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Related post: Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 16:19:47 -0400
From: FitzHugh
Subject: Breaking Brian inBreaking Brian inBy FitzHughThe story of Breaking Brian in is three quarters fiction and one quarter
autobiographical. Any similarity to any events, names, places illegal pedofile sex pictures or life
experiences is pure accidental. Names of individuals and places have all
been changed. If you are underage, (according to any law of Canada or pedo illegal potos
other Country on this big blue marble of ours, then you ought to leave now.
If, on the other hand, you find this story offensive or it is illegal
according to the laws of your country for you to view such content, I
suggest you tune out and go find a good Sherlock Holmes mystery or a book
written about the days of wooden ships and Iron men. They are my personal
favourites. This story can not be distributed in pedophile sex pics any way manner whatsoever
without my expressed written consent.Writing a good and engaging story is only part of the task at hand. From an
early teen age, when I won a competition in High School, I have been a
writer of sorts all throughout my corporate and government careers. I have
been known as a wordsmith. But I have rarely written stories involving sex
scenes xxx pedophilia between males although I am free pedo pussy a gay man myself. Really, in some
stories, sex can be a little too overdone. Being an Irishman, I love a
reading, writing or telling a story and to me a story is like a painting
done by any of the great masters. It's not all about 'wham bam, thank you
guy'. To me, it's all in the detail lovingly layered. I once had a
partner, now deceased, who had the wonderful gift of taking the story I
wrote and adding what I would call the "bedroom scenes" into it. He would
then publish them under his nom de plume rather than mine and I was quite
happy with that. On two or three occasions we reversed the authorship
relationship. If you like this little story or don't and want to comment or
offer criticism, be my guest. I answer every e-mail. Feel free to send it
along to monosaurishotmail.comPart 1 - Cousin Tommy
Brian was an only child. He lived with his mother, Judy, in a comfortable,
cozy three bedroom cottage given to them by his late grandfather. When he
was 10 years old, his father had died in a car crash at a very young
age. He and Judy had been renting the house from the grandparents ever
since they had been married. In reality, the grandparents had bought the
cottage and Brent (Brian's father) and Judy had been paying the mortgage
and taxes. forbidden pedoworld
There was little money left after the funeral expenses. Brian's
grandfather, being the wonderfully kind man that he was, wanted to help his
only daughter. His three sons were all well to do with kidz pedo fuck
their own
homes. Grandfather had stepped in and paid off the small mortgage. He had
then given Judy a $ 25,000 annual allowance so that she could stay home to
look after Brian.Even when the grandfather had passed away, his estate continued the monthly
payments. But two years following her husband's death, gallery pedo amateur Judy felt she needed
to move on with her life. She didn't want to live off of her father's
estate forever teenage pedo and she realized that Brian was going to need financial
assistance when he went on to Community College or University.Quite by accident she had found a lover who had lost his wife to cancer
also at a very young age. He lived in her own village and, in fact, he
lived only a few houses real pedo incest pics
from her. They had met one Saturday evening while
both were attending a function at the local Legion hall. One thing led to
another and they ended up driving gay boys pedo out to the local High School parking lot
and did the nasty not once but twice. The problem then became one of their
not wanting to scandalize Brian who might not take too kindly to someone
trying to take his late father's place. By mutual consent and pedo young boy because her
lover worked as a fireman in the City on the midnight to 8:00 a.m. shift,
they agreed to pedo clips
carry on their affair during the morning hours when Brian
was in school.On pedo heaven
one occasion when she had forgot to lock the door after her lover had
arrived, the lover's oldest son happened upon them in the middle of their
love making. He was a flaming redhead, only 19 and built like little pedo girl anal the
proverbial brick shithouse. Father and son must have enjoyed threesomes
before because the father never objected when he started removing his
clothes. Once he was naked on the bed she found out that his equipment was
a full inch longer than his fathers giving him almost a pedosites sex kids full 10 inches
which was more than enough to satisfy any woman. That morning was the only
time she had ever experienced a three-way with father and son regularly
trading places. During that memorable experience she ended up swallowing a
load from the son and taking one in her box from the father, her
lover. But, unbeknownst to her lover, it would not be the last young pedo fetish
time she
would taste or feel the forbidden fruit of the son ravishing her body when
the father was occupied elsewhere.Despite the fact that she now had a lover who loved her and whom she loved,
despite her occasional daliance with the son, Judy kept her ideas of
financial and life independence foremost in her mind With her lover and her
slowly beginning to ease into and discuss the idea of a possible marriage
providing they could get Brian and his own three sons to agree. Knowing
that Brian would soon be off to further his education, she did not want to
end up once again dependent on someone else for her financial
security. After Brian chose whatever College or University he wanted to
attend, Judy was of a mind to sell the cottage and, perhaps, move to
wherever Brian was going teens pedo sex net to live. She deeply loved her son and wanted to do
whatever she could rcp hardcore pedo to be of help to him.As part of her new plan, she had been able to obtain a part time job in the
Board of Trade offices in the City. Then, this past Spring and because she
was fully bilingual, the Board had asked her to take on the full time job
of Membership Relations. She had talked to Brian about it and Brian
understood movie pedo her need to pedo underground kindersex do something productive with her life and at the
same time, set aside a little money to help him with his college education.Brian was never any pedo sucking
trouble. He was a good kid who helped keep their little
cottage clean and the grounds tidy. His grandfather had taught him the love
of flower gardens and even for a young man his age, he put some of his
neighbours to shame each summer as the small gardens around the cottage
blossomed with a riot of colour. He had even learned to pedo picture naked cook and, on
occasion, he would prepare a lovely meal for him and his mom.Now at 15, Brian was still growing coming in just over 5 ft 10 inches. He
had a developing chest and a narrow waist and the beginnings of a nice six
pack. He had black hair and had developed chest hair which his swimming
coach had him shave off. He hated pedo teenage the shaving part but conformed to the
coach's request. Brian was not yet sexually active. Oh! Sure he was
jacking off on a litte boys pedo regular basis. But pedo kiddies porn he was very hairy pedo tgp naive He rarely if ever
discussed sexual issues at school with his buddies. To be sure, he heard
all the stories his friends would tell of their seduction of the fair sex,
but he never added comments of his own. He felt that if he didn't pedo pics child feets know, the
best recourse was to keep his mouth shut. In fact,all of his sexual
knowledge he had gathered to date had come from his 17 year old cousin
Tommy. xxx movies pedofilia Tommy and pedophilia porn pics his parents had come to visit for a two week period a year
ago. Tommy ended up staying the whole summer because his parents were in
the process pedophilia xxx pics of moving to Ontario.Tommy was Brian's first cousin but not by blood. He had been adopted by his
Uncle John when he and his wife had been told that Uncle John was sterile
and could have no children of their own. Until he had been adopted at the
age of 10, Tommy had been in and out of trouble with the law and pedo toon had even
spent some time in Juvenile Hall. He had settled down and really
appreciated what Uncle John and Aunt May had done for him.During the visit,
Tommy had to sleep in Brian's room simply because the adults stayed up
longer and didn't want Tommy sleeping on the couch disturbing their private
time together. Fortunately, Brian had a queen size bed thanks to a
hand-me-down from the renovations done in his parent's baby pics pedo child room. Uncle John and
Aunt May had the spare bedroom so there was really nowhere else to put him.
Little did Brian know that his sleeping habits were pedo porno sex about to change.On the first night, Tommy claimed the right hand illegal porno pedo side of the bed pedo video galleries which
didn't bother Brian in the least simply because he had no preference. Tommy
then announced that he slept as he called it 'commando style' which pedo anal mpeg
that he slept in the nude nude pedo lola cp something Brian had never done. His mother had
always insisted that he wear pyjamas. Things went along quite well for the
first few days. Tommy sex russian pedo stayed to his side of the bed while Brian stayed to
his. In the morning Brian would wake up and see his cousin with a nice,
long, thick, rock solid morning wood and this was something he got used
to. He just assumed teen pedo girls that Tommy went into the bathroom adjacent to his room
and pedo previews jacked alt pedo girl off just as he did. But on the Wednesday night, Brian's
education was about to begin.It all started after Brian had turned the light free pedo forums
out. Tommy began whispering
how much he missed his girlfriend, Sheila, who was putting out for him on a
regular basis. He went on and on about how he was banging her and pumping
quarts of cream into her cunt. Brian was wondering how he didn't make this
Sheila pregnant and he got the chance to ask the question. Tommy told him
all about birth control pedo underground cp pills and the use of condoms, things that Brian had
only heard about. Then, after a bit, Tommy got on to the subject of his
having this friend in his High School who also put out for him when Sheila
wasn't around. Tommy asked him what he meant by that? Tommy explained that
when Sheila wasn't around to let him fuck her or to suck his cock, he had a
young guy ready, willing and able to suck him off. Brian didn't think that
anyone would do that for him but Tommy said that all the older guys in his
High School had either found their own personal cocksucker or shared one to
take care of them when their girlfriends were busy or away. The way he
explained it to Brian, illegal pedoworld it was the most natural thing in the world.Brian asked him how he had found a guy to illegal pedo pix take care of him like that. Tommy
told him a story of how he had caught this kid hanging around the showers
at School one afternoon. Apparently the kid liked watching the young
stallions take their showers. Tommy decided that if the kid wanted to look,
he would also be of use. Tommy then told Brian how he had invited the
unsuspecting kid into the shower room to take a shower with him. In the
playing around under the shower, Tommy had accidentally, but quite
deliberately he said, tripped the young guy so that he ended up on his
knees. And, before the kid knew it, Tommy had placed his thumb and main
finger on each side of the kids jaw, applied pressure and in a twink of an
eye, the kid was worshipping Tommy's very hard 9 inch cock. Tommy told
Brian that although he had forced the head of his cock into the kid's
mouth, once it was there, the kid young pedo kinder took to sucking cock like a duck takes to
water.'So what happened to the kid?' asked Brian. 'He became my regular little
cocksucker'. replied Tommy. 'And boy do I wish extreme pedo he were here now.' 'Yeah,
well he isn?t', said Brian. 'Maybe you had better take that big thing of
yours and go into the bathroom like you do every morning and jack a load.'
'I'd rather have you jack it for me', said Tommy reaching over and taking
Brian's hand which he moved onto his lap and started to rub it against his
rapidly expanding cock. 'Cut that out, Tommy', snapped Brian as he
attempted to 3d pedoworld pull his hand away. But pedo child doll pics Tommy was too strong for him and he
held Brian's hand in place, slowly sliding it up and down his now nearly
hardened cunt stretcher. 'Relax, Bri', whispered Tommy is a soft tone
using his personal nickname for Brian. 'Give it a minute and maybe you'll
jack it for me.' 'Never gonna happen', growled Brian as he again tried to
pull away. But again, free pedo porn videos Tommy was strong enough to hold his hand in
place. Unconsciously, Brian had wrapped his fingers around Tommy's thick
cock. 'Never say never, Bri', whispered Tommy. 'See', said Tommy. 'Now
you're holding it; in a moment you'll be jacking it; and, before too long,
I'll be sliding it down your throat.' 'Fuck, Tommy, you dream in
technicolor', said Brian as Tommy slowly slid Brian's hand up and then down
his very hard, thick cock 'Not really kid', whispered Tommy. 'Don?t you
just love the silky soft feel of my hard-on as it slides up and down in
your hand?' Once again Brian struggled and tried to pull his hand away
from holding Tommy's big thumper. 'Why not just agree to suck it for me,
Bri?' asked Tommy gently turning so that xxx dvd pedo he was now softly pedo porn mpg whispering in
Brian's ear. 'Never', whispered back Brian in a slightly stressed tone of
voice. 'Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Brian', Tommy continued as he first licked and
then whispered in his ear. 'I'll go real slow. I promise', he said.I'll be
gentle'. 'Fuck off, Tommy', barked Brian. 'How can someone with a cock as
big as yours be gentle?' There's no way I could ever get that thing in my
mouth never mind down my throat.' Tommy started to smile to himself. He
knew that in a few minutes he would have Brian swinging on his cock. Only
minutes ago he heard Brian saying 'never'. Then just a second ago, Brian
said 'maybe' by forbidden illegal pedo sites
trying to justify why he couldn't handle it. But Tommy had
seduced others into taking his cock and he fully intended to have his
cousins lips wrapped around his cockhead within minutes. 'Are you game for
something?, asked Tommy once again gentle slipped his tongue into Brian's
ear. 'That depends on what it is.', whispered Brian as pedofilia pics free his mini girls pedo porn body tingled child pedo fucking at
what Tommy was doing to his ear. 'But no funny business.' Tommy got out of
bed and walked to the bottom. He took Brian's ankles and pulled Brian down
on the bed to the point free lsm pedo pics where his legs were dangling over the bottom of the
bed. pedo sex images 'Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa', whispered Brian 'Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Go with the
flow, kid. And be quiet or the rents will hear us.' Brian watched Tommy's
big dick bob up and down as Tommy went to the side of the bed and brought
down the four pillows. Tommy then lifted Brian's head and free pedo pages stuffed them
under it. He wanted Brian to be comfortable and be able to look down and
watch his cock being sucked. But, Tommy had done this before. He had
seduced Brendon Doharty this way. His real intention was to raise Brian's
head child image boards pedo
so that when he climbed up on the bed and straddled Brian, his head
and by extension those beautiful lips would be right in line for his cock
to travel into his throat. 'Yes', thought Tommy as he laid Brian on the
stack password pedolans
of pillows. 'Tonight you're going to suck your first cock. It's going
to be my cock and I'm going to pump a heavy load or two of cream into you
and you're going to love it.' Then he returned to the bottom of the bed
and knelt between Brian's legs. Taking hold of Brian's full blown pedo sex child download
7 inches
of meat, Tommy lowered his head and began sliding his tongue along the side
of Brian's lovely cock. Tommy licked down around Brian's delicious balls
and up the other side. Brian was starting to whimper on the bed above him
watching his every move. 'That's it Bri', thought Tommy. 'You get right
into it. pedo 14 yo pic
Watch what I'm doing. Watch your beautiful cock slide into my
mouth. Get to know how great it feels.? Then he opened his mouth and let
Brian's hot cock slip between his lips.Brain gasped as his solid man-boy cock began to slide into Tommy's
mouth. 'Oh fuck! Oh fuck! pedo sex foto Oh fuck!' he cried out in an elevated
whisper. 'That feels so fucking great asian pedophilia porn
Tommy?. He said as his hands moved to
take hold of Tommy's head. Slowly, gently, Tommy slid up and down Brian's
hot pole. He took Brian?s cock deep into his throat when Brian started to
buck. He was just a little afraid that he might trigger Brian into cumming
too mafia russian sex pedo soon. He decided that now was the time to reverse roles. Then, just as
slowly he rose baby teens pedo and his lips came off of Brian?s cock. Gently, ever so
gently Tommy started kissing, licking and sucking up Brian?s body. He
deliberately teased and nipped on his chest taking first one nubbin into
his mouth and teasing it with his tongue, then the other. He spent a lot of
time around Brian's neck being very careful to to leave any marks that
could be seen by the parents the next morning.He then worked petite sexe pedo his way up to
Brian's delicious and ever so fuckable lips. Brian offered no resistance
when Tommy's tongue invaded his mouth. 'That's it, Bri.' he thought. 'In a
few minutes my cock is going to slip young girls pedofilia
between these lips' They french kissed
for several minutes and when Tommy withdrew his tongue from Brian's mouth,
he once free pedofilia sex movies again worked his way down and around his neck area. Then he slowly
licked and kissed his way back up to Brian's face. He gave Brian another
one of those long, lingering french kisses. Now, Tommy slowly raised
himself dragging his swollen cock along Brian's body until he brought the
head of his big cock to Brian's c;osed lips. Brian did not open up
immediately so Tommy thought he would encourage him. He took his cock pedofilia fotos in
hand and slowly preten legal pedo rubbed the head back and forth along his lips. ?It?s not
going to hurt Bri. You?ll love it, I promise.? He whispered world of pedo pics as a drop of
pre-cum appeared and he spread it across Brian's lips. 'Buuuuuuuuuu', was
all Brian was able to get out as Tommy slipped the big mushroom head of his
cock into the parted lips. Immediately, Brian started to move his hands up
to where he could apply pressure to push young pedo sex first Tommy off of him but Tommy was
much stronger than him. 'I told you Bri', he whispered as he began to
exert pressure. 'I'm going to fuck your face and you're going to swallow my
load whether you want to or not'. Tommy slowly continued to slide his big
cock into Brian's mouth. When he had got half of it in he pulled russian raped pedo back until
only the head lay between Brian's lips. Brian took this as a signal that
Tommy was going to pull out but Tommy had pedo xxx top
no such idea.Tommy gripped Brian's head between his hands and interlocked his fingers
behind his head. Then, without warning, he bucked his hips forward
thrusting his thick cock deep into Brian's mouth, pushing hard into it,
almost but not making Brian choke. 'Breath through your nose and relax
your throat', whispered Tommy.'You're gonna love this fuckin ride." After
the first shock, Brian realized that Tommy was going to fuck his face and
there was very little he could do to stop him. He decided that rather than
get Tommy pissed at him, he would to go with the flow. He began to suck
and lick the behemoth now slowly snaking its way into his throat. In the
process, when Tommy's cockhead slipped past his tonsils, he quickly to
realize that he had little or hard pedo hentai no gag reflex. By breathing through his
nose, the head of Tommy's big dick could worm its way into his throat with
no problems.Tommy gasped out just a little too loud as Brian continued to suck and
slide his tongue over his cock, 'Gawd' thought Tommy, 'this kid is made for
cocksucking'. 'With quick sharp thrusts pics girls pedo
Tommy's thick cock my lola pedo slid deeper into
Brian's throat. He now had all 9 glorious pedo porno teen free inches sunk deep into Brian's
mouth and felt Brian's lips as they became firmly embedded in his thick
bush of pubic hair. Now Tommy removed his hands from Brian's head and fell
forward extending his arms out ahead of him. He lowered the full weight of
his body onto Brian, pushing him down into russian child pedo
the pillows. He then started to
long thrust his cock in and out of Brian's mouth, faster and deeper,
bucking his hips backwards and forwards, until finally with a frantic cry
and without giving Brian any warning, he began to shoot his thick erotic pedo stories creamy
sauce fuck pedo porn movies
into Brian's mouth, while still moving his cock in and out. Brian
felt the first warm spurt of sperm in the back of his mouth, and then
tasted the salty taste of man cream on his lips. More and more of Tommy's
cream began to pedo kid amater
fill his mouth. With his mouth rapidly filling with Tommy?s
warm, thick cream;and, he had no choice but to swallow. 12yo pedosex Tommy continued to
slide in out of Brian's mouth, breathing deeply and groaning with
pleasure. After the last drop of his cum had been fed to Brian, he pulled
his deflating cock out of Brian's mouth and rolled over on the bed beside
him. teen boy pics pedo Brian did not say a word. He just lay there as he wiped the salvia and
cum from his lips. He turned his head to look at Tommy now lying beside
him.Tommy raised himself on one arm and looked down at Brian. Then he leaned in
and began kissing him. He could taste his own cum on Brian's lips. 'I?m
sorry I was a little rough', he whispered. 'In one way, I'm top sites pedo glad you
were', Brian replied. 'If you hadn't, I would have started fighting pedoland top you and
Gawd knows how much noise we would have made.' At that, Tommy began
kissing his way down Brian's body. He wanted to use his cousins mouth again
and again while he was visiting. Better to give the kid a taste of the
pleasure he can have, he though. With this thought in mind and slowly and
with tender loving care, Tommy took Brian to heights he never knew existed.After Brian had had a fantastic mindblowing orgasm, Tommy re-adjusted the
pillows to the top of the bed. Then re-adjusting Brian so that he was
laying down the bed, he slipped his now reinflating cock cock back into
Brian's mouth. The last thing Tommy zoo pedofilia free
remembered before he fell into a deep
sleep was another mind numbing orgasm as he blew his second wad of cream
down Brian's throat.He woke up in the morning with Brian laying on his side pedo movie facing him and his
arm thrown across his chest. 3d pedo tgp
As he stirred, Brian young pedo sex lovers woke 12yo sex pedo
up. He let his hand
slide down to hold on to Tommy's morning wood. 'Going to the bathroom to
take care of this?' he asked looking up into Tommy?s eyes. 'Why should I
if you want to take care of it for me.' he replied bending down to kiss
Brian.Tommy had the feeling from last night that Brian liked sex just a little
rough. He turned on his side while Brian teen 16 yo pedo moved down on the bed so that his
lips were even cp pedo top list
with the head of Tommy's big dripping dick. Then, slowly but
with purpose, Tommy interlocked his fingers around the back of Brian's
head, threw his right leg over Brian's shoulder and drove his cock deep
into his cousins warm waiting mouth. After a thoroughly good face fucking,
Brian willingly swallowed his third load of Tommy?s cream like a pro.Tommy enjoyed his little young pedo kitty summer with Brian. And, if the truth be told, sexo word pedo
enjoyed his time with Tommy. If Brian had an unspoken complaint it was that
Tommy was not much into reciprocation. He loved getting his cock sucked and
his rocks off, but pedo 3d anime perhaps only once in every 10 or so days would he girls pedo fuck return
the favour. But when he did, Brian was taken to places of pleasure he never
knew existed. At the end of the summer, Brian was really sorry to see
Tommy leave. He knew his life would never be the same
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