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Related post: Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:12:04 +0000
From: Douglas DD DD
Subject: The Boys of Lady Lex Chapter 28Welcome back for another chapter. Of course you've all been wondering what
Douglas's decision was going to be. The decision will reveal a lot about
Douglas. What Douglas sees will also profoundly affect Ben. Ben left with
with a dilemma. I hope I battled out of it okay. Read and enjoy. The Boys of the Lady Lex
Chapter 28
Written By Douglas DD and Benjamin TC
EarthBen's fate was in Douglas's hands. If he walks over and opens the door,
Kiran lives and Ben's life goes on as normal. If he leaves the door closed
he will always have the memory of Ben in his heart. He had no idea how he
got sent to the past, or even if he would be returned to his present. What
if I never go back to the Lady Lex, he thought. What would be my best
decision then, because who is to say I'm even going back. Thinking about it
in those terms, there was no doubt in his mind what his decision was going
to be. Ben had been unhappy for over a week. He had nightmares. He had been
unfairly convicted in what was obviously the accidental death of his friend.
Ben had given up and Douglas very simply couldn't stand to see 12year girl
his love like
that. He needed to act, and act quickly.He left the protection of the trees he had been hiding behind and headed for
the door. His decision had been made. Kiran would live and Ben would be
free.The "Wonder Boy"Everything in the "Wonder Boy" looked normal, except that Douglas nude girls 13years pics was gone.
Ben felt momentary panic. Somehow all the shimmering and distortion he had
seen had taken Douglas from him. He looked out of the view screen and once
again saw the stars distort followed by what looked like the outline of a
starship, but the vision was so fast he couldn't swear that was what he had
seen. He walked over to the control panel to pick up the commlink and call
the bridge when he became distracted by someone coming through the hatch of
the "Wonder Boy"."Andrew?""No. It's Trev.""What are you doing here, Trev?""I'm your other twin brother, remember?"Ben felt a jolt of guilt. Andrew had been the one to get his attention over
Trev almost from the moment the dead body of Kiran had been found. Trevor
had been the distant one, the cool one, the one who didn't need anybody. On
the Lady Lex it as almost as if they didn't know each other as Trev
maintained his distance, and even when he did make contact with Ben, it was
still as if he was a stranger saying hello. Andrew had been the teens porno 14 years
emotional one, and was also the one who had recovered from the shock and
grief of Kiran's death better than any of them. Andrew had 14 years porno videos found himself a
friend, no a Boyfriend, quickly and had adjusted to life on the Lady Lex
better than either he or Trevor had. Ben knew that without Douglas he would
have been lost long ago."Sorry, Trev. I'm really truly sorry."Trev sat on the two person seat Ben and Douglas had put together, but said
nothing. Ben picked up the teen mpeg 16 year phone again and called the bridge. Ian Brothers,
who was on duty as cadet communications officer answered."Bridge.""This is Ben. I need to talk to an officer.""They're busy.""This is an emergency.""They're busy with an emergency. Do you want to talk to Mike?""I'll 15 years girl nudism talk to anybody as long as it's now!"Mike came on the line and asked Ben what the 16 years teen porn
problem was. Ben little teens 12 years told him
Douglas had disappeared into some kind of distortion."Shit. Okay, we're having all kinds of problems here. I'll give this to
Captain Storm. I'll get back to you as quick as I can.'"Damn it, Mike, Douglas has disappeared! Don't put me in some fucking line!
I need to talk to somebody now!""I'll do what I can, Ben," Mike said calmly. "This is all pretty scary. I'll
do what I can."Ben clicked off the comm, not at all happy with how things were playing out.
What had happened to Douglas? Did anybody on the bridge even care? What were
all those distortions? He didn't like the fact that Douglas's disappearance
had just been something that was put on somebody's list.He turned to Trevor, who looked as lonely and lost as he'd ever seen him."What can I do for you, Trev?" Ben sad next to him. Trev edged away from
him, making sure they didn't touch."Nothing.""Must be something or you wouldn't have come here,""You're too worried about Douglas to talk to me."Ben reached out to give Trev a hug, but Trev pulled back even more."I teen 15 years xxx always have time for you, Trev.""That's a lie. You don't even like me.""I love you, Trev. You're my brother.""You said that before and it didn't mean nothing then. I asked why you
didn't like me and you just said I love you Trev. It's all bullshit."Ben sat next to Trevor, staring out 16 years porno sexsy into space, wondering what was going on.
Wondering why he couldn't shake Kiran out of his head. Wondering why he had
dragged Douglas into here for a week when Douglas should have been doing his
job. Wondering why he was always so damned selfish. Wondering where Douglas
had gone. Wondering why Trev though he didn't like him and wondering why
life was so damned fucked up!"You can't answer me can you?"Ben was still silent. Trev started to get up. "I better go. I know I'm not
wanted here."Ben looked at Trev, his eyes pleading. "Don't go Trev. I want you to stay."Trev sat. He started fighting tears, tears he did not want his big brother
to see, the same kind of tears he could see his big brother fighting for the
same reason - that he didn't want his brother to see him vulnerable."Why aren't you on the bridge?" Trev porno girls 15 years
asked."I don't deserve to be. I was responsible for letting an naked 12 years girl
innocent boy die."Trev then wandered up a path Douglas hadn't taken, because Douglas was still
young and naive enough to think that love meant doing everything he could to
keep his lover happy, even if it meant nurturing his lover's unhappiness.
But Trevor had an ornery 14 years pics porno
streak in him, and that, coupled with the deep love
he had for his brother that he couldn't admit to himself and a quick temper
that often got him shooting at the mouth, sent him up the different path."That is bullshit! That is so much bullshit! It wasn't our fault I don't
care what all those courts say! We never meant to hurt him! You gonna just
spend the rest of your life here feeling sorry for yourself! Just sit on
your ass thinking how shitty it all is?"Ben could feel his own temper rising. Trev had no business talking to him
like that. Trev hadn't said ten words to him in the last month, and now he
was telling him how he was supposed to think."It's not like that," Ben said defensively."Yes it is. Kiran was my bestest friend in the world. I love him. He was
taken from me and now I'm here but I'm not sitting on my ass doing nothing
for the rest of my life. I'm the 14 year naked Hawke. Kiran's gonna live in the Hawke
because the Hawke is awesome. And what are you? You're just a 16years girl sex pics crybaby
sitting with your boyfriend who lets you do what you want so you can feel
sorry for yourself until you die.""You never cried when Kiran died. Andrew and I did.""Big fucking deal! I didn't cry. I got mad. I got pissed. I don't have to
cry. I don't have to cry. I don't, I don't, I don't.""Yes, you do."Trev took a photos 13 years nude deep breath, but he couldn't start the tears from trickling down
his cheeks. "I did cry. I cried with, with," he took another breath," with
somebody I want to be like.""Who?""I can't say. Now I want to cry with somebody I love.""Who would that be?""You." Trev buried his head into Ben's chest, and for the second time let
the sobs come out, hard, uncontrolled, full of emotion, guilt, and even
love.Ben held his brother tightly to his chest. Trevor, who seemed so year girl artistic pre
above it
all, yet was so vulnerable. He let Trevor's tears dampen his shirt as his
own tears fell on his brother's head.He fought back a sob and said, "Do you know why I like you, Trevor?""You don't like me. You don't even like yourself!" His body shook with
emotion."Yes, I do. You know why?""Why?""Because you love me enough to tell me what I needed to hear, even if I
wasn't going to like it. You love me enough to love me even when I treat you
like you're not even my brother." Then Trev's words came back to him,
lighting up his brain. "You don't even like yourself.""Trev, I 13 year olds nudes like you because you like, no make that you love, me, even when I
don't love myself. You love me, Douglas loves me. Andrew loves me. Maybe
it's time I started liking and loving me again.""You do like me?" Trev asked."I like you. I love you. Kiran's gone. He's dead. Maybe it's time for some
of us to live." He kissed Trevor on the forehead, looking at his tear
stained face. "Thanks, brother.""For ukraine nude 12 years
what?""For being my brother. For being my friend. Let's see if we can help bring
Douglas back.""How?""I have an idea. I don't know anything about what happened, but I do know
this. We can't bring him back by leaving the spot where he disappeared. We
have to go back."The boys cleaned their tear-streaked faces. Ben straightened his uniform.
There were some things he needed to take care of. Starting with his uncle.
He wondered if he would be welcomed on the bridge.The "Orion""It's not that far away, Richie," Todd said as he sat in the chair teens 12 years gratis in front
of the metal desk that occupied most of Rich's office. As cadet CO he got an
office, a desk, and a cadet to help him with his paperwork."Quit calling me Richie.""You used to love it when I called you Richie. You loved it when I used to
fuck you, to dominate you. You couldn't get enough of my calling out Richie
as I to make you scream by fucking you so hard. You loved having me
humiliate you, having me top you in every way imaginable." Todd gave Rich a
leer and continued, with a fake note of sadness to his voice. "And now you
say I can't call you Richie?""Shut up.""The job's really teens porn 17 years gotten to you, hasn't it? You used to be so pleasant to be
around. I used to love you, Richie. Hell, in some deep down way I still do
love you.""I don't want to talk about this. Get down to business or get out, Todd.""When's the last time you had sex, Richie? Was it the last time with me?
When was that? Right at the start of our junior year before you decided you
were going to be an ambitious puke and be the CO instead of me? So you could
show me who the dominate one really was? Is that the last time Richie?
Because if that's true, it's been a long long time.""Knock it off.""Still the same old Richie, aren't you? Still wanting to be dominated by me,
even if it's in your own office and you don't have the cajones to kick my
ass out.""I've been busy. I don't have time for sex."Todd leaned over the desk. "Tell me Richie, do you think of me when you jerk
off? Do you think of me tying you up and fucking your brains out? Do you?
Admit it, Richie.""Look, Todd, those days are over. The only reason I haven't' kicked you out
is that we have work to do.""Uh huh. Whatever you say, Richie. But you know what? Just like it's always
been between us. You got to kiss ass and get what you want. And I end up
with all the power. Interesting how that works isn't it.""I'm tired of your act, Todd. I used to love it. It's not that way anymore.""If you ever want reminding 16years old pussy
of how it used to be, you know where my cabin
is." On junior academy ships the CO and the XO had their own cabins. Captain
Hatcher wasn't yet ready to accord that privilege to Johnny and Mike on the
Lady Lex."Look, let's just get down to business, okay?"Todd grinned that infuriating grin that Rich both hated and loved at the
same time. That grin that said, I gotcha. "Like I said, it's only a few more
days naked 14 year girls
until we have our practice round against the Lady Lex.""We were lucky to draw her. She's weak. They're not a team. This will be a
cakewalk for us. It's girl 13 years porn a ship of losers.""They handled the little initiation you planned pretty well." Rich had been
the CO in charge of the invasion of the Lady Lex."This will be a big confidence builder, Todd. We're in a situation where we
can't lose.""I agree that we'll probably kick their ass. But our ships do have something
in common.""What's that?""We've never competed as a ship in Olympic type competition.""So? The `Orion' is the best of the best. The `Lexington' is made up of
losers who have never won at anything and never will.""Think about this, Richie." Rich winced once again as he heard the familiar
name he had only let Todd use. "You know we're going to kick their ass. I
know we're going to kick their ass. Everybody on the `Orion" knows we'll
kick their ass. rusia year pedo sex Hell, every junior academy ship in the fleet knows it,
including the Lady Lex herself, knows the Lady Lex is going cuties 14 years to get her ass
kicked.""Then I don't see what the problem is, Todd.""The problem is this Richie, the CO who is so caught up in success and
kissing ass he doesn't know where his dick is hanging, when that competition
is done we're going to think our shit doesn't stink. And they're going to be
just good enough and motivated enough that they will actually think they can
compete three months down the line.""Even with three more months they haven't had the years of training most of
us have had. Even the new upper level students like Mark Hatcher have had a
lot of the training we got in the junior academy. Three months of training
won't defeat years of training.""You missed one of my key words, Richie.""That word being...?""Motivation. We, meaning all of the junior academy ships, have everything to
lose and little to gain by beating up on the Lady Lex. They have nothing to
lose and everything to gain by beating us. My point is let's hope we 14 years naked girls kick
ass but remember we could end up getting bitten in the ass later. Maybe we
don't want to show them out best. Kind of hide our hand. Let them think
they're better than they are. Then show our hand come the Olympics.""I don't agree. What we want to do is humiliate them. Rub their noses in who
they are. Knock them down and don't let them back up. Make them so afraid of
the Olympics, they won't even want to show up.""You're wrong, Richie. And I hope fuck joung 16 years to God you don't get your nose rubbed in
it."Todd stood up and opened the office door. "Hey, Todd.""Yes, Richie.""When's the last time you had sex?""Yesterday. You see, Richie, I know how to live, Richie. Maybe you should
try it sometime."The BridgeThe door hissed as Ben walked on to the bridge with a look of determination
on his face. The flurry of activity was far beyond the normal hustle and
bustle of the bridge. A few heads turned when Ben walked in. Some reacted,
some didn't to Ben's presence.Captain Hatcher was in his chair looking over printouts and talking to Ely
Storm. Mike saw nude 17years
Ben come in and walked over to meet him."You ready to take over the helm?""Not yet."Johnny was in the cadet's CO chair. "He still sexy 14 years girls needs more crying time," he
said.Mike glared at him. sex pics 15 years
"This isn't the time, Johnny.""It never is," he grumbled.Ben walked up to Captain Hatcher. Ely, seeing the look on Ben's face stepped
aside. "Uncle Steve, I need to talk to you."Hatcher glared at him. "You know you don't call me that here, Ben.""Sorry. I forgot. I need so talk to you.""There's no time for that, Ben. Don't you understand we're in red alert?""This has to do with that. Please Uncl..er...Captain. I think I know some
things. And we have to get Douglas.""Not now, Ben!""Yes! Now! You need to hear this!""Nobody talks to me like that, cadet!""Uncle Steve. Please?""Five minutes. That's all you get. Five minutes. Change to yellow alert.""Cadet Cooper, you have the conn.""Me?""Unless you've changed your name, cadet.""But we're in red alert." Cadets could not command under red alert
conditions."Wake up cadet, or can't you make out yellow? But we're now dead in space.
I don't think you can do much harm you can do in 14 years sex pics
five minutes, cadet, and
Commander Creevy can always bail you out. After all she is a charter member
of your 16 years fan club." He shot Creevy a glance and went briskly to his ready
room, with Ben trailing him."What is so all-fired important Cadet Collins that you break the rule we
agreed you wouldn't break?""And what rule was that?""Calling me Uncle Steve.""That was your rule, not mine.""We don't have time to argue it now, our time is short. What do you want?"Ben jumped a bit at the Captain's curtness, but he held his ground. "Two
things, sir." He decided to make this as formal as he could."And what would they be?""First, we need to go back to where Douglas disappeared so we can get him
back again.""How do you know that would get him back? You don't know anything about what
we just went through.""I know enough to know we can't get Douglas back if we're not in the same
spot we were before.""Douglas is lost for good, old year porno foto Ben."Ben could feel his blood rising as he fought to control his 15years pedo temper. "Have
you told his father that?""After this crisis is over he will find out.""And you're going to tell him you did nothing to bring him back?""He'll understand.""Like hell he will! Um...Sir.""That's enough Cadet Collins. You're dismissed!""Maybe Cadet Collins is dismissed, but your nephew Ben isn't.""I don't have time for this, Ben."Ben dove right in before he could be stopped again. "Uncle Steve, ever since
the `Wonder Boy' almost got shot out of space you haven't been our captain.
Oh, you've sat in the Captain's chair and taken up space and given orders
but everybody can tell you don't have your heart in thirteen year nudes art it. If you did, we'd go
back to find Douglas. Instead you're just happy to sit here and not 14-16 years teen porn
decisions and not pedo 7 years old take risks and not go back for a lost crew member that
maybe you could rescue. You've gotten scared to take risks and to command
and we all know it and it hurts us, Uncle Steve.""You mean the kind of choice you've been 13 year teen pussy
making the last week or so, Ben?"
Hatcher asked with surprising gentleness."I was wrong. I was wrong to do that. I got into myself and what I did and I
took Douglas right with me. I was wrong just like you are wrong. You've got
to be our Captain. Everybody knows you're doing nothing about Douglas and
everybody is waiting for you to give the order to go back. You know it just
like I know it. I mean I know I don't know you that well because you've
always been in space, but dad says you're the best captain in the fleet and
now all you do is sit on your ass in your chair and look at printouts 14 year porn pic
hope you don't have to do anything.""Ben....""I was on the `Wonder Boy' too, you know. Right there with Mark and Jessie.
I was going to be killed teen 16 years porn right with them. Uncle Steve you made the right
decision. We got lucky somebody caught Captain Storm's mistake, but from
what you know you made the right decision." Ben was fighting back tears. "I
would've died, Uncle Steve, but you did the right thing. Like you have to do
the 14 years porn pics right thing now!"Steven Hatcher looked at his nephew with a mixture of horror, surprise, and
respect. Mark would never had dared talk to him like that. Jessie pretty
much didn't talk to him at all, though he could see some similarities
between Jesse and his cousin. Jessie was beginning to show the same
feistiness Ben was displaying. As much as he wanted to think otherwise, and
as 15 year teens xxx
much as he would never teen 14 years fotos
admit 14 year pictures hymen it out loud, Ben was right. He had been
hiding. He had been unwilling to lead. After what happened with Jay, and
after what had almost happened with the "Wonder nudes girls 15 years Boy" 14 years foto girl he could feel his
confidence in his leadership ebb away, as he could tell was happening with
Eli. The Lady Lex didn't need two has-beens. What it needed was leaders
ready to give their all to the boys they had committed to. It was time to
step it up.Without acknowledging Ben was right he simply said, "Finding that worm hole
won't be easy."Ben let his 12year defloration
breath out. It was as if he hadn't taken a breath since he
stepped into the ready room. "I know. But I think I can find it. It's like I
have a picture of it in my mind. It has to be in almost the same place.""You have to touch it without entering it. And we have to do it before it
closes. Some of the wormholes were closing as we found them. It may already
be gone.""I know that, too Was Gary at the helm then?""Yes he was. I will put Kalon Masters there for this.""Uncle...er..Sir, I think I should be at the helm.""Sorry, Ben. This needs somebody experienced. We're lucky girlr young 14year ped to have Kalon.
He's the best pilot in the fleet. This maneuver will need his experience.""Sir, I know I can do it. Kalon says I'm a natural. And I know exactly what
I'm looking for. He'd have to guess at the wormhole. When I see it I'll know
it. We can't be guessing. I'm good enough to do it." Ben spoke with a
confidence and authority he hadn't felt in a long time. He free 16 years blowjob hadn't rid
himself of his demons, but for the moment, at sweet nude 15 year least, he could live with
them. He needed to bring Douglas back. "One more thing, sir.""What's that, cadet?""I think we get back into warp space I'll be able to feel Douglas. I don't
know why I think that, but I do. I think there were all kinds of things
coming through that wormhole and it's what made me feel the way I felt.""If that's the case, Ben, when we go back into 12 year gallery nude warp space those same feeling
may overwhelm you again.""I know that. I think I know what caused how I felt." But not completely, he
thought to himself-the nightmares had been with him since the day Kiran
died. But since they hit warp every emotion had been magnified somehow. He
was only going to sit with Douglas in the "Wonder Boy" for a day to recover
his senses. Instead he was hit with such an overwhelming sense of defeat he
couldn't even function. He didn't know if it was because they were our of
warp, or because of Trev's loving talk, or because he had to have Douglas
back, but while the emotions were still there, the sense of defeat was gone.
"I know I can fight it. And on top of that, I'll be feeling Douglas through
there, too. I'm the person who has to be at the helm.""And you're sure you're good enough?""I know I am, sir. 13 year pussy I'm the best pilot on the Lady Lex. Someday I want to be
a helmsman in the SFA. I want to be the best there is, like Kalon.""I don't see you as an SFA helmsman, Ben."Ben's heart sank nude 12-year old gallery at the comment. "You don't?""No. I see you as a captain. Now let's take care of business."Ben beamed as he followed Captain Steven Hatcher back to the bridge.Desert PlanetMatt looked at the stump that had been Jake Master's hand."Aye, lad, it isn't pretty," Jake said. "Jake Masters now has something
personal at stake here. It was for money. Now it's revenge. Earth and Kriton
must go to war, and Kriton must go down.""That's why you kidnapped me isn't it?""Aye. 14 years old foto And your father has been most cooperative. Most cooperative."He remembered the last communication he had sent to the now newly appointed
Ambassador to Kriton. "All trade talks with the Kritons must be stalled. And
the Peace Conference must be sabotaged." Ambassador Talon had been the power
on Kriton, but Matt's father had been the brains, the negotiator. Now, as
the official Ambassador, he was had the power, the power to destroy any
budding relations between Kriton and Earth. The final line was merely a
reminder. "Your son will be perfectly safe and happy until you've done your
job.""I want to see him again," Matt said."Once he's done what Jake Masters wants.""I miss him.""I 16 years old fucking know lad. And I'm sincerely sorry. It's business you know. Strictly
business. I like you lad. I like you very much.""What's going to happen to your hand?""I'll get a new one. The doctors have already started it. Amazing what
modern medicine toples 16 year olds can do. But it doesn't stop Jake Masters from being angry."
Jake smiled at Matt. "You want Jake to stay. lad?"Matt flopped down on his bed, wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts.
He was tired of staying here. He missed his family. He missed the parties.
He missed his friends. He missed Tim and all the things they did together.
But he also wanted Jake. He wanted his big hairy cock in his ass. He wanted
his hard hairy body close to him in bed. He wanted Jake to like him. He toppless 14year 16year
a crush on Jake that he couldn't shake. Matt had never heard of the
Stockholm Syndrome, where hostages ended up identifying with their captors,
but he was very much a victim of it, and at age 12 it was easy for him to
fall into the trap.He wanted Jake to let him go, to return him home. He hated Jake for keeping
him here. He wanted Jake in his bed fucking him hard. He loved Jake for
loving him."Well, lad? You haven't had Jake in your bed for awhile. You ready to find
out what you've been missing?"Matt gave Jake as neutral a look as he could. "No. I want to be alone right
now.""So be it, lad. You knows where Jake is if you wants him." Jake, the
infamous smuggler, was many things, some good, but yuong cunt 14 year most bad. But he also had
his own standards of 12 years porno image integrity. He would never force himself on somebody. He
walked out of Matt's room, full of desire, but willing to let the boy have
the solitude he wanted.EarthDouglas skirted along the side of the field, heading for the bunker. He
wasn't sure why he didn't just go directly to the bunker, but something told
him he shouldn't be seen. Maybe it was because he didn't belong there. He
walked in behind some bushes that were maybe a 100 meters from the door to
the bunker.His mind was spinning. He knew he was doing the right thing for Ben. Kiran
would be let out the door; Ben, Andrew, and Trevor would come back and find
him pissed off but alive, and Ben's life would go on as it should. Yet,
questions kept running through his head. Was it his destiny to meet Ben?
What would happen to him once he changed the past? Would he just disappear
and his life end? Even if he didn't change the past, would he even return to
the Lady Lex? Was he doomed to be stuck here in this time? And if he was,
would he end up meeting himself as well as Ben? He knew if he stayed behind
this bush trying to 10 year old nudes sort out the answers he would be paralyzed by
indecision. 13 year old amateurs The 13 years nacked girls time to act was now or he would never be able to do it.Just as he was about to move, he heard voices. He stopped and watched as two
men approached from the other side. They looked to be xxx 10 year pussy
in their twenties or
thirties and were a bit on the scruffy side. One was tall and lean and had
long dirty brown hair and a faded red baseball cap on. The other was
shorter, a bit on the stout side, with thinning blond hair. They 14 years porn both wore
jackets and jeans."I thought those kids would never leave," the tall one said."I only saw three of them go," the short one said. "Where's the fourth?""Went home, I guess." Then both of them and Douglas heard the shouting start
up again from behind the door. "Or maybe not. Sounds like somebody is stuck
in there.""Look, we gotta get the goods to Cassiday by tonight. We can't keep waiting
for these kids to clear out. It's get it now or lose out on a big payday.""Look. It's one kid. It's not like we've let something like that stop us
before."What's going on, Douglas thought? Who are these guys?The tall one pulled a 14year nude big bandanna out of his pocket. "This should do the
trick, don't ya think, Max?"Douglas looked on in horror. Oh my God! I have to stop them.The BridgeCaptain Hatcher and Ben strode back onto the bride with a purpose. Both Ely
Storm and Commander Creevy noticed a spring in his step that had been
missing for awhile."Navigator. Set a course for the wormholes. Captain Storm prepare to put us
back in warp space.""The worm holes? Sir, we can't go back there. We know nothing about what
went on back there. We lost one crew member already.""Our intention is to get that crew member back, Captain Storm, and to do it
before that hole closes. "Ely fought down a smile. This was the Steven Hatcher he knew and loved
serving under."Do you want me to take the helm, sir?" Kalon Masters asked."No. I want Cadet Collins at the helm?"Kalon smiled inside. Yes!"Are we going to red alert, captain?" Commander Creevy asked. Regulations
required a regular preeteen pics 14 year crew member man all command stations during a red alert."No. We stay at yellow."Ben approached the helm, which was being manned by Gary. Gary got up, but
Ben sat at the second chair. "Hang with me, Gary. You deserve to be here."
Gary took the seat next to Ben. Kalon stood behind the helm, taking it all
in, wondering what, exactly, was going on.Ben reached for his dark glasses, but they weren't in their accustomed spot.
Gary smiled and grabbed something from under the second chair console. He
handed Ben his dark glasses and his CD. Ben popped into 14 year old twinks the CD player, but
heard nothing."The music is too much of a distraction. They drown out naked 12 year pic orders," Commander
Creevy said from her XO's chair."And sometimes music is a necessary part of the mission," Captain Hatcher
said as he flicked a switch on his console and "Flying" started to blare
over the bridge's PA system. Hatcher quickly cranked the volume down.
"Within young 10 years porno limits, of course."Ben fought off his grin. This was his station. This was where he belonged.
And he was back. He brought the ship to the proper course and Hatcher gave
the order to engage the warp drive. Ben felt the ripple effect as the Lady
Lex headed into warp space. Right away he was glad he had kept Gary next to
him and that Kalon Masters was behind him. He had been instructed that the
feel of the helm was different in warp drive, and now he was experiencing it
first hand free porn 18 years without any practice. He felt a momentary bolt of panic shoot
through him. He had said he could do this. But was he right? However, with
some quick help from Gary and Kalon he got a feel for the helm, and his
training and instincts took over. Ben was a born pilot, and it didn't take
long for his talent to take over and for him to become one with the helm and
the huge starship he was guiding.As they traveled through warp space seeking out the worm holes, Ben could
feel his mood shifting. He could feel the doubts coming back. He could sense
Kiran's fear. He could feel the guilt well up inside him again. He could
sense his own fear and self-hatred. But just as he was ready to tear off his
glasses and scream, "I can't do this!" he also felt Douglas's love in the
mix. That was all he needed to recover. The two feelings convinced him that
the anomaly was still open. There was a chance to bring Douglas back."I see the wormholes," Scooter said. As cadet science officer he was working
side by side with Commander Hollis, the science officer. Ben checked his own
readouts and could see their formation now that Scooter had pointed them
out. Wormholes weren't' unusual in warp space. They were a hazard, but once
the hazard had been discovered in the early days of warp travel, early
detection had pretty much neutralized the danger. These wormholes were
different, however, in that there were a large number of them in the same
space. Usually they 12years pussy pics were a rare, isolated phenomena. But the biggest
difference was the time anomaly Douglas had fallen into. No SFA ship had
ever encountered something like it before. Captain Hatcher could only hope
that Douglas had the sense to do nothing, fearing any tampering with the
time-space continuum would have disastrous results.Ely, Scooter, and Hollis hovered over the science instruments as Ben
approached the wormholes with caution."That's strange," Scooter said. "Some of the holes have closed. But there
are six new ones there, too. They've opened since we were here last.""We've made some calculations," Commander Hollis announced. "We feel that 15years babys porn to
duplicate what happened previously, the Lady Lex must pass close to the time
anomaly, but with only the `Wonder Boy' touching it. No other part of the
ship can touch it."Captain Hatcher thought about what Commander Hollis had just said. 14-15 year naked girls
It would
take a combination of precise navigation, precise engineering, and precise
piloting to naked girls 13 years
accomplish their mission. He looked around at the faces on the
bridge, both those of the teenage cadets and the seasoned SFA veterans. And
God help us if any of those factors are wrong, he thought..The Kriton FleetGeneral Elihu winced as he learned he had lost yet another vessel. Two in
two hours. He would need to bring the maneuvers 14year girls sex
to a stop until the problem
was figured out. The wormholes they created would be kept in place. This was
a key jumping off place on the invasion route, but one of the wormholes
apparently wasn't stable. Until they could figure out which one it 14 years girls porno
was and
either eliminate it or stabilize it he couldn't risk losing more ships.He hated relying on his Admiral friend, but he needed him. He knew that he
needed the excuse of the trade talks being stalled, and more importantly the
peace treaty talks collapsing, to give him the excuse of the invasion. Not
that he truly needed an excuse, but it would be much easier to solidify his
position with the high council behind him.What the good Admiral Whitaker had in mind, a tense standoff that would
increase the size of their respective fleets and the power of both of them
wasn't going to happen, however.Elihu paced his war room and thought through the present situation to
himself. Whitaker thinks he had the fleet and the power for a standoff, and
in 13 year old pornpictures a sense he's right. The difference between them is going to be the
wormholes, once our scientists get the rogue wormhole stabilized. It may
take a few more months, because when the next full test happened he would be
completely sure of the wormholes. He had been assured they were ready after
some minor test. Obviously they were not. But when they were, Admiral
Whitaker 14 year preeten
will have unknowingly opened the door to Earth for him.KritonAmbassador Bergen read the e-mail in front of him of what seemed the
hundredth time. He wanted his son back. He wasn't sure if he could pay teen 14 years
price. He didn't want his son growing up in a galaxy threatened by war, yet
he did want his son to have the opportunity to grow up. Oh, Matt, he
thought. I know I haven't always been there for you. I know I all too often
put my career ahead of you, but I love you. You're my son. You're only
twelve, and I promise that WHEN I get you back I will be the father you
deserve.The e-mail reminded him of his duties to slow down the trade talks and
sabotage the upcoming peace conference. It had a huge reminder not to
discuss the situation with anybody. It reminded him russian girls 16 years there were spies on his
staff who knew just about his every move, and it contained evidence to
verify that fact. But it was time to take a gamble. He couldn't sit and let
other forced determine the fate of Earth and of his son.He dialed a code into the lock of his satchel. He pulled a small box-like
device out which he hooked into his computer. It had been given to him by a
one-time attaché of the Ambassador to Planet Lucifer when he was stationed
there. They had become friends, and he had helped her out of a tough
situation. Just before she was whisked off Lucifer for Earth, she gave him
the device and told him to use it until the situation became so desperate
there was no other way 8 year sex porn out of it. He took it, figuring that situation would
never xxxnude 13 year old arrive for member of the diplomatic corps. He was wrong. The time had
arrived. The device was good for one use only. It would direct one e-mail to a
secret mailbox. After this many years, he wasn't even certain the mailbox
existed. He did know that the e-mail he sent would be undetectable.He stared at his screen and started typing. "Dear Myrna: I have the
unsolvable dilemma you gave me this address for. My son Matt.........." He
finished it and hit send. He had no idea what would happen at the other end,
but at least he had done something at his end.EngineeringEly Storm had left the bridge and gone down to engineering. He wanted to be
at the big consoles to do plot the precision work he would need to do with
the warp drive. The sixteen year old nudists bridge instruments were good for tracking and
controlling normal operations, but not for the kind of precise maneuvering
the Lady Lex would need to do in order to make contact with the anomaly
properly.I've showed my age twice, now, he thought. I almost destroyed the "Wonder
Boy" with my miscalculation, and 16 year old hardcoreporn
I threw the wrong switch as we went into
warp for the first time. Why do I think I can handle something is
complicated as this? The boy at the helm. Ben. He was on the "Wonder Boy".
He is up there depending on me being in tune with his every move. He's
fourteen. Too young to be doing something like this. But then, I'm too old.
Between the two of us how can we help not messing this up? And yet there's
my old friend Steven Hatcher, strutting on the bridge like he was still the
captain of the "Excalibur." If Ben Collins and Captain Hatcher could reach
back and find new energy and life, then maybe he could too, if only for the
few minutes necessary to perform the delicate maneuver.Ely put his headphones on to connect him to the 12 years fuck pictures bridge. He liked having the
headphones for communication because they blocked out distractions, and for
what was going to come up, distractions were something he didn't need.Ryan and Jesse went quietly about their business, following Ensign Anderson
around as well as other members of the engineering crew. But all eyes were
on Ely Storm, wondering if the man who was once the top engineer in the SFA
fleet had it in him to help put the Lady Lex where she needed to be.The BridgeBen had gotten used to the warp handling. The difference between the touch
of the helm in standard space and warp space was not nearly as great as the
difference had been with the "Wonder Boy". The Lady Lex slipped under the
wormholes. It would need to be flown in the opposite direction to get the
"Wonder Boy", which was berthed on the port side, into the proper part of
the anomaly. Ben had the urge to perform a Quinlan Loop, a maneuver Kalon
Masters had taught him on the "Wonder Boy" to bring the Lady Lex into
position. He knew he couldn't do it; the big starship was build for the
strain of that kind of maneuver, but it was tempting, because it would
certainly get them lined up quicker if he did it.Once again a wave of depression crashed over him as he heard Kiran's voice
speaking to him. "Ben, Ben, Ben, help me Ben!" I can't help you Kiran. I
can't. I killed you. I'm sorry. "I need to get away from here," Ben muttered
out loud, his eyes starting 13 years fuck nude to glaze over. Gary looked over at him, his
hands poised to take control of the helm.He felt a hand shake him. It was Kalon. Ben shook his head and returned his
concentration on the console in front of him. Kalon bent down and whispered
in his ear, "Shake it off. Focus. Concentrate. You can do this." Ben focused
on his music and on bringing the starship through a long looping turn.
Another feeling hit him. This time it was a rush of love. It was Douglas. It
had to be. Somehow he was connected to Kiran. He could feel feelings rushing
at him from both. Once again, he shook his head, putting his concentration
totally into piloting the Lady Lex. Kiran, Douglas, it made no difference
now. He knew there was only one way to bring his love back, and that for him
to succeed. For him to succeed he had to focus on his job and nothing else.Scooter was reading out numbers he and Commander Hollis were getting from
the computer and hentai 15 year old their calculators. Ben fed the information into the helm as
down in engineering Eli fed them into the engineering console. The speed and
position of the Lady Lex had to be as close to the previous pass as they
could make it.Ben looked into the view screen. He could see the wormholes clearly now, as
well as the shimmer of the anomaly. He focused on the anomaly."Two minutes to contact," Scooter said in a monotone. "BEN BEN BEN HELP ME!
HELP ME!" "No! Don't. I have to stop them. I have to!" The voices and
feeling became stronger as the Lady Lex approached the anomaly. Ben blocked
it all out, focused his mind as it had never been focused before. He
silently thanked his experience as a baseball catcher, his coaches teaching
him how to focus on a game, a pitcher, a pitch. His mind was on one thing,
the shimmer in front of him. But unlike baseball, there was no room for a
mistake.EarthThe two men pulled the latch on the bunker door and pulled it open. Kiran
came staggering out, saw the two men, and attempted to bolt. But the shorter
man had a strong grip on his arm."Ben, Ben, Ben, help me Ben!" Kiran screamed before the man covered his
mouth with the bandanna."No! Don't. I have to stop them. I have to!" Douglas started to move from
behind the bush. The overall effect of his actions meant nothing to him at
all now. All he knew was he had to save the boy, had to save Ben, had to
keep somebody from dying. It was time to act!The BridgeBen was totally focused four things. The shimmer in front of him, the
numbers Scooter was feeding him, and the controls in his hands, and the
music playing through the bridge. He heard the one minute mark, he eased up
slightly on the speed, knowing they were flirting with dropping out of warp
space, knowing if they did they would have to start over, knowing deep in
his brain that this chance was going to be their only chance, knowing if he
hit the anomaly wrong he ran the risk of damaging or even destroying the
Lady Lex. He pulled the ship slightly to port, looking at the diagram of the
port side of the Lady Lex. He could see the anomaly showing up on the
diagram as he eased the Lady Lex into it. It was important the "Wonder Boy",
poking out from the side of the starship as it rested in its berth, be the
only part of the Lady Lex to hit the anomaly. Miss it and he would have to
loop around again, running the risk of the hole closing. Get too much of it
and the results could be disastrous.EarthDouglas ran out from behind the bushes, quickly covering the yards between
him, the two men, and Kiran. The shorter man was trying to drag Kiran back
into the bunker, smothering him with the bandanna. Kiran struggled and gave
a muffled grunt. but he was no match for the two men. Douglas didn't know if
he would be either, especially has he ran out in full view without a weapon.
He didn't care. He had to do the right thing, and the right thing meant
trying to save the boy's life.Max's hand fell from Kiran's face. "It's one of the kids.""Ben! Ben! It's you!" Kiran yelled, noting the similarity in size between
the two boys, but in his panic not realizing the boy dashing across the
field wasn't Ben.The Bridge"Ben! Ben! It's you!" screamed in Ben's head. No it's not! Ben said to
himself and shut the voice out. Douglas is all that counts now. He gave his
control another tug. This was it. He was less than thirty seconds away. He
looked at his panel. Every number had to be right. Every move had to be
right. Another tug to port. Another change in speed. He looked at the
diagram. At the numbers. The speed was off a notch. Come on Ely, match what
I want. Speed it up.EngineeringEly saw the effects of Ben's commands to the helm on his instrument panel.
For the most part all he had to do is make sure those numbers matched what
his calculations said they should be. The connection between the helm and
the warp drive was not totally automatic, but for the most part the commands
Ben gave the helm went directly to the warp drive.He saw two numbers that didn't match, waited for them to automatically
adjust, and realized they weren't going to. The ship was going just a tad
too slowly. He needed to do a manual adjustment. He looked at his won
calculations and pushed on his own control. There was not enough time to
double check his calculation, and if he was wrong like had been all too
often lately, the all the work of the young helmsman would mean nothing. He
had just doomed him and perhaps the entire crew of the Lady Lex.The BridgeBen saw the numbers adjust. Excellent, he thought. Way to girls 14 years nudes go Eli. Fifteen
seconds.EarthMax slapped the bandanna back over Kiran's mouth and dragged him into the
bunker. His partner waited for the boy running toward him. He pulled out a
laser pistol, and pointed it at Douglas. He looked through the scope, saw it
was aimed perfectly and 13-17 year old nudes prepared to fire.Douglas saw the man pull out the pistol, raise it, and point it at him."Shit! Shit! I'm doomed! I'm dead!"At the same moment he felt another flood of emotion. A flood of love. A
message that said, "I'm coming for you, Douglas," in a voice that could only
be Ben's.The BridgeThe "Wonder Boy" and the entire port side within five decks of her had been
cleared. Nobody knew what to except when contact was made with the anomaly,
but everybody knew they didn't want to lose yet another crew member to the
mysterious shimmer.Ben checked his diagram, his numbers, his diagram. He felt as if he and the
Lady Lex were one, they were connected, that he could almost think the huge
starship into doing whatever he wanted it to do. The "Wonder Boy" touched
the anomaly. The diagram flashed and went blank.EarthThe tall man was ready to pull the trigger when suddenly the boy and
everything around him shimmered. The man pulled the trigger at the wavy
figure of the boy. The laser beam shot out of the pistol right on target,
but it passed through the spot the boy had been. The background solidified
again, but the boy was gone.The "Wonder Boy"Douglas staggered, coughed, and fell right into a leather seat. He looked
around, wondering where he was. His mind started to clear up and he realized
he was on the "Wonder Boy." He was back! He was home! A wave of relief
rushed through him. That was followed by an almost equal wave of depression.
But he'd failed. He hadn't saved the boy. He hadn't save Kiran.He wondered where Ben was. Ben had been sitting right here when he had been
whisked into the past, but now the "Wonder sexy 13 years old
Boy" was empty and silent. He got
up from the chair. He had to find Ben. He had to tell him what really
happened.The BridgeThe Lady Lex passed the anomaly. The diagram lit back up. The "Wonder Boy"
was still there. But was Douglas there? Ian was already trying to contact
the "Wonder Boy", but Ben knew that the shuttle had been powered down."Uncle...er...captain, can Gary take the helm. Can I leave the bridge?" Ben
was forgetting formalities. He had to find Douglas. He had to see if the
maneuver worked."Permission granted, Cadet Collins."Ben took off his glasses and dropped them on the console. Before Captain
Hatcher could kill the music and before Gary could touch the controls of the
helm, Ben was off the bridge.Steven Hatcher breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever Ben found as he left the
bridge, he had teens 13 years sex made sex 16 year nude the right decision. A command decision. The Lady Lex was
once again his.Then he thought about his nephew. Watch out, Kalon Masters. It won't be long
and the pupil will be surpassing the teacher. It was hard to believe the boy
was a 14 year old rookie cadet. Steven Hatcher had rarely seen a starship
piloted was such precision and delicacy.EngineeringEly Storm took his headphones off. He'd been right. His engineering
calculations had been perfect. He knew they'd made perfect contact exactly
as planned. He might be old, but he wasn't dead yet. He smiled a rueful
smile. But sometimes it feels damned close.The only question was, had Douglas been returned to them? That question
would be answered soon. All he knew at the moment was he and Stephen Hatcher
had been redeemed. They'd been as good as at any time in their careers.The "Wonder Boy"Ben willed the turbo elevator to go faster. He exited on deck six and
literally flew down the corridors of the Lady Lex. He turned a corner and
almost crashed head-on into Douglas, sending them both crashing to the
floor. Before either one could say anything they each saw who they had
collided with."DOUGLAS!" Ben screamed as he smothered his japan porn 15years boyfriend with kisses. "You're
back! You're back!"Douglas planted a big kiss on Ben. "You did it! I know you did it! I could
feel you coming for me.""Never mind that. You're safe. That's all the counts. What happened? Where
did you go?"Douglas's demeanor suddenly sobered as the two boys picked themselves up off
the deck. Ben put his hand under Ben's chin. "Let's go back on the `Wonder
Boy'."Ben wondered what had suddenly changed the mood of his boyfriend. He took
his hand, squeezed it three times, their secret signal for "I love you" and
went with him to the "Wonder Boy", pleased when Douglas gave him three
return squeezes.They sat on the seat of the "Wonder Boy" where they had spent so much quiet
time over the past few days."I don't need to be here any more," Ben said. 15year fuck porn
"I'm free of that. I'm the
helmsman again. That doesn't mean I'm free of the nightmares and guilt, but
I can do what I need to, again.""You brought the Lady Lex back for me, didn't you?""Yeah. But like I said, we can talk about that later. What happened to you?""Ben. I went back into the past. I think I know why you were getting so
depressed since we entered warp space, because you see that anomaly linked
you to....""...it linked me to Kiran.""Yeah. How did you know?""I don't know. It just made sense. All the guilt feelings I already had for
being responsible for my friend's death got bigger and deeper. It had to be
something. It was like the feelings of both of linked us to Kiran through
that wormhole."Douglas put his hand on Ben's shoulder with a warm, gentle, loving touch and
said quietly, but forcefully, "Ben, you didn't kill Kiran.""I didn't? Of course I did. I was there. Don't start with that, Douglas. I
killed him just as sure as I'm sitting here with him. I'm getting over the
feelings...."Douglas cut him off. "Ben, I mean what I said. Word for word. You didn't
kill him."Douglas grabbed Ben by the shoulder and told him what had happened. Ben
listened with rapt attention. He couldn't believe what he was hearing."Don't you see, Ben? Everybody was so sure that closing that door caused
Kiran to die of suffocation. Nobody looked any deeper than that. But you
said yourself you didn't understand how Kiran could have used up the air
that quickly, even in that musty, closed bunker. Well, he didn't. He was
killed. But not by you. Ben, you, Trevor, and 13 year old girlssex Andrew are free. You didn't
kill your friend.""But we still locked him in that bunker he isn't killed. We're still
responsible.""Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is how can you figure on something like that
happening? You were kids playing. You were going to come back. What you did
wasn't what killed Kiran." Douglas thought for a moment, and then went on.
"I don't know anything about fate and destiny. I'm just a kid. But I know I
wasn't able to do a thing to save him. If you hadn't touched the anomaly
when you did I would have been killed, too. Maybe what happened was meant to
be. It's all too confusing. All I know is, I love you, Ben."Ben fought off the nudes 10 years old tears. A load was coming off his shoulders. He couldn't
wait to tell his brothers. Now they could mourn properly; a mourning not
full of guilt, but nude 15years girl boys nude 15 years
full of love.The BridgeSteven Hatcher turned off his comm switch. Ben Collins had just let him know
Douglas was back. He almost wanted to fight off tears upon hearing of the
rescue of the son of his old friend. Ben also told him he had more to tell,
but that it would wait. Knowing how close those two boys were, Hatcher could
understand."Mr. Navigator. Mr. Helmsman. Plot a course of Phosphorous Prime. It's time
to see if the village of Ghent is still as 17 year oldnude photographs
beautiful as I remember it."To be continued......

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