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Related post: Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 01:18:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: monsieur_masseur89 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Subject: my best friend part 3This is a fictional story containing graphic descriptions of homosexual
relations.If you have any questions, comments, or critiques, please send me an email
at monsieur_masseur89yahoo.com
So my computer crashed and deleted what I had written of chapter 3.
Thankfully it wasn't much, which would ruin my mood to write for another
six months. I'm sorry guys; I've just been through so much lately, since
work has taken over my life. I'll try to be more frequent with my updates
on the story, but preteen nn fuck I'm not promising much because I go back to school in
September.I decided lil preteen preteen anime pics to explore some kinkier things, sorry if that completely turns
some of you guys off, but I felt compelled to head in that direction. Also,
if anyone rompl preteen child is willing to proofread my material before I send it into nifty,
I'd be eternally grateful. I can't pay you, but the perk would be a sneak
peak at the next chapter :DIf you guys have any questions, comments, pictures of what you think Derek,
Marcus, and Aaron look like, please email me. I had to change my email
because I'm evading the UK lottery. They keep telling me I've won :/ (I
hate spam).
My Best Friend by Briar kayla preteen model
Underwood.In Chapter 2
When we were fully dry, we walked back to my room, where I sweet angels preteen quickly changed
the soiled sheets. He laid down next to me and held me in his arms exactly
the young preteenz clips
same as moments before. I looked up into mpegs preteen his eyes and lost all fear. I
knew anything thrown at me would be preteen nude ladies blocked by my shield and guardian."I want you to preteen angels nymphet hold me, I told him, not looking away. list preteen sex
"I have to tell
you...when you do that, topless preteen ru
I feel...safe.""I've nude young preteenz
been protecting you all my life, Marcus, Derek revealed. russian preteen tgp "The guy's
would preteen thumbs models say shit, but I've always preteen thumb tried to keep you from being a target of
their jokes.""That's why I feel safe," I said as I closed my eyes and let him hold me in
his embrace. I wanted to sleep forever, so that he'd hold me young preteen forum forever.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~Chapter 3.When I woke up in Derek's arms the next morning, I felt like preteen teenie porn
the bond
between us was stronger. I'd always wanted to do preteen image portal something with him, I just
didn't think he would as well.I lay there thinking preteen pearl pics
about everything we did the other night. I thought
back to when he told me he thought my "gayness" was contagious. preteen porno girls
I thought
back to when he kissed me. I bbs preteens portal thought about my urgent need to unleash my
bladder.Slowly I brought myself out of Derek's embrace and began tiptoeing to the
restroom before I remembered that my parents were on their B&B getaway. I
looked at myself in the mirror while my stream hit the toilet photo amateur preteen bowl. I did
look cute."Damn last night made me more confident," I laughed to myself.I walked back to my bedroom and stood at the foot of my bed staring at
Derek's body. It was one of perfection. Sturdy like a rock.He began to open his eyes and take in his surroundings. Glancing up at me,
it seemed he remembered everything that happened as a big grin wiped across
his face."Good morning, Marcus," he greeted me. "I trust last night was as fun for
you as it was for me.""Yes," I replied. "It was like Disneyland, but without the annoying
ruckus."He laughed and looked into my eyes with a big smile. Just then a more
serious look came across his face."Look, dude," he started. "I know what I said last night, and I meant it.I
just hope you know that what's between us is more of a.big bro kinda thing,
know what I mean? With me looking out for you, is all. I love you a panties ads preteen
you've been my friend all my life, I just.like pussy more, you gotta
understand that."I knew what he meant. I won't lie and say it didn't hurt that we weren't
going to be together with an official title or something, but I saw it
coming, and I knew illegal french preteen
it wouldn't work out."I know," I said smiling. "I understand, we just.got caught up in the heat
of the moment, nothing will come out of this, I swear.""Hold up," he said grinning. "Let's not be hasty. I didn't say you couldn't
keep blowing me, man.that is.if you still want to. We're still cool either
way, right?"My head was reeling. "Of course I still want to, I want to do.so much to
you.""Yeah, I remember." He smirked. "You still have my ass to lick, preteens ing movies dude. Damn,
you're so kinky."He had no idea how kinky I preteen model vicky liked it, but I wasn't about to just preteen nudist xxx spill
everything to him. So I just crawled across the bed towards his naked
body. He knew just what I wanted and raised his perfectly sculpted legs,
pulling the knees to his shoulders. I dove right into his ass crack with my
nose taking a big whiff of the sweat that developed overnight. If his scent
was this heavenly in a few hours of heat, I couldn't wait to have at it
after his wrestling practice. I let my tongue dart across his puckered hole
and he let hentai 14 preteen out a moan."Fuck, that tickles," preteens little pussies
he breathed heavily.I licked around preteen erotic forums his hole and teased the area, hoping his hole would relax
enough to let my tongue find its way in. Derek took in a big breath as I
stiffened my tongue and pressed it against his hole. I made it past the
ring and he let out the illigal naked preteens longest sigh that turned into a very
pleasure-filled groan. The taste of his ass juices were more than I had
hoped for. They were sweet and had me rock hard, forcing me to stroke
myself as I ate him out. I looked up at him, and he was stroking his
beautiful cock."Don't stop, dude" he gasped. "I'm gonna cum, don't stop what you're
doing. Fuck yeah, go deeper."I followed his every command as I forced my tongue to pierce his sweet
hole. His russia preteen toplist groans got louder and I felt his ass clench, forcing my tongue
out as he came all russianpreteens over his chest. 5 globs of cum splattered across his
nipples, abs, bald preteen sex
and belly button. I promptly surfaced from his ass and licked
up every morsel of cum, savoring the flavor of my best friend. I got up and
walked to my dresser to preteen uniform clips
pull out some clothes for the day. He came up
behind me and grinded his dick into my ass."I wish we could stay in all day," he told me. "But Aaron's stopping by,
we're going to play some basketball at the park.""It's cool," I told him. "I've got a ton of indian preteen galleries chores to do, and we ran out of
milk and eggs, so I have to go to the market."We both looked at the clock and he freaked out. It was already noon. He
looked out the window right next to us and saw Aaron's car parked in his
driveway."Fuck preteen toilet gallery
man, I gotta jet," he yelped. "Aaron's already at my house."He hastily put on all his clothes from yesterday and ran preteen angel anal out of my room. I
put on my own clothes at a normal human pace and checked the mirror to see
my short hair in a preteen models nonnude
sort of sexy mess. I glanced outside at Derek's house
one more time before starting chores and I noticed asain preteen lesbain a nervous Derek getting
into the car of an eerily happy Aaron.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~It had been quite a day of me doing laundry and cleaning up the house; my
usual henti preteen Saturday routine. I was at the corner market picking up a few things
when Derek called, and he sounded out of breath."Where are you," he asked. "I got so horny playing with Aaron today, some
hot chicks were watching us, but they turned out to be nothing but a bunch
of teases.""I'm at the market," I said a bit flustered. I know I said I would keep
blowing him, and it's not like I preteens sex illegal
preteen nudes model was hurt that preteen naturalist girls
I became the `sure pages preteen fuck
thing' or
`fallback hole' or whatever you want to call me. It's just that it was so
soon after we gift pre teen had parted. It was only 6pm! "Just mexican nn preteen
let me finish up and leave
a note for my parents, and I'll be over at your place in 15 minutes.""Sweet," was his braless preteen response. "I.I hope you understand.I had no teen model preteen choice.I'll
see you soon."I wondered what that was about, but there was no time to ponder for long, I
had to hurry. I paid for my things, and almost ran a red light driving
home. When I got there, my parents were already home from their trip,
because I could see my mother's car in the driveway."I'm gonna head over to Derek's if that's okay with you," I told my mother
as I put the groceries away."Oh don't be silly, of course you can," she smiled at me. "In fact, see if
you can spend the night. I told Janet about the B&B and she decided to try
it out tonight. He might want the company."He would definitely need the company, I thought to myself. I was over at
Derek's in a matter of minutes and walked right in, locking the door on my
way up the stairs."Hey, I'm here," I yelled. I knew his parents had gone because the only private preteen photos car
in the driveway was Derek's Honda. I thought I heard 2 voices upstairs, but
when I reached Derek's room he was lying on the bed all naked and sweaty."Hey Marcus," he smiled uneasily."I gotta say I like what I see.and smell," I chuckled. I lost my clothing
halfway to the bed and when I crawled towards him I could smell the sweat
of a great workout. "Put your arms behind your head, nude preteen sister and let me get a whiff
of those," I said, staring at his pits.I was on my hands and knees in front of him and I dove into his left pit. I
was blasted with his body odor and the very flavor of his sweat drove me
wild. I didn't even notice it when a pair of hands grabbed my wrists and
pulled me into a kneeling position on the bed."Well well," the man pinning my hands behind my back said. I recognized
that voice."Aaron, preteen russian photos what the fuck are you doing?" I asked. I looked back up at Derek
for an answer. "Why?""I heard you guys this morning through your window," Aaron answered from
behind me. "And when I saw you guys in the window I knew for sure you masturbation picture preteen were
a fag. I didn't know you'd been pleasing our buddy Derek here so well.""Look it doesn't mean anything," I started. "He's not gay, I just.""I know, nonude preteens young
chill man," he said. "You're just helpin him get his rocks off
cause he's your bud. But now that I know, I just had to get in on it. So I
told him I wanted you to preteen models hairy
help me out or I'd tell the whole school."I played the situation out in my head. I was angry.really angry with Derek,
but if I was in his position ten preteen pussy
I would have done exactly the same thing. I
cautiously turned my head and caught a glimpse of Aaron. He was completely
nude except for a jockstrap.one that looked stained, torn, and preteen nudist camp ready to be
thrown out. I breathed in his scent and it was better than anything I'd
ever smelled before. Even better nude preteen 14 than Derek's pits. I had to admit, Aaron
turned me the fuck on."And since he told me you're into preteens topless galleries some kinky shit, I thought I'd skip
another shower. I'm 2 days ripe, and I haven't cleaned my cock yet. That'll
be your duty, if you think that you can handle it. If not, I'll just slip
and tell everyone your little secret.""Aaron, there's no need to do that," I told him. "I'll do anything you ask
of me, just.don't ruin our lives."Derek had moved to his chair and watched us on the bed. Aaron let go of me
and naturalism preteens
took Derek's place, putting iphone preteen porn his arms behind his head."Now get to work," he said. "I want you to lick everything and maybe I'll
reward you with my rod up your ass."I stared in awe at thai preteen models
the growing bulge in his jock. It'd hurt for sure, I
thought. I leaned in young preteen pictures and began sucking the underground preteenj bbs sweat out nonude preteen vids of his very hairy
pits. With so much hair in there, the sweat and BO clung heavily half nude preteen to it, and
I was greeted with an explosion preteen thongs desing
of salty flavor. After his left pit was
licked clean of sweat, virtual preteens model I worked on his other pit, not forgetting that he
had nipples and a chest full of sweat in between the two ripe pockets of
nectar. hard preteens xxx I lapped up the sweat on his very hairy chest preteen porn films all the way down to
his belly button, which I cleaned out and grabbed at the waistband of his
jock. When I pulled down, I was blinded by petite preteens pics the sight of his massive 8 inch
uncut monster. I threw naturalist galleries preteen lesbian preteen pictures aside the jock and began stroking his dick while
inhaling and bathing his gigantic balls. He flexed every ripped muscle in
his body when I did that."My nuts are sensitive, go easy on those anal sex preteen boys," he gasped. "Here, why don't
you work on this, you kinky fag."And with that he grabbed his cock and pulled the skin all the way down. I
don't know what hit me first, the sight or the smell, but either way.it was
raunchy as hell. And it was all man. His mushroom head was covered with a
few flakes of the cheese that uncut guys make. Without a second thought, I
stuck my tongue out and licked part of the cheese and tasted it. If his
sweat was nectar, than that smegma was the ambrosia of the gods. I grinned
with lust and cleaned off the rest of it."Oh fuck yeah," Aaron and Derek said at the same time."I've wanted you to do that for a long time," Aaron whispered to me. "I've
wanted to plug preteen pussy pthc your faggot hole since freshman year, preteen child russin
when I caught preteens naturists boys you
staring at me pissing at the urinal."I took his cock in my mouth little by little, it was only my second
cock. He grabbed my head with both hands and thrust hard into my throat,
causing me to gag, preteen child modeling
but bringing my nose in contact russian preteen whore with his pubes. He
continued to rape my skull as he moaned hard. preteen japan "Yeah I've wanted to pump you
full of my cum. I saw you staring at my cock, and I watched your eyes
follow that stream of piss. We were only young preteen fetish
freshmen but I knew you were a
fag. I knew you wanted my piss. Oh god, I'm ready to cum. I wanna fuck your
ass, but I fotos preteens models can mexican preteens nude
wait to do adorable preteen pics that, we got a long time."He was right. Wrestling season was barely starting, so we had a long while
before summer. My hole was itching for some action, but I knew it'd be
awhile before I could take care of that.Aaron was thrusting hard and fast into my mouth, I could barely rub the
bottom of his cock with my tongue. I used both hands and grabbed each nut
and preteen full nudity played with it, gently pulling. This brought him over the edge as he
slammed his cock harder into my willing throat."Oh fuck yeah, pull those nuts," he panted. "I'm gonna make you swallow my
seed, fag. You better take it all. OOOoooh yeah, just like that. I'm ready
to blow, here it comes, cocksucker. Take it all, ahhhgggghhhh AGGGGHHH
UGHHHH UGHh."He blew 5 squirts nude preteen club of salty cum down my throat. I swallowed every drop, and
I worked on his cock to suck the rest of his cum. He held my head on his
cock and rubbed the back of my neck."Stay right there," he told me. "I'm gonna give you something you've been
wanting for 3 years."And with perverted preteens pix
that he let go his bladder. I had no choice but to swallow, but
even if I did have a choice, I wasn't about to let that go to waste. How he
knew about my secret watersports fetish was beyond me, but he did not stop
until his stream ended and I had swallowed what seemed like half a gallon.The whole while Derek was watching on his chair, preteen vombat cp he was stroking his
cock. He looked like he was ready to blow, too."Come on man," Aaron urged him. "Plug his hole and just breed him. Make him
yours like I made him mine."My hole was itching so bad, I just bent over more and exposed my ass to
Derek. He didn't need any more encouragement, as he stood up and slowly
pushed his well-oiled cock into my ass. He began pumping petit preteen porn as soon as I took
him to the base.Leaning over, he whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry I had to tell him, but
watching you swallow his load, clean his cock, and swallow his piss got me
going man. That was so hot. I'm gonna claim this ass. I'll be the first one
to shoot you full of seed, Marcus. Then Aaron can have you all night. Aw,
fuck I'm nude preteens naturists
about preteen crazy nature to sexy preteen schoolgirl lose it."With every thrust, I stroked my cock. preteen hot imgboard I couldn't take it anymore, I had to
cum."Yeah, look at that faggot," Aaron yelled with a look of lust in his
eyes. "He's getting off on you cumming in his ass. Watch him stroke
it. Yeah little faggot, stroke that cock. Cum on my stomach, fag."With that I blew preteen naked russians my load teens sexy preteens
all over Aaron. Because of my ass clamping down on
Derek's dick, he blew his load in me, as he moaned and groaned obscenities.
Aaron stuck a finger in small preteens naked
my load and tasted it. Then he shoved my face in it
and made me lick him clean again.We nude preteen children
all lay there panting as we caught our breath.I heard a stomach growl, and it turned out to be mine. For some reason,
that got butterfly kisses preteen us all laughing like maniacs, and we all went downstairs nude to
fix some dinner. That night, Aaron stayed over as well, and we all got off
again preteen model delight as he called me his faggot before we fell asleep in each others'
arms, me holding Derek, and Aaron holding me.end Chapter 3.
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