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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 19:23:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mark Wolf
Subject: Budapest - 01Please send your comments to: pdxwolfyahoo.com. I
enjoy reviewing reader feedback on my submissions.
Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic
sexual language and actions between adult males. vlad models forums If
material of this nature offends you, PLEASE
do not read any japanese model sexy
further. Please note that you must
be of legal age, where you live, to read this story.
This is a work of fiction and any similarity between
real people or events is purely coincidental.
Chapter 1 Norbee Arrives
I stood towards the end of the terminal gate as a line
of people filtered through the doorway. The
passengers of the flight from Budapest looked tired
and worn out from their 14 hour trip. I kept nn child model scanning
the crowd looking for my new houseboy. I met him
online several months ago and after many
conversations, flew out to meet him in person spending
a week with the young man. His name is Norbee. He is
a young 17 year old who has lived in Budapest all his
life. It took me months to arrange his visa allowing
him to stay with me here in the United States. As the
crowd began to dwindle, I noticed my blond haired
import lugging a large backpack. He was dressed in
cargo shorts and a couple of oversized t-shirts. He
looked like any other American kid, light tanned skin,
athletic build, around six feet tall with intoxicating
deep blue eyes. When he spoke however, his accent
betrayed his foreign origin.I waved to catch his attention. He quickly broke from
the ranks and came running over, dropping models kidsporn his pack and
embracing me passionately. My name is Mark. I am a
wealthy, successful forty-five year old man. Because
of my age, the majority of the airport patrons assumed
my college son had returned russian models pedo from a long trip abroad.
Though few fathers and sons kiss as we did. dolls models porn "I am so
excited to busty model movies finally be here" Norbee spoke. "I have
missed you since you left Budapest four months ago."
"I have missed you too" I replied. "Now, let's get
down to baggage claim and collect the rest of your
things." We walked down to baggage claim hand in
hand. You couldn't get a bigger smile on Norbee's
sweet face. His perfect white teeth and blemish free
skin displayed his family's good genetics. We
reached the tram and pulled off three large suitcases.
I grabbed two and Norbee grabbed the other, still
carrying his backpack over his shoulders. It took
only a couple bikini pre model
of minutes to reach my H2 in the parking
lot. I have several modeling picture teen cars, but brought the SUV because
I knew he would have a lot of luggage. We packed tweens models photos the
vehicle and were lol teen models soon out of the airport onto the
freeway to home.Norbee looked out of the window viewing the rolling
hills and sporadic barns nextdoor modelsnude that dotted the outskirts of
rural, Wisconsin. I enjoyed the life of a small town,
but still having the advantage of several large
metropolises, including Chicago, just a few hours
away. We also have a major NFL team and numerous
theatres, symphonies and museums to keep the quality
of life high. We eventually drove up to the gates of
my estate. I am an independent consultant with
million dollar income. My estate is on hundred and
four acres filled with gardens, buildings nude canadian models and water
features. The house is a model 16 yo
large 18,000 square feet
stone structure encompassing three floors. Very
impressive looking to visitors, as well as my new
houseboy. As the gates opened and we drove up the
long driveway, Norbee exclaimed, "This is your house!
But you told me you were not rich and lived modestly."
"Well rich is a relative term and I do live modestly
for my income" I said smiling sandra model vid back at him. Norbee
turned to me looking a bit uneasy. "Do I have to
clean and maintain all of this?" he asked. I chuckled
out loud. "No, no. kd models xxx I have a staff to help maintain
the estate. I want to spend time with you. I didn't
bring you here to work petite model audition
from dawn to dusk." There was
a notable look of relief that washed across his cute
face. He smiled back at me and again looked out the
window.I drove up to the front doors of hot female models the house. A man
came out of adult bra models the garages which were further down the
driveway walking towards us. I got out of the SUV as
did Norbee. The man reached the vehicle and said,
"Welcome home sir. I will unload the young man's
luggage and park the car for you". "Thank you Max.
Let me introduce you to Norbee. colombian models nude Norbee this is Max.
He takes care of the grounds and the outside of the
house for me" I said motioning to each of them.
"Pleased to meet you Norbee" Max said page3 models
extending his
hand. Norbee shook his hand, "I am pleased to meet
you also". I motioned Norbee to follow me up the
steps. We walked into the foyer of the house. A
large stone entry with a huge staircase flowing to the
second and third floors. "You probably want to clean
up after your trip, so we can take the house tour
later. I'll show you naked models pictures the bedroom," I said pics naked modells
walking up
the stairs. Norbee followed quietly. He was
obviously overwhelmed by everything that was
happening.We reached the second floor landing and walked down
the hallway to the double doors at the end. I opened
them revealing a very large master bedroom suite.
"This will be our bedroom," I said to Norbee. "Max
will bring all your belongings up and put them away
for you. The bathroom is over here." I pointed to
the dressing area while walking towards that end of
the room. The sleeping area was on the right side of
the young model mpeg room. A large open fireplace was in the center of
the room. Both the bath and dressing areas on the
left behavior engineering model were open to the entire room. There were no
doors anywhere that Norbee could see. He followed me
to the left side of the room naked thai model were he saw the sunken
spa looking out a bay of French doors on to the
terrace. The entire area of this side of the bedroom
was tiled in stone. Against the wall italian nude models was a shower
area pics 16yo model
that had a waterfall asian swimwear model as well as the normal
recognizable shower teens model sexy fixtures, showerhead, spray
nozzles and so forth. I walked over to a panel on the
wall and turned the temperature dial to 82 degrees. I
then turned on both the shower and the waterfall
levers. Norbee's eyes just about popped from their
sockets at the site of cascading water coming down the
wall. "Take as long as you like" I said ls models tgp pointing to
the streams young columbian models of water. "Your clothes should be here models tgp
the time your finished." I started to leave the room
when Norbee asked "Would you stay in here with me?"
His voice was almost pleading. I looked at him with a
puzzled face. "I'm a little uncomfortable being
alone" he said clarifying his reasons. I nodded
smiling and sat in one of the leather chairs next to
the spa.Norbee stripped off his clothes in record time. He
simply stepped out of abercrombie nude models his shoes, not wearing any socks
and pulled off both shirts in one motion. He popped
the button on his cargo shorts letting them fall to
the floor. He wasn't wearing any underwear either.
He stepped over to the waterfall and let the water run
over him. The water caressed his body as he turned
slowly under the stream. And what hot young models a body. His
muscles were toned and well defined, but not bulky or
blocky. The summer sun had turned his body sexy schoolgirl model a light
golden tan except for the area covered by his shorts
which was almost a milky white. The tan lines
emphasized the two round cheeks of his incredible
looking bubble butt. Norbee american teen modeling stepped cute teen models out of the water
and began soaping his teen modell nn
body. The creamy lather slid
down his form erotically giving me an instant hardon.
As he moved his hands from his chest to his teen model avs groin, addison fitzgerald models he
set the soap down and began stroking his cock and
massaging his balls. The attention he was giving his
cock made it swell and grow noticeably. His uncut
cock was soon a nice seven inches fitness model xxx
of hard boy flesh.
He let go of his dick and retrieved the soap camilia teen model again.
He was now running the girl nonude models
bar over those magnificent
white globes of his. He again set down the bar of
soap and with both hands began to massage his butt
cheeks. He ran the soap into his butt crack removing
the sweat that had accumulated over the fourteen-hour
plane ride. I was surprise when he slipped two of nudelivecamsexymodels
finger into his hole and slowly finger fucked himself
while stroking his cock. I thought he was going to
jack 12 yr model off, but after a couple of minutes he removed his
fingers from both his cock and his hole. He stepped
into the waterfall letting the water wash away all the
dirt, sweat and soap to leave him completely clean.Norbee stepped out of the water. He walked over to
the panel and turned off the stream. Leaving his
clothes in a pile on the floor, he walked over to were
I was sitting in the chair. "I see my boy is all
clean now" I said seductively. He put his foot on the
arm of my chair, straddling me, his semi-hard cock a
short distance from my face. "Maybe you teen candid models should check
that I am clean enough!" he said in retort. I brought
my hand bav99 spice model up to his low hanging balls and cupped them
softly. They seemed perfect in form as I rolled them
around with my fingers. The stimulation caused his
cock to once again swell to his hard seven inches. I
looked up into his face seeking those erotic blue
eyes. After making contact, I moved my hand from his
ball sac to his teenage boner. I slowly stroked his
cock pulling the foreskin back and forth over the nice
purple head. preeteen youngmodels legal He was now leaking precum like the
waterfall he just stepped out of. I used the natural
lube he was model galleries giving me, spreading it over the shaft, as
I moved my hand up and down its length. He was
moaning softly, his eyes closed and his tongue licking
his lips. "This boy atk model girl is erotic from head to toe," I
thought to myself. I definitely picked a great
specimen for a houseboy.I stopped stroking using my hand to pull his fahion model foreskin
all the way back exposing his perfect head. I stuck
my tongue out and teen model mouse licked the clear liquid dripping
from the opening. He shuddered at the touch placing a
hand on my head urging me forward. I was planning on
teasing him for a while but, in fact, I wanted to suck
him teenage models photography just as bad as he wanted to be sucked. Without
waiting any longer, I slid my mouth over his cock. I
didn't stop until my nose was firmly nestled in his
soft blond pubic hair. I stayed there impaled on his
boyhood moving my tongue around the underside for evie teen model a
few moments. Norbee starmodels was moaning loudly now and began
to move his hips back and fourth with his cock moving
in and out in long thrusts. "Oh bikini ebony models man, you're a real
good cocksucker. You are going to make me cum so
hard" he said picking up nudism model speed. He was now holding my
head with both of his hands and fucking my mouth with
wild abandon. In a short few minutes, he thrust his
boyhood deep down my throat holding my head tightly
against his groin. He yelled out "I'm cumming. petit nude model I'm
cumming." at the top of his voice. His cock was like
a fire hose, gushing out buckets of creaming hot boy
jiz down my wanting throat. I extreme modeling teen swallowed quickly
ensuring that I received young model exploited
ever drop of the boy's
offering. His grip on my head lessened as he now
lightly stroking my hair as the last few spasms from
his dick jerked in my mouth. perfect nude model I continued to suck on
his cock simply enjoying the feeling of his dick in baby girl model
mouth. He eventually softened and pulled his dick
from my lips. "There is one more place that needs to
be checked" Norbee said taking his foot from the chair
and turning around.Norbee turned his back to me and I now bailey model
had his perfect
ass staring me in the face. He bent over touching his
knees completely exposing his pink bud to my tongue.
Instinctively, I grabbed his butt pulling his cheeks
giving me total access to his hole. The pink bud
smelled of boy and stocking teen models soap, my two favorite things and I
started eating out my houseboy with a passion. My
tongue pushed past his sphincter and darted in and out
of his fuck tunnel. He was moaning loudly again while
pushing back against preeten video model
my intruding tongue. I continued
to eat him out for a long while. The opening to shirley lingerie model his
fuck shoot expanded and loosed under my constant
assault. Without warning, Norbee removed his ass from
my tongue and turned kneeling in front of me. "I
think it's about time to see how well this thing
fits," he said unzipping my fly. He undid my belt and
trouser buttons spreading my pants completely open.
He then pulled down my boxer briefs jojo model to release my
fully hard cock from its confines. "Nice!" was the
only comment he made before he opened his mouth and
engulfed my honey teen model rigid member. Norbee was obviously no
stranger to sucking cock. He easily slid down my
entire twelve thick inches without pausing or gagging
once. It was now my turn to moan as my new houseboy
worked his warm mouth up and down my manhood. His
expertise was quickly bringing my balls to a boil.
Just as I was getting into his great blowjob, he
stopped and pulled off me. He stood and again turned
his backside to me. Placing a orlando bikini models hand on each chair arm,
he began to slowly sit down on my lap. I quickly
grabbed empire paintball models my hard cock positioning it to meet his hot
ass hole.When the head of my privat nude models cut dick touched the warmth of his
bud, I thought I was going to loose it right there.
It was electrifying as the head of my cock pushed past
his opening and enter into the hot tight hole of his
ass. Norbee didn't stop his dissent for a second.
He continued to slide down my pole, impaling himself
on my monster cock, until he had all twelve inches
inside. Once my manhood was firmly and completely up
his butt, Norbee started to grind his ass in my lap
moving himself back and forth. tiny models jewel
At the same time, his
ass muscles squeezed and massaged my member like no
fuck partner I'd ever had before. "This boy is a true
and gifted bottom," I thought. I had sene his ass
many times during the few days I spent in Budapest,
but never got the opportunity to actually fuck him. I
can say now, this fine piece of ass was definitely
worth the wait. My cock was subjected to such intense
feelings I thought I would shoot my load without a
single thrust. But Norbee obviously wanted more
action. He stopped his movements and his butt
squeezed onto my dick like a vise grip. He then
pulled me, with his ass, to the floor until we were in
a doggy position. He then released my dick giving me
the go ahead to start fucking his tight receptive
hole. I wasted no time and starting to fuck him, long
and hard. list of supermodels His tight bubble butt fit my thrusting hips
perfectly. It was like we were made for each other
sexually. I got a nice rhythm going holding his hips
tightly as I rammed a good eight to nine inches of
cock in and out of girl models nn his hot ass. I was harder than I
have ever been in my life. Norbee's ass kacy model 12yo
was like
fucking import model wallpaper heaven, if that were possible. I was sure my
cock had grown at least another inch both in length
and thickness with the intensity he was giving my fuck
pole. Norbee was screaming, "Fuck me, fuck me hard
with that monster. Oh man, your so fucking asus model cg5275
big! famous naked model
my ass with your horse cock." In fact, he was so
entranced by the model teenie
fuck christina model daily session, he never noticed nude muscle models Max,
who had come in and unpacked his 2003 mazda models
luggage into the
closets and dressers. Max was now standing over us as
he asked "will you need me for anything else?" his
voice almost hopeful. Norbee almost fell to the floor
startled by hot elsa model
Max's presence. "No Max. Nothing right
now. Maybe later" I answered as I continued fucking
Norbee's hard muscled ass. Max had a rejected look on
his face as he turned and walked out of the preeteen nu models room.Norbee had lost some of his intensity with Max's
interruption. I didn't have a problem with his
presence as I have fucked Max numerous times during
his employment. In fact, I have fucked everyone on my
staff and still do. Norbee obviously sensed elan boat model the
sexual connection between Max litlle models gallery
and myself. As swet model illegal
pounded his ass, he turned and asked "why do you latina porn model want
me as your houseboy, full nippled models if Max can provide you service?"
confused by the situation. I thought I understood his
confusion and wanted to ensure he knew why I brought
him here to live. "Max is teen models lola an employee, that I have
sex with now and then. I have sex with all my
employees, Max, Jesse my cook and Travis the
housekeeper." "Then why did you want me for your
houseboy?" he asked still confused. I slapped him
hard on the ass and said, "For one thing, they don't
have this incredible bubble butt with a nice, very
tight, hot ass hole." His look didn't improve staci teen models and I
realized that didn't help clarify anything. "Norbee
you are my companion, not my employee. I expect you
to satisfy all my needs, illegal gay models not just my sexual ones, but
my emotional and spiritual ones as well." This answer
brought a smile to his face as he realized his
importance to my life.I had slowed my fucking during our conversation, but
now resumed in full vigor. Norbee was again yelling
his approval. After childmodels free pics another exquisite ten minutes of
thrusting in and out of his hot hole, he suddenly
reared up like a stallion and yelled "Oh fuck!" as he
shot another 273 model number huge load of boy cum all over 18 little model the stone
floor. The spasms of his orgasms made the muscles in
his ass contract tightly around my cock. The feeling
was so intense, I pushed him to the floor and forced
my dick as deep as I could teenage modeling bras
into that tight butt of
his. I let loose a torrent of cum filling him up to
where I was index of nudemodel
sure he could almost taste it. I came for
a good five minutes my cock jerking deep inside his
boy butt. Afterwards, I just lay on top of Norbee
relishing the feeling of my new houseboy around my
needing manhood. In a few short minutes, I heard the
unmistakable sounds of sleep coming from Norbee's
mouth. He was obviously exhausted between the trip,
the excitement of the house nude lola model and the sexual workout
over the last hour. I laid there still buried deep in
my boy's butt, spooning next to him and lightly
stoking his chest and tummy as he slept. I
contemplated my good fortune at finding such a perfect
match halfway around mathematical models examples
the world.End Chapter 1
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