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Related post: Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 18:46:44 EDT
From: Xwriter2002aol.com
Subject: I Want A Big Cock Too Chapter 2/2The following story is pure fantasy. It is written for the enjoyment
of adults of legal age and should not be read by minors or interpreted
to be the true experiences of the author. - XWRITER2002Codes: M/b/b, First Time, Oral, Anal"I Want a Big One, Too"Chapter 2/2Jeff finally caught up and chained his bike to the same tree Tim had
used. Together they hustled down the shaded path toward where Tim
hoped the man waited. He glanced at the watch his mom had given him
for his last birthday and saw they were three minutes late. Would the
guy wait? Did he have preteen girls vagnas
some other boy whose friends weren't so slow and
didn't make them late?Tim and Jeff had been friends for almost a year. Jeff was just about
the best athlete in his school and definitely the best in their
neighborhood. He could throw and hit a baseball or dribble and shoot preteen pretty
basketball better than most kids a couple years older than them. He
was also cute. With dark hair that was longer than Tim's and fell
almost to his shoulders and dark skin that looked tanned all year
around, he'd even heard his mom tell one of her friends how sexy her
son's playmate was.They had never done anything kind of sex stuff together until Tim met
the man in the park. Since then he had been curious about Jeff's body.
He started things by walking around his room naked the next time the
boys had a sleepover. Jeff asked what he was doing and Tim said it
felt neat not to wear clothes. Jeff called him an idiot and a few
other things. They wrestled for a bit, one nude, one fully dressed as
Tim defended his honor. Tim put on his pajamas and they got into bed.Tim continued to find reasons to be naked around his buddy and finally
got Jeff to strip off as well. He friend was slightly more developed
than Tim and a couple inches taller. Also, his darker skinned cock was
a bit bigger. Nothing like preteen 12 photos
the man's, but definitely bigger than his.
Tim was surprised and pleased, however, when Jeff's cock began to get
hard. It took only a few seconds for the darker prick to grow to a
length preteens model sex of over three inches, an inch longer than Tim's.Tim called his friend a faggot for getting a hard-on when it was nude art preteen just
the two beautiful preteens bathing of them in the room. Now Jeff had to defend his honor and
another wrestling match ensued. By the time Jeff had him pinned, and
that really wasn't too long considering his size and strength
advantage, Tim's cock was as hard as his buddy's. The darker youth sat
on his defeated friend's naked chest and his cock was inches from the
other boy's mouth. Tim wanted more than anything else to lean his head
forward and taste Jeff, but he was afraid it might be too soon.Even as Tim's will was waning, Jeff quickly spun his body around. He
grabbed Tim's small hard-on and said apparently he wasn't the only
faggot in the room. Tim was so shocked by Jeff's action and his
friend's hand felt so good on his cock that he couldn't speak. The
dominant boy asked if there was something wrong, but Tim wasn't
answering. His friend tried to respond, but still could not preteen spanish models
coherent words. He climbed off the prone boy releasing his cock in the
process. Just before Tim sat up, Jeff gave him a not so gentle punch
in the stomach just to prove who was the strongest and therefore in
the unspoken communication of preadolescent boys, not a faggot.It was a week later when they had their next wrestling match. This
time it started preteen russian lovers with them mostly dressed, but Tim proposed that the
loser had to take off an article of clothing. Jeff had no objection
because he knew he could win almost anytime he wanted preteen filipina nudists
to. It took
three matches for Tim to loose his pants, shirt and underwear. The
fourth match started with Jeff distracted by his friend's nudity and
hard little cock and this gave Tim the edge he needed for a quick win.Jeff surprised his buddy by undoing his pants instead of removing is
shirt. He surprised him again when his naked, and very hard, cock
sprung free. The match lasted longer and unexpectedly became more of a
grope session than anything else. It started innocently with Jeff
brushing and even grabbing Tim's cock or balls several times. board3 cgi preteens
Tim's hand touched his friend's cock for the first time ever, the dark
youth was shocked at how good it preteen lollita models
felt.He relaxed and enjoyed the sensation and let Tim continue to fondle
him as he gladly lost the match. Neither boy cared anymore about the
wrestling. Tim finally was getting to feel and explore his sexy
buddy's body and Jeff was discovering just how good another person's
hands could feel. Tim turned around and got a real good look at the
slender cock in his hand. It was much sensual preteen pics smaller than that of the man in
the park, but still significantly larger than his.He leaned over and spit into his hand and then returned to stroking
the now wet shaft. Jeff groaned and said preteen cartoons sex how good that felt and not to
stop. Tim knew a way to make things even better for both of them and
did not hesitate. His mouth quickly replaced his hand and Jeff groaned
again. The larger youth had played with his cock a lot and had used
spit to make his hand nice and wet, but it had never felt this good.He propped himself up on his elbows and tried to see exactly what Tim
was doing. When he saw, "Oh, shit'" burst from his lips and he tried
to push the other boy away. Tim, however, had a tight grip on Jeff's
hip and a secure lock on his cock, and was preteen pedo blowjobs going nowhere. The larger
youth again tried to push him away an failed cute preteen portfolio before realizing just how
good his cock felt in his friend's mouth. No matter how perverted he
knew this was, Jeff wasn't going to refuse that pleasure."Shit man that feels so good!" he exclaimed. "Where did you learn to
do that?"
That was exactly the question Tim russian preteens video
had been hoping to hear from Jeff.
He thought about his answer as he continued to treat preteen children porn himself to the
small cock in his mouth. It was a lot more fun sucking the stranger's
big one, though. After a couple of minutes, Jeff's body went stiff and
then jerked. Tim preteens movies tgp hoped his friend might shoot cum but had known it was
not likely. After a little longer, Jeff gave him a harder nude incest preteen push away
and said his cock was starting to hurt.As he sat up next to Jeff, Tim decided to tell him the whole story
about the man in the park. He was a little worried about what his
friend would think when he told him about drinking the guy's cum.
Jeff's single, but very surprising response was, "Wow! If that guy's
telling you the truth preteen boards models then my dad and brother must have sucked a lot
of cocks and eaten a lot of cum."Tim asked Jeff how he could know that and he said, "I've seen my dad
naked a few times. I've never seen him with a hard-on, but it's still
this long," he said holding his hands about eight inches apart."No way it's that big. You're lying," charged Tim."I am not," was the answer. "I saw him standing in the shower and it
came half way to his knees. I wondered if mine would ever get that big
and now I know what I have to do." Tim say the huge smile spread
across Jeff's face."What about Dave?" Tim asked about Jeff's sixteen year old brother."What do you mean?""You told me your dad and brother both must have sucked a lot of cock.
Is Dave's that big, too?""Not when it's soft. But I've seen him stroking himself sometimes and
when he's hard it's just as big as dad. He can wrap two hands around
it and still the tip is just visible.""Have preteens masturbation
you seen him shoot his cum?""A couple of times. And, I just remembered, the last time he used his
fingers to wipe it off his face and chest and then put them in his
mouth. Do you think eating your own makes a difference?""I don't know," answered Tim. His mind was racing with the image of
Jeff's handsome big brother playing with his long cock and shooting
cum all over his face. Tim had often told Jeff how he envied russian pics preteen him for
having an older brother. Jeff always told him it was cool in some
ways, but a pain in others; especially when Dave was mean to him or in
a bad mood. Tim knew if he had a brother he'd find a way to suck his
cock all the time and gets lots of cock-growing cum to eat.Jeff had been quiet for a couple minutes. Tim's attention returned to
his silent friend. He noticed the boy looking at his cock. "You can
touch it some if you want," he offered. "You can even suck on it if
you want to."Jeff glanced quickly at Tim and then back at his friend's cock. His
hand reached out and took the slender member in his fist and began to
work it up and down. After a couple minutes, he moved in close and
flicked his tongue across the pink head much like Tim had to the
stranger a month earlier. Noting the absence of any offensive taste or
odor and remembering how good Tim had made him feel, Jeff lowered his
open mouth over his buddy's cock.Tim sighed with pleasure and accomplishment. Naturally it felt good to
have his cock in Jeff's mouth, although not nearly as good as the
man's. He was also pleased at how relatively easy it had been to turn
Jeff into a cocksucking buddy! He would make sure they did this a lot
from now on. It was also as Jeff sucked that he decided to invite his
friend to join him in the park.It was several days, however, before he proposed the idea. Jeff and
Tim preteens nudist guestbook spent at least half an hour everyday for the next week sucking
each other's cocks. Tim began to really admire his buddy's tan ass and
one day shocked Jeff by preteen thong video
moving his mouth down off his cock, past his
balls (the place he had always stopped before) and onto his asshole.Jeff was shocked and nearly repulsed, but there was just one more
important thing. It felt great! Tim's wet tongue prodded his tiny
hole, licked all up and down the crack and then came back to his hole.
Pushing and prodding for several minutes, the boy's tongue popped into
his friends dark tunnel and both felt a rush of pleasure. Jeff groaned
his louder than he had even for that first dry orgasm several days
earlier. Tim's pleasure was naturally silent, but a scream of pleasure
filled his mind.When Tim's tongue preteen 16 yo
slid free and went back to work on his friend's cock
it was replaced by a slender finger. Tim didn't know why he did this,
but it just seemed right and Jeff certainly didn't mind either. He
pushed back and the finger slid in deeper. Tim was amazed by how warm
and incredibly soft the walls of the passage were.Jeff asked, "Don't get me wrong 'cause that felt great, but how could
you do that to somebody. First, licking out his shit chute and now
sticking your finger up there?"Tim's hand replaced his mouth and he said, "It's really not that bad
at all. Your ass is nice and clean so I really didn't taste anything
but your skin. You don't have to ask your next question," he said
smiling preteen boyz ass
wickedly at Jeff, "yes, the man and I do it to each other.""He put his finger in you?""No, I just got that idea on my own. It feels really neat and so warm
inside ass. How does my finger preteen gay fucking feel?""I like it. It's weird, but when you move it in and out it makes my
cock feel even better. Suck me some more, please."Tim did as asked and gave Jeff another orgasm, his third of the day
before asking if he wanted to lick his ass. Jeff refused, but did
quickly take Tim's cock into his mouth. He thought about putting his
finger in Tim's ass, but couldn't get past the thought of how dirty it
must be. Over the past few days Jeff had gotten better and better at
sucking cock. hairless preteen Tim still knew he wasn't nearly as good as the man, but
he certainly was much improved. It was after Tim's dry orgasm that he
invited Jeff to come girl boy preteen
with him the next day to meet the mystery man in
the park. Jeff paused for a moment and then asked what time.So that had brought the two boys to this point. Neither had talked
about what was about to happen on their bike ride over. They spoke of
school and baseball. The typical interests of young boys. They reached
the clearing and preteens com preteen hardcore vids didn't see the man. Tim told Jeff not to worry, but
was worried all the same. He undid the snap preteen bodies thong on his tight shorts and
slid them off. A moment later Jeff did the same and both boys were
soon naked.Looking quickly around him, Tim knelt in front of Jeff and took the
boy's cock into his mouth. The other youth sighed and closed his eyes
enjoying the familiar sensation. The man found them like that two
minutes later. He first saw Jeff's small back with its flawless dark
skin and the rounded cheeks of his fine ass. It took him a little
longer to realize it was his young friend who was giving the other
youth a blowjob.He watched for a while as he silently undressed. The beautiful tableau
before him had his cock rock hard by the time he finished. He stroked
his cock a few times and let his eyes soaking on of the finest sights
he'd ever seen. Finally, after several minutes he announced his
presence by clear his throat. The sound startled the boys and Tim
quickly stood up. He quickly recognized and greeted his preteen black models friend."Hello boys," he said. Turning to Jeff he noted the boy's eyes on his
hairless cock, "You must be Jeff. Tim says you're a pretty good
cocksucker and that you have a really tasty ass." During his time
admiring the sight of one ten year old boy sucking another, he'd begun
thinking about how nice it preteen men chat would be to fuck the round little butt."Does his cock taste as good as mine?" the man preteen pissing
asked forum passes preteen Tim."It nude preteens youth
tastes great, but he can't shoot cum like you can?"Turning to Jeff, the man said, "Your buddy is one a the hungriest cum-
hounds I have ever met. I bet he'd beg to eat my cum even if it wasn't
going to make his cock grow.""Is that really true, mister," Jeff asked, "about cum making your cock
grow hot cute preteens big?""Did Tim tell you that I russia preteenrape said that?""Yes and I told him it must mean my dad and brother must have sucked a
lot of cocks when they were younger." He went on to tell the man what
he'd told Tim."Well, if what you say is true, then I would say they must be. Your
dad especially must have started early preteen anime erotic and your brother is young
enough that he may still be getting some advantage from sucking his
friends. Have you seen him doing that?""No," said Jeff, "but I have seen him eating his xtreme preteens
own cum.""It sounds like they both know about eating cum. If I were you, I
would ask first your dad and then your brother to let you suck them."While Jeff and the stranger's conversation lasted for only a couple
minutes, it seemed much longer to Tim. A young boy with absolutely no
patience he kneeled before the man and took his cock into his mouth.
The man naturally noticed the attention, but barely acknowledged it.
He finished talking to Jeff and then suggested Tim give him a chance.Reluctantly, the boy stood up and made room for Jeff. He watched his
friend kneel before the man and take a cock much larger than he was
used to into his mouth. He watched his friend struggle to take more
than a couple kiddy young preteen
inches into his mouth and remembered his first try. A
time when he'd gotten barely the head into his mouth.Tim wanted to participate. He eyed Jeff's ass and thought of trying to
crawl under and in front of his buddy to suck his cock. Instead, he
chose to move behind the man. He knelt and used his hands to spread
the smooth cheeks. His tongue sought out and found the man's hole. His
tongue circled and then petite cute preteens
easily slid inside. The man's body shook with
pleasure and his mind overflowed with the knowledge that two ten year
olds were servicing his body.The kinkiness of the situation and Tim's talented tongue, even more
than Jeff's stumbling effort, had him on the verge of cumming. He
asked Tim if he wanted share his cum with his buddy. Tim did, of
course. He quickly moved in front of the man and replaced Jeff's mouth
with his. The other boy was actually a little relieved. His mouth and
jaw was getting tired and he wasn't sure about letting the man cum in
his mouth.Jeff watched Tim skillfully suck the man and then saw the adult's body
jerk. He was pretty sure that meant the guy was cumming. Sure enough,
he heard a gurgling sound come from Tim's throat. A few seconds later,
Tim let the man's cock out of his mouth and two more jets of cum
splashed his face. The smaller youth turned to his friend and drew
Jeff's face to his.Jeff was shocked when Tim kissed him. They'd wrestled, played with
each other's cocks and traded blowjobs, but they had never kissed.
Tim's mouth was open and his tongue forced his shocked friend's open
as well. As strange as the whole situation was, stranger yet was the
taste. Tim had held much of the man's cum in his mouth and was now
sharing it with his buddy.The man's softening cock leapt at the sight of the two boys. In all
the porno he'd encountered, no sight had ever stirred him like this.
The mood was broken when Jeff broke their masturbation preteens gallery preteen toe models
kiss and violently spit out
his first sample of cum. The boy's face contorted and then he spit
again. "Yuck, that is horrible!" Turning to Tim he said, "How could
you ever swallow that? It tastes like^┼like^┼I don't know what, but it
is awful."Jeff used his fingers to wipe the rest preteen incest story of the cum from his face and
then looked at them disgustedly. As he wiped his fingers on the ground
to remove the slimy stuff, Tim stepped over and put an arm around his
buddy. Jeff tried to pull away, but Tim did not let him. He said, preteen nn movies
sorry, man. I really do like the taste. I never video preteens models
thought you wouldn't
and I would not have put it in you mouth if I knew you'd hate it."The preteens young latin man watched the two boys closely. Fear had gripped him when he saw
Jeff's reaction. He could already see the boy telling his folks what
had happened and then the police coming to get him. His fear lessened
as he watched Tim skillfully console his friend. The kid was a natural
and in a few minutes young preteen modelz had Jeff quieted. He also noticed that the fairer
boy's hand preteen nudist colonies
was gently stroking his buddy's renewed hard-on.The man took that moment to speak. "I'm really sorry, son. It's just
that Tim likes my cum so much and you're his preteen strawberry buddy so we thought you
would too. A lot of people, especially girls, don't like the taste and
spend their whole lives spitting it out or just refusing to suck off
their husbands or boyfriends. We won't make you do it again, unless
you say you want to."Jeff looked at the two concerned and caring faces and realized they
weren't going to do anything he didn't want. A moment later, though,
the lad looked crestfallen. The man was the first to ask the dark
haired boy what was wrong now."If I don't like cum and have to^┼to spit it out all the time," he
asked in a weak, halting voice, "how will my cock ever get big like my
dad's or my brother's?"Tim answered first. "Well, maybe you can get to like it. Like me, I
used to hate Dr. Pepper, but now I drink it all the time!""Yeah, maybe," agreed Jeff, "but I don't think you ever hated that as
bad as I hate the taste of cum."The man, after pondering carefully his answer, said, "What Tim says
may be true. You may very well learn to like the taste of cum. I
didn't like it the first time or two either. Then again, my reaction
to it was not as violent as yours." He was quiet for a few seconds and
then added, "But there is another way^┼""What's that?" Jeff asked quickly, his juvenile wonder and excitement
returning. When the man didn't respond immediately, Jeff turned to
Tim, but he just shrugged. He had no idea what the man was talking
about either."I've heard there might be another, some say even better, was for a
boy to get the cum he needs to make his cock grow," the man said
slowly. "Some boys like it even better thank sucking cock and eating
cum. A few even like it better than getting their cock's sucked."The man gave the boys time to imagine what this other preteen boys images
way might be. He
could see in their young and nearly innocent faces that they had no
idea. He pictured in his mind what it would be like if Jeff consented
to what he was about to propose. It made his cock started to grow."Have you boy's ever played around with each other's asses?"Jeff looked down, but Tim said, "Sure. I've licked and stuck my tongue
up Jeff's ass like you and I do to each other.""Did you like that?" the man asked Jeff. The boy's did not speak, but
his head bobbed three or four times."I also stuck a finger up his butt once after I licked it." This made
the man's eyes go wide and his hopes for success leapt. "I was sucking
his cock and he said it made it feel really great!" Tim continued."So you really liked it when Tim put his finger in your ass?""Yes," Tim finally responded. "It felt weird, but neat and really made
my cock feel great. Why?""Well," the man started and then paused, "the other way for a boy to
get the cum he needs is to have it shot into his ass." He saw the
looks of shock and disbelief on Tim and Jeff's faces. This was a
suggestion he had made a few time in the past, but only one youngster
had agreed. "Of course, for boy's who like to get their cum that way
their asses are called cunts or pussies. Just like a girl.""Ouch!" Tim exclaimed in a not unexpected reaction. "That must hurt."Jeff's reaction was quite different. He looked at the man, a small
hand straying to the cleft between his small ass cheeks, and softly
asked, "Did you say it might work even better that way than swallowing
it?" The man saw his dark eyes were filled with hope."Yes, that is what I've heard. I tried it with one boy a couple years
ago and I have to say it did seem to work. He was twelve when we
started and his cock was about the size of yours. Usually that's too
old for eating cum to have must of an effect. But when he moved away
several months later, his cock had grown two inches and was more than
twice as big around as when we started. He told me he had the biggest
cock in the seventh grade!""It really worked?" Jeff asked even more excitedly. His cock was hard
now and his finger, hidden from the man and his nearly forgotten
friend, was prodding the tight ring of muscle that guarded his, what
had the man called it, his pussy."It certainly seemed hottest preteen girl to. I've helped a lot of boys, but none ever grew
as much or as underage preteen vagina fast as he did. I have to tell you it does hurt at first
guys say it sure is worth it. Do you want to try?"Jeff looked down, up at preteen young girls the man, at Tim and the down again before
softly, but determinedly saying, "Yes.""Okay, let's try it," the man said trying to mask his tgp preteen galleries excitement.The boy had just about the nicest ass he had seen secret preteen sites in quite some time.
As Tim had noticed, the cheeks were more rounded than his skinny butt
and the cleft was deeper. His hand moved slowly to the boy and for the
first time felt the soft, pliant skin. white nudes preteen
He cock jerked at the touch.
His fingers moved toward the damp cleft as Jeff's hand moved out of
the way.The boy began to feel a little unstable. He reached out a hand and
found Tim's shoulder. When the man's gentle finger found the clenched
opening to his pussy, he shocked his pal. Jeff pulled his friend to
him and their lips met again. This time the kiss was longer and both
enjoyed preteen cute virgins
it more than the first.Jeff's left hand slid to Tim's dildo preteens blog
cock and stroked the steely needle. He
broke their kiss, but from less than two inches away said, "When this
gets big," he gave Tim an extra tight squeeze, "you're going to get
tired of fucking me.""You really think you're going to like it?""I just know it. I didn't tell you but, your mouth and finger felt so
good I've been trying other things for the past couple days. I've used
my fingers, a candle and even a carrot. Everything I've tried has been
great and the bigger around or the longer the better. I want him to
fuck me. I wanted him to even before we got here and I found out how
much I hate the taste of cum."The man heard only part of what the two boys shared. He had wet and
rewet his fingers as they spoke. Now his slick index finger prodded
the smooth, tight opening. Jeff's ass pushed back. "The eager boy-cunt
is trying to fuck himself onto my finger," the man thought. He pressed
and his thick digit popped past the ring of muscle with surprising
ease. As Jeff groaned in pleasure and hugged his friend tighter, the
man realized that more than just Tim's finger had preceded him.The man pressed his body against Jeff's back. He erotic preteen modl preteen russian tpg
knelt so his cock
joined his hand between the boy's soft ass cheeks. He bent further so
his face was close to the two boy's. "Your pussy is ready for a cock.
I think you're really going to like getting cum this way.""Yeah, I think I am," Jeff gasped between the man and boy streaming amateur preteen who crowded
about him. "Put it in me. I want to feel what it's like to really get
fucked," the boy now almost pleaded."Okay, preteen 13 underwear
but my cock is a lot bigger than a finger," the man warned.
"Let me loosen you up a little more while max preteen model Tim gets my cock nice and
wet."Tim didn't need to be told anymore. The man turned slightly and Tim
quickly dropped to his knees and went to work applying as much nymphet preteenz spit as
possible to the man's cock. At the same time, the adult removed his
finger from Jeff's pussy. He brought it to his nose and inhaled the
sweet aroma and then popped it nude preteen lo into his mouth. Now he savored the
delightful flavor of innocent young boy-cunt.A second finger joined the first. He made certain both were preteen sven place very wet
and then returned them to Jeff's pussy. It took a little effort, but
the doubled width of the intruders finally slid inside. Jeff's body
jerked with pain and he grunted briefly. The man held his hand steady
and let the boy get used to the intruders. It was Jeff who made the
next move thirty seconds later when he pushed preteen boys sexc
videos preteen back until both fingers
were lodged in his pussy right down to where they met his hand.The man spent a few minutes stroking his fingers in and out of Jeff's
pussy. Slowly most of the time, but much quicker at others. He
experimented with spreading the digits and thereby broadening the
opening. The wide he spread his fingers the more Jeff moaned in
obvious pleasure. When he thought the boy was ready and when Tim's
skilled mouth had him nearing a second nice preteenz fashion orgasm, he removed his fingers
and laid Jeff on a soft patch of grass.Jeff lay on his back and instinctively lifted his legs thus offering
his freshly fingered pussy. Tim was entranced by his buddy's eagerness
to get fucked. He looked preteenz xxx down and saw Jeff's asshole. nude preteen bilder It was different
now from when he had sampled it. The skin was a brighter pink and the
hole, his pussy the man had called it and Tim liked the name, was
slightly open. He thought it looked sexier than ever and he wished his
cock was big enough to do what preteen cp porn the stranger was about to.As the man got himself ready to fuck his friend, Tim took the
opportunity to lick Jeff's virgin pussy one last time. He was
surprised at how easily his toon sex preteen tongue slipped inside and he worked it as
deep as possible into the dark depths. Tim thought the man's cock
would easily fit in his buddy's ass. He would have spent a long time
doing this, but the man not so gently pushed him away. Tim rolled to
the side and looked up just in time to see the pink head disappear
into the pinker hole.Jeff groaned as the cock head spread his opening and then cried in
pain as he lost his virginity. The man quickly put his hand over the
boy's mouth and told him to be quiet. "I know it's secluded here. But
if somebody hears a kid scream, they are going to come looking. I
would get arrested and you boys would be in trouble, too. So Jeff, try
to be quiet. I know how good this feels, but photo naturist preteen
try to be quiet."Actually, it hadn't felt preteengirlsthong
that good to the boy. It had really hurt at
first and that was why he had yelled. However, as the man had talked
to preteens european
him Jeff's ass had gotten accustomed to the intruder and now it
really was preteen video index
starting to feel preteen thongs galleries good. When the man took his hand away,
Jeff promised to be quiet.He kept his promise for a few minutes as the man gradually worked more
and more of his cock into the lad's pussy. When he finally was totally
inside the boy, he paused naked preteen vaginas
and pressed his hairless groin against the
boy's equally hairless ass and balls. Tim was amazed that his friend
had taken the man's entire cock. After all, in two months he still
couldn't swallow the whole thing and a mouth was a lot bigger than an
asshole. Over the weeks and preteen bang months to come, the man would explain to
both boys about the flexibility of a boy's pussy, even one as young
and small as Jeff's.When the man finally began to fuck Jeff in earnest, it felt so good to
the boy that he again began to make a lot of noise. This time it was
squeals of pleasure preteen children
and jailbait preteen girls pleas to fuck him harder. The sounds turned
the man on even more, but they also scared him. He finally told Tim to
put his cock in his friends mouth to keep him quiet. Tim gladly did as
asked and Jeff got his friend off twice while the man fucked his cunt.The stranger was relieved that he had already cum twice that day. Once
in the morning with a cute little six year old towheaded cocksucker
who lived next door and then earlier with Tim and Jeff's mouths
sharing his manhood. If not for his earlier exploits, he would have
certainly cum within moments of entering Jeff's virgin pussy. It was
just about the tightest he had ever fucked. Even better, the boy had
taken to being fucked as quick as any he'd ever met and now seemed
even more eager to be filled.The kid was pushing back and fucking himself on the man's preteen mpges cock almost
as hard as the man was fucking him. Jeff's insides were nipping at the
head of his cock and the muscles at the stretched opening were
squeezing like a pro."This kid may or may not know it," the man thought, but he is one
talented fuck!"Jeff's deflowering fuck lasted for nearly twenty minutes. His pussy
was beginning to burn from the friction and his cock was
supersensitive from Tim's constant sucking. He began to plead with the
man to cum in his cunt. Those four word, repeated time after time,
finally pushed the man over the edge. He pounded a dozen hard strokes
deep into the kid and then released one of the strongest orgasms of
his life.Volley after volley of cum punched deep into pre teen contortion the lad. Jeff's heart
leapt with pride and joy knowing how much pleasure he had given this
stranger. The man continued to fuck him as he came and Jeff pressed
his small body harder into the adult. The guy finally collapsed american preteens models and
lay gasping over the boy's diminutive form.The guy almost crushed Tim. The lad managed to work himself out from
between the two sweaty bodies. He stood up and looked down at his
friend and his older lover and envied them for the obvious pleasures
they had just shared. Wanting to be part of what the two shared, he
kneeled down behind the man and began licking his ass.After a few moments, Tim's mouth moved down to the guy's hairless
balls and sucked them for a while. As he licked and sucked the smooth
orbs, he heard a soft and wet popping sound. Looking lower still he
saw that the man's cock had slipped out of Jeff's pussy. Tim did not
hesitate or even think. His mouth instantly sought out the wet organ.He took it quickly into his mouth and savored the many flavors. The
taste of mixed of cock and cum was not new and he relished it preteen foot pic
The taste of Jeff's ass was also familiar and he savored it as well.
Best of all of course, was that all three were combined. Tim spent
several minutes cleaning every trace of the fuck from the man's cock.
When that was he clean, he moved to Jeff's pussy and licked up the cum
that had dripped out. He wanted to put his mouth to the stretched hole
and suck out more, but Tim knew he had to leave the man's cum where it
was so Jeff could grow a big cock like his dad and brother.Man and boy lay in preteen panty torrents each other's arms for nearly ten minutes. During
that entire time, Tim's lips and tongue were busy collecting the
residue of their fucking. Finally, the man broke the kiss he and Jeff
had been sharing and tried to stand up. On his first try, the boy
refused to let go not wanting to break the after-fuck magic of their
embrace. On the second try, Jeff let go but the man found his legs
were not ready to support him.On his third try he was finally able to stand and lean with one had
against the tree. As he did, he looked down at Jeff and said, "Son,
that is best fuck preteen schoolgirls pics
I have ever had! I hope loosing your cherry was half
as good for you as taking it brazilian preteens pics was for me."He bent down to kiss the boy and nearly lost his balance again. As he
stumbled, Jeff said, "I don't know what it was like for you, but that
was the best thing I ever felt. Even now I can still feel you inside
my pussy. Will you do it again, please?"The man looked down at the small boy, his freshly fucked naked body
his for the taking and that look of sexual pleading on his face and he
knew he'd never love another child so much. "Son, I wish I could fuck
you constantly for the next five years, preteen nude modles
but your pussy is just too
much for my cock." He reached down and cupped the limp and reddened
hunk of flesh. "It's going to be a while before I'll be able to get
hard again."That said, he took two paces to the left and released a stream of
piss. Both boys watched as it started with a weak trickle and then
quickly grew into a powerful stream. As he pissed the man looked back
at the two lads and saw just how enrapt they seemed to be. Without
shaking the final drips off his cock, he turned back to them. Tim
watched as Jeff did exactly what the man preteen bikinis photos
had hoped. The freshly fucked
boy took the man's cock in one hand and then licked the last few drops
from the still open slit."Son, now preteens model feet that is the way a boy should always treat a cock that has
just fucked his pussy. He should like all the rich cum and ass juices
off like Tim did and then he should clean up any drops of piss that
might not drip away."Jeff's lips softly held the man's cock as he looked up at him. The
stranger read a simple, but satisfying response in those eyes:
"Anytime, sir. Anytime." For his reply, the man released the last
couple ounces of piss he had been holding back and let them flow
directly into Jeff's mouth and down his throat. The boy never even
flinched. He simply kept on smiling preteen vegina photo
up at his adult lover.Jeff barely noticed what the man had done. He also wasn't sure and
certainly didn't care what Tim or the man was thinking. His thoughts
were on the sexy men at home and their big cocks. Most of all he was
making plans to get them to fuck his pussy on a regular basis so he'd
grow the biggest cock in the family.
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