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Related post: to furnish them with a fallacious ar^ment. The question is not one of well-trained accoucheurs versus ill-trained midwives but of untrained ver- sus trained midwives. From 50 to 75 per cent, of labors in this country are attended by midwives — in most cases because the fee of a medical man cannot be afforded. Puerperal fever is often spread by these ignorant and untrained midwives. With official training and supervision this could easily be prevented. As to alleged danger from the incapacity of midwives to recognize serious complications, the answer is : Trained midwives are much more competent to do so than untrained Sir William MacCormac and Mr. Frederick Treves have been entertained at a banquet by their fellow members of the Reform Club on their re- turn from the South African War. Lord Rose- berry presided and the Lord Chief Justice and many well-known politicians attended. The Colchicine 0.6mg Tablets chairman proposed the health of the guests in a characteristicspeech. He referredto theservicesof Sir William MacCormac in the Franco-German War which first brought him into prominence and to the sacrifice of these two distinguished sur- geons who, without a second thought, at the call of the government, left their great practices to superintend the surgical arrangements of the army. In a war in which there was so much di- versity of opinion, absolute and enthusiastic unan- imity existed on one point and on one point only — that the medical service was perfect. In his reply Brand Name For Colchicine Sir William MacCormac said that at the battle of Colenso in consequence of the adverse conditions under which the British forces fought, their losses amounted to 1 140, while those of the Boers were 5 killed and 25 wounded. He knew t{iis on good authority. The latter occupied an almost impregnable position which was shelled for two days. For every looo shells the Boer losses were only 12 killed and 40 wounded. Such was the result of modem improved guns I The injuries from rifle-bullets were mild and less de- structive than he had ever seen before. Injuries from artillery were comparatively few. Mr. Treves said that there never had been a cam- paign in which the horrors of war were so miti- gated by surgical aid. There were two plagues in South Africa— Where Can I Buy Colchicine flies and women. The latter were an absolute terror. Having exhausted every form of excitement they came out in the guise of amateur nurses and were to be seen at Cape Town and other places gaily dressed and giving picnics. Considering the war in which the country was engaged this was a blot on the campaign. In the current number of his Archives of Sur- gery Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson puts forward a very ingenious and fascinating hypothesis on the subject of genius. It is not, perhaps, generally known that in addition to his encyclopedic knowl- edge of the whole field of medicine, Generic Name For Colchicine he possesses a minute acquaintance with biology in general and with the allied or subsidiary sciences of geol- ogy, anthropology, and history. The hypothesis to which I have referred is a characteristic prod- uct of his subtle intellect; it is at once a daring and original hypothesis and a carefully made de- duction. One of his patients has a head remark- ably like that of Shakespeare. He at once asked him whether he was of Warwickshire family. The patient Colchicine Tablets For Gout was, his ancestors having lived for many generations in Warwick, and he was of strongly pronounced literary tastes and abilities. Mr. Hutchinson had previously written a paper on the remarkable production of genius in the vicinity of Shakespeare's birthplace. 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