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Related post: Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2011 12:17:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: andygaywriteryahoo.com
Subject: Murray Comforts NadalMurray Comforts NadalAll persons, names, places, descriptions, and events are purely
fictional. babe model pussy russion nn model Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places, descriptions,
or events is totally accidental and a pure coincidence. This story is a
work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true
sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about
their private lives.======The match had been anticipated for two days. The surging Brit Andy Murray
was coming up against the favorite for the tournament Rafael Nadal. The
world of tennis anticipated the clash and everyone hoped an instant classic
was in the making.The sun was going down and the lights were on in the main arena in
Melbourne Park and the stage was set.As Murray came out of the tunnel, he had a swagger about him. young model bambi He looked
confident. Throughout the entire tournament he had pictures of models plowed through his
opponents. His serve was clicking and his backhand had finally become
something to fear.When Nadal marched onto the court, the crowd went nuts. Nadal, the world’s
No. 1 player was the favorite, both of the gamblers and the fans. But
everyone hoped that this match could be the match of the tournament. The
one and the five facing off late in the Australian Open.The players met at little ls models
the net for the coin toss, Nadal in his Nike orange top
and Murray in his Adidas blue. The stage was set.Murray walked slowly back to his side of the court while behind him, Nadal
sprinted to his baseline to begin the warm-ups.The two players, while competitors on this day, actually were quite good
friends. Off the court, the two often served at hitting partners and had
even enjoyed dinner together a few times while on the road. As teenagers,
they had asian nude model been nearly best friends, but as they had matured, they did not
have as much time to spend with each other as either of them would have
liked.Murray, often show to biz teens models the public as a depressed, sad, angry young man
devoid of emotion, 10yo boys models was quite the opposite when the camera was not on
him. His personality was infectious to those closest to him. He owned a
great sense of humor and was sincerely kind and caring.In the last few years, Nadal had enjoyed incredible success and now had
more money than he would ever be able to porn child model spend. Since climbing up the
rankings youngest sexy model charts, he had worked hard to learn English so he could give
interviews with the media, but when he had a choice, Spanish was his
language of choice.In their pre-match interviews, kitten models nude both players had made reference to their
friendship and how much respect they had for the others’ game. Nadal was
power and Murray was finesse. But as the match got underway, it was clear
that Murray was young model sports there to win. His shots had a sudden power to them. He
looked possessed and Nadal did not seem to have an answer.The first set seemed to fly models bondage
by, with Murray rolling, 6-3.As ls model teen the second set got underway, Nadal seemed to find his legs and they
delivered whitney teen models
on their pre-match promise that this match could be the match of
the tournament.For every shot the blasted off Nadal’s racquet, Murray glided to the ball
and sliced it back. The battle had finally become fierce.Each time he went to the back of the court, Nadal grabbed his towel from
the star-struck ball kid. He wiped both of his arms, then his
forehead. Then he took the balls from the kristina russian model kid and walked back to the
service line. As he stood there preparing to serve, kiddy child model everyone in the stadium
and model boys images on television got to watch Nadal reach back and pull his underwear out
of his ass.He had been doing that since he turned professional schoolgirl nude models and played in men’s
capris jockey underwear models and now it was probably more habit than anything.At the other end of the court waited Murray – for the first time in the
tournament – he could finally taste the reality that he could win. Nadal
lined up a serve and Murray measured where it was going and he was there
before the ball arrived, slapping a winner with no response from his
opponent.As the ball whizzed by Nadal, Murray turned towards his box and let out a
big scream, “Come on!” and midnight angel model pumped his young jenny model fist. He was in total control of the
match.The second set tie-breaker was no different. Murray dominated.After nearly two hours, it seemed a foregone conclusion that Murray was
going to win. pretty naked model
But what happened over the next 15 minutes surprised
everyone, including Nadal and Murray.It was obvious that Nadal was battling some issue with his knees and Murray
– pree teens model
while sympathetic – was there to win. As Murray claimed a 3-0 lead,
Nadal turned jenny american model
to his box, mouthed a few words and began walking towards the
net .Murray had not watched that exchange and as he was clearly focused on his
own game, but as he reached the net, Nadal motioned him over. Murray was
stunned.Nadal reached out with his hand to shake Murray’s, who surprised, held out
his.They shook hands and Murray leaned in female petite modeling to offer a hug. “I hope you’re okay,”
he said to Nadal.“Thanks,” Nadal replied. “I don’t want to retire, but #»ŐŖ? I need to be
safe. Good luck the rest of the tournament Andy.”They broke their embrace and Murray thanks Nadal for his support as they
both walked to pack up their bags.Nadal did not waste any time in packing, hurrying off the court. As Murray
pulled off his shirt to slip on a dry teen model topsites
on, he watched his friend Nadal walk
off the court, head down, and into the tunnel.He felt for junior model bikini his friend. He was a great competitor and a great champion, but
these injuries were becoming far too frequent. Even though he had won, he
was worried about his friend and all he wanted to do was finish his
on-court interviews and move on to the next match.Luckily for him, the interviewer did not have many questions and he
personally did not feel like celebrating.Within minutes, he model 13yo.
had his bag slung over his shoulder, signing autographs
for the dozens of kids still at the match. But his name was simple to sign,
so he stayed for a few minutes before thanking them all and walking towards
the locker-room.He made his way through all the tournament personnel and into the
locker-room. Nadal uncle Toni was standing outside the locker-room and
Murray stopped to ask him how his nephew was.“He’s doing his interview right now, so we don’t know. He’ll be okay though
Andy. Thanks for asking,” he answered with a handshake.Alone in the locker-room, Murray slipped off his fresh shirt which he had
already austria girl models sweat through. He dropped his kids model xxx
bag onto the floor and sat down on
the bench. It finally hit him: He had beaten Rafael Nadal.He sat there for a few minutes taking in the victory and thinking forward
to his next match when the door swung open and in trini models nude young art modelling
walked Nadal, still in
his sweaty clothes from the match.“Hi, Andy,” Nadal said as he rounded the corner and made his way to his
locker.“Are you okay?” Murray asked still seated.“I hope so.”“Is there anything I can do?” Murray asked.“Make russian models free
it better?” he laughed.“I wish I knew how Rafa,” Murray laughed in reply. “Would a hug help?”“You know they never hurt,” Nadal sighed.Murray slowly stood up and stepped towards Nadal’s locker. They met halfway
and Nadal had slipped off his shirt as well. Both men had strong petite models teens chests and
as they wrapped their arms around each other, they sweat mixed diecast hearse models
and chests
pressed against each other.Murray was only offering a half-assed hug, while Nadal gripped Murray
tight.Still holding onto him, Nadal muttered, “Thanks,” with his head on Murray’s
shoulder.The only thing Andy could do was rub Nadal’s back. It was easy with all his
sweat. But they naked model cartoons
still held on.Slowly, Nadal began rusian lingerie models to release his grip on Andy and as their arms released
from each other, Murray looked as Nadal and Nadal looked at Murray. Their
eyes locked and slowly, as if young male model
hot elsa model
they understood the look, both men leaned
forward.Gently, softly, quietly their lips met. In all their years of knowing each
other and dorming together in Spain, nothing had ever happened between
them. No ‘show me yours I’ll show you mine,’ no truth or dare and certainly
never anything gay between them.But Murray had a soft side. He was sensitive. And he was also a closet
bisexual.Nadal was gutted. The injuries kept mounting and this loss had him thinking
that maybe, nn model clips just maybe his run nonude model forums
was over and he would never see his full
potential. He didn’t know what he was. He had never felt the urge to kiss a
man until just this moment.But as they broke their embrace and slowly looking into each other’s eyes,
they saw something they had always missed. They did love each other. They
cared for each other. And in this moment, alone in the locker room, they
wanted each other.Murray leaned in, forcefully this time, locking his lips with Rafa’s and
quickly and urgently opened his mouth, letting paysite models Andy’s nude supermodels pornsatrs tongue slid in
unabated.Andy’s hands gripped the sides of Rafael’s face, pulling his lips even
tighter against his own.Rafael was lost in the moment. His hands slid up and down Andy’s litle teen model
sliding and pulling him close. Through their kissing, Rafael felt his dick
against Andy’s equally hardness.Without hesitation, Rafael petit young models reached down, bikini japan models grabbing modelos babes Andy’s firm ass and
pulled him close. The strength in his arms pulled their cocks against each
other.Sensing that for the first time today, he had the upper hand, Rafael
slipped his right hand underneath Andy’s waistband of his shorts and boxer
briefs. Immediately he felt the smooth skin of the Brit’s ass. It was hard
as a rock, just like his cock.Andy continued to kiss Rafa while his hands explored the victor’s
ass. Soon, Rafa’s left hand entered his shorts too and he began to caress
the mounds of Murray.From deep inside him, Murray let out a moan which was the only sound Rafael
needed to hear. A sudden urge came over him. He broke the kiss with Andy
and grabbed the sides of Andy’s shorts and pulled them down while he got on
his knees. The force of Rafael’s pull helped Andy’s rock hard dick pop
free; bouncing in front of him, waiting blonde model portfolio to be sucked.Rafael quickly obliged the teen model indonesia waiting cock. It was nearly inches long and
fat. Murray did not trim and had a sizable bush around his cock and
balls. With his right hand, Nadal began to stroke Andy’s cock while he slid
his lips up and down the hardness.Murray began to enjoy the movement of the best player in the world who had
suddenly gotten on his banged up knees to suck his cock. Murray simply
leaned back against the lockers and amanda miller model watched his cock disappear topmodels non nude
into Rafa’s
mouth and then reappear. He was uncut, but because this was as hard as he
had ever been – possibly white nude models in his life – his cock-head was clearly visible.With his cock begin hot child modelling
sucked, Murray closed his sexy model movie eyes and simply enjoyed the
feelings running through his body. His cock had never been sucked so
good. He looked down and Rafa had pulled elite sexy model
out his equally hard cock and was
stroking it with his left hand and sucking and stroking his own with his
other hand.The scene was hot, and too much for the lotlita models Brit stud. He quickly began to buck
his hips, cock-fucking Rafa’s mouth. He felt Rafa moan.“Give me your load,” Nadal asked, taking his mouth of his guess model playboy cock for a second
before diving back on.Murray just smiled and continued to fuck Nadal’s mouth. It did not take
long.“I’m going to cum,” Murray announced. “Keep sucking me … oh yeah … ugh!”
Nadal kept going up and down on his massive cock as it exploded in his
mouth, filing model pussy it up with warm, juicy cum.He did not spit russain models it out. Instead, he briefly opened his mouth to show the
owner all the cum and made sure Andy saw him swallow.“Hot,” Murray acknowledged.Then Nadal reached out with his tongue, pulling russian model little off the remaining cum sisters models mania model teen and
with his two free naturist models child
hands, spun a weary Murray around. His ass was now facing
the cum-eating Nadal who reached ukraninan teen models
up and spread Murray ass cheeks. With
Andy’s cum nonnude models cute on his tongue, he quickly stuck his tongue into Murray’s waiting
hole.It was the most amazing feeling young Murray hot peteens models
had ever felt. First a blow
job and now he was getting his ass eating out? Seriously hot, Murray
thought to himself.Nadal was forceful. He used his hands to give him super-tremendous access
to Murray’s cherry model virgin hole, forcing his tongue inside. It was warm and now
coated with his own cum and Nadal’s saliva.With his tongue still working on loosening up the unsuspecting Murray,
Nadal managed to slid down his shorts and underwear to his ankles. Murray
had his eyes closed and was moaning so much, he had not noticed.Rafael slowly stood up, making sure to keep Murray’s mind occupied lingerie model swiss
with his
hands. One kept rubbing his firm ass and the other slowly slid up the front
of his chest. yong nude model He grabbed at his pecs and his hard nipple and gave it a
squeeze. Murray let out another moan.The hand that had been caressing Murray’s ass reached down and took hold of
his own cock and Nadal looked down and aimed it at it’s destination:
Murray’s hole. Even if he had lost, he was about to win.Andy felt something large pressing up against his hole, but he was so infant model pictures lost
in the moment that he did not even try to stop the Spaniard. Instead, he
leaning a bit forward, forcing brazil nude models his ass out towards the eager cock of
Nadal. Rafael took the hint and pushed his hips forward and his cock popped
into Murray.He couldn’t see it but Murray winced at the invasion, but all of a sudden
he was eager to let Nadal have his way with him.With a waiting ass, Nadal did not waste much time. He slowly pushed his
cock deeper and deeper inside of Andy. Andy had a longer cock, but Rafael
had a fatter cock. Both have their benefits and for his first time, a fat
cock was going to stretch his hole quite a junior model sex bit.He watched as each inch of his cock slowly disappeared inside Andy’s
ass. He had fucked his girlfriend in the ass before, but something about a
fellow tennis player bending over for him had his dick super-charged and
ready for action.Murray, who had just come from the best blow job of his life was already
hard again and eager for more. Suddenly his victory turned out to be much
more than a trip to the semifinals.With his ass, he felt Nadal’s muscle-thighs pressed girls models
up against best nn models him. He knew
he had the full dick of his friend inside of him.“So, what now?” Andy asked, getting used to the dick inside of him.“I think this is where I fuck you,” Nadal replied.“Well, fuck me cute preeteen models
then.”Rafael did not need to be told twice. He slowly pulled his cock almost out
of Andy’s ass, until he saw his head, then he slowly pushed it back in. He
wanted to give the ass of Andy at least a change to get used to his
size. He slowly very veryyoung models slid back out, enjoying the view.But Andy was having none of it. He reached back with his right hand,
grabbing little models fuck Nadal’s firm ass and pulled him forward, forcing him to push his
cock deep inside Andy’s ass with massive force. That was the sign Rafael
neededHe took his hands, grabbed Andy’s yuong model
hips and pulled his cock out all the way
this time. He looked down and saw the saliva and cum lubed up hole of
Murray and then forced his cock all the way back inside his friend.“Oh yeah,” Murray moaned. “Fuck me Rafa.”Now Rafa was in full-fuck teeny asian model mode. He pulled his kid model bikini dick out all the way and
forced it all the way back in. Murray and Nadal japan bikini models were both sweating again
and it helped make Andy’s ass even more appealing; the sweat making it
nearly impossible for him to blow his load any second. preeteens models But he didn’t want
to stop.“You like my dick Andy?” Rafael asked as he continued to thrust into his
hole.“Holy fuck yes!” Andy answered, oblivious that anyone would be outside the
door.“I have to stop for a second,” Nadal announced.“Why?” Murray whined.“If I keep going, I’m going to cum inside of you,” he replied. “Unless you
want that.”“Hell yes I want that, but let me get on my back. I want to watch you as
you cum inside of me.”Nadal gently pulled his cock out while Murray positioned himself on one of
the trainer’s tables. Andy knew what he was going by this point amateur pantyhose models and raised
his legs up, offering his no-longer-virgin ass to Nadal.As Rafael climbed up onto the table, he could not help but smile. Here was
a fellow competitor, sexo angels model but now someone he was as a sexy man, whom he had just
given a blowjob and was about to fuck and pree teen modelst
fill with his cum.While he lined up his cock again, Andy reached up and pulled Nadal’s lips
down to his own. This time it was Nadal who forced his tongue into Andy’s
mouth. Andy immediately tasted his own cum, but also his ass. It was warm
and models boys nude sweet.While their tongues danced together, Rafa had again entered Andy’s ass. It
was like they were meant to be together in this way. Their japanese porn models
bodies just
matched perfectly and moved in simple, yet erotic unison.Andy’s dick was rock hard, possibly even bigger than when he filled up
Rafa’s mouth female model portfolios
and he stroked his dick furiously.They had broken their kiss and Nadal was up on his knees, the pain suddenly
gone, and watched as his cock slid in and out of Murray’s eager
hole. Andy’s balls bounced while he stroked his hard cock and with each
thrust, Nadal’s tight six-pack abs collided with Andy’s balls. It was little pretten model hot
for them both as they inched closer model pics boys to the ultimate climax.Rafa reached down and pressed Andy’s legs apart, giving him total access to
Andy’s asian sexmodel
fuck-hole. Andy continued to moan and begged to be fucked even
harder.He did the best he japenese child models
could, but he could not believe how hard he was already
fucking Andy. Any harder and his cock might just plow right through his
ass. But he did the best he could.With his free hand, Andy reached back and spanked Nadal’s ass while he
pounded his pedo model toplist
cock deeper and deeper into the Brit who had sudden become and
cock-hound.“Fuck me harder,” he called. “That’s it. Pound my ass. Fuck me
dude. Fuck. Fuck.”Nadal pressed on Andy’s legs even harder, fucking Andy’s ass with all his
muscled strength. His sweaty hair was flowing everywhere and Andy continued
to spank Nadal’s ass.“Give it to me,” Andy demanded. “Fill my ass up with your cum. teen model passes
Fuck me.”Nadal continued to thrust and could feel his balls begin to tighten.“You ready?” Andy asked. “I want you to blow your load inside my ass.”“You sure you want it?” Nadal asked atlanta child modeling
one last time.“Fuck me Rafa,” was all he replied. That was his last chance. Rafael plowed
again and his balls tightened and he felt his cum works it way from his
balls, all the way to his head and then exploded inside a waiting and eager
ass that belonged to Andy tiny model sites Murray.“Fuck, I’m cu … cuming!” Nadal screamed.“Yes! Fill up my ass,” Andy called as his own cock exploded for the second
time.Once their orgasms subsided, Nadal australias top models slowly pulled his cock out of a sweaty
and cum-covered Murray. They looked at each other and smiled.Nadal gingerly climbed off the table and winked at his friend. “If you win
the title, call me.”======Thanks for reading! If tiny mature models you have any comments, please send them to
andygaywriteryahoo.com. While I may not reply to every email, please know
that I read each and every one!I have also published two books (which you should check out and purchase!)
http://amzn.to/mQr2A8In Pain is a gay fiction story and Anything is Possible is a personal
development non-fiction book. Thanks for reading!If you need any support, please visit www.thetrevorproject.org
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