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From: Matt
Subject: Mr Roommate CoreyDISCLAIMER: you know the rules. If you`re under 18, if it`s illegal to view
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so don't worry. I won't leave you hangin'... :PChapter 4My classes for the next day were very long. Longer than usual, it seemed,
since I sex models ranking was in a dispute with Corey. He was all I could young models lingerie focus on. He had
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nice, middle-aged, and told me italian models pussy
to call her Suzie. She said she had worked
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four. She mesmerized me by taking three tables at once, getting all their
orders in, drinks out, and still had time to joke a little with me. By the
end of the night, she was proud that I took a table by myself, but I was in
misery because my feet weren't accustomed to walking so much on such a hard
floor. She dismissed me from work and I trampled home. I shuffled into the
room, took off my shoes at the foot of my bed, then collapsed spread-eagle
on the bed. hawaii teen model I lay there for a few funnyagency models nude minutes with my mind wondering
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enemy. I told myself I really should do the practice problems from the
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when I heard the door open, foot steps enter the room, and the door shut. I
knew Corey was home. I couldn't just lay there with him in the room, so tight virgin models
got up, pulled out my Cal book and dropped it hard on the desk, as dramatic
as I could 14 year models without ever saying a word to Corey."What? You're not going to speak to me?" he asked. I ignored him and sat in
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rest on my shoulders. I made to move away, but he held firmly and began to
massage them. "Today was your first day at work, hot nn models you must be tired," he
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my neck and began to rub my
ears. I relaxed as he continued. I enjoyed this attention, and the
sensation to model ym bikini
my tired body. I closed my eyes and was enjoying the moment. I
felt him stop, but took no more notice of his exact doings until I felt him
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fingers into my lower sides at once. I yelped in protest as I
jumped up from the seat."Ugh! Don't!" I yelled, suppressing a smile. He knew he had struck home."What? Is little Matty ticklish?" he said, holding his fingers in attack
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don't want to be touched." I said, hoping he wouldn't
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tight as I could against my sides to try to stop him. I kept japaneese teen models shuffling my
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couldn't help it, his charm foiled me again. He leaned closer, and the kiss
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shirt, and ran male teen model explored until he found
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fabric. I could feel the warmth of his tongue as he did so, which made my
cock throb slightly. I opened my eyes to see him smile at me as he slowly
peeled back my boxers, letting my cock slap against my stomach, and slide
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to my ankles and then off completely."Maybe this will make up for part of it..." he said as he bent down and
kissed the head of ethiopian model porn my cock. I watched him as he parted his lips and took
the head into his mouth and continued to watch as he plummeted down my
shaft until the head his the back of his throat, then, with a slight change
of his head, took the rest in. I let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure
and threw my head back into the bed. I felt my left hand move to my
hardened nipple and start teasing it as if feet models it had a mind of it's own as my
left hand stretched atk models hairy behind my head. I felt as Corey xxx model young came out of the deep
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against my hole as he licked. An involuntary gasp left my mouth. I heard
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felt a burning sensation child porno modells as he entered, but it didn't hurt. After stopping
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back in, going just as slow. alex dillon model He did this way for japan models teen a few minutes before he
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more fantastic then any other sensation I had experienced."You like this, huh?" he said as I let out a gasp."Fuck yes." I moaned out. He 2007 ktm models took that as a sign to go faster. He bent in
lower and began to finally take all but playtoy model gallery
his head out and push it back
in. He leaned down further, grabbing my arms and Teen modeling forum pinning them to the bed
and kissed me as I moaned into his mouth. I could feel him going harder now
as his balls bounced off free kid modeling
of my ass and his pelvis made a popping noise as
it hit my body. He leaned back up out of the kiss, but held my arms down."Fuuuuckkkk." I moaned as soon as my mouth was tgp child models free. He dove xtreme model tgp
down to my
neck and began kissing and glamer models sucking on it, even nibbling a bit to keep my
cock hard. He continued to fuck me like this for a few minutes . Then he
raised up, letting model lingerie porn go of my arms, and returned to holding my legs. With my
hands free, my right went to my cock and began to jack myself off. My other
went to his chest to feel him as he moved...his chest was so warm, moist
from sweat, and muscular. I moved my hand to his nipple and pinched it as
he threw his head back and moaned."God, Matttt." he moaned as I tried to squeeze my ass, adding more pressure
to his cock. I began to move my hand faster over my cock. That, in
combination with being fucked, made my balls retract yong teen models to my cock, and my
cock swell. I knew it was coming."I'm about to cummm." I young petite model
half gasped-half moaned to Corey. He smiled and
sped up. I stopped rubbing my cock and leaned back on my super little model
bed as it
exploded. I xxx model talents felt my warm cum land on my stomach, chest, and some made it to
my lips. Corey leaned forward, licked the cum from my lips, then kissed me
sharing the taste. He then slightly lifted up."My turn." he said in a raspy voice as I felt him slow down and his nude model child cock
swell inside me. He kissed me and moaned into my mouth as he came. He
pumped a little more, to finish the orgasm, british model pussy then collapsed onto me and
rolled to the side. His cock slipped out of me and we lay there catching
our breath."That was fucking unbelievable." I said. He grinned."You're so tight...and so good." he replied. "So, does that mean I'm
forgiven?""Yes, babe, you're forgiven." He cocked an eye at me."Babe?" I giggled. He stood up and starting to laugh."What's teenmodel porno 15yo
polish child models so funny?""We're both covered in your cum. God, boy, you shoot a load don't you?" my
face flushed as I smile. "Well, we'd better get cleaned up. He walked to
his dresser and pulled out a shirt. He wiped himself off and then threw it
to me. "We can't just walk to the showers like this, can we?"After we were both dressed, we lilly child model walked to the showers and cleaned up. We
came back to the room teens modeling ballet
and I collapsed on my bed and refused to get
up. Corey laughed at me and called me lazy. He came over and laid beside
me, though, lili cuties models
and we cuddled. Not a word was uttered, and I nude models videos soon fell asleep
and sweet angels model had the recurring dream of Kevin, Corey, and I...To be continued...Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at modistmattjhotmail.com
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