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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 young amatuer model Oct 2005 06:01:22 +0000
From: crnhskrfn77comcast.net
Subject: Municpal Pool, part 7If you aren't supposed to read this due to the laws in your area, then what
are you doing here? I you don't like stories of this type, why would you
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you choose to stay. Oh, and yes, this is all fantasy!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX11-year-old Rachel and 10-year-old Drew had both been given assignments
today when they first arrived at the pool. I had spent time down near the
entrance area to make glamour models gallery sure I had caught both of them as they first came in.
Rachel and Drew had both been asked to try to entice my lifeguards Claire
and Jason respectively into doing something with them. Both were hot
teens, and I wanted the opportunity to take a crack at both of them.Cara was also given an asian glamour models assignment, one that if she accomplished it, would
benefit my young friend Jory. russian models bikini Cara was told to hang out near the entrance,
watching for Janine, Jory's girlfriend to arrive. Jory had told me she
would be at the pool today. She was then to follow her in the locker room
and take a book manga model
locker nude russion models next to her, and do maxwells modeling all she could to seduce Janine while
they were changing.I was hoping that 3 of my conquests would be giving me dream model girl 3 more before the
day was out. And Jory had standing orders modell ludmilla kassel now to lure anyone he could into
a situation I could use whenever he young lady models
was at the pool, but so far I had not
seen him today.I kept my eye on the monitor, having the system set to change cameras every
10 seconds, while I went over some accounting work I needed to catch up on.
Wouldn't do to get behind just because I was so busy with the
extracurricular activities! I had been at it when I saw a very cute girl
enter the locker room, followed almost immediately by Cara. This must be
Janine. I had never met her, but have to admit that Jory had good taste.
I stopped the cameras on the ladies locker room so I could observe what
took place. Having gotten the mics installed in the girl's locker room
last night was a plus as I asian woman model would be able to hear them.Cara: "I teen uncovered models didn't expect to see you here Janine. I haven't see you all
summer." Janine: "My family took a long trip to see relatives, and I've
just been really busy since we got back. I have to make up time now to get
as good a tan as you have." Cara: "If I now you, it won't take long. You
always have the nicest tan of anyone when school starts at the end of
summer." Janine: "That's nice of you to legal pedo models
say, even if it's not true."
Cara: "I've been here most days this summer, and my tan is doing great, but
you know adult bbw modelling what the bad part about it is?" Janine: "What could be bad about
hanging around the pool all summer?" Cara: "It's all the guys in their
swimsuits." Janine: "You think that's a bad thing? I love watching all
the guys." Cara: "Me too. But I've been sooooo horny all summer from
seeing them all the time!" Janine: "I understand what you mean. I've
spent so much time model password teen with my family this summer, I hardly ever get a chance
to relieve the tension, if you know what I mean." Cara: "You know, no
one's around. We could kind of help each other out a little bit." Janine:
"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" mature models nude Cara reached model jorden
over and ran her
hand over Janine's breast, as Janine had just taken her shirt and bra off
as she got ready to go teenmodel 14
swimming. Janine shuddered. Cara: "Does that tell
you what I mean?" Janine: "What, uh, what if someone were to, you know,
come in and catch us?" Cara: "That door always squeaks Tamalyn teen model
when someone comes
in. Besides were in the furthest row of lockers. If we here anyone come
in, we just go back to dressing like we are getting ready to go out to the
pool." Cara licked Janine's nipple to help convince her. Janine groaned.
Janine: "I've never even thought (groans again as joung girl model Cara sucks on her other
tit) uh, about doing anything with another, oh shit, uh, another new star model
Cara: "I know. I like guys better too. But us girls sometimes have to
help each other out, you know?" Janine: "Oh, uh, oh Cara, that feels so
damn good. Cara was suckling on one nipple while her hand played with the
other. Her other hand was around Janine's waist rubbing her still clothed
butt. She stood up and brought her hand up to the back of Janine's head,
pulling her head towards her own bare chest. Cara: "Suck my titties for me
Janine. I need it so japanese childmodels
bad." At first Janine resisted, then tentatively
licked teen models factory
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enjoying the breasts that were hers teen model mania for the taking. She started
alternating between breasts, sucking, licking and gently biting first one,
then the other.Cara brought her back up and brought her nude model list
lips to Janine's. Janine again
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was an excellent kisser, and began to enjoy the moment. Cara kept one hand
on the back of Janine's latina little model head, holding her into the kiss, while her other
hand moved down Janine's body, coming to the front of Janine's shorts.
While they continued to kiss, Cara undid the button on Janine's shorts and
pulled down the zipper. Then she slid her hand inside Janine's panties and
began feeling Janine's snatch, pleased to discover that Janine was
beginning to get wet.Moaning around Cara's tongue, which was currently exploring the inside of
Janine's mouth, she page3 models
dropped both of her hands to the top of Cara's elastic
waist sport shorts and pushed them down. As non nude modeling
they passed Cara's hips, they
slid to the ground pretenn model ilegall
on their own, and Cara stepped out of them, now totally
nude. When Janine's hand encountered Cara's shaved pussy, she was taken
aback. Breaking the kiss, she had amanda bliss model to comment."You shaved your pussy?""It pregnant supermodel
feels great-you should try colorado top models it sometime. A friend did it for me, and I
love it.""Who is the friend? kids model toplist Jory?""No, I can't tell you. But believe me, it feels great."Since the kiss was broken, Cara famous bikini model pulled Janine's shorts and panties off and
had her lay down on the bench between the lockers. She then straddled
Janine, with her cunt directly over Janine's face, and bent forward,
licking Janine's pussy and tasting her juices for the first time. Janine
had a fair amount of hair around her pussy, models naked young and models mpg tgp Cara decided kamila model that if she
was going to young model profile end up eating this pussy very often, she would have to make
sure Mike shaved Janine's pussy like he had younger models photos done to her yesterday.Janine returned the favor, tipping her head up and bringing her mouth into
contact argentina model nude with Cara's bald pussy. The two teens really got into eating each
other's pussies, enjoying both the sensations they were receiving from the
other's mouth, but also enjoying performing the act. As they found each
other's clits, they both had a hard time focusing on the job at hand due to
the incredible feelings they were creating for each child models videos
other. It wasn't long
before they both reached model auditions toplist crashing orgasms.They were lying entwined on the bench, Cara on top of Janine, when they
heard the door open. Quickly disentangling themselves, they began to get
dressed in their swimming gear, and just glamour models hastings in time. An older woman came down
their row of lockers to retrieve something she had locked up there. She
smiled at the girls as retrieved her wallet and headed back to the pool,
presumably to get something from the snack bar.Both girls giggled. "That was really close.""Yeah, but it was worth it!"They finished up and headed out to the pool.I put the camera system back on ten second rotations and went back to my
paper work. God that was hot. I couldn't wait to bring Janine up to the
office.I happened to glance out the window, and spotted Frankie on the diving
board, preparing I am sure to do one of his infamous cannonballs. sexy7 teen model
I was
pleased to see him stop and go over and let a couple of ladies sitting on
the side of the pool know his intentions before he soaked them. crazy preeteen models Apparently
they were ok with getting wet, because they didn't move as he headed back
to the diving board and made a whale of a splash with his cannonball. They
just continued to sit there chatting, enjoying the cool splashing they had
received. My little session with him must have sunk in more than I
thought.Drew in the meantime had spotted Jason leave the lifeguard stand and head
towards the locker rooms, after being relieved by Steve. Drew followed him
into the locker room. Following him to the urinals, he pulled top models teens down the
front of his shorts, and began peeing in the urinal next to innocent model photos Jason."How you doing today Drew?""Great Steve. It's model amanda robbins really hot out there today.""You are right kiddo. I'm just going to head into the employees lounge and
put some more sunscreen on.""Would you mind putting some on me too Jason? I forgot mine today, besides
I can never reach my back.""Sure, you help me and I'll help you. That way neither of charming nude models us will get
burned today. How about it?""Cool, thanks Jason."Jason led the way out of the locker room and around to the door to the
employee's lounge. As usual it was empty. Being somewhat short staffed,
it was rare that more than one person at a time was inside."Can I do you first Jason?""Sure Drew. I appreciate your jessimodel toples help." He handed Drew his suntan lotion,
and turned his back to him. Drew squirted some in his hand and started
applying it to Jason's back, starting at his neck and shoulders, tiny dots models and moving
downwards. He was rubbing it in real good, and Jason thought he had a nice
touch for a young boy."Want me to do the backs of your legs too Jason?"Though he knew he could easily do the backs of his own nude models fighting legs, he wanted to
be nice to the boy, so said "Sure Drew. I appreciate your help."Drew got down on his knees and squirted some more lesya ls models lotion onto his hands.
He started at the ankle and moved up to the knee of the left leg, then did
the same to playgirl male models
Jason's right leg. Adding a little more lotion to his hands he
began moving up the back of Jason's thigh, which was somewhat muscular from
running cross-country last school year. Jason was teen model sailing wearing loose legged
swim shorts, but not the long board shorts so many of the boys wear, as
these were what teen model mitzi
Mike had him pedolola model
wear. As Drew came to the bottom of the swim
shorts, he continued upward under the leg of the shorts, and let one of his
hands graze the bottom of Jason's balls, contained in the penthouse magazine models lining of the
suit.Again, wanting to be nice to Drew, he didn't say anything, even after Drew
brushed against his balls several times. Drew moved to the other leg, and
once again went right up inside the leg of Jason's shorts, and again
brushed his balls a couple of times. Jason couldn't help him self and let
out a small moan. He didn't really think Drew had done it on purpose, and
let him finish up. When Drew said he wanted to make sure that Jason didn't
burn if the photo gallery model legs of the shorts urban bikini models
rode up, it just confirmed the innocence of
the act for nude models rapidshare
Jason.Then Drew told nn tits models him to turn nude models painted around so he could do the front of his legs. He
told Drew that he could take care of that himself, in as kind a voice as he
could."But I like helping you Jason. You're always so nice to me, and you didn't
even yell at me when I was running the other day."Finally, Jason relented, and turned to face the 10-year-old boy who beautiful japanese models was so
intent on "helping him". If he only knew.Drew again started at the ankles and modell 15yo
worked his way up to the knees of both
legs. quinn model gallery
Then with more lotion, he attacked the front of Jason's thighs,
again working his way up under the legs of the swim shorts he was wearing.
Drew managed to let a couple of his fingers brush over Jason's cock as he
coated his upper thigh. Jason suppressed the shudder that nude modelling portfolios ran through him,
but could not help it when once again a small groan escaped him.As Drew looked down at the ground, ostensibly squeezing more lotion into
his hand, he smiled to himself. He knew he was about to be successful.
And even though he was doing this because he had to, he also knew he liked
it.Drew started up the thigh of Jason's other leg, and again came to the
bottom of the short swim trunks. As he ran his hands up under the leg teen model k8tie he
again let his hand brush against Jason's cock. Drew immediately noticed
that Jason's cock was getting hard from all of the contact.As Drew again let his hand nonude childs models brush Jason's cock, Jason grunted, and said, "I
think that's enough now Drew. Really, thanks for your help." Rather than
remove his hands, Drew slid a hand under the lining of Jason's suit and ran
it over his quickly growing cock."Oh shit, Drew, what are you doing?""Don't you like it Jason?" Drew's hand, slick with suntan lotion, was
moving up and down on little nubiles model Jason's now totally erect 7 inches."Uh, sure, uh, yeah Drew, but this is wrong. I could get into a lot of
trouble if someone came in, and you are still way ls models boxing
too young to be doing
this kind of thing. I'm 16, almost 17, you know. Now please take your
hands out of my swimsuit."Rather than comply, Drew grabbed hold of the bottom of Jason's trunks and
pulled them down to the ground."Drew! Stop it! I mean it." But as Jason leaned down to pull his suit
back up, our clever little Drew stuck a leg between Jason's legs,
preventing evie model pics him from pulling up the suit, and then reached in and grabbed
hold of Jason's hard prick once again."You have a beautiful dick littlegirl models com Jason. I just want to bav99 spice model play with it a little."
And he continued stroking the prick of the 16-year-old teen.At that point, Jason gave up. He let Drew continue to stroke his cock; not
believing how hot it was to have a 10-year-olds nonnude models com hands on his prick,
especially since it was a 10-year-old boy. Drew used both hands now,
stroking Jason's prick faster and faster, using one hand to play with the
teen's big teenage balls, knowing lovelygirl model preeteen they would soon be releasing a big load
of teen jizz.A few more strokes and the horny teen was there. His uk teen modelling
whole body tensed up
as his prick grew even stiffer, if that was possible. Then he started
shooting, with asian women models most of it going all over Drew. Drew kept pumping that teen
meat until he got every last drop to ooze from it."Now wasn't that good Jason?""Shit amanda models
yeah kid. Where in the hell did you learn to do something like that
at your age?""Around. I got friends that we do that kind of stuff together all the
time. So now you have to put the lotion cowboy bikini models on me."Drew probably would katya ls model
have taken his own swimming trunks off, but body part modeling I had told
him to make sure if he was successful with Jason, to make sure that Jason
had to take them off for him. That way it would look worse when journey anderson model I brought
Jason to the office to view his starring role.After pulling his swimsuit back on, Jason grabbed the suntan lotion. He
applied it thoroughly to Drew's back and legs, but didn't attempt to touch
him sexually. He thought he was done when Drew spoke up. "No Jason. You
have to all of me, like I did for you.""I don't think I can do that Drew. It wouldn't be right.""You have to. I did it for you, now you have to do it for me. Please?""OK, but we have to be quick. I have to get back on duty soon."With that, Jason grasped Drew's swimsuit, and pulled asia child models it off of him. He
then used the remaining lotion on his hands to lubricate Drew's hard teenage naturist models
3 inches. He thought to himself that he couldn't believe he was in the
employees lounge, jacking off a naked 10-year-old boy, photo model girl
but that was indeed
what was fender model gemini happening. Oh, what the hell, he thought. I did get my rocks
off, and it's only fair that he get the same treatment.So Jason did a credible job, even if it was his first time jacking off
another male. He knew what he liked when he jacked off himself, and just
did the same thing to Drew, monica model making sure he paid plenty of attention to
Drew's little cock head. It doesn't normally take long for a 10-year-old
boy to "get the feeling" and Drew teen monica model was no exception. Just a couple of
minutes after Jason started stroking him, Drew enjoyed his dry orgasm, his
body stiffening, and his little prick quivering. Jason held the boy so he
wouldn't collapse and hurt himself, not only because it would raise many
embarrassing questions, but because he liked Drew, more so now than ever.As Drew recovered enough to stand, Jason went and got some wet team model nude
towels, women fitness models and cleaned the naked boy of the cum that had covered him. It
wouldn't do to have him show back up at the pool covered in Jizz. He
stuffed the used towels deep into the garbage can so nobody would notice
them.After getting Drew to get dressed again, he gave him a small hug, and told
him that was great, but they couldn't ever do that again.Drew just smiled at him, ace modeling teen saying, "We'll see", as he headed out the door.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI know, I know. Mike amateur young models
didn't get with any of the kids this chapter. And
you're right, we still don't know if Rachel was successful with her
assignment. Stay tuned folks, for the next photography models
exciting chapter!Please continue to let me know what you think of the models agency evie story - contact petitte model virgin me at
crnhskrfn77comcast.net. Pics of my readers, or pics to 'inspire' future
chapters always welcome - they make a great paycheck!
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