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Related post: Date : bbs early toplist Wed, 06 May 2008 18 18th 56 -0600 From: Brian u003cbsudds Shaw. ca u003e Subject: Benji Chapter 20 disclaimer: If you are under 18 or female to male offense, male or boy No pain, BDSM, S u0026 M either voluntarily or involuntarily. You should leave this web site now. This story is fiction, and is in our future. The year is 2030 AD And the way it is. All names, places or events is purely coincidental. Chapter 20 " All units, this is White Knight. Honor goes to the vertebrae. Run Benji Lightning in 20 minutes. ", said him my name. "Benji said. Colonel White handed the general a great portfolio. " This should help you, sir. Benji is the flash on page 22. " The general turned out the portfolio. " This is the movie bbs unbelievable. Its CEO is raising several plans set all contingencies. Let's see now, Benji flash. Ah ! Here we are. Ok white Knight is General Israel. The black knight, Admiral Cunningham. Green Grocer is the Israeli light artillery. " " The basic plan is simple. With the Marinesbypassing ago. The main force attack in three different directions. Loyal Eddies with two squadrons of hxxp bbs Leopard tanks will be n the center under attack the fire of the cruisers. The first heavy infantry moves to the right to cut the line Sudan supply and prevent the escape of the main part. The second movement the left of the enemy forces so they could not escape to the south. The light artillery supports up whatever it takes heavy infantry battalion group. Swirls moving through the center of force is what the Sudanese forces divided to avoid the fence. However, when young sandra bbs board
the Marines hit back are only two possibilities. You resign or die. " less than two hours later it was over. The Sudanese know what is going on s that results in mass production. The captured soldiers were stripped his weapons, tanks and vehicles. All AA- artillery was captured. injured were taken by air to the Good nubiles bbs portal Hope. All others were ordered n begin walking back to the lines of bbs childsexpics
Sudan, CA. 40 km to the north. We not art rompl bbs have the resources, over 15 Perform 000 people, but we want. The loss of more than 1. 000 tanks and 2. 000 combat vehicles, and other personal weapons be a real coup for the Sudan Armed Forces n. And now, with almost a the sex bbs pussy department feel less than 350 miles from Khartoum, the Sudanese government could dark lolta bbs o need to rethink the invasion of Chad. Especially after I had it. The message on my console of Colonel White said he put all that s needs. To : Commander Brin SADC INTERSECT. The loss of Benton destroyer in the halls of Congress was felt. with a vote in both chambers, the Senate and Congress voted without dissension NorAm has declared unrestricted warfare in Sudan. No wonder, you have the only department on Sudanese soil. NorAm government has decided to lead the International Security Treaty command n to bbs kds ped fuck attack the model angels bbs Sudanese capital, Khartoum. You have the full support of all forces in theater NorAm. Lieutenant Generalral Blake is the link to the full and Intersec the commander of all ground forces, air and naval NorAm. Under the umbrella of the combat zone of the Red Sea. The increased forces at their disposal are the nuclear carrier JFK II, and Pearson. The fifth, 6, 10 and naval assault brigades. The third Armored Division in Germany and the Bomber Fighter Group 22 in Baghdad. God is with you, sir. Although I think that sometimes goes with you. The President of NorAm. As we sat down to enjoy the victory gave me the message to Tom. his eyes is large, bikini image bbs
if you read the part of Lieutenant General. I looked at his two stars , now four stars. " Jesus, what does great ls bbs this mean anything? " " For me, sir, not much. My only concern is the release of all children and girls currently in the slavery, slavery around the world, especially sex. We have a war. Or should I say, Ari has a war to fight. now have all the resources it needs. But I have to return " n " to my needs. general good luck. that bring you mad at me ? " TomHe said. " No, Tom. You do not. Sudan, this sordid affair. Sudan, had to know that n a NorAm was attacking the fleet as an attack on NorAm at home. To sink no destructive, but the punishment was worse. do not like war. is a waste. more innocent deaths are combat soldiers. bbs loi thc Christ, which is 2030 people can not just all together. "\\ \\ n " Carry you who are already battle-hardened division in a theater of war. most child lola models bbs of his troops. at least you will have to pay most of them. " \\ \\ n " I work generally on an old adage. desires peace prepare for war. But make sure that men and women to send in the form of damages, have the best weapons available. and never, ever go vrey young bbs back or return to your word. "n " My original mandate, to come here was at the request of the Sultan of Burundi. was sure that the Sudan attack and occupy Burundi. hc bbs russian your I got a request for intervention. wanted to get off the Sultan, at the end child slavery. for I can deploy a combat brigade to Burundi brought down all their plans. weatSudan, which is not wanted their oil, or irrevelavent. Sudan has a fleet of attack NorAm. He sank a destroyer. killed more than 600 kid porn bbs tgp men. They deserve what they get. But I really want nothing to do it. I have what I want. A bdsm forum bbs
free of Burundi, under the Sultan despicable and his henchmen. And about 3. 000 children free. " " Now Lt. Gen. Blake, Tom, I suggest you do before, what makes a good, very good. I am will, I think I'm good. " For the first time I met him less than 24 hours before Tom stood. Standing ramrod straight. Waved and he said. " command commander of one of the best units I've had in the fight I've seen. You work with a precision unknown in most modern armies is. and seem to have no fear. I'm not sure I could teach respect. Would you accept my orders as simple as taking ? " ", Colonel White. "O " group all commands in 60 minutes in the conference room in my hotel. " " dream girl bbs Yes, sir. " " Benji, Tom, come on. " We walked out into the sunlight. Damn it was hot, hotter still by the foolishness coming and going of helicopters and Ospreys, transportation of children to Hope New. " Tom, I hate to say hello. Not do it again, I'm not your boss, I am s only one man on a mission. A security shy lollita alfa bbs guard turned and greeted me, or maybe Tom. " we spent about 900 men and women who until now", " " Good Keep it up. " we found around and got crazy angels teens bbs
into young girl nude bbs an armored Humvee. " Please, my hotel. " Fifteen minutes later we were in my ice cream cup suite 100 years old whiskey. Benji. " So what 's next for you Brin ? " Asked Tom " questioning the Sultan and the other detainees. " " So what is exactly what you're looking for? " " I want to know where else to work the Sultan of slaves. I want to know , where the boron - Dango is. I want to know where has to work as sex slaves. Benji told me that when he was on board the ship which stopped at many ports and the increasing number of young men. I know where all these ports. " " And then? " " General, Tom,I'm not sure. All I know is that I am this dirty business to an end. " At two in the afternoon all the commanders of combat units arrived at the conference. Tom, Benji and I went to two ten. Each person in the The room stood up and waved. " Relax gentlemen. "Blake said General No one moved, until I told the kids at ease. Sit. " general of Israel! " " Yes, sir. " " with immediate effect. All units of the Third International Brigade Security command under the porn bbs movie forum command of Lt. Gen. Blake NorAm placed Force. All commanders take orders only from him now. Intersections forces are now under contract with NorAm. " " is a unique honor and congratulate General Sir Blake. " " with Ari, they are shown free bd girls bbs
their support and congratulations for the warmth in my heart sir. "Said Tom " Ari, since my last command in the third ( Benji ) Brigade, loosen the eddies Leal. " As a general Mayes rose to pre -test. " I need Geordie. " " Yes, sir. " " If I bbs girl pedo
do not need no more than Tom, I think I'll go now. Take very gud care of bbs boys forums my brigade. I love you all. Give them the support and could over the world. " As he rose to go, has all the room and waved. God, how I loved men. To help you endanger the life for me, to give just one pain in my heart. Tom also was greeted as I left the room. " Let's make love Benji. " " Yes "I said. as a little thought, turned around and all the commanders in the area. " Lords. Tomorrow at 12:00, Benji and I are getting married. I call it is an honor if it were all there. However, if your particular sexual attitude is a conflict would be to raise in your mind. I'm not offended if you say No. The ceremony will be on board the Good Hope II. " I turned around and came out with Benji on my arm. We were almost running to the elevator, if in Missouri " Mo! Benji almost screamed and grabbed him and planted a kiss on the cheek. " Hello Benji Brin war. Just find one you said. , You were in a conference. " " japan nude teen bbs I was, but nothing more. What 's on your mind? " n " can we go asmeplace and discussion. It is very urgent. " Benji heard moaning. " Come up to my room. Unfortunately, Benji. " Once we sat comfortably in the suite. " Brin I hope I have not missed the wedding. I was hoping that might work better man Benji. " " Your happiness is agreed today on board the Good Hope, Captain II Fontaine to toplist pretten bbs marry us. " " Well. Now there is a small log here first I want to go get involved Benji is all you need for tomorrow. " " Why. Why I can not just meet you there ? " bbs pass rate
" is unlucky enough to have sex with your partner before his life for the night before his wedding. " I laughed. " This allows a better man? " " No Mo, but I think we will knock on my door before the end of the day. " " Well, what was so urgent ? " Mon opened his briefcase and put a leather-bound book on the table. " Do you know what ? " " is the general ledger from the palace. " " Yes it is, but do not know what is inside. bbs zeps " ", listing all children who were taken to the palace and itsFinally disposal. " " tells a story, much worse than this Brin. It does, in fact, the entire list children some, but I realize most of them children, aged 9 to 16 also tells what finally happened to them when they leave employment, for want of a better word, and the palace petite angel bbs of the sultan and his guests. goes back almost 10 years. During this period, more than 12 000 children were abducted, brought to Burundi, trained and abused by the Sultan and his men. the , the measure would not have died simply because the rules of Sultans. illegal bbs sex
Thanks to in nude pretten bbs part to a citizen of Burundi, has found a mass virgins girls bbs grave. The child found so far, had their hands tied behind their backs and not a single free elwebs bbs bullet in the skull. The Sultan is a mass murderer. Of those if we have the names of their clients. It's like a chapter of Who's Who of the world's elite. " " So what does that mean anyway. " " Bringing you reach higher levels of some of the major governments of the worldThe inclusion of NorAm. " " In other words, I opened a can of tuna, and found it was a can worms. " " In short, yes. " " What now ? " " By order of the President of NorAm continue tax of all. " " So I love to pursue all the other places to stop lol bbs rompl a slave boy can be used ? " nudist naturist gallery bbs " no. It will take a year, maybe more, we all "The Dirt " we have ensure convictions. " " Do you have the interrogators in the palace yet? Spoken, "he said. " not yet. Chief interrogator told me that this is 1150 days before we have all the information necessary for prosecution. Tell Ari I thank you. For Israeli interrogators. " During our conversation, I had not realized that Benji had left the room. Was now in the use of what he found when he first time in my life. stops and a tattered T- shirt. " Before I married Brin, I must say that child bbs pron the rest of my story. I said I we would say, Mo. " " Are you sure you Benji ? " I said. " Yes, my love. I needu both know everything. Maybe then my heart more comfortable. Maybe then I can begin to heal my heart. " " love well. Give me minutes. I took my laptop and ending his last address we had. " Now that were in a limo on the way to the village. " " Do you remember any ls magazine bbs xxx other brand or name, while at Benji 's car ? " Mon demand n " Just one. a illegal pics bbs forums
sign saying Welcome to Bluegrass Country. What is ranchi bbs post bluegrass ? Know I , the grass is green. " " Kentucky". murmured Mo. " I was in the limo and we went from a walled estate and closed. The sign of the door just say, welcome. We are within the first thing we came to was \\ \\ n was a tall fence with barbed wire on top. We had to stop at a door and wait for for some men to open it. I realized when they opened the doors were locked since the area between the fences. when I looked as we passed double door several large dogs on the fence. Once they were inside the closed gate y dogs were around the area that was blocked hardcore porn bbs
by asentered. As soon as we arrived. I removed the handcuffs and led to of the mansion. As soon as I walked, I met the man I had bought. "You are the youngest child in my stable. Let me help you. " The first time I took to the outside. ", is the dog run? If you try to escape from here have to cross s that the fenced area. I think my dog ​​is always hungry. So you will end up as , a little food for my dogs. "he laughed. " It is very easy to make me happy. Please my guests. If you do not use will be punished. Severely punished. Most of my guests as inflict pain in a young body. No But they are not allowed to harm permanent or permanent. they love to hear a child screaming. I is not. When asked, of course, subject to any investigation. matter fuck mpeg bbs
I requested. Some of my guests like to have my kids drink their urine and eat bbs teen harcore
their shit. When prompted, you will. If you refuse, I will whipped cream. the first 25 bars, after the double. If you continueI refuse to be sex games bbs
my guest requests could decide to feed my dogs. After you cut off teens junior bbs your balls and cooked and ate it in front of you. " all this time we had walked around the villa. We came to a door in the rear of the building. Closed the door and led me down the stairs to a corridor either lit. Was about 12 doors that extend down the hall to on each side. stopped at the door and opened it. " This is your room while you're being here. " Upon entering, I saw that there was a large bed on the tiny child models bbs wall. A table with a chair n. Through another opening was a shower and toilet. Opened another small door. " Here is where you go to sleep. " In the small room was a thick mattress on the floor, a pillow and a roof of a single n. " The bed is only for use by my guests. Kept clean and tidy. After one of my guests have finished having their fun with you, you are going to change of bed and sweeping and washing floors, cleaning toilets. The food will be that at the time specifiedIf you see upon entering the room is not perfect, are you hungry. Get it? " " Yes, sir. " " Well. Now take off. " that quickly all clothing immediately. And defloration in bbs stood naked before him. " Very well. "I said. Then he took his clothes and left the room. I heard the door is locked after he was gone. I looked around my new home. The room was spotless. the floor was white tile, like the walls. the ceiling was all mirrors. in really need to relieve myself, so I went and used the bathroom. memory of what he said I made sure I got to clean it after using the toilet. then I went and lay down on my bbs teens under 16 palette in the small room. short time later I heard the door open. who stood firm in ny waited. All I heard was. " No permanent damage, or never This has allowed back again. " An old man came with a box in his hand. He ignored me completely when s is put on the table, opened it and began to things in Table n place. n " Come hereYoung and standing with legs apart. " I knew, he said. He grabbed my scrotum and wrapped around a thin wire and pulled them tight. When I laughed, cried pain only. Then he took a bar long metal and then put some lube put it on cgiworld bbs board my cock. pushed by 7 ". It did not hurt, but I felt ls bbs girls
weird. This made my cock hard. As soon as hard it was involved in another piece of wire around the base of my cock and pulled it close again. Now the staff that had pain in my dick badly and I saw a thread the blood running from my urine as a whole. She ran her fingers through it and then tested. " Well," he said. " Put your hands on the child's head. " clamps attached to my nipples. Biting hard and drew more blood. He just laughed, as I moaned in pain. He was stroking my balls and then took a long steel needle. He smiled as he pushed one of my balls. Surprisingly, it does not hurt too much. Then he put another in mand other ball. He told me to turn around and bend over. I felt a cold metal object stuck up his ass. " Now go to bed. " He ordered. As soon as I lay in bed, tied my hands and feet in the rings in the ends of the bed. I had now spread eagle on the bed. He picked up a box of f it and put it into the electrical outlet and then came and sat in bed. " You're a very handsome boy Benji. Will have a true joy to be fun with you. Too bad do not let your cock bbs thumbnail gallery
and fry balls. But I think if I did , that I was not able to go back and do again I would, " went on national cable all metal objects, which had placed in me, or depend on me. " I think I'll start with a few hundred volts, for the first time. " is a switch on the box and my whole body tiny toplist bbs seemed to be driven out of bed as my cock, my balls were my ass and the pig forum bbs pics kids in the was reduced most terrible pain I had ever felt. I did, I cried, but could not hear me. I saw in the mirrors laugh while setting a switch or another. The pain went on and on, sometimes my nipples or my balls would be and then hurt his ass and cock. Sometimes only a part. But it bbs i am fool is simply continued, and was always laughing at my pain. suddenly stopped. When I looked at who had the most evil smile on his face that I had seen around the world. I saw him move all the switches to the maximum setting on your electric torture machine. " I changed my mind. I'm too young fry 3d comics porn bbs eggs and cock. So is not able to return bbs 2008 zo6
here, there are other places you can find Young Boys a death to torture. was fun and I'm happy to eat the eggs I after frying. " the next thing I remember waking in a bed in another room. I was the hand handcuffed to the metal head gasket. The Senator entered " Ah, wide awake. I am a little sorry that he had his first session with this bbs ls forum man. Luckily someone monitoring your room, when decided to cook nudist bbs young collection
eggs or I would not talk toYou. He will never be here again and I even did nudist picture bbs all your expenses for me. He really wanted to buy, so quit could do what he had begun. But I accepted his offer. bbs kids porno Once your cured, is back to her room to other customers. The more valuable to me now that you paid. " A few days later it was closed again in my room. In the course of the next I was several months are required to aspire to be fucked, drink urine, eat shit, to be n has the balls whipped cream beaten, pulled boysbbs
my cock young pre post bbs
until I thought I was going to solve the n be. Every two days, a new agony and a new tormentor. sometimes I could not pedo little bbs get a guest and took me out of the room, and whipped up faint from pain. will just go over and over again. According seemed like an eternity fewer people were sent to my room. One day a man came and gave me a couple of cuts and a shirt. " Count on it. He ordered. After I dressed, I was taken to the senator. " Benji You have done well. I have almost 100 of the largeYou. but not attract more customers. Has been used up. Feed instead of just , my dogs, I have a client who is interested in buying, you are getting. " A bell fell on my head and my hands and feet tied. He had done put in a vehicle. Some time later I was aboard a fact plane. The flight was very length. When we landed, it was very cold. was bent only in a van and later transferred to stone cell. in handcuffs were removed and provides a warm blanket covering back and left alone. few hours later released a hooded man outside my house and put a plate of 15 yo nude bbs
food on it and a steel cup s of water. I was so hungry that he ate everything. I stayed in the room n for several days. Then one night, I knew it was night, because there is no the light through the window appeared on the wall of my cell, two men s and cp chill bbs pics
left the cell. was admitted and told to undress and shower. the hot shower did the warmest since that day. later I connected to a platestone in the center of sun bbs incest real a huge room. that s been lit by torches on the walls of the room. I heard singing and After a long line of suits and wearing ski masks appeared to slow in the n camera. The line seemed endless. After spending the entire row around tied me naked on the stone slab. " Brothers, brothers, we are here to save this young devil in it. " " First we have to force the devil. The devil can give pain to others, hates pain, which had given him. therefore, we have arkan kiddy bbs
the strength to force her shit. to beat my brothers, the devil of his young body. Clean. Beat as far as possible from him. hood men came to each one and began to use on the tape until you whip me I almost fainted. stopped and turned me. Since my return was hit again bound on the plate even hurt more. Then they sat for almost an hour or more. not seem to s o matter how I cried and cried, while he beat me. " enough of brothers, bbs angel photos
I feel the devil left him. now Faithed his soul with our seeds. " threw me more or less on his plate and his hands and head in a kind of system the camp. I was bent at the waist. I felt a big cock in the ass of my forced s my mouth to scream as I pushed into my mouth. was forced, sucked and fucked, and seemed like an eternity. I have to have fainted. The next face I saw was a Brin. I was so scared again. I have simply wanted to die. " Benji had his head down, looking neither to me nor Mo. I got up and gently lifted her chin until I could look at him the eyes full of tears. " And now, dear? " " But you know what I have done, how can you still love me? " " Benji was yesterday, in the last year or last bbs russian century. Today is, like me. I always will. his past can not be changed. ever. " I my arms around him when he began to mourn. In the background crying of a past that was completely embarrassed, but could not change. I hugged him n as he screamed. " Benji, Benji, Benji, I always will. You are a part of meright now. I could never stop loving you. " " After tomorrow you'll be my heart and soul. " Then someone knocked on my door. Mo in the raised and answered. Geordie entered " Sorry to bother sir, but I wonder if I could be your best man morning. I love you Lord, and would be a singular honor, if accepted. N "n " What do you think Benji ? "I said. Before responding to the tap water was at my door. Mon opened the door again. Ari entered the n \\ \\ n " Forgive my intrusion, Mr. Brin. Would you use a double wedding morning. I think I like Jacob, Yes, I know, I want to marry marry Jacob. " Benji spoke. " On one condition. You give me is to Jacob Brin \u0026 Brin,. " " a tough business, I am happy to accept. " " I think a toast is in order. "Mo said. After drinks were approved by all sides. Mon stood up and he began to hit another in my room. Damn my house was always free tgp bbs passwords full. Lt. Gen. Thomas Blake type was " hope you Young child bbs do not miss the commander. " " We wereour marriges, Benji and Jacob to come to me, Ari. " " Well, then you will be pleased to know the path of Good Hope, but is guarded by the Sea Assault Brigade IV. In addition, each individual commanders will be bbs girls pussy present. Now, give me a drink and join you. " Mon foot. ", first to Benji. You have all the trials found a true soul keeping friend, I love you and you. And in my good old friend, Ari. I I hope that now you 're begging bbs board naturism the good fortune to find his soul. I think I love all of you. " I'll give you and Benji Brin, Ari, and Jacob. Long life and happiness for you everything. " We all split and then toast our glasses to drink in the soil. "Yes you Mo, but really I have to go? " " Now is full of Benji ? " " Yes. " After Mo and Benji left empty I was elwebbs gallery not with him here. I needed it, even more. I think what I wanted in my bed. No more than I wanted him to always in my bed. So I could bbs russian sex love him and love him, and he could make love to me. Without it, I just feel EMPity. Geordie sensing my mood. He alfasex bbs tgp
came and took me to my feet. " Commander, my friend. " " I'm here for you. Well, tomorrow or next year. Brin brought something gallery bbs xxx back to me I always thought it was buried in my past. I have a confession. I love you. No more than I think you really want. " Before he could continue both Ari and Tom said he left to prepare for the next day ceremony. hug published Geordie and thanked them and went to the door. " Thanks to my friends. " the left and I turned to see the Geordie off. What the hell are you ? Is it " I said. " Quite simply, sir, or I'll be fucked by my best friend and he is wants to fuck me. Either way I win. " I had never seen her naked and Geordie, after he had moved, I had an 8 " thick heavy cock n standing outside his body, well muscled body. " Now go to the strip I have to do it for you. I but that's just two old friends enjoying each other be,n do, but I I have bbs kds models said, one way or another. I have to admit that seeing that hard cock and beautiful body in contact with me. Now, how I can explain what I knew was going to happen to Benji. A hard cock has no conscience. I began to undress. After I was naked Georgy went up and teen forum bbs
kissed me on the mouth. He was a very good kisses while I took the hard hit. " I think I want to suck on that big piece of meat Brin. After that you can put it in the ass. I have to feel inside me, but go slow, is a premiere \\ \\ n for me. " " Geordie are you sure? " " Yes, I think, I have always loved you. I love you more than you know. not only is the pure love of friendship, but love, deep n permeates my soul. I love you and I need Brin. pedo boys bbs child " " How long have we been friends ? " n " Jesus Brin, I can remember, you and I go to a bar when we were both is 16th How many years ago, simply. Or you remember me and my girl gives friend. She is very paleTed, you're screwed. She said no. I could never understand that later, when I was hired to lead the loyal Eddies. You tell me you were gay and that sexual preference was not a problem The command of International Security. I was totally surprised. But I think that that was when I knew I loved you. I guess that deep down I always liked. "N was We are moving in bed, as Geordie was speaking, I was playing with the tail. Was so thick I could not my whole hand around it. I knew that wanted this cock in me. " stop talking. " I pushed him gently back and then his tongue in his mouth. After kissing him for a few minutes I was tongue down his chest, sucking nipples turn, and then slow down to move the huge tail sticking straight up. that my tongue was the crown and then through the center of. his balls were so big that he could draw kid bbs cp only one at a time. As already worked him in her moans grew louder pleasure. which finally fell the monster s Hahnslide into my mouth and let the back of my throat. It was so soft, as a wave of silk. My jaw ached as if I forced the bottom of my throat. Let of her and then forced me to drive deeper into the throat. I not get enough of this cock in my throat was so big. Geordie the end I left him. " Brin were blue from lack of air. " " I do not care, Geordie, I want everyone in my neck and then on my ass. I wishes first this nectar in its dealing with eggs stored and then you have discharged me more. " " If you sure that Brin shit ! " " Yes, Geordie my face and then the shit out of me and my ass. " Geordie grabbed my head and forced his cock in my mouth. I stood there, and then pushed his cock in my throat. He retired and went back. profound. Once more little cuties bbs he retired and joined because I got no head to it. His cock was buried to the neck. My nose was crushed in its path. I stood there awhile, then left and returned in soon, heIt was pulling and pushing his cock inside me. He pointed out again and I his semen tested, his balls erupted. When he began to cum, he pushed hard on my head and pushed his cock and bury deep in my throat while unloading. She hugged me with his cock buried in me until I was spent. My head saw stars when you let go and let me breathe again. " God, it was amazing. " " Yes, it was. He said. that all milk had escaped from my mouth while downloading. I licked my lips wound around the crown of his penis and he writhed as sensations the cause of his tail to expand again. " Now I have Geordie. " " But go slow, my friend, you are russian virgins porn bbs very high. " Geordie turned legs and pushed rompl sven bbs me. Reached out and back a tube of lubricant. I gave it to him. put a generous amount on his cock and then worked longer and in my opening. "done my friend? " " Yes fuck me Geordie. " Geordie took the tip of his huge cock up my anal entrance. Hebegan to exert pressure. The head slid easily. As he is put pressure on the thick meat began to expand my opening at an alarming rate. The pain was so great, I had to close my eyes and cried silently. I swore s not to say a word until it was because of the impression held Georgy and slowly, very slowly, that 4 "diameter cock forced on me. After was totally in it was nn teeny model bbs just there. the pain was indescribable. But the feelings of the s were incredible. could feel his heart beating out of his go cock buried deep inside me. little thai bbs as much as it hurt I wanted him to fuck me now. And fuck me hard. I wanted lola teen young bbs
to split my huge bbs young movies cock wide. " fuck me now, Geordie. child model bbs forums Fuck me hard. Conducts beautiful cock in me. Take drive. " started slowly and went to the head, then again, so my ass for the huge cock plowing my ass used to. " I love you , Brin, but I could later you hate. " then began to drive his cock into me harder, go faster, deeper and deepertooth and nail every child board bbs time, then pull back again and again. faster and faster until it was like a madman, his head tilted back as he drove his cock s in and out of my ass. It took an bbs forums sex hour, then two, however, I took. Again all the way in and out. The sweat of his body very young bbs sex was drops in both, as he continued. It was like a fucking machine. But,O how good it was, did not want to stop. But he did stop, when he went to , and then came over me and I felt his hot sperm is injected into me. Our lips met and he kissed me. I was still in me and what Benji was still hard. " I feel so at peace now Brin, also in you. I am apart of you. " N " I wish I wish. " Pulls Georgy me slowly and stood up. His penis was still stiff pair. I sat and sucked his cock in my mouth enjoying the taste of the both of us. "Bringing it now. I love vombat bbs litle you. Do not think I could ever love anyone else. But you russian tgp bbs Benji. And I do not and will not ever. " "Geordie, whichalways with you. I love you like I love Benji. With Benji, that is another love. But you must remember, everyone loves Benji, including. It's like a young god in his sex teen bbs own way in the new world. He says I am a God, but in reality he is the god, the god of love. " " So what happens now. I love you with all my body and soul Benji married the future? " " When I say Benji, what happened tonight with friends, I guess, Georgy to take you to put on a pedestal. And he asked to be part of your life as well. " " really. " " Geordie. Benji has more vombatbbs love in all the world than anywhere else in the world. I promised to marry him. And I innocent litlle angels bbs will. I said, I need you in the n are meeting today. I need you now more than ever. I've always loved you. I always wanted, and specifically wanted to suck cock, but now I guess I love you too. " " So it was a way to find your dream then. " "No! General Mayes need to Leal and Edmonton Regiment. No celebrate here in Burundi. I tor to fight my war, wherever it takes me. I want the best regiment and the regimental commander, I know best, with I n. " " Sorry, Commander, Brin, I thought it might be a not put me in your love life. I was wrong. And you're the best regiment will support you sir. " " Geordie I have to ask permission from my love before I can invite you to our bed. " " But even if your answer is no, do not think it is, you are little models child bbs
always will be welcome in my bed when he's gone. " " And is not it ? " " not Benji. He knows everybody loves me. Some more than others. " end of Chapter 20 All comments welcome shaw bsudds. About
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