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If By Chance 6
If By ChanceChapter SixBy NickWarning:This story contains sex between consenting adult males. If reading
such material offends you, close this window. If reading this story and others
like it is illegal where you live, write your congressman."Dennis,
you'll fill yourself up before dinner," my mom scolded me as I set the empty
Coors bottle on the table and waved the waiter over to our table."Judy,
let him be," nude preteen nonude my dad said, rolling his eyes. "He's a big boy. I'm sure he knows
when he's had enough.""Well
he doesn't need to be drinking and driving," my mom countered, shooting my dad
a look of disapproval. "I'm
driving tonight Mrs. Mead," Gerald said politely, nonnude preteen teen a sweet smile spreading over
his face as he addressed her. "I'm preteen sexual fantasies not much of a drinker.""I
wonder how much longer the food's going to take?" my dad griped, looking around
for our waiter. "It seems like it's been forever since we ordered.""Well
the place is packed, Dan," my mom said. "I'm sure they're fuck preteen ass busy in the kitchen."I'll
admit that dinner with my mom and dad doesn't exactly top my list of desired
activities, especially with my boyfriend. But they wanted to meet Gerald, and
to be honest, I was a little excited about showing him off.Of
course, that didn't quell my anxiety about what he was going to think of them.
I warned him in advance that they'd probably make a scene at preteen models latin some point in the
restaurant, but he just laughed it off."I
can't preteen nudist sites wait to meet them," he said with a grin. "If they're anything like you, I
know I'm going to love them.""We'll
see," I said knowingly. "They're loveable people, until you get caught up preteen kids bikini in
one of their fiascos, that is.""They
can't be that bad," he said in a dismissive tone, and all I could do was roll
my eyes in response. Truth
be told, I love spending time with my mom and dad. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm
not out to go on vacation with them, or spend a Friday night with them or
anything like that, but I definitely love our visits. Some people grow older
gracefully, but not my parents. They stay busy, and with the passage of time,
they fail to understand how out of the loop they've fallen since they went pretty preteen upskirts into
actually aren't that old. Well, they're both facing preteen breast images nnude preteen pics sixty in a few years, but
you wouldn't know it by the way they act. My dad's daily runs keep in him
excellent shape, and my feet preteens mom always has some kind of charity event that she's
volunteering to work with. But for some reason, they don't seem to understand
how they can be perceived by those who forums preteen models
don't underage preteen ru know them very well.When
my parents finally got cell phones, they thought they were the most
technologically advanced people in their neighborhood. It was frustrating when
I'd be visiting with them and preteen sweet girls
one of their cell phones would go off. They'd
answer, and for some reason, had this impression that angel pre teen
everyone in the room
wanted to hear them carry on a conversation with the person on the other end of
the line.The
only problem was, neither one of them had a cell phone until 2005.I
didn't have the heart to tell them that they were making spectacles of
themselves, and silently prayed that they weren't being rude out in public with
their newfound toys. Then they both got I-pod Nanos and it started all over
again. They both walked around with those silly wires hanging out of their
ears, trying to look hip as they danced to whatever Barbra Streisand or Barry
Manilow song they'd downloaded from the I-tunes store online. I
do have to admit that sitting at a table inside of Joe's Crab Shack was a much
better place to be than the alternative. Originally, my mom wanted to cook for
us, but my dad immediately put the kibosh on that."Dear,
he wants us to meet his boyfriend,
not give him food poisoning," he said impatiently when she announced that she'd
cook dinner for us."That's
enough out preteen flashing panties of you," she warned him, but I knew she got the message. "We'll preteen russia pics buy
you guys' dinner, then. Where do you want to eat, honey?""Anywhere
you want to go is fine with me," I told her, leaning forward and nude cheerleader preteens giving her a
kiss on the lips to let her know that I appreciated her efforts, even if I did
feel a little insulted by both her and my dad just a few moments before.It's
a funny thing about my parents. No matter what problem I'm facing, I know I can
go to them for preteen nymphets sluts
help. Whether it's for money, emotional support or just some
good advice, I have a place to turn. And after Alana's visit to cute preteen porno
my home over
the weekend, I knew I was in over my head and needed a ebony preteen nn helping hand.I
know I never have to call ahead before I visit my mom and dad, but I do anyway.
Mainly, I do it because they're so active and I never know what pubescent preteens pics they're up to
and when they'll be home. youth preteen nn As soon as I called my dad and said that I needed to
talk to him, though, he told me to come right over, and that's what I did. When
I got there, I spilled my guts. My mom and dad sat by preteen masturbating video while I went on about
Peter, what he tried to make me do, and what I wound up doing. I told them
about my meeting with him at The Waffle House, and what he said. I heard my dad
sigh when model preteen pictures I admitted that I had second thoughts about the meeting but showed up
anyway, and I knew what he was thinking. Still, he verbalized it anyway."Son,
you should have called me when all of this started," he said. "I'll tell you
something else, Dennis. You shouldn't pics models preteen have met him anywhere without a witness.""Honey
you need an attorney," my mom said. preteen cameltoes pics
"You have to worry about protecting
yourself first.""Dennis,
you're mother's young preteenporn right," my dad said. "If you don't do another thing, you need
to tell a lawyer everything you just told us. If nothing else, you need to
cover your ass.""Are
you sure there wasn't anything you preteen little mdel might have noticed before this all
happened?" my mom asked me cutest preteen feet in a cautious tone, and from the look she was kdz porn preteen giving
me, I knew what she so hot preteen really meant. "Mom,
I'm positive," I said defensively, feeling a little attacked, even if it wasn't
intentional on her part. "I'd never do something stupid like that.""Okay
sweetie," she said, resting her undress preteen models hand on my shoulder. "Your father and I don't
think that at all. I just want you to think preteen books
back as erotic nonude preteen
far as you can and be
nothing," I said confidently. "If there were, I'd have done this a long time
you have nothing to worry about, son," my dad said. "I have someone I want you
to see. He's the best compliance attorney in the state. Let me call him and
I'll make sure he takes care of you.""Dad
I can get a lawyer," I scoffed, but he raised his hand to silence preteens gay me."Let
your father make the call," my mom said in an encouraging tone as my dad got up
to walk to the phone. preteen extrem model
"While he's calling, why don't you tell me about Gerald?"And
so it went. While my dad was on the phone, I told my mom all about hot nonude preteens the man in
my life. I told loita young preteen her how I hired him, and how his house had burnt to the ground.
I preteens shock videos
mentioned cgiworld preteen board
that he was staying with me, and that I really felt like I was
falling in love. Then, in a short, subtly placed run on sentence, I mentioned
his age. "Twenty-two?"
my mom exclaimed. "Honey, no offense, but isn't that a tad young?""I'm
not exactly an old man, ma," I reminded her, and she smiled and nodded her head
in agreement."I
understand that, Dennis," she said. "But do you really think it's fair for him
to spend his early twenties in a relationship?""If
that's what he wants, then yes," I countered. "Does
he know what he wants yet?" she asked me pointedly, and I pics nude preteens suddenly found myself
wanting our conversation to end. "Dear,
that's not up to anyone but Dennis and Gerald to decide," my dad cut in,
walking back to the couch with a piece of paper in his preteens pedo incest left hand."I'm
just saying," mom said, but my dad just taboo preteen story
rolled his eyes."Look,
Dr. Ruth," he said sarcastically, giving me a knowing wink. "The boy's in his
thirties now. I think he's a big enough boy to know what's good for him." With
that, my dad gave me the slip of paper in his hand, euro petite preteenies which bore the name of the
attorney he wanted me to call. I preteen junior models listened intently as he explained how he came
to know the man, and what he'd done to protect whistleblowers at NASA in the
past. As it turns out, he had a solid record of keeping those valiant enough to
expose fraud from preteens of bikinis being persecuted, and the more my dad talked about him, the
better I felt about the road I was about to travel down. When
we got out of the car, my mom and dad were waiting. I parked right beside them
and when I got out, I gave them both hugs. Gerald sheepishly made his way
around to my side of the car and looked like he was prepared to shake hands
with my folks.That
was his first mistake.When
my mom preteen boys fucking and dad greet people, unless they're professional indian preteen nudes relations, they almost
never do it with a handshake. No, my mom and dad are devout huggers, and no
sooner had the preteen legal nide thought crossed my mind when my I heard my mom tell him, "We
don't shake hands in this family. We hug."With
that, she wrapped her arms around my boyfriend and hugged him lovingly, as if
she'd known him his entire twenty-two years. When they broke their hug, my dad
was waiting to wrap a friendly arm around his shoulders and give him a firm
squeeze and a smile before releasing him. Gerald was bright red by the time he
found the comfort of my arm around his waist, but he gave no outward appearance
of being uncomfortable. euro preteen tight As we walked up to the entrance of the restaurant, my
mom grabbed my other arm and brought a smile to my face by whispering into my
ear, "He's gorgeous. I think you should keep him." preteen lesbian galleries
the long wait and my dad's griping, there was nothing eventful that happened as
we waited for our food. When it finally came, we ate and talked jovially amongst
each other. Gerald had calmed down around my mom and dad, and as they asked him
questions about chubby model preteen
college, he happily answered them. I managed to chug down three
more beers during supper, bringing about a powerful buzz that only solidified
the need to have Gerald drive home. All in all, though, we had a nice meal and
I was happy to see that my spanked preteen bottoms folks and my boyfriend were getting along. "You
look preteen love erect great babe," Gerald said, planting a kiss on my cheek as we stood side by
side in the mirror. "Are you nervous?""Not
really," I fibbed with a grin that emanated from the touch of his lips on my
skin, even if it was only for a split second. "This is something I always dread
doing, but it happens every year. I guess all nde preteen models I can do preteen angels ls
is get preteen girl swimsuits through pre teen anal the day
and hurry home to you.""I
love you," he said, hardcore preteen underage straightening his tie and examining his complexion closely
in the mirror. preteen nudes pedo "I
love you too sweetie," I said, grabbing his chin and turning his face my way
for a goodbye kiss. "I'll see you at the office today."With
that, he walked me preteens bbs asian to the front door, where my briefcase was waiting. He petite nudist preteen smiled
and handed it to me with one last kiss, sending me on my way to face the board
of directors, who had descended on our area for a day of meetings and
forecasting. It was nothing new for me, but being stuck in a boardroom with a
group of stiffs who talked to Peter, Robin, Alana and I as if we were children
always gave me a sour stomach.It
was definitely always as nudes colombian preteen
bad as I expected it to be, and somehow I knew that
enduring a meeting with the board would be even harder this year because of
what was going on. At least, it was still going on as far as I was concerned.
Peter came back, just like he said he would, and after a long conversation with
Alana, I knew that nothing had changed. As a matter of fact, if anything, my
talk with her only confirmed what I thought, and I was korean preteen at a difficult
you'd like to tender your resignation, I'll accept it right now," she told me
in a matter of fact tone when I relayed my concerns to her. It was almost as if
I were talking to a someone I didn't know, someone I had never met before. I
was sure she had her reasons, but I didn't even want to consider what they
might have been. In
fact, if there was one y preteen models thing I took away preteens pussies from my unplanned meeting with Alana
in my den at home, it was that I needed to watch out for myself. Of course, in
the back of my mind, I knew that I'd have to keep an eye on how they treated
Gerald, too, even if he was completely removed from the situation. They knew about
us, and as long as there was an us, his job was in as much danger as mine.That
just irked me. I mean, here's someone who works his butt off for the company,
and he always volunteers to take work home with him. Of course, I'd never have
it. He punches a clock, and until they make him an exempt, salaried employee
with the handsome compensation package that every preteens nature beach other salaried person in our
office was given, he was not to work preteens nude party off the clock. As a matter of fact, pussy preteen nn no
hourly employee under me would ever be asked to do something like that,It
wouldn't be ethical.I
guess, though, that ethics didn't mean a whole preteen lol galleries
hell of a lot anymore. Not to
Peter links boylove preteen or Alana, or to any of the pthc preteen 50 board members preteen mixe who I preteen zoo movies
would have the displeasure
of interacting with all day. chore pre teen Thinking preteen years nude
about the very first thing I'd be
subjected to, right from the onset, made what was going on in our nude young preteenz
company an
even bigger joke."Peter,
would you like to recite the mission statement this morning?" Alana said, more
than asked. Pete stood up and cleared his throat before starting, and as he
spoke, his preteens galerie
words pieced my eardrums like a sharp knife. forbidden preteen xxx How could he bring
himself to facilitate such a fraud? He preteen porno hard couldn't preteen tgp galleries have believed a word of what he
was saying. The
lines he recited preteen young nude about ethics, and bringing value to our shareholders and honor
to the communities we did business in was a crock, and I knew it. He knew it
too, because he gave me a halfway guilty glance when he was finished, but he
quickly rebounded and smiled smugly at the board members as we all took our
seats. The
meeting adjourned at 4:30, just in time for me to go back to my office, check
my voicemail and email, and shut my PC down so I could go home. I was sick to
my stomach, especially when I considered the nymphet rape preteen
fact that all of my hard work,
reconciling statements and appropriating funds, filing legal forms and sealed
bids on government contracts were all a farce. There was nothing lawful; at
least as far as I was concerned, about the corporation preteen russian vodeo
I loved. Gerald
was already gone, so I made a quick exit. As I walked across the parking lot, I
couldn't help but notice preteen sites uncensored that Alana was standing in the parking preteen model review
lot, talking to
Robin about something. When they spotted me, they got free preteen fuck
quiet, and it was plain
to see that they were talking about me. I just shook my head in disgust and got
in my car. "State
Farm called," Gerald said in a quiet tone as the trees whizzed past us at 50
miles an hour. "They said I can find another place anytime I'm ready."I
shifted uncomfortably in my seat and took a beaches preteen deep breath before I put my foot on
the brake to lesbian preteen movies apply a little bit of pressure as we approached an upcoming
stoplight. I'd been waiting for this moment for weeks, wondering what would
happen when the fateful call finally came from Gerald's insurance adjuster. I
tried not to let it show, but I really didn't want him to go. I turned to smile
at him, but I knew he could see the despair in my eyes.I
had to say something."You
know, you don't have to go if you don't want to," I mumbled, realizing only
after the words escaped my mouth how it sounded coming out, so I reached over
and took his hand, then I corrected myself. "I'd really like it if you stayed,
that, I brought photos preteen pussy Gerald's hand up to my lips and kissed it as child nymphet preteen hard as I could. I
felt his grip loosen and let it go, and as I did, he brought it to my cheek and
brushed away a single tear that fell before he scooted closer to me and hooked
my right arm with his left , then he rested his angel preteen pics
head on my shoulder.The
light turned green again, and as we drove into town, the sense of dread I was
feeling only a moment before drained from my body and I pondered the
possibility of finding new ways to show Gerald just preteenz young pussy
how much preteen super stars I loved him.
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