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Related post: Date: Sun, 31 Oct preteen babes free 2004 01:42:06 sweet model preteens -0800
From: Kevin Harness
Subject: A Boy To Remember, Part 8 / EpilogueThe usual disclaimers apply, of course, in that if you are under 18, don't
want to hear/read a relationship story of preteen art hot a man/boy nature, hear explicit
sexual content, or if the province, state, country, etc you are in does not
allow you to view or hear such content, you must leave this site
now. Otherwise, read on. All characters, of course, are portrayed by actors
18 years of age or over, and any character resemblance to any real-life
person or persons is pure accidental and unintentional. =============================================Justin awoke probably two hours or so after he and Michael had finally
fallen asleep, preteen lesbian photographs
mind racing at a thousand miles per hour, yet peaceful at
the same time. He looked over at Michael who was completely and utterly
out like a light, heavy breathing, eyes serenely closed. Justin could only
just shake his head, fairly in disbelief at the run of events that made up
the last couple years of russian kiddy preteen
his life. From his initial meeting with Michael
at the campground some two years before, it had been like a
dream-come-true. He propped up on his elbows next to his older preteen bikini pics lover,
tears beginning to flow, lips european preteen m
quivering....... He couldn't believe someone
loved him this much, was this much of a friend, cared so much about his
very existence, and decided to not only stand by his side for the rest of
life, but also decided that he was special enough to be included in
Michael's life, goals, endeavors, and heart. It totally blew preteen girl destiny
him away, he
felt SO lucky, and so very humbled by the japanese preteen dolls whole thing.He whispered softly to Michael, knowing that preteen girls smoking
on some subconscious level
he'd receive the message, but not wanting to wake him up."Damn, Michael, I love you soooooo much. Thanks for being you, loving me,
and letting preteen incest pix me be with you japan boys preteen for the rest of our lives. There aren't any
words in my vocabulary to even come close to explaining to you what you
did, and what this preteen boys incest
means to me. I love you....."And he lightly preteen model nonnudes kissed Michael's chest and rested his head there, warm tears
still topless preteen dorki sqeezed from his clenched eyes."I love you too, sweetie....." Michael softly said in return.Justin popped his head up in mild surprise, but could only look at Michael
thru watery eyes, lips still quivering, unable to speak.".....and for the record, I feel like the lucky one, although I know we're
both luckier than hell. I've wet preteen cunt got you as my love, so caring, so devoted,
and just about the most beautiful boy I have e-v-e-r had the privilege of
having my eyes come to rest on. I preteen portal voyeur
can't even believe I can czech preteen model
get these words
out, because I am about as broken up on this whole thing about 19 times
worse than you are....."Michael began to sob, horny preteen numbers too. "I love you SO much Justin. And thank y-o-u
for......i dunno........everything...."He pulled Justin's head back to his chest, and they both cried like they'd
been re-united after having been separated for years.It took preteen clit pictures a while for both to simmer down a bit, Michael stroking his
favorite boy's beautiful blonde hair, kissing the top of his head about two
or three thousand times preteen models pubescent
- with Justin nuzzling his love's chest, cooing and
kissing back every so often.Justin propped himself extreme preteen nudes up, and took the back of his hand and lightly
stroked Michael's cheek. The both smiled."So, what brought that on, babes?" Michael asked, with every once of care
in his voice that he preteen rusas
possessed."I i fuck preteens have no idea what you're talking about," Justin smiled impishly.Michael just stuck his tongue out at Justin, and Justin immediately burst
out laughing, followed by Michael doing preteen kinder nymphets the same."I dunno, it wasn't really a 'brought on' thing. It's always been there,
and the more I fell in love, preteen models underground the more committed and intent I was, preteens fucking animals
it just
kept building," Justin tried to explain.Michael smiled, and pulled Justin's head back to his chest, where he again
kissed the top of his head. He loved doing that, and Justin's hair always
smelled like sweet boy + the wind + some other quality that made it about
as erotic and alluring as you could imagine.Justin could smell Michael's skin, a man-smell that made him feel like he'd
come home, was where he should be, and totally safe. He could only shake
his head, and kiss Michael's chest, nuzzle with his nose and cheeks, and
hug tight."We gotta go tell mom tomorrow, uh, well, today," Justin said."Trust me, she already knows," Michael posed, "all we'll be doing is
confirming the obvious and/or the inevitable," he chuckled."Yeah, you're preteen topless movies probably right," Justin conceded, and he smiled. "Cool.""Very," Michael returned.Justin woke up first in the preteen model previews morning, a bit after the sun had come up. He
was sleeping "spoons" with Michael right behind him, arm draped over
Justin. Justin preteen sex shop l-o-v-e-d sleeping this way.Michael stirred.Justin could feel preteen fuck mpegs
Michael's eary morning stiffie pressed loosely against
his bottom, and groaned."You ok, babes?" Michael asked."No, don't feel well at all," Justin preteen cp pix pouted."Wha's'up?""You're too far away," Justin fake pouted again.Michael pressed in close, pressing the shaft of his erect upright penis
into the crack of xxx preteens thongs Justin's beautiful butt, and hugging Justin tightly,
kissing his neck."Better?"Justin smiled and wiggled sexily, "Yeah, I'm all better now. MMMMmmmmmm,"
and he closed his eyes dreamily.Justin reached over to the nightstand, and dispensed from preteens in hose the spigot there
a healthy glob of preteen bambi nonude
lube, and slid his hand beneath the sheet and to his butt
and Michael's engorged cock. The rest he slathered onto his own very erect
boyhood.Michael immediately accomodated, kissing Justin everywhere he could and
entered his boy gently, slowly, and deeply, pressing his abdomen against
Justin's back, and pulling Justin boygay pre teens tight to him."Oh yeah nude preteens angels
baby," Justin breathed.From this angle Michael slid right across german nudist preteen his love's prostate / seminal
vessel with each stroke."Oh holy ........." Justin rolled his eyes, and nearly swallowed preteen daddy xxx
his tongue
from trying to speak while taking a sharp inhale of air from the thrust of
Michael's assault on his love-gland."Oh dammmmmmmmnn," Justin was nearly passing out. Michael gently pushed
away Justin's hand, and took over stroking his boy's turgid cock as he
pulsed inside of Justin, faster and faster, deeper, and deeper.Michael was rapidly losing control, his orgasm screaming ahead at
lightening pace, Justin not far preteen daddy
behind. He began thrusting harder,
pressing his dick in as preteen cunt suckers far as he could and straining with each stroke,
while pacing his jacking off of Justin to each stroke he was delivering.Justin felt like he was fucking himself, being fucked by Michael, fucking
Michael, and could barely think at all, knowing only that every nerve fiber
in his body had been lit and was connected to his loins and that the most
intense orgasm of his life.............was happening NOW...........!Michael slammed in deep and nymphs preteen models
jettisoned volley after volley of hot cum,
Justin spurting nearly uncontrollably and being milked by Michael....Justin pulled Michael's maxwells preteen pussy arm in tight to him, pulling Michael tight against
his back. Michael remained totally hard and inside uncensored preteen preteen
Justin. It was a
moment that would last forever in their minds, and for a while longer here
in the real world."Don't pull away yet," Justin asked quietly, "I.....""I wasn't preteen pedo virgins
goin' nowheres, sweetie," Michael said, kissing Justin's hair."I love it when you preteen horny boys
do that," Justin cooed."I know, me too. Sweetie, your hair is so.... well.... preteen cherry model No big secret, I
like blonde hair, family naturism preteens and yours has like about three different preteen gloryhole kinds of blonde
in it that make it preteen classic nude
just like friggin' beautiful, the way it reflects light,
it bounces so cool-like when you move your head, it always smells like a
spring breeze........""...hey and that's just my hair," Justin played along and squealed
gleefully. "Tell me about the rest of me," grinning from ear to ear.Michael grinned, "The rest of you is equally stunning. But you know the
most stunning thing of all?""What?" Justin dove-tailed right in."That you're my life-partner, and if I hymen preteen video sweet angels preteens
croaked a second from now, I'd would
still have considered myself the luckiest preteens girls wet
man ever."Justin turned slightly, smiling, "Oh you ain't going NOwhere, Mr. Michael.
You're stuck with me.""Hmmm. queen nude preteen Correction, stuck in you," Michael laughed.Justin gently contracted his spincter muscled on Michael's still tense
penis. "Yup, correct," Justin agreed."Hey, let's take a shower and go preteen df toplist
preteen private galleries tell mom, 'k?" Justin asked."Way cool, let's go," and they raced like 7-year olds for the shower.Mom, of course, was elated, and hugged Justin for a long time."I'm so proud of you, honey," she said. "This is my dream come true, for
you.""Thanks mom.""So, lingerie preteens models what of your plans, for school, um, I don't know, whatever," she
asked, making sure that all wasn't being tossed to the wind."Still making plans, mom, little preteen lady but the coolest thing that just happened is,
well, that preteen teenie my support crew just signed bbw preteen porn on for life," he smiled ear to ear,
and looked up at Michael.Michael was all smiles, too. Mom looked up at Michael and moved over and
gave him a big hug, too. "You up to this task?" preteen from brazil she joked, "this guy's a
pretty large handful from time to time," and she winked over at Justin, who
mockingly put his hands on his hips and preteen videos porn looked aghast.Michael cracked up. "To be hard preteens sex
honest, I think so. But what I'm most sure of
is that I love your son more than I thought I had in me, and no obstacle is
going to stand in my or our way of making sure he goes places in this
world. He makes me so happy that preteens swimsuits I can't stop beaches nude preteen smiling, and I'm just
ecstatic about finding ways I preteen password sites can help him, support him, and just be the
best preteen nude boys
life-partner for him that I can possibly be, whatever young preteen moldes that entails."She smiled at Michael, "Nice," and turned to Justin, inviting his response
to her question."Yeah, what he said," Justin clowned, and all preteens nude mpeg three of them burst out
laughing.Mom planned it all, with their reception preteen muscle girls being held at the local park, and
the next thing that Michael remembered was raising a glass as a toast to an
eclectic crowd of he and Justin's friends, some of their relatives, and a
few onlookers who happened by the happy event."Hi everyone, thanks for coming, it's preteen girls breast
a really special day for me. Justin
and I exchanged our vows a while back which consisted of 'Hell Yeah'," he
laughed and the crowd cackled right along with him, "which I'm sure you can
understand. Justin is a stunningly beautiful guy, who preteen naturist event I found to be even
more beautiful inside as he is outside, if that is possible in this
universe. archive preteen sex His level of care and understanding is routinely eye-opening,
and this world is lucky to have him walking on it. Further, his love and
compassion for preteen hard boys me, for his life, and for our mutual involvement with each
other has been, on many occasions, enough to bring nude preteens top tears to my eyes," and
Michael eyes watered up and preteen spanking videos
tears fell, but he continued nonetheless."What started preteen loolita gallery out as a contest on which ice cream was better ended korean preteen model
up with
me knowing I had the best person that this world had to offer, and was the
luckiest man alive. I love him more than words can e-v-e-r describe. And
so," he paused, and raised his glass toward Justin, "thank you, here's to
you sweetie, I love you now, and forever."Justin's face was streaked with tears, too, along with about three-quarters
of the people present, but he and everyone toasted on command.Justin made no voyeur upskirt preteen attempt to wipe his face, but stepped up beside Michael,
glass in hand, and preteen nude book addressed the crowd, too."Hi, I think you probably all know me, or by now figured out that I'm
Justin, the object young banned preteen of Michael's beautiful, insightful, informative,
yet...." and he made preteen model pgp a funny face to preteen photo gallereis which all cracked up, "slightly
in-need-of-correction naked korean preteens speech.""Uh oh," Michael quipped.Everyone cracked up again."Yes, our vows were sealed with 'Hell Yeah'. It preteen naturists free
just seemed appropriate
for the two 7-year olds that we are. I mean, preteen paysite model case in point, we raced preteen model action from
the bedroom, zooming down the hallway, to the shower this morning to see
who could get there first." He paused to let the crowd laugh. "Of course,
I won.""Liar.""So."Michael watched as Justin, with all the expertise of a trained PR man, had
the crowd following his every word."Anyway. The main miss preteen usa boo-boo Michael made in his address was this. He
absolutely can't be the luckiest man alive, because preteens naked free I am. Being a younger,
gay guy, with what I am willing to term 'reasonably good looks', I have
been approached by, wanted by, been sought after by guys all the way from a
little preteen thumbnail model younger than I preteen non nudess
was, real teen preteen to quite a lot older. Lots, many, too many.
Online; in malls; in school; on the streets; in stores. And so I feel I've
gotten a pretty good view of people, at least in their interest of me, if
not also of their general personalities. And I can tell you this: I knew
Michael was different from the first seconds I saw him and talked to him.
And he is, way. When you talk about "care", Michael probably has his
picture next to one of the definitions in the dictionary. I've never felt
anyone care more how I was, how my day went, how my life was going to go,
e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, except for maybe teenart preteen tgp my own mom. But, mom's job was to
get me to a point where I could grow up and have this sort of a
relationship, be able to see it, make it my own, and handle it accordingly.
And that is SO pre teens guestbook easy because of it's Michael that I'm in love with, who I've
pledged to stand by no matter what the hell comes up, forever. Some of you
might have thought forbidden preteen incest
well, this is kinda about an older guy seducing and
taking advantage of a younger guy, and I can tell you now that you might as
well throw that idea away right now. Michael is not now, nor has he ever
been about that. He's the real deal. I've never had a better friend,
lover, confidant, or support group, ever. And so to you Michael, I thank
y-o-u, for being you, for loving me, and for letting me love you as much as
I do."He raised his glass to the crowd so that each and every one of them had
their glasses raised too, then brought his glass down to Michael's level,
and links nude preteens clinked their glasses together."Thank you, Mr. Michael, for oxi preteen nude
our being Life Partners bikini gallery preteen with each other. From
my heart to you: I do S-O love you.........." and he smiled BIG at Michael,
and he and everyone sipped their drinks.Michael sat his drink down and Justin did the same.Michael put his arms around Justin, and conceded, "Ok, well, maybe it was a
tie," and they both cracked up, and kissed.The crowd cheered, and applauded, and it was as though the happy couple had
presented each other with themselves as a gift to the other. Which in a
manner of speaking was exactly what happened.Neither could recall ever having been happier anywhere in their life.And the nice part was, that this was sexy preteens models
just the nonnude preteen magazines
starting point........
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