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Three rooms, a bedroom at one end, a big general purpose room including a
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far end with toilet, sink, electric heater and one of those tin, stand-alone
shower stalls badly in need of a coat of paint. Gary was tickled pink
having a place of his own.The kid turned out to be one hell of a worker. Eager, with a directed
enthusiasm that got the job done. He fixed his place up real nice. Simple
and easy to keep neat, but clean and well laid out. One thing I noticed was
that he'd moved a big double bed into the bedroom. I had no intent to
control his private life, but told him up front that partying came in a long
way second behind his chores and schoolwork.The kid and I hit it off right from the get-go. He seemed to want, to need
the direction I was willing to give him. That first semester his grades
went from mostly "D's" and "F's" to a solid "B" average. I was proud of him,
and told him so. We worked together a lot, especially until he learned what
chores were his to do, and after that just because we enjoyed working
together. I found myself getting projects going that I'd been putting off,
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we'd wash our hands and faces and get dinner started before going out
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we were showering together and washing each others backs before getting
into the Jacuzzi where we'd talk and enjoy the sunset. I usually had a
glass of wine and he'd have a beer or two and fairly often we'd share a
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and sense of self-confidence. More and more I realized that Gary and I
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me. He started saying "Yes, Sir" and "No, Sir" a lot and I seemed to fall into
calling him "Gary", "Boy" or "Son" pretty indiscriminately. He was a
naturally affectionate kid and being about four inches shorter than I was,
liked to tuck himself right up under my arm whenever we'd sit on the back
porch stairs or in the Jacuzzi and watch the sun go down, a favorite
pastime for us. We also got very comfortable massaging each other, even
giving deep butt massages which felt wonderful or casually moving a limp
or stiff dick whenever it got in the way. No big deal, just another body
part.During Gary's second semester with me we had morning classes at the
same time so I drove him to school. He got in the habit of sitting on the
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breakfast and took off for school. Somehow he managed to get up and care
for the livestock and get ready for school himself, and always have time
to sit there and talk to me.About mid-way through the semester Gary wasn't home when he was
supposed to be. I finally gave up waiting and took care of the stock myself.
Then I sat down and tried to study, but just worried myself sick trying to
figure out what had happened to him, trying to tell myself that everything
was okay and there really wasn't anything to worry about. I finally got up
and called the Sheriff who said that there hadn't been any accidents
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and twice as belligerent."It is when you don't feed the stock and don't call to let me know that
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reached forward and jerked his half-unbuttoned Levi's down around his
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over to one of the straight back chairs and he about fell over my lap as cindy preteen pics
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more.Then I stood up, dumping him on the preteen babes pics floor. "We'll discuss whether or not
you're still be living here in the morning," I said, walking off and
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and sexy preteens outfits stared at him but he just froze like a deer caught out in the open."Did you feed the stock, or do you still not give a shit about them?""They've all been fed and watered." he managed to croak out. He looked like
he was about to run away or pass out, one or the other."Sit down. We need to talk." I said curtly.I thought he was going to run, but he took a deep breath and shuffled
across the kitchen, head hanging. Instead of sitting across from me like he
usually did, he came around the table and sat down next to me.Brutally, I asked, "What have you got to say for yourself?"Still looking down at the floor, he took a deep breath. "Nothing that's a
reasonable excuse. One of the guys I used to hang out with asked me for
some help after school and then we had a couple of beers at his place. A
couple of girls he knows came over and we ended up drinking beer and
screwing them. It was after midnight when I realized what time it was. I
was too drunk to drive, so I tried to run home but kept falling so I walked.
One of the Deputy Sheriff's picked me up about three miles up the road and
gave me a ride. He told me that you'd been looking all over for me."Two things about his little speech impressed me. One, he didn't try to
make any excuses, just told me what had happened. Second, and probably
more important to me was when he said that he'd tried to run "HOME". He
wasn't off the hook yet though."This friend of your's own a telephone?"With a deep, resigned sigh, knowing that he was screwed, that he'd broken
his contract with me and had no recourse, almost crying he said, "Yeah.
He's got a phone. I just real preteen naked
didn't think to use it."In a flash of anger I decided to dump on him. "So you were so busy getting
your dick wet that it never tiny sexypreteen models crossed your mind that the animals might need
to be cared for or that I might worry about what had happened to you? This
isn't a prison, Gary, and I'm not your keeper. I know that young men have
needs and that getting laid is of primary importance. But IT'S NOT MORE
IMPORTANT THAN YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES! awsome preteen model All you had to do was pick up
the God Damned phone for thirty seconds and tell me you were going to be
late. Is that too much to ask, even for common courtesy's sake?"Holding his head in his hands, all bent over, he almost whispered, "No."I thumped him on the top of his head, "Sit up straight and look at me while
we're talking!"He sat up like a puppet who'd just had his string jerked. One look at me and
he fell apart. Bawling his eyes out he dropped to his knees and wrapped his
arms around me, burying his face in my midsection and begging me not to
throw him out. I tried to calm him but that just made him hysterical and
he started begging his daddy not to leave him again.I held onto the trembling boy until he calmed down some and then lifted
his face so that he had to look at me, eyes full of tears and snot model preteen sexy
down his nose. I knew I loved him and said what I had to say. "Listen to me,
Son. This is your home, and no one will ever make you leave. Not ever!
Happens that pedo preteens videos I changed my will last month and if anything happens to me
you inherit the ranch and enough money to keep it going until you can get
on your feet. So this IS your home. Literally. But lilttle preteenz
I don't like it when you
make me worry about you like that and I WILL NOT tolerate preteenz lesbian your not
making sure that animals you are responsible for are not taken care of. Do
you understand me?"Gary just knelt there, looking up at me as he tried to decipher what I'd
said. Finally, he stood up and peeled off his t-shirt and threw it on the
chair behind him. miss preteen nudist Then he unbuckled his belt and pulled the buttons on his
Levi's loose and dropped the pants preteen sex cumshot down around his ankles. Clambering
across me, he laid himself down across my lap. "Make sure preteen daughter porn
I don't forget,
Daddy. Please?"I boy modals preteen
put my hand on his back and rubbed the smooth skin lightly. "You sure
about this, Gary?""Yes, Sir. I've been thinking african preteens pics about this for months. preteen nudes cuties I still love my father,
as much as ever. But bikine preteen I really wish that you'd been my daddy as well."I thought for a bit. Then, taking a deep breath of my own, I jumped in with
both feet. "Okay, Son. If I'd been able to have a boy of my own, I'd have
prayed for him to turn out exactly like you. You have a lesson coming
though. I don't ever want you forgetting your responsibilities to others
again, especially those that are dependent on you." With that, I paddled his
ass. Not a man-to-man ass beating chinese preteens pedo like he'd gotten the night before. This
was a father teaching his wayward twelve-year-old a lesson. I think Gary
caught on right at the beginning. He seemed to go back to nudist teenager preteen being a twelve
year old getting a paddling from his real father.When I was done I told him to stand up and pull nn preteen sites
his pants on and go take a
shower, he stunk like cheap beer and even cheaper pussy. He headed for my
bathroom and I turned to start breakfast.The night tgp preteen webcam
after Gary's last finals that year he brought some friends home
to party down at his place. Things had pretty much quieted down and most
of the cars had left when I saw Gary coming up to the house, leading some
girl by the hand. He preteen stocking models
brought her up on the porch were I was sitting in the
sunken Jacuzzi and introduced her naked preteens porn as "Gina", a girl he'd been running around
with. He introduced me to her as his father. I was proud as I shook the
good-looking young lady's hand. Gary started stripping off his clothes and
asked Gina if she wanted to join he and I in the hot tub. Gina didn't say
anything, just started taking her clothes off.She was an amazingly good looking young woman. I shouldn't have been
surprised at that, Gary was a really good looking and, now that he'd lost
some of his wildness, he was really popular at school as well. Gina had preteens angel pthc
very attractive and expressive face and a long, lean body with all the right
curves in all the right places. Nice sized, perky little tits with big brown
aureole and nipples that looked like they needed to be inside of my mouth
for a good sucking. Her mound of Venus was delightfully adorned with light
brown curls between a set of rounded hips that flowed out from an almost
non-existent waist. I was glad that what little light there was came from
behind me so that my lap was shaded in darkness. I wasn't sure that I
wanted my boy knowing that his old dad was in lust with his girlfriend.Gary helped Gina into the hot water and then slid in and sat down beside
her. "Joe's spending the night in my bed with his girlfriend, Pop. Is it okay
with you if Gina and I sleep upstairs in my room?"I'd had Gary pick out a bedroom for himself in the big house in case he
needed to use it for whatever reason. He'd fixed it all up real nice and then
had disappeared for a couple of days (after telling me he would be gone).
When I came back he didn't say anything, just carried a big cardboard box
upstairs. A funny noise attracted me later and I went over to the
staircase. I heard soft crying coming from Gary's room. I almost never
went upstairs, the mortar round that almost castrated me, and did
sterilize me also pretty much ruined my knees. I got around okay most of
the time, and people could hardly notice, but climbing stairs was NOT
something I enjoyed. None-the-less, I pulled myself up the stairs and went
to the open door of Gary's room. He had decorated it with posters and
model cars and airplanes and other bits and pieces until it looked like a
twelve year old's room. Gary was sitting on the floor with the bedspread
crumpled around his face, trying to keep the sound of his crying from
bothering me downstairs. I realized that the new things must have been
taken from Gary's preteen child pedo room and stored after his father died and he went to
live with his elderly spinster aunt. I went and sat on the floor next to Gary
and held him in my arms while he cried the hurt out of his system."Well, I'm not too sure I want you being naughty in my preteen russian sexxx house.""Oh, No, Daddy." Gary said. Sincerity dripping off his voice. "We wouldn't do
anything nasty! We'd sleep on opposite sides of the bed, just like a sleep-
over."I looked at sweet and innocent looking Gary --- and the twinkle in his eye,
and then I looked a find preteen porn
Gina. "Little girl, you'd better come sleep in my bed
where you'll be safe. If I were you I wouldn't trust that young wolf next to
you any further than I could throw a Mack truck."Gina laughed and started to move over next to me. Gary grabbed her and
pulled her back, right up against himself. "Hey! Come-on, Dad! Give me a
break and find your own. I've been chasing this one all semester!""Yeah. But your Dad is soooo handsome with all those big bulgy muscles
and that hair on his chest. HE'S a REAL man!"We all laughed at that and I lit up a joint. An Air Force buddy of mine had
flown in some totally outrageous Thai tie-sticks and I was already about
half lit. I passed the good stuff around and three puffs later Gary and Gina
were pawing each other in open lust. I had to laugh to myself because I
think they thought they were safe. From their angle, my lap was in
darkness --- but from my angle I could see preteen daily tgp
every stroke Gina was taking
on Gary's prong and how Gary was fondling her quim.We all took a final hit and Gary raped preteen
ate the leftover stub. Within minutes I was
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porno flick. The two youngsters were putting on one hell of a display and I
was crazy horny watching them and enjoying it brazil girl preteen too much to stop them.
Gary boosted Gina up on the redwood deck and she spread her legs wide as
he buried his face in her tender bush. Gary feasted like he was at a Beverly
Hills Literary Luncheon and hadn't eaten in a week. I was everything but
drooling down the side of my face.Gary ate Gina's pussy until she was screaming for him to fuck her. He
stood up on the hot tub seat and spread his knees to hold her legs open
while he sunk that fat, wedge-shaped cock of his right up into her. She
was obviously no virgin, but she squealed like a stuck pig when the
swollen base of Gary's turgid prong stretched her out wide."Fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck me hard. Stretch me wide open with that
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and over.Gary fucked her with strong, manly hot black preteens stokes at his own pace. Fucking the
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and butt clenched and relaxed, fucking his girl into a frenzy had my dick
fucking the hot water in a frenzy of it's own. I had an excellent fish's eye
view up between Gina and Gary's legs. Watching Gary's ass work and those
big, heavy balls of his swinging back and forth was about the most erotic
thing I'd ever seen. Without even thinking about it I reached up and lifted
Gary's swinging balls out of the way so I could watch his dick. Gary's only
reaction was to look preteen lol nymphets back over his shoulder and pant out in a lust-filled
voice, "Yeah, Dad. Get hold of me. Make me feel good!"I started massaging Gary's nuts in my hand as I watched how that
tremendous cock of his kept pumping back and forth so smoothly into
Gina's cunt. The way she had to keep dilating as he drove into her was
getting me almost as excited as it was getting Gina. I started running my
hands all over them, feeling how wonderful they were. Gina's pussy hairs
were literally as soft as silk and her outer pussy lips were firm like a
turkey breast. Her inner lips were swollen and dark red with congested
blood. The heat of her pussy was amazing when I reached into the slot to
feel her muscles as Gary drove in and out. Gina's hands covered mine and
urged me on. I wrapped my fingers around Gary's shaft and he drove
through them just like they were another part of Gina's pussy. The feeling
of his hard shaft plowing in paysite movies preteen and out of this beautiful girl and my hands
wound me up so tight, had me so much in need that without even thinking
about it I buried my face between Gary's hard butt cheeks preteen picture sex and started a
feeding frenzy on his ass.That caused Gary some awkward moments as he struggled to figure out
how to keep his ass tilted up and young preteen nubile spread open so I could really get at him
while he maintained his fucking of Gina. Instead of being upset with my
impulsive move, Gary was going nuts and demanding that I eat him out
harder and deeper. Gina guided my fingers to her clit as Gary did a little
screaming of his own when I managed to penetrate his rosebud with my
tongue. Gina cried out litte preteen models
for me to keep it up because Gary was fucking her
better than he ever had.I leaned back from Gary's ass and spanked him loudly, twice. "Have you
been naughty with this little girl before, Gary?"In his best "poor little boy" voice, Gary answered, "Yes, Daddy. I didn't
wanna, but she made me do it. "That made Gina bust out laughing. Gary and I soon joined her in ribald
laughter. I slapped Gary's ass again for being a naughty boy and reached
down and licked my tongue but the back of his ballsac. I thought he was
going to jump clean off of her. "What the fuck was that?" he asked,
startled."Oh, 3d sex preteen
I don't know I said innocently." And leaned forward and sucked both of
his balls into my mouth. The huge things were more than a mouthful
actually, but I sucked down hard and got them in all the way past my lips
and teeth.Gary went berserk and started fucking Gina as hard and fast as he could,
jerking his nutsac back and forth and bawling out his lust. I felt his cock
swell up even larger and start pulsing as he ground his crotch into my
fingers and her pussy, firing wads of cum into her like a two and a half
inch line pre teen gangbang on a firetruck trying to put out a raging fire. I sucked even harder
and pulled down on Gary's balls, hard. His bull bellows covered even Gina's
squalls as, so she claimed later, she went off like an atomic bomb.Gary finally started to slide out of preteen model paysite
Gina and I let his balls slide out of my
mouth so he could pull back. When his cock slurped out of her it looked too
good to eat, but I did anyway. Dazed by my own lust and need, I sucked
Gary's six plus inches into my mouth, sucking and licking up every sluty preteen pics
bit of
cum and pussy juice I could find. Gary pulsed several more times and I
managed to suck some of his juice directly from the spigot. My son tasted
awesome. Gary finally pulled back because his dick was getting preteen 4 free
sensitive to be touched and fell over on his side in exhaustion as I buried
my face in Gina's well used cunt and started eating up every bit of male
and female juices I could find. My appetite was whetted, the feast was
delicious and I was chowing down! Gina kept rolling her head back and
forth and begging me to rape preteen boys never stop. She also keep pushing down with her
cunt muscles, feeding me more and more of her and Gary's sex fluids. I ate
everything offered to me like a starving man.Gary slipped back into the Jacuzzi and helped me get to my feet. Then he
sucked on my dick to get it wet before taking it in his hand and guiding it
to Gina's pussy. "Fuck my girlfriend, Daddy. Pop her hole, Pop!" Gary teased
me."Yea. Show me where your son learned to fuck so good. Plow me good, man!
Give me that big man cock." Gina begged.I had no intention to even pretend to resist and laid down on top of the
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large to penetrate me. I bellowed in pain and shock when the nose of Gary's
rod pushed into my ass. I'd never had anything but a doctors finger go in
there instead of out, but Gary was not interested in my problems. Gina
threw her legs around mine and pulled them apart, using her hands to
spread my ass cheeks so Gary would have a better shot at me. Tears filled
my eyes and I bit into Gina's neck and left her with a hickey that didn't go
away for weeks as Gary relentlessly pushed and battered his way inside of
me.Gary held still on top of me, giving me a chance to adjust to him being
inside of me. Once I caught my breath and started to relax a little I
realized that I liked the feeling of having my son on top and inside of me.Gina must have been clairvoyant. "He really stretches you out, doesn't he?"All I could do was moan in reply."Just wait until he starts fucking you. He REALLY knows how to use that
thing of his to put you into orbit."Gina was stroking and kissing me. Taking it as perfectly natural that my
son would want to fuck me and that I'd be able to take it and enjoy what he
was doing. That helped calm me more than anything. At least until Gary
started moving again.Licking and sucking at the back of my neck he started rotating his hips,
opening me up and getting me ready for what he was about to do to me.
Gina was right. Gary seemed to know instinctively exactly the right thing
to do. When he finally started thrusting slowly in and out of me in tiny
little thrusts I wanted it so bad that I started pushing back at him as he
pushed into me. That got my cock going in Gina again and she moaned password preteen hacker in
satisfaction. That moan lit me off. I LOVED IT. I loved having my son on my
back. The feel of him was as stimulating to me as the feeling of the
beautiful girl under me. I went wild.Gary and Gina swore later that they knew exactly when I took charge of
the fuck. Driving Gary damn near senseless with the way I was tearing up
his cock with my ass. Making Gina know that she had a man on top of her. A
man who was giving her the all time best fuck of her life. Gary and Gina
both let loose and did their very best to fuck back at me, knowing that it
was taking everything they had just to keep up with me.I don't know how but I managed to get into the fucking, feeling Gina's cunt
working around my swollen member. Feeling my son riding my back.
Feeling my son come. Feeling preteen pussy freepics
him come again. Feeling Gina come and then
come and then come again until she was starting a new orgasm before she
had finished the last one. Her orgasms overlapping each other and driving
her so wild that the scratch marks she was leaving on Gary's back and
sides started bleeding. That drove Gary around the bend and he was
humping my ass in wild abandon as I started cumming inside of his wife-
to-be, the clenching of my ass sucking him into his third orgasm up my
ass.Dawn woke us. Groggily, I moved the kids into the hot tub and cleaned
myself and them up. They'd have gone back to sleep right there in the tub
but I forced them up and lead them into my bedroom. Still wet, we fell
into bed and I managed to pull sheet and covers over us before we passed
out, one of my children in each arm.Gary and Gina both call me "Dad" and their three boys all call me "Grandpa".
As much as they wanted to live in the big house with preteen nudes children me, I built them a
house of their own as a wedding present so they could have a family and
some privacy of their own. The first thing they did was put in an all-
weather concrete walkway between the two houses. You tell one of the
boys to go home and they're just as likely to head for my house as their
parents. Their mother won't let them use the Jacuzzi alone, so they are
constantly after me to, "Get naked, Grandpa, so we can go swimmin'!" You
haven't lived until you've tried to relax in preteen diaper a hot tub with three active and
squirmy little boys. Their parents spend the night with grandpa quite often
and Gina feels awful that she can't bear me a son as well as Gary's. That
doesn't keep her from trying though. And she's the one who made Gary and I
admit, to ourselves and each other, how much we loved nasty girls preteen each other, and
then she made me put Gary on his back and show him exactly how much I
loved him. One of her favorite things is watching Gary and I make love,
because she thinks it's "Cute". Gary and I usually retaliate in a way that
she heartily approves of.We're going to have to decide what to do about the boys soon because
Jonathan, the oldest, has decided that when his parents aren't staying
with me that it's nymphets preteens models
his job "To keep an eye on the old man". A phrase I'm sure
he picked up from his parents, but neither of them will admit to having
said that. At eleven, he's well aware of what his parents and I do when
we're together, we've never hidden our affection for each other from them.
Jonathan's good-night kisses are becoming a lot more than simple foto preteen cuties pecks on
the lips and his questions about how our dicks work and when will his be
as big as mine or his dad's are getting downright insistent.After college Gary started making changes around the ranch and we are
now one of the foremost suppliers of high-quality bull sperm in the world.
Gina runs a home business on her computer that is raking in the money. I've
pretty russians preteens nudes
much retired, except that I keep writing and my main-line books
sell pretty well. I have children, and three fine grandsons. I go to sleep
content at night, and if I shouldn't wake in the morning, I will die happy
-- and fulfilled.---EOF---
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