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Related post: The eventrated intestines are next replac»l. Then a long fenestrated rubber drain-tube is carried through the base of the mesentery, curved on it- self along each side of the vertebral column and passes over the colon through a secondary open- ing in each flank. Other drains are carried through the lateral incisions into each iliac fossa and through the original median approach to the environments of the liver, stomach and spleen. Under continuous current of salt solution to drive out the air the incisions are narrowed by layer Bentyl Inhaler sutures as much as possible. Bentyl Online The potency of all the tubes is tested. Copious dressings are now applied and the patient put to bed with head and trunk elevated to promote gravitation of the exudate downward to the drains. Then a thor- ough flushing out of all the tubes with 1000-1500 c.c. of warm salt solution was done two or three times daily, attaining cleanliness, stimulating peri- stalsis, promoting defecation, and preventing col- lapse. The results quoted are all good. Upon the cadaver irrigation through similarly arranged tubes with colored fluid was shown to be for- reaching and efficacious. Bacteriology of the Oall-Bladder. — Dr. L. voo Mieczkowski {^fitt. ans den Grenz. der Med. «, Chir., 1900, p. 307) says that he has established the fact that in healthy animals the contents of the healthy gall-bladder, hepatic and cystic ducts are usually sterile, while those of the distal, i. e., in- testinal, end of the common bile-duct are very corrunonly infected from the cavity of the duo- denum. In man he has confined his observations to the gall-bladder during laparotomies. Here he finds sterility always present in health and even in cases of cholelithiasis not associated with inflammatory complications. The reaction of the bile was commonly feebly alkaline or neutral. He also found that fresh human bile is only im- perfectly germicidal, permitting the staphylococ- cus pyogenes to proliferate rapidly and the bacil- lus coli communis almost unhindered. The normal sterility of the gall-bladder contents and of the proximal ducts may be explained by the force and direction of the flow, which sweeps back into the intestine any germs which Buy Cheap Bentyl may tend to in- vade more than the distal end of the common duct. When bile stasis in disease occurs, this cleansing current is stofqied and germs promptly invade the proximal ducts and the bladder, espe- cially the bacillus coli. Such cases of cholelithiasis as are sterile may be explained by the pour- ing out of sterilizing fluids into the bladder dur- ing the acute stage, which either totally or par-. I r- tially destroy the bacteria. Experiments wittf 66o MEDICAL PROGRESS. [Medical Uewi. animals also showed that fatal peritonitis oc- curred more often when the contents of the in- fected bladder were thick and imperfectly ab- sorbable than when thin and more readily taken up by the lymphatics. Tannopin. — There is Bentyl Injection a great advantage in ctxn- bining tannin with other compounds which allow it to pass the stomach unaltered, but the effect ' heightened if at the same time an antiseptic is set free. Tannopin or tannon, a combination of tannin with urotropin, is one of the most reliable of this group according to E. Doemberger {Munch, med. Woch., April 3, 1900). Small children take doses of 7.5 grains without dominal discomfort or other undesirable symp- toms. It is necessary to continue the drug some time after the acute or chronic diarrhea has aba- ted to guard against relapses. The only disadvan- tage is the expense. Cause of Xerosis ConjnnotiTfe. — It has recently become the prevailing opinion that xerosis and keratomalacia are bacterial affections; a view supported by the fact that numerous micro-or- ganisms have been isolated from the conjunc- tiva. M. Radziejewski ( Therap. Monatshft., .A.pril, 1900), however, thinks that the primary lesion is due to a nutritional disturbance which creates a locus minoris resistentia and thus ex- plains the bacterial flora found. There generally is no uniformity as to the number and variety of bacteria present ; thus in addition to the xero- sis bacillus, streptococci, staphylococci, pneumo- cocci and others have been encountered. As to treatment, in addition to tonics, frequent irriga- tions with chlorine water, hot poultices and the application of iodoform are recommended, with later the continued massage with yellow oxide of mercury ointment. Itrol in Diseftsei of the Skin. — Not only in gonorrheal and other venereal troubles has this citric acid salt of silver given evidence of its therapeutic value, but also in affections of the skin is its worth highly lauded by O. Werler {Wien. klin. Rundschau, April i, 1900). The methods of application of itrol are the following; (i) In a solution of 1-10,000 up to 1-4000 for wet dressings, irrigations, etc.; {2) in powder form; (3) as itroltalcum in one-half to five per cent strength; (4) in vaseline up to a strength of two per cent; (5) in pencil form in one to Bentyl Rxlist two per cent, strength, mixed with ol. cacao in a base of cera alba. Itrol answered in all cases where an antiseptic and disinfecting medium was called for. It acted in a mild, but efficient manner and was entirely harmless to the patient. No irrita- tion of the skin followed its use. No idiosyn- crasy for the remedy was discovered in any of the patients. It is only necessary to begin the use
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