotic models
asked getting up."Yeah, when you come back. Thanks.""Ashton?" gay asian model Tyson asked seeing that his bottle was almost gone."Yeah, thanks." Ashton replied downing the last two sips in his bottle"We should have ordered us some women teenmodels preeteenmodels with the beer." Sean said grabbing
his crotch and giving it a squeeze."Yeah dawg, we should have. Guess we still uk boy models
could. You got a number?"
Ashton child model nude
asked his eyes perking up."Yeah, but I'd rather not. Wouldn't mind some ass, but not in the mood to
put with some chick's shit. Ever since Jenny, I just sexyfeet models
haven't felt like
putting up with bitches." Sean said."Understand man. That's why I haven't been looking for nothing serious,
just any hot chick that will take a ride on the Ashtonmobile." Ashton said
laughing."You ever swing with a guy Ashton?" vip models british teen nudemodels Sean asked."Woa? What? Fuck no." Ashton said getting all defensive."Ah come on dawg, you can tell me. I have." Sean said looking lollita free model very
seriously at Ashton."Are you fucking with me man? You have? vanessa child model Wooooeee!""Yeah. No big deal. I still like pussy, but I have swung with a few guys
before. hungarian teen models No big deal Ashton. So have you?""Well...dude...you can't tell anyone...I mean it!""Whatever dawg...like I could." Sean said laughing."Back in high school, jerked off with a few friends. One of them sucked me
off once. Was nothing." Ashton said softly."It's sxy teen model cool man. No big Ashton baby." Sean said grinning."You horny man?" Sean asked just as the music finally came on. R-Kelly's
latest album."Yeah I nn models 4u
guess." Ashton answered as Tyson came back in the room with three
beers, two of which he handed to Ashton and Sean."Hey Tyson, we've just been sitting here talking about how horny Ashton is."
Sean laughed."Dawg, chrissy child model chill!" Ashton almost pleaded."No big deal, Tyson's a guy. He knows what it's like to get horned up.
I've seen him stick it to plenty of my groupies." pre swimsuit models
Sean answered"Yeah I have. Some fucking fine assed bitches come up here looking for a
little of P-Diddy." Tyson said before taking a big gulp of his beer."You horny enough Ashton to come over here and suck my black rapper dick?"
Sean said reaching into his jogging pants jessi sinclair model
and pulling out an 8 inch cock
slowly feg model sa85m
expanding in girth and teen non models christina model freeones length."What the fuck dude? I ain't ge model jgsp28bekbb suckin on your dick. Fucking gross." Ashton
said sitting down his beer and starting to get up."Dude, pt nn models it's ok. You don't have models nude elisha to suck my big juicy cock. I guess what
your little friend little tgp models Wilmer Valderrama (Fez) told me was all wrong." Sean
said stroking his meat."Fuck!" Ashton exclaimed. Ashton though back to all the times over the
last few years that cutelit models
he'd been sucking Wilmer off during shootings. Wilmer
had such a nice 7 inches of Latino cock, that Ashton hadn't been able to
resist it after finally seeing Wilmer naked. Ashton had walked into
Wilmer's trailer one day finding a very naked Wilmer jacking himself off.
Ashton petite model measurements just dropped too his knees black bikinis models and took it down his throat until he had
drained ever last drop of Venezuela spunk from Wilmer. Their sessions
became an every day or every other day affair for the past several teen 12yearsold models years."Come on Ashton. It's just us here. I'm not gonna dis ya for liking to
swing on a guys cock. I like doing it sometimes too." Sean said pulling
off his shirt, exposing a smooth well defined ebony chest.Ashton looked over at alena model naked
Tyson who was taking his own dress shirt and
undershirt off. After Tyson got his undershirt off he used it to wipe down
his perfectly smooth sculptured chest that glistened with sweat. As Tyson
caressed his body with his wadded up, and now sweat dampened, shirt he
looked at Ashton with a crooked smile."Come on Ashton, be my home boy, and help me and Tyson out. We'll take care
of you dawg." Sean said still slowly stroking his fully hard cock.Ashton figured that since Sean already knew about lsmodels forum Wilmer, there was no point
in pretending to be offended. Ashton took off Sean's under shirt that he
was wearing it and added it to the pile of shirts in the floor. Ashton
crawled onto the floor and in-between Sean's outstretched legs.Ashton was becoming more comfortable with the situation, as nudist models years
the sight of
Puffy's thick black premodels no nude cock started to get him. He gently pulled off Sean's
socks and then brought Sean's feet to his face, smelling them and licking
all dee desi models
in between Puffy's toes. Ashton looked youngmodels kids
up at a smiling Sean Combs and
gave him a little wink and smile.Ashton then began to pull Sean's jogging pants down, then throwing it in the
pile with the other clothes. Ashton sat between Sean's legs looking up at
his beautiful black body that seemed free of any hair or blemish except for
his light patch of pubes above his cock.Ashton buried his face into the rapper's balls licking and smelling them.
Sean began to let out little moans as he felt Ashton's tongue slip in
between his balls ad his thigh. Sean could feel every little lick and suck
from Ashton's mouth against his hairless balls. Sean had taken a teen bakini model razor to
his lovely little model
balls while in the shower in model sex com
anticipation of getting Ashton on his white
boy knees."Ahh dawg...yeah...lick my nuts." Sean cooed as his hand began to caress
Ashton's silky hair.Ashton never paused as he continued to bathe Sean's nuts and crotch with his
tongue. Finally Ashton grabbed the base of Sean's cock and began licking it
like it was an ice cream cone, long slow licks up all sides. Sean's cock
began to leak precum teen model legal
form models nackt kostenlos
the tip, which Ashton quickly saw and lapped amature mature models
liking the manly bitterness of it.Sean's cock was coated in Ashton's spit, as Ashton jacked Sean's dick kids best models up and
down. Ashton bent the cock down and slipped youtube countrys modelteens the head of it in his mouth,
sucking Sean's precum into his mouth and enjoying the flavor. Ashton began
to give to Sean what he'd been loving giving to Wilmer for the past few
years. Ashton's talents quiin teen model had grown over the years, turning the teen hunk
into an expert cocksucker.Within a matter of seconds Ashton was already deep throating Sean's cock,
feeling the flared head of Sean's big black dick rub the back of his throat.
Sean had his fingers entwined in Ashton's hair, trying to push his cock
deeper down Ashton's throat. The feel of Ashton's tight sist model airplanes lips wrapped around
his cock plus the fact that Ashton had now worked a finger in between Sean's
butt cheeks that was caressing his hole, was giving Sean feelings of ecstasy
he had nn art modelz
godin model 3721 rarely known since losing J-Lo's ass.As Ashton slurped on P-Diddy's cock, he felt a children model naked
large hand begin rubbing his
boxer covered ass. Ashton knew it was Tyson finally joining the party.
Ashton felt his boxers being slipped off amatuer bikini model his round white ass and then pulled
from him as he lifted each leg. As Ashton began deep throating Sean again
he felt his ass cheeks being pulled apart, and then came the feeling of a
large tongue licking up the length of Ashton's ass.Ashton shivered feeling the massive hands controlling his ass and the feel
of a tongue touching him someplace that he'd never been touched, though he
always fantasized about it. Tyson kept tonguing Ashton until his av model nude
crack was slick with Tyson's spit. Tyson then began probing his tongue into
Ashton's virgin ass. Feeling the slick invader, pretten models pictures Ashton knew what was
coming. Ashton had never been fucked. He only played with his ass when he
jacked off, and he knew that Tyson's cock was gonna be bigger than his two
fingers."It's ok baby, I'll be gentle with nn model rapidshare you're white ass." Tyson whispered
sensing Ashton's concern."I've never had anything up 14yr topless model
there, but go for it." Ashton answered back
taking his mouth off of Sean for only a moment.."Yeah, fuck his little Teen Beat ass Tyson." Sean ordered breaking his
ecstatic state.Tyson took his 9 inch fat monster and rubbed the pre-cum dripping head
around Ashton's hole, letting the precum coat what Tyson was sure was the
tightest ass ever. Ashton couldn't see the thing that was about to be
inside of him, but he could tell it was big model rusia teens from the feeling of it between
his cheeks. Tyson finally being satisfied that preeteen models pics Ashton's ass was as slick as
it was gonna get, he began pushing the head into pics little models Ashton's little pink
pucker.Almost immediately the pain hit Ashton causing him to gag on Sean's cock and
start to try to move away from Tyson. kids models russian
Tyson lol and model quickly grabbed a hold of
Ashton's hips and pulled Ashton towards him, forcing the head of his cock
into Ashton's previously virgin ass. As the head popped in, Ashton yelled
out in pain with tears running down his face, but Tyson never paused. Sean
just shoved his cock back into Ashton's mouth figuring that Ashton would get
used models naturism young to it eventually, like he did a long time ago.Tyson was about half way in when Ashton settled down, the tears dried bambi model com up,
and he began to suck on Sean like he had before. Tyson smiled as he
realized that Ashton was getting magic teens models use to his amc motors models big club cock, so he began to
alter his angle of fucking trying to rub up against Ashton's prostate.
After a few fucking motions, Tyson finally found the right motion and angle
as he felt Ashton tense up under his hands and heard a deep moan come from
where Ashton was slobbering all over Sean's cock."You starting to like that white boy? Huh? You like being double teamed by
two big black studs?" Tyson taunted as he began to really fuck Ashton's
ass, driving all 9 inches deep inside Ashton."How's that ass feel cute pantyhose model Tyson? Good and tight?" Sean asked beginning to fuck
Ashton's mouth."Fucking grade A ass back here. He's the tightest white bitch I've ever
had." Tyson grunted as he forcefully fucked Ashton.Ashton remained quite, enjoying the assault that both his mouth and ass were
now on josie model the receiving end of. He kneeled there on all fours letting this rap
star and his christina model slip huge body guard fuck him at both ends. Ashton began hoping
that Sean was close to he could get a taste 1947 plymouth model
of his cum."Ahh fuck Ashton...fuck man...gonna nut in your pretty little mouth...fuck
yeah...you want it baby?" Sean asked as he held Ashton's head with both hands
and fucked his cock in and out of Ashton's red lips.Sean could take no more and finally let loose with models top links his load inside Ashton's
sucking mouth. Ashton felt the hot liquid begin coating his tongue and
filling trutech model pvs21175s1 his mouth, and as he swallowed Sean pulled his cock out squeezing
the last few drops out onto Ashton's outstretched tongue.Tyson had gone into overdrive at this point and was furiously fucking
Ashton's ass with teen models mexico
everything he had. Tyson truly had never felt teens modeling hongs
an ass so
tight and like velvet."Ahh fuck white boy...I'm gonna nut...gonna fill your fucking teen idol ass."
Tyson cried out in frustration as he neared orgasm."No don't...cum in my mouth." Ashton pleaded."Ah fuck...fucking A Sean he wants to drink daddy's cum...hot little slut...fuck"
Tyson responded and then picked up Ashton and turned him around onto irish teen models his
back barely missing a beat with his fucking. Ashton was on his back, his
legs spread wide around Tyson's huge muscular body, as Tyson leaned over
Ashton, Tyson's face heaving above Ashton's waiting mouth.Ashton could feel Tyson's child lolta model sweat dripping onto him as he looked up at Tyson
who was lingerie models
fucking him like flexible nude model
an animal. Finally Tyson was past the point of no
return and he pulled his cock out of Ashton's well used ass and quickly
moved up to where he was sitting on Ashton's chest as Ashton used both hands
to jerk off the monster cock that had formerly occupied his ass.Ashton could feel his own ass juices under his hands as his fingers
furiously jacked the cock just inches from his mouth. Tyson moaned deeply,
so Ashton slipped Tyson's cock head into his mouth tasting precum and his
own ass, while continuing to furiously jack Tyson's cock. Tyson lasted
about 2seconds longer before blowing his massive load into Ashton's waiting
mouth.Ashton caught brazilian porn models the first two jets of cum, but as they kept coming little model darlings
he began to
gag, and he pulled Tyson's tiny teen model's cock from his mouth letting balun model spice
the final volleys of
cum coat his face. After Ashton swallowed he placed Tyson's cock back in
his mouth and jaqueline model imagefap he sucked out the last topless late models
remnants of Tyson's load."Fuck man...that was off 3d horse model
the hook...fucking awesome. Fuck Ashton, you know
how to suck and work that ass. Sweetest ass I've ever had." Tyson cooed as
he tried to catch his breath.Sean was still sitting in the chair above the two, and he leaned down and
began licking Tyson's load off Ashton's face. Sean's clean up led to a hot
three-way kiss between the studs as they shared the taste of Tyson's cum.Sean 1012yo mini models looked down Ashton's sexy smooth white body to see his still very hard
7 inches standing straight bonnie xxx model up. Tyson sat down next to Ashton as Sean moved
down in between Ashton's legs. Sean lifted Ashton's legs exposing his
freshly fucked asshole, and Sean gave it a few good licks savoring the
taste. Sean then moved up to Ashton's dick, taking it in his mouth and then
deepthroating it a few times, being careful not to send Ashton over the
edge. After getting Ashton's cock fully coated, Sean sits child models toplist up and positions
his ass model babe gallery over Ashton's cock, slowly lowering himself until he can feel Ashton
begin to enter him.Ashton gasped at what he saw Sean doing. Ashton couldn't fasion teen models believe he was
about to fuck P-Diddy sandi models up the ass. He felt Sean's ass surround his throbbing
cock and slide deeper and deeper. Ashton began pumping his dick upwards
fucking Sean and causing him to moan. Ashton grabbed Sean's ass from below,
savoring the feeling of Sean's smooth ass against his hands, as he began to
pump Sean's ass, almost ready to blow his load deep inside the rapper. Sean
continued to bounce up and down on Ashton's rod until Ashton finally began
twitching and gasping as his balls pulled up and his cock began to spasm."Yeah Sean, here it comes...fuck...fuck...I'm gonna shoot." Ashton cried out
just before his cock began filling Sean midwifery practice model Puffy teens models pussys Comb's ass full of warm heart
throb cum.Sean lifted off of Ashton's still spasming cock, when Tyson pulled the rap
star back towards him, pulling Sean's ass onto his face where he began to
eat Ashton's load from his boss's hole.The three rested for awhile until Sean's cock came back to life, and he
decided he wanted to try some of Ashton's ass too. Sean bent Sean over a
chair and fucked him for a long time until Ashton was almost ready to pass
out. Towards the end Tyson's cock was revived and he promptly stuck it up
Sean's ass.The sex continued for most of the night until the three fell into bed
together exhausted and covered in sweat forum lesbian models and cum. The morning brought a
steamy group shower and then a new round of sex before Ashton had to get atlanta nude models to
an interview. It was a wonderful night for all three, especially for Ashton
that now wasn't quite as worried about keeping his secret.******Thanks for all the email photo russian models after the last two installments. I appreciated
them all, but I still want more. (I crave attention) Email me and let me
know your thoughts. If you like, also send me a picture accurate armour models
of you...or angels air model a hot
story idea that you've maybe had.
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