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Book of Calamity 2
updates on these stories... Please join us at the Yahoo Group...for discussion of the
story and to give some feedback about what you think about the story, as well
as other stories by this author. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/boxy_grove/Chapter 2
The Greatest War "Could you believe it?" Kakra
stated, "The General had the king of Egypt naked in chains." We
had returned from the celebration early that day.
The blood was rushing through our brains from
all the things we saw. I knew it excited
each one of lili model nude
us in different ways. It was
such a huge spectaclee.
Wild lions were tamed.
Jugglers defied gravity... kids models foto And
then there was him... "He
dared to oppose normal teen models
Menice laurie model topless and the Nubian empire," Husain
replied confidently, "That is what happens." supermodels are lonier "How
can you be so stupid? What is to stop
him from gaining too much power." "There
can never be too much." "You
sound like them..." "What
is it with you?" Husain stated, "You are in Nubia.
You are under the employment of the royal
dynasty. You should be happy about this
like everyone else is." At
first as we walked through the halls I could almost see Kakra
about to break down a few of the walls that he let up.
He looked at the both of us for a few seconds
and his lips parted. martinez sexo modelo However his lips
quickly shut and I didn't know why. It
was almost like a silent thought had slipped model pics naked past through him again and
disappeared. All of a sudden he was gone
again and nothing meant anything at all. "They
don't know better and neither do you," Kakra stated
shaking his head, "Go on ahead to the dorms.
It's right down this hallway and to the right.
You can't lose it." teen pantie models I
looked over at him, "Where are you going?" "You
want to come and find out?" he asked. There
was a strangeness in the way he said it.
It scared me a little bit.
Did I really want to know what Kakra was always up to?
Did I really want to be pulled into the world that caused him to be so
alone and upset all the time? Husain
grabbed me by my arm, taking away my attention from Kakra
completely, "Come on. We chanced being
out late enough. We need to get back before Lord Fukayna
I pre models latinas nodded at Husain and
when I turned to tell Kakra goodbye I noticed he
wasn't even there any longer. He was
completely gone to whatever strange thing he was doing at night time.
I turned and followed Husain all little model russian
the way to
the bedroom. Husain didn't even second
guess where Kakra was going. I guess he didn't really
care. nonudechild models It was clear that they were
complete opposites and didn't care much for each other.
Husain wouldn't
stop talking all the way to the room. He
talked about everything. He talked about
the lions. He talked about the dancers.
He talked about the beautiful power that the royal guards personified with
their broad chests out and oversized weapons.
It was all a show to him and he had been entertained.My heart was
yearning though. Through all that I couldn't get this person...out of my head. Menice.
couldn't sleep that night. My mind kept
flowing onto Menice.
I kept imagining how he looked up close.
I wondered how his voice sounded like.
Each moment I closed my eyes I could only see his face.
My heart kept beating so fast child model permit
and in the
night I had sweats. I ended up falling a sleep somehow without
even noticing that I was doing it. I
guess my body had completely given out on me.
woke up without even remembering being asleep. The only proof that I had that I
was asleep was the fact that I had woken up.
It was Husain that woke me up. He
grabbed me by arm and shook me. "Damn
it we are going to be password jessimodelnet
late." "What?
There isn't any class for today remember." "Yeah
but supposedly the general is meeting with Lord Fukayna
and some other high scribes today," he told
me even more excited than before, "He is to document his victory at Thebes over
King Chenen and he needs the best scribes to do so." "The general?" "His
name is General Si Ren Boos." The
energy had shot up in me. The General
was the man who was in the parade. He
had presented the King with the spoils of war as well as his political
prisoners. I had heard the name used
very commonly from my village in the last three or four years.
He was a prominent figure and many thought
iron ore ran through his bones. He was
supposed to be a manly man...someone who could crush people with his mere will
power. "Has
anyone seen Kakra?" The
voice was booming through the hall as we entered the library section where the
papyrus scrolls were stacked in tall shelves all around a giant circle.
All the other child sexmodels boys were already out here they
were young models tiffany kneeling on the ground studying.
They had formed perfect lines today.
I could tell this was pre-designed by Fukayna.
Everything was more clean
than I had ever seen it before.
Everything was arranged perfectly. kids sex models The
other scribes were still arranging things in the room.
It was a mass cleaning for the rapidshare sandrateenmodel older
scribes. There seemed to be a state of
panic almost. litlle models nude
"Move!" I heard one
of the elder scribes say to me as he rushed a handful of papyrus scrolls to
another room of the library. "Make
sure you find the scrolls about the General's victories and lay them out!" Fukayna cried out at the top of his lungs, "Where is Kakra?" He
turned to me and Husain as he made his way frantically to the room.
We assisted him in looking around for a while
but it was more than clear that Kakra was not here. "Fukayna!" At
that moment a very heavy set man walked in.
He was the biggest man I had ever seen in my life.
He was huge as a matter of fact.
His body was a gluttonous blubber of esteem
and I could tell how completely full of himself and thought he was so
important. I doubted he was wrong about
the fact though. I toothpick model bridges could see the older
scribes bowing gay model search
to him. He had an ostrich
feather in his hand and entered slowly from one of the backrooms.
I could tell he was something very important
by how everyone seemed to take extra measure of him.
moved me out of his way as he approached us and made his way to Fukayna. We stood behind them all.
We went behind
them all and made our way to the back
where the other 7 scribe students awaited.
"Yessir?" Fukayna
asked. "Where
is your prodigy?" the fat man asked. We
turned over to him where everyone stood there looking at one another.
Most of us didn't know how to stand or how to
move. I myself felt like I was some sort
of statue that would break something if I spoke too loud or did anything too
fast. "Kakra is...missing..." Fukayna
replied. celebrities modeling
Kakra...a prodigy?
I almost young thin models
wanted to grunt a little bit.
Ok, he knew the answers to all the recorded questions but I wouldn't
call him a prodigy. I'd just say he
studied way too much and remembered things well.
These people really thought that the activity
of memorization was an art or something.
turned over to Husain whispering to him as gently as I possibly could, "Whose that?" "Achebe.
He is the high scribe." jessi sinclair model I
was so confused by these people. I
looked over at model picture porn the fat man. They were preparing a place for him to kneel on the
floor. They had put incense around it and beautiful flowers.
They had made him seem so damn
important. Achebe
needed help from two scribes to sit down.
I could see them surrounding him nude photo models making a big fuss over him.
I couldn't believe these people.
It was like they were inflating his ego even
more. "He
can't sit by himself?" I asked completely confused. Husain
shrugged me hard. I knew he was warning
me. I Just found it funny that they were coordinating
this man's sitting down chicklets bbw model
as though they were coordinating some large scale
construction site. "Get
off me," he shoved away his assistants as he got onto the floor, "Fukayna I'm disappointed in you.
The rest of your nude yo model
boys won't be any use now.
Make sure your other scribes are aware of the rules now!
They are not to speak.
They must stand in the back and be
invisible. They must represent the Royal
library in grandest esteem." He
spoke heavily as though every word was weighing heavy on his head. Fukayna was sitting there with his eyes still searching the
room, "Yes sir. Of course sir." I
had never seen Fukayna answer to anyone in the way he
was answering to models litle nude
this man. . He walked
up to us and mouthed the words "Don't say a word" In the harshest way.
_____ We
waited for almost three hours in the same position.
None of us were allowed to move.
None seyx model girl
of us were even allowed to speak besides
some mere whispers. It was total silence besides Achebe's loud cries for food
and drink. He demanded to be fanned
constantly and by a fresh hand every time one got tired.
These weren't slaves doing the fanning
either. Somehow his servants didn't come
so he had scribes fan him. I didn't find this Achebe character to be very intriguing.
It seemed like a basic tale.
His father held very high regard in society
and it nude boys model was passed on to him. He had been
raised around money and knowledge was handed to him like the cake that made him
so heavy set. He had to be over 300
pounds and seemed to not even be aware of his weight. The
anticipation was almost stifling when finally a man walked amanda model com
through the
door. I assumed he was a soldier of the
Nubian army. He had on the same armor
that the men used to wear when they came to my village.
Ren Boos, Royal General of the Kingdom of Nubia, leader of the Imperial Phalanx...conqueror of the
Canaanites, the Sinai, the Libyans and the Egyptians..." The
man calcium atom models
seemed to spit the words in a way that demanded attention.
My eyes almost widened by how serious and
intense best supermodels it all was. I could see a couple
of the boys next to me shaking and some of them were sweating. I was a little
nervous too. As though it wasn't enough
it seemed like was a roll of thunder as huge feet began to tread through the
hall. kid model swimsuit
At that moment men began to reel
into the room. They weren't men...no these
were giants. They walked taller than I'd
ever seen a man before. They carried
with them maces, spears, shields, crossbows, hammers and huge swords that I
wouldn't have been able to wield with two hands. They
filed into the room and all took the same position in a circular motion on the
floor. Both arms were held on their weapons and their eyes directly on the
floor as though becoming lifeless. Then
at that moment the General himself walked in. blowjob 13yo models
announcer seemed to be more of a servant to the General as he guided the
general up the staircase and to the podium floor where Achebe's presentation
had was. liltle models
The general had left the
warriors behind in the front o the library where they still remained motionless
in almost perfect discipline. "Siren
Boos, old friend," Achebe stated with a huge smile that spread across his face. "Achebe
I don't have time for this," Siren Boos replied, "You know as well as I do that
we were never friends. I'm just here for business.
Let's get to it. I don't have much time to waste
on such matters." fox model engine I
wanted to laugh as I saw Achebe's huge gluttonous smile disappear of his
face. It seemed like even the smallest
blow to his esteem was a huge victory.
It was good to see someone put a guy like that pussy top models in his place. "We're
lucky to have you. TEA!
BRING preteeens model TEA!
We are extremely lucky to have you.
Yes I must say. And I am super sexy models
very impressed by your entourage. Are they knew." He
was kissing the General's ass. I could
tell almost immediately. I got a good
look of a smile across the general's face.
He was handsome. It made me
wonder now how close he was to the king. nn pretten model
hadn't been able to get the King linda model teen out of my mind.
If the king had a guy that was handsome,
successful and strong like the general why the hell would he even notice a stupid
scribe student like me? It felt however
warm to know that here was someone who knew the king.
He had spoken to the king.
He had possibly even touched the king.
My heart began to stir. archives child model Damn...I
was getting addicted. I couldn't even
help it. The mere thought of being so
close to someone who was close to Menice made heart
It did seem however that he hit a note that
"They are members of my newest infantry.
The 23rd.
These men were handpicked by me.
They were crafted in the most brutal of trainings.
However they have not been yet introduced to
battle. In their hearts they hold the
Pharaoh Menice's will.
Yet there will be a need for men like them
and many more...which is why I'm here."Achebe seemed
confused as did many of the other scribes.
They teen models 14
looked at one another with these lost looks."But the war is
over General...we have conquered Egypt.
Does not the King have his emissaries going throughout all the cities of
Egypt now to extend his will."I mod sandra sandrateenmodel
didn't know too
much about what they were talking about.
What I was sure about was that there had been a recent war and it had
been bloody. It had lasted years.
King Menice
against King Chenen. Chenen had
ended up losing the war and he had been brought in chains by General Si Ren to us. "And it isn't
over..." he said
taking out his notes, "Get your scrolls.
I want these written in every dialect known.""Scribes!"
Achebe ordered.At that moment the
older and most experienced scribes rolled into the room. There were about 30 or
even more than that which came and they all seemed to be panicking to get their
papyrus's out.
Some were trying to be neat and form lines across the floor but I could
see others in the back petite teenagers models scrambling for any room on the floor on each other's
backs to right.Siren Boos didn't
wait for them to get organized, pia nude model "This letter is for the Hittite.
Say here scribes as follow; Si Ren Boos, Royal General of the Kingdom of Nubia, leader of the Imperial Phalanx...conqueror of the
Canaanites, the Sinai, the Libyans and the Egyptians reaches out to the Hittite
King Mursili top100 teen models on behalf of the reincarnation of Ra...on behalf of the reborn god Menice...king of Nubia and it's glorious empire...say
here...are you ready..."They were all
frantically writing. This was so serious
to them. I was amused by how fast they
were russian bride model
going everyone trying to make alan white models sure they got his words down correctly.
They were all writing in different
dialects. They were all writing words
and characters from different cultures and yet they were all sending it to the
same person who read one.Si Ren Boos continued, "In case he cannot read one dialect I
will phrase it in many. Say here...in the
simplest words...we order you...Mursili complete submission by the next models rusas inundation
of the Nile..."Silence.Everyone had
stopped writing and were either staring at one another in complete surprise or
staring at soni teen model one another in confusion. It
was almost as though they were looking for some type of explanation but Si Ren Boos didn't give one."General..." Achebe
started out."That is all...is
there any questions? Any
at all? Anything
that anyone nubiles little models want me to repeat?" dutch bikini models
one said anything. The silence was so rippling that I felt like it was almost
painful. I didn't know what it
meant. Si Ren
Boos had ordered a man by the name of Mursili to submit.
I had heard the name Mursili before but it
didn't mean anything to me. I looked
over at Husain who seemed to not teenmodel nicky model have heard the news correctly and still been
formulating it in his head. Fukayna offered no better guidance.
His mouth just hung open.
I guess I should have reacted.
This had to be something big that I should
have been reacting. It didn't mean a
thing to me though. Should it have? Why was
everyone looking at one another as though the world was just about to come to
an end? Why was this
such a big deal?
Achebe was the first to
break the silence, "No sir." I
could see the look on the General's face as he nodded, "Good in that case I
take my leave..." "Wait!
I have a question! When bikinis models
will it be
over? When will the Pharaoh have enough
power?" topless model agencies At
that moment I turned to see chelda models
none other than Kakra
running into the room. I didn't see
which direction he came from but he was headed towards the area where the
General and 1947 plymouth model
High Scribe Achebe were having their tea. Before he even reached
close I noticed a soldier stop him. The
soldier didn't just stop him. The soldier was quicker than I had seen anyone
be. The soldier stomped kakra in the shins with a force that I had never seen
before. I thought for a moment by the
scream that Kakra had given that the soldier had
broken his shins. Kakra had fallen to the floor.
How the guard had reached Kakra
so fast and stopped him so instantly I did not know.
I guess the General wasn't joking about the
intensity of his new infantry. asian toess model petite model b
felt bad for Kakra. Achibe was having a breakdown.
He opened his mouth and let out the biggest
wail, "Fukayna! Is he yours?
Fukayna control
your BOY!" Fukayna looked too speechless to be of any help right now. I
couldn't stop from crossing across the floor to go help him.
I heard Fukayna
calling out to me not to interfere but I couldn't just see a fellow classmate
of mine in such pain without reaching out to assist him. Before
I could even help pick him off the floor the same guard had a blade to my
throat. mirella model "Stand
down," the General stated, "I serve under a most kind and merciful king.
I serve under a king who acknowledges free
thought and ideas. Boy, continue your
thought." I
walked over to continue helping Kakra up.
Kakra shook me off
though refusing my help in standing. I
didn't know if he wanted to be mean and continue his distant moodlet or if he was just in too much pain to even attempt
standing. Kakra spoke still even at in his knees in pain, "I remember
a time not too long ago when there were differences in people. There were
different kings. There were different
lands. Diversity was something to be
admired...not just ambition!" He
was talking about his own ethics. It
made me wonder even more to why Kakra
was the way Kakra was.
Why had he disrespected the entire library to
come late? Why would he risk being
beaten to a pulp to give a speech about diversity? Almost
instantly a voice came from across the room just as loud and boisterous as Kakra's. I
recognized the voice almost immediately. "Kind
General, please excuse my colleague, he does not speak for all of us," Husain
shouted out across the room surprising everyone almost as much as Kakra's entrance, "The Pharaoh carries the ambition of all
of Nubia on his shoulders." mattsmodels nela "All Nubia?" Kakra
asked, "ALL NUBIA? Aren't the Nubians satisfied.
Kerma has grown in
the last years to be a booming metropolis.
Isn't it enough? General...please
answer me...when will it just be enough?" I
knew this a little too well. I clamped my hands over my head in
embarrassment. It was once again Kakra against Husain.
Same arena, only this time it was a different audience. "It
will be enough when they are all united and recognize the Pharaoh as ruler of
all lands and reincarnation of Ra." "And
if they don't...if they don't recognize..." "They
have no choice." "Or
they die. That's the alternative isn't it.
Submit or die." "Submission
is a privilege." It
seemed like this would have escalated but just at that moment the general's
voice rose in a loud immediate, "Quiet!
Who are these boys?" At
that moment Achebe struggled to rise to his feet.
His finger pointed at Fukayna
almost immediately not even holding for a minute, "They are his boys! They are
completely Fukayna's.
I was too busy with my duties to the King to
attend these matters. Fukayna this models japan teen is ridiculous!
You and these boys will be punished to every extent of the law!" sweet sexy model
felt the strong amount kids preeten models of awkwardness that grew at that moment when all of a
sudden the General started to applause. I
was completely surprised at this. sandra model pics
how amusing. I thought I was going to come here and be bored out my life by a
group of bookworms. How
TRULY entertaining. It's like
watching a show!" adult calendar model
seemed even more surprised, "What?" "Fukayna I congratulate you for helping promote these boy's sense of political responsibility," the General
continued, "It's nice to see young boys so moved by their norway teen model
causes and speaking
with such vigor! It reminds me of a
young me." Fukayna came forward.
I watched Achebe cover his face with foto models polandabs his ostrich feather.
I would have broken out and laughed at the
old fool if I didn't think he'd find a way to get back at me later.
Fukayna bowed, "Thank you sir.
I have the most pride in my students." bikini destination models
many are there?" shirtless teen models "9." "I
would like the Pharaoh to meet them all.
I'm sure he'd find the various ideals s to be quiet informative about this viewpoints about this particular demographic.
Yes."The king...My
stopped. I'd be meeting my raven.It seemed almost
not to be serious. At first the words just flowed past me but then after a
second or two they sunk it. By then I
had a mix of emotions. I felt fear,
excitement, infatuation all rolled up into one.
I could see his face all over again.What would I do if
I had to speak
to him?What would I say?"Yes we are so
proud of the boys," Achebe stated, "I will escort them to meet the king
I couldn't believe he was
taking away Fukayna's moment like that.
I almost wanted Fukayna
to stand up to him for a moment but I maxwell child modeling knew he wouldn't.
Fukayna nodded and
agreed to have Achebe escort us to see the king."Good to
hear. The king in glamour model tgp his meditation stages
but in a week I will arrange for a private dinner with the King at the House of
Safflowers. Achebe, I'm sure you are
familiar.""We will be
there," Achebe stated smiling. "Good," The
general stated getting up to leave but then turning back around to add, "Oh and
make sure the boys teen pose models
are prepared. It
could possibly be one of the grandest moments of their lives."The general turned
and left after that taking his infantry with him.
Achebe didn't seemed
too pleased to have been upstaged glamour male models by Fukayna and
spent some time scolding him after the fact.
I wasn't exactly sure what he was scolding him about.
He did it in private which was more sensible
than my first impression had given him credit for.
surprised me that Kakra didn't get talked to for his
entrance into the meeting. I preeteen naked model think it
surprised everyone. By the way the boys
talked more and more it was clear that I wasn't the only one who felt so uneasy
by sexy smoking models Kakra being here.
I could tell Husain had nonnude model tgp really grown to have an extreme disdain for
him. They had all gathered in the room
that night to discuss him. I had no idea
what it was about but here we were talking about Kakra
once again. "If
it was anyone else who stormed in there, they would be lucky to have their
lives. Kakra
doesn't even get removed from library." sexy models forum The
idea that Kakra was a prodigy still didn't appear to
me but at the same time I didn't feel this huge need to have him gone from us.
I just wanted to understand where he was coming from a little bit.
I didn't know why the things he said
intrigued me but they just did. Maybe
because he seemed to know more about Menice than the
rest of us did.
I wondered how. I
saw him walk in later on that day. The
boys yong model girls had still been discussing him but had decided to head to sleep as soon as
he came in. it
was so clear and obvious that they didn't want him there. I
wondered how it felt to him to be the loner and to be so distant from everyone
else. "Hey..." "Not
interested in talking," was the only reply that I got from Kakra
before he lay down to sleep. The
only thing was that he didn't actually go to sleep and neither did I.
I stayed up that night mostly because I
couldn't stop thinking about Menice.
I felt crazy.
I wasn't sure if I had fallen for the idea of him more than who he was himself. I
had fallen for the idea of how interesting he could have been.
Maybe love at first sight was right. adult model mitosis
had always found boys handsome, but I had petite model toplist
never acted on it.
I always had more than one female pursue me
at once. I was the guy all the girls
wanted where I came from. russin teen models
I loved he
girls as well. I was notorious for
sleeping with girls and breaking their hearts.
Fathers had come close to nearly killing me if it wasn't for my family's
good reputation in the city. Yet at the
same time, I had never fallen in love with any of the girls.
They appreciated me because I was manly, I treated them nicely and made them feel good about
themselves. I was the perfect man but at
the same time I never felt like I could find anything that was perfect. Menice was perfect to me... free child supermodels Why
though? I
didn't get it... ashley nextdoor model My
thoughts were immediately disturbed by movement in the night.
I turned slightly over to see that it was Kakra. He was
sneaking out again. I saw him putting on
his boots and everything this time. This
guy was really about to leave he palace again!` I
had followed him. It wasn't like the guy
even liked me enough to open up to me.
He was completely closed off to me.
Why not follow him? Why not see where he was going?
I figured there was no harm that could come
from it. It was a good idea.
We hadn't gone outside but I was pretty sure that
we were no longer in the library. Somhow we had gotten
a secret passage to somewhere else and this place had all the wrong feelings
about it. It was so cold here. jossy teen model Why
was rate bikini models he here mujeres sexis modelos at night? I made it my mission to remain as silent as possible. top model preeten heavenly young models Then
at the end of it all I heard voices. They
were coming from the room that massachussetts bondage models
he had come in at.
At first I couldn't make out what the voices
were saying. I was sure there model underwear young were a couple involved with it though.
It wasn't just one or two people.
There had to be a small to medium sized group
in there. These voices were talking
rapidly as well. "...We
are joined here by the three queens...our contact says...Menice..." young model msites ls models preten The
idea behind the conversation wasn't really getting through.
I had to find a way to listen to what was going
on in that room. I made my way closer
trying not to make the slightest sound at all.
I felt like something serious was going on in that room.
I didn't know what it was but I knew it had
to be underwear model amle
something shocking nude models
extremely important by the tone. petite models newsgroup As
I got closer the voices started making more sense.
I made my way behind the door where I could see
several figures standing around. There
was a skinny man... There
were three women all sitting in a row. There
were several other men who were scattered around dancing young models and seemed rather interested
in whoever was talking. At the very end
was Kakra. He
was sitting there quietly. He had to be
the youngest one by far in the group. all models photos
have gathered here today to discuss the assassination of the king..." ++++++

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