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Related post: Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 15:17:25 EDT
From: GJD18BRaol.com
Subject: Camp Conversion 6CAMP CONVERSION
Part 6
Written by Stripscott based on a true account by Nivram Tied as I was, my dick was not in the best position for it to horny and underage be
manipulated by these heartless young thugs as they had discovered when they
had tried to force me to ejaculate for them. However, that time, although
they had naked underage slut
manipulated my hitherto untouched private organ for their
pleasure, they had not actually intended me to successfully spill a load of
my personal russia underage white fluid. This time, though, they meant business.
Without seeing it, I knew that my dick had varied between hard and
semi-hard underage nude nympho
since they had ceased their direct underage binge drinking ministrations, although never
quite going soft. I had been unable to prevent a hard-on occurring as nudism underage they
had pounded my ass xxx tgp underage
with their fucking great cocks as my prostate was
repeatedly assailed sending irresistible tingling through to my traitorous
dick. The photos taken showed it frequently in bbs underage xxx that rigid and extended
state, seeming to suggest that the treatment was to my liking.
Nothing could have been further from the truth. Despite many low
points in my 17 year old life, I had never suffered in any way as I did
that night. The pain, indignity, humiliation and degradation erotic underage stories all combined
to take me down to underage free pic my lowest ebb ever, but even that was free fuck underage not as bad as my
loss of spirit. Being unable to prevent those four perverts from treating
my naked body any way they wished and doing to it all the depraved acts
which they could devise brought me mentally underage mexicans to the level of a lewd
whore. Knowing that I was totally unable to prevent their licentious underage pubescent nudes acts
did not help me come fuck underage girl to terms with this underage nudity chat frame of mind.
It was not helped, either, by the continual verbal abuse which I
received, gradually eroding any self-esteem which I had left and reducing
me to s shadow of my former self. They called me a cock-sucker, whore and a
cum-dump. They denigrated the size of my cock and informed me that they had
seen 13 years olds with longer pricks and heavier underage schoolgirl hentai
balls. They even offered
to release the ropes because they were sure that I was such a pussy that I
would free underage gallery not try to escape, but continue to lie 3d comics underage
there and euro underage porn
take all abuse
offered because it was what I had been born for. I avi movies underage
was, they claimed, meant
to be the tool and plaything of underage nude imeges macho men who occasionally like to underage girls sites
control over prissy and woosie boys who had no self control, but offered
themselves as a fuck toy and human cum rag.
Such taunting underage nude teen seemed to mentally exhaust me and it continued as my
semi-stiff prick was again seized, prodded and manipulated. They also
talked dirty amongst themselves, discussing what they had done together and
what they had done with other guys. Somehow, even in my uncomfortable
position, my unresisting state of mind allowed their underaged lesbian
fiendish hands to
bring me to state of hardness I had not previously achieved that
night. underage teenage funlumpkinsing underage newstar bambi Maybe it was partially because their handling artistic underage nudity
was not as rough as
before, their intentions being different.
Suddenly almost my entire awareness became centred on my rampant
cock. I became a stretched, rigid pole submitting to the manipulations of
foreign fingers. underage cunnilingus I had a shiny bulbous head that was becoming
ever-increasingly sensitive. At the apex of this engorged head, was a slit,
a hole, allowing substances egress after their journey along my stiffened
shaft. I wished a particular substance to make that journey, a milky-white
fluid which I knew could travel at speed and which would erupt though that
slit and jet out into the air as if impatient for release.
And, in the depth of ukranian girls underage my consciousness, I felt shame. underage teen naturism
Ashamed that I
was actually allowing myself to derive please from this illegal violation
of my most intimate body-part;  shame that forced pics underage I wanted to accomplish the
desire of my rapists and unload an offering of my most intimate fluid for
them to view and to triumph over.
"I think he's close," Mike said. "Fuck! His balls are beginning to
throb like mad."
"I wonder when he last shot off," mused Al. "I suppose he underaged slut does wank
himself. Or maybe he's a virgin at underage manga porn
that as well."
"If that's the case, then we'll have stolen two cherries when he
cums for us," John remarked, apparently with pride at this accomplishment.
"You're just longing to show us what a man you think you are,"
called Mike, addressing underage naked model
me. underage loita girls "I bet you think that when we see you cum we'll
think what a man you are, but we won't. You're only cumming because we are
forcing you real underage virgin to. You cum for us and no one else."
"Get a good picture," said Al suddenly. "Get one with the cum
spurting out underaged nudes of his dick."
"I'd already japenese underage girls planned that," said John. Needless amsterdam underage pron to say, the camera
had been flashing away a lot of this time.
Suddenly I didn't lucasville underage girls
want to cum. Suddenly I underage drinking penalties
tried to resist, to will
myself to foil looks underage their attempts, but it was too late. Or maybe my attempts to
prevent my further humiliation were what led to it because, cp underage pics
immediately I started to feel that rush. The spunk gathered; my balls
emptied and the end was inevitable.
"He's there!" Mike shouted triumphantly. My dick received a
vigorous wanking and underage perteen
I felt myself pump out multiple shots of my jizz to
the cheers lesbian underage girls of my tormentors. For the first time in my young life, someone
else had seen my cock perform an ejaculation. For sexy underage babies the first time I had been
forced to cum against my will. I didn't know it xxx underagers then, but it wouldn't be
the last time. Four pairs of eyes were to witness that sight underaged pussy gallery many times in
the coming days much to my horror and chagrin.
"Got it all?" asked Al.
"Yes. That's the lot for now," Mike responded, but his hand underage sex modles
worked on my cock, which, having functioned, was becoming increasingly
sensitive. As I uselessly tried to squirm free of that insistent grip and
made protest noises into my gag, I saw the other three come to underage blowjob pix stand in
front of me. Dan held a largish tin lid and I realised that tiny underage blowjobs
he hentai underage gallery
had used it
to catch my spunk for it was covered bbs underage index in thick white ropes of fluid.
Slowly, whilst rompl underage sex I suffered increasing agonies from Mike working over
my now hyper-sensitive dick, especially the head, Dan dipped his fingers
into my cum on the lid, raised them to my face and began nude underage studio to smear the
still-warm liquid over my cheeks. Al and John assisted him and soon underage oics my face
was liberally daubed with my own essence. underage pedoporn
I cried into my gag, from both
the indignity and the hellish stimulation Mike was inflicting. He showed no
mercy for the next five minutes as I mentally writhed in agony, all the
while feeling the cum dry on face.
The torment did, of course, have to end and I could not hold back a
sigh of relief when my deflating prick was finally released. I bbs girls underaged
saw from underage incest toon
expressions of the three who stood before me, how much satisfaction that
sigh gave them and I wished to heaven that I could have restrained it.
I tried to plead to them with my eyes for underage fucked pussy an end to all this. I
mentally strained to project my desire for free underage toon release and freedom from these
horrific events, knowing all the while that I would have to live with the
memory of them throughout the coming days.
Please I thought out to them. It's enough. You've done everything
you want. Please let me go. I won't tell. Just let this be over and we can
forget about it. I can't take underage horny pic any more.
The message didn't get through. 
I watched as illegal underage portal hands stroked stiff cocks in free underage models front of me and I felt
Mike's fingers spreading my ass-cheeks so that his big dick could once
again gain access to my nethermost hole. The next underage virgin porn
promised round of fucking
the up-ended and helpless teenager was about to commence. Even as the
painful sensations in my ravage dick subsided, so the agony in my ass underage porn portals was
about to re-commence.
I tried to withdraw into myself, to ignore the violation of little yo underage my
apparently submissive body, but I could not exclude the sensation of Mike's
dick-head probing my crack and nudging at the door of my passage. The
nudging became insistent and brute force drove that invader into my inner
regions and I was once again impaled. My pain and despair were his pleasure
and illegle underage porn enjoyment.
To more verbal abuse, I was forced to accept their further
depredations. The gag was pulled out of my mouth, but before I could utter
a word of protest, John's cock forcibly took its place and fucked me in
time with Mike's strokes at the other end. Al climbed up on the underage suck canoe and
straddled my back. I underage fun knew from the vibrations that he was wanking and,
before long, I heard him gasp out and felt his cum splashing over my
head. After a few moments, his hand descended on me and rubbed his spunk
carefully into my hair.
My senses began to waver at that point. Mike continued to fuck my
ass and John worked diligently on my mouth. Both ultimately unloaded
themselves into my interior and two more cocks replaced those that were
withdrawn, but I also had cute underage gallery begun to withdraw. I seemed to have been tied
over that canoe all my life and to have endured a pain-wracked body for
most of that time. It was the only reality that existed for me and it
seemed eternal. porn free underage
My occasional hope that all was over became extinguished. I
muttered and grunted around a mouthful of solid meat which would occupy my
mouth forever. There would always be something round and long and solid
thrusting in and out of my asshole and I boy pics underage would never be free to move my
limbs again.
My underage home password dick painfully engorged asain underage teen
itself again and then relaxed. virgin underage fuck More
penile liquid was splashed onto my vulnerable body. underage sex dvds There seemed to be an
unending supply. These invaders seemed to be insatiable.
Somewhere pussy teen underage on the edge of this bout of despair I was conscious that
each had a further turn at my ass and, indeed, one, I think it was Dan,
impregnated me underage russion porn
for a third time. By then, there seemed to be a lessening hungarian porn underage
activity. When my mouth was vacated, the gag was reinserted instead of
another prick. It underage girl sitews seemed a longer time before I felt the coating sensation
on my insides as the last one finally dumped his seed. There was a underage girls gangbang
protracted withdrawal.
For the first time raped underage schoolgirls in a very long while, none of the four of them
was touching me. I remember wondering, ridiculously, what time it
was. Perhaps it was a hap-hazard thought which temporarily kept nude pictures underage me from
thinking about what had been done to me, but that was with me all the time.
"I'm done."
It was Al's voice.
"I think he's had enough for tonight," agreed Dan. "And there'll be
plenty more opportunity."
My heart quailed at that remark, but I knew before they told underage pornmovies me
that I was now under their control.
Later the camera would be waved in front of my face.
"You want everyone at camp to see these?" John demanded. "That's
what'll happen if you don't do as you're told. underage lollita xxx
Savvy?" I'd nodded, my
throat to dry and sore to speak.
"You say anything about tonight to anyone, you'll suffer for it. Is
that clear?" 
As clear as daylight I'd thought as I nodded underage fucking galleries again. I had already
resolved to keep this to myself to avoid the acute embarrassment of others
learning of my humiliation. It would just be another form of embarrassment
to be avoided at all costs.
I'll never forget the flood of relief as they began to untie the
ropes which petite underage list
bound me, only to underage pedofilia porn forum underage pictures be replaced by the flood of agony into limbs
which had been immobile for so long. Pins and needles? More like nails naked underage prostitutes and
spikes. My naked body suffered another racking torment.
At sexy underage upskirt last, I was free and pulled down from the canoe. My asia underage teens legs refused
to support me and I collapsed in a heap. They stood around and over me.
"What a stinking mess you really are," said John. "No way you can
go back to camp like that."
"He needs a wash," Al suggested.
"Then chuck him in the lake," was Mike's inevitable decision.
I looked up engaged underage suddenly underage admirers photos
to find them all grinning at each other. They
agreed! They were going to do it!
"Uh... no..." I gasped out weakly. As if that had been a signal,
four pairs of hands seized me and I underage adult fun was carried to the edge of the lake.
I tried to become more vocal.
"No. Please. It'll be too cold. I don't have the strength
to... Ohhh noooo..."
The last phrase was uttered as I found my naked body sailing
through the cool night air and it was cut off as the waters closed over erotic underage sex my
face. It was horrendously cold. I struggled and came upright. I could just
reach the bottom and forced my legs to top underage site support me.
I wasn't allowed to come out of the water until I had thoroughly
cleaned every bit of myself. All physical traces of their depravity were
washed off, but the mental scars would not be erased so easily.
When I stood again on dry land, still very shaky, I was given my
clothes. I pulled on my underpants, shorts and sneakers. The rest I
carried, just grateful not to be naked any longer.
"Now remember, underage cam
Stu," a voice said in my underage cute girls ear as a hand groped my
ass, "you're ours now. We'll tell you what to do and where to be a
when. And you'll do it. Who knows? You may even learn to like it..."
To be continued...Author: Stripscott
Email: gjd18braol.com
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