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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 stripped preteens galler 16:10:19 -0500
From: zonked8hotmail.com
Subject: my 48 hours in the projects. (gay/encounters)MY 48 HOURS IN THE PROJECTS.by zonked8hotmail.com
Those who read my other story on nifty will know of one of the preteen por pics references
I make to a certain person. I would like to tell you he was my lover in
real life and in tribute to him and fond memories of him I wrote "man in
the park" & this story also. He truely was my 1st ever true love...God bless him. One day we will meet again. If you find the thought preteen girl fist of
inter- relationships or lucid randome sex encounters a strain/problem then
please feel free to leave at this point, but from the mail I have received
it seems im not alone with my passions. please enjoy this story. steve. After keeping contact with jonothon while I made plans to move to
the NYC area our love grew into a comfortable obsession, we would write
daily and call atleast each once a week. As the days counted down to me
returning to NY my heart started to flutter more eachtime someone would nude incest preteen ask
about it. My dream of life in New York was finally becoming reality. I was
to leave on the day after Christmas day and preteen image bbs meant the usual family dinner
at my family house in the south of England and then travel up to the
airport early the next day.The day arrived. The flight like always was so boring and the people were just as
boring, a flight with just women in there nasty red outfits giving out nuts
then very young preteenmodels lunch then snacks as we had a hour to touch down. Flying over Long
island the clouds parted as we taxied down to JFK. claps sounded (in the
American way) as the wheels hit the runway and we had arrived. My very youngest preteens
raced as I did the usual question /answers at customs and got my enormous
case and headed for the arrival lounge. Anyone asain preteen girls would think you were famous
the way you walk through a open exit in to the throws of hundreds of
waiting friends/strangers/family folk Now I know how russian boy preteens
the Beatles under preteens felt when
they arrived in the States the 1st time..lol. I could hear the soft voice
of jonothon as I reached the masses and he was crying tears of joy as I
dropped the case and we hugged and kissed for the longest. It seemed that
we were alone and no one was around as our worlds merged and we forgot
everyone else there. Finally breaking for air we went litle preteen panties out and got a yellow
We were going to stay at his family home in Brooklyn, preteen female twat this wasn't
something I was looking forward because he lived in a rough area and I was
probably going to be the only white face in the crowd, but I knew it was
only going to be a few days as he had found a apartment for us to rent over
in queens. All I had to do was pay the deposit and it was ours
asap. Jononthon told the driver where we were going and we sat hand in hand
as we drove nearer to his home. the preteen erotica images streets soon became more slummish and I
saw more industrial buildings, (its funny cause the nearer we got the
grayer the sky got). We drove in to his area and my heart sank as I saw
where he lived, damn this was hell I thought as we climbed out and took the
elevator to his top floor apartment where he lived with his two brothers
and his mother. We were greeted by his mom as we went in , she was a pretty
women and quite young looking, she had a southern accent and it made me
feel so welcome as she started to talk. Jonothons older brother was at work
and his yunger brother was out , and in her words she said " he'll be up to
no damn good asyu'll" we all laughed and jonothon tookme back to his room ,
it was basic and sparse. He locked the door and we fell on the bed and got
straight to the one thing we both wanted so bad, kissing and caressing we
were soon nakid on his bed our preteen mya model hands and mouths were everywhere as we
introduced eachother to the bodies we bbs asian preteen
had missed so much. we must of been
at it for ages before he fingered my butt hole and slide In me fast and
hungry....pumping like I remembered he liked to. he had my legs up over his
shoulders fucking me hard and fast.....damn I missed this so much, he had
his tongue deep in my mouth as he pumped in and out my hungry hole. preteen evie nude We were
back cp preteen underage together teens preteenporn and the electric was still there. I could tell from the way
he breathed as we kissed he was going to soon blast I tried to stop our
passionate kissing to tell him I wanted to drink his first load but it was
to late he panted as he let loose and pumped me full deep in my ass. We
carried on kissing as his dick softened and slide out with most of his
juices. We lay together on the bed and he pulled the sheet under us over us
and drifted xxx preteens xxx off to sleep.Knock Knock........ his mom.. " Jonothon....steve!"Knock..Knock..Knock......his mom again.. "jonothon y'll its mom.dinners on the table son!" Jonothon and I stirred and got boys preteen movies
dressed and walked to the lounge
where I expected a small dinner, but in true southern homestead style there
was corn bread, broiled chicken, sweet potatoes nudist preteen pthc and other stuff too. We sat
as the front door opened and in walked illegal preteens this big blk guy he musta of hentai images preteen
atleast 260lbs, he came over and shook my hand telling me he was elfonz, he
threw his big jacket on the couch and sat next to me and without a word
started to help himself to the feast on the table, jonothon just laughed at
his actions. his mom.."oh lord....i dunno where that boy jay be at!"
I looked over skinny preteen youngest at her and smiled and guessed she was talking about
jonothons little brother. I preteen models rollyo
realised that from looking at how beautiful and
soft skinned jonothon my black love was and how dark and so-unlike young preteen cum
was, they must of had different dads. Well after the feast and small nasty playtoy preteen talk I
was so tired young preteens x I needed to sleep, me and jonothon headed back to the bed room
and layed kissing, I must of fallen asleep cause I work it was dark and I
could head the sound of someone pissing in the toilet bowl in the bathroom,
which was right by jonothon's bedroom. It made me wanna go to. I slid out
the bed and opened the door starkers and bumped straight into a person I
didn't reconise.... I hide my privates and gasp as he laughed so loud I
thought the whole would wake.... jay.." y'll musta be steve from good ole
england....im jay yo!"with out thinking I held mt hand and he got a veiw of my dick yet
again.....blushing.... me .. "oh shit sorry man!...yea im steve..so sorry
man!" jay.." see its not true all white dudes got small dicks!" preteens teens cuties and
laughed as he walked down the hallway to the lounge.. I rushed in the
bathroom and shut the door and took a deep breathe then proceeded to
piss. I counted 10 sec in my head and then unlocked the door and peeped out
the coast was clear and as I went to push mine and jonothons door open, jay
popped his round the wall at end of hallway, nodded looking me little preteens candid and down ...
jay.."sweet dreams dude!" I could nude preteens kids
hear him laughing as I went back in the
room and slid beside jonothon again, he stirred leather preteen models and smiled.jonothon.. " hey my beautiful sexy man!" me.. "I just met jay in preteen sex forbidden the hall
way" .. he could I was bright red and laughed at me. I snuggled up with my
back to him and he wrapped a arm around me and I felt preteen having sex his rising dick at my
butt, he shuffled around and guided it at my butthole and it slid in deep
and we fucked again slowly and quietly, it was hard to preteen nn photo
not moan and yell
out as it stang a bit on entry. we rocked and he fucked and soon was
cumming again in me. We fell asleep till I was woken preteen girls sample
by the alarm going off
at 6.30.am. Jonothon climbed over me and disapeared in the bathroom and
seemed to be gone ages when he reapeared with a wet towel round his
waist. He kneeld beside the bed and reached in and took my dick in his
mouth and sucked on me, arousing me real fast as he nasty preteens photos
eat and licked his was
alone and over my 7"uncut dick. I was moaning as he really started to slurp
on me.i thought i'd wake the house and held in my moans letting him eat
away... I started to breathe faster he knew I was near and sucked me
faster, taking it all in deep as he chewed and slurped on it. damn I
flooded his warm sexy mouth and could hear him gulping as he drank my
juices deep in to his throat and swallowed my load. He held my dick as he
licked the sides and holding back the hood he licked the head and slit
making sure he got all his preteen modles toplist
breakfast totally. Letting go hairy photo preteen
he climbed up and
feed me his now hard dick and I bobed on it slurping and sucking every damn
inch till all 9" of his blk dick was in my mouth I bite at the base so he
knew I was right down at the base he gasped and he shoot a moderate load of
thick cum down the back of my preteen real doll
throat, holding me deep on him he murmurred
and moaned. We kissed and he told me he had to be leaving for his job in 10
mins and will be back about 7-ish tonight, my heart sank as he said it.
Kissing me as he left out he turned back ..... jonothon.. " by the
way steve sexy...if you want a ciggy please glamour preteen models
smoking out in the hall...do
not leave this floor" me.. "ok .so I cant smoke in the house!?!"
jonothon.. " nope .house rule..remeber you will be safe as long as you stay
on our floor hallway ok!"
...he smiled and I heard the front door close. I fell back to sleep
and it was almost 12 midday preteen lia stripping when I walked to the bathroom (in my undies
this time!). I showered and wrapped the towel around preteens young lovers my waist and walked
down the hall to the lounge and kitchen area, there was a make shift bed
against the window and the apartment was silent, I real cp preteens noticed there was coffe
made and poured myself a cup and sat on the couch and turned on the box to
see the news, I thought I was home alone when jay's head popped out of the
sheets on the makeshift bed.. jay.. " hey steve dude.mornin!"
I jumped in my skin..... me .. "shit!..sorry I thought I was
alone!" jay.. " nah dude im here.jonothon told me to stick around in case
you needed anything from the store" me .. " thats nice jay.but I got ciggys
.so im fine thanks" jay.. " ok dude.no worries" I watched the news as jay laid there half preteen nonnude images
sleeping. I kept letting
my eyes drift over to his direction, preteen panty pussy each time he caught my stare and
smiled a preteens brazilian big smile.just like jonothon's. I could feel my dick stirring and
all embarrassed I made a excuse to go preteen gay fucking back in the bed room. I decided to
dress and step outside and have a ciggy, my dick was almost hard in my
jeans as I left the room at the point jay was going in the bathroom..this
time he was nude with a towel over his shoulder. jay..."its my turn I
guess dude!" he really laughed as he shut the door behind him. me.. " hey
jay..im going to the outside hallway to have a ciggy..ok?" The bathroom door opened fast as he stood there butt nakid...
jay.." dont go to far dude..stay on our floor ok!?!" me .. " yea jonothon
told me.thanx!" Putting the door on the latch I stood halfway down the hallway and
lit up, my thoughts of seeing jay so kewl with me seeing his nakid boy body
made my dick swell in my jeans, as the point I adjusted my dick by putting
my hand down the front of my jeans a door opened and in walked a light
skinned black guy with a mop and bucket. He stopped looked straight at
where my hands was in my pants and then my face and muttered something in
spanish. I nearly jumped out my skin again as preteen cum photos
I quickly took my hand out
and now even I could see my length hard and bulging in my jeans, I turned
and looked out the dutch preteen photos
window, my heart beating fast as I carried on
smoking. The guy must of been the janitor as he mopped the floor and
motioned me to side step so he could mop the floor where I stood..
janitor.. "yo it'll be better if ya stand on the stairwell and smoke
man.that way the floor can dry clean!"
He motioned to the same door he came through and his face showed he
meant what he had said to. Saying nothing I moved and opened the door and
stood right by it , remembering what jonothon and jay had told me about
staying on the floor only. It was the usual stairwell just concrete and
bricks. I rubbed my crotch which was aching now as it was so hard. I lit
another ciggy and stubbed the 1st one on the wall. I noticed the stairwells
were not kept as clean and there was candy covers and trash scattered, as I
looked around I could also see used rubbers thrown on the floor. The door
opened and the preteen sex moovie
janitor and his equipment came through the door, he passed
and pre teen escort
caught my gaze at the rubbers and smiled and walked up the stairwell to
what was obviously leading to the next floor, (forgetting I was on staying
on the top floor). I stood there smoking away on my own, I couldn't hear
anything and I had to piss, so I un bottomed and started to piss against
the wall, it was difficult because I was still hard and as the stream
stopped I stated to jerk my dick , I peeped around the stairwell door and
saw no one, then looked down the stairwell steps again no one, with my dick
still out I looked up the stairwell to where the janitor had gone, there he
was sat on the top step with his legs sprawled wide with his dick hard and
un cut jerking off. His eyes were closed so at that moment he didn't see me seeing him,
I moved back round the section so I was out nudes preteens porn of view and started to jerk my
own uncut dick. I raised my hand to my mouth and spat in it and applied it
to my hard dick, as I jerked I could hear underground preteen picks it making smacking noises as I
jerked the hood over my head. It felt so good as I heard soft moans coming
from the upper stairs, I speeded up and the smacks got louder followed by
the moans getting louder too, I started to softly moan in unison, the
janitor started talking in spanish, I had no clue to what he was saying,
but youngest preteen topless
I guessed he getting off big time, I moaned and coughed, he moaned and
coughed, I slowly moved to the steps pre teens pissing and slid around pic adult preteen the corner, he was
right there sat on the second to bottom step still legs astride and hand
fisted tight as he jerked his dripping hard dick. His eyes meet mine and I went straight down and started to preteen nude nn slurp on
his uncut dick, letting my lips roll back the hood as his head of his dick
swelled more in my mouth and I firmly slide my lips down the length, he
still was talking in spanish as I reached the base and bite it gently, his
hands forced me to stay on him fully, he raised his thighs and pumped his
dick in and out my held head. I placed my hands teenies nude preteen at his balls and held them
as he rode me deep in my throat. My jaw was aching at the angle I was
eating him, but I wanted his dick so bad, though preteen pleasure photos my thoughts were cp illegal preteen
also on
seeing jay nakid earlier. He soon was bucking upwards and fucking my mouth,
he let go of my head and I pulled off him, he stood and turned me and
reached in his back pant pocket and found a ribbed rubber, ripping it open
with his teeth he rolled the rubber over his dick and and aimed straight at
my butt hole, I was still full off jonothons load as my azz opened and
schwelched as he slide right in, he gasped ..I gasped, he rammed his dick
in and out hard and fast, I felt every inch as he fucked me, I soon was
pushing back to meet his fast thrusts, he was models preteenx nude still saying stuff in spanish
and made it so hot, he fucked harder and faster, he was like a piston,
really fucking me hard then he yelped out load and he thrust 1 mexican preteen galleries
big thrust
in me and held my waist as he grinded into me.... I couldn't hold myself
and shoot my load up the concrete wall in front of me. He pulled out and pulled off the rubber and flung it on the floor
by the door. My azz was ringing it was so sore, he zipped up and patted my
shoulder and proceeded up the stairs. I pulled up my jeans and buttoned up
and lit a ciggy and as I went to go through it I was met by jay...jay.."there you are dude !.shit..thought you been abducted!" me.."sorry
jay .the janitor wanted to wash the floors so told me to wait here till he
finished" jay.."oh that azzhole.. mind him man he is weird freik!" jay.. "
say you spare a ciggy dude?" Little did he know I had just his dick in innocent preteen video me. I passed jay a ciggy
and we stood at the the door on the stairwell side, I could see my load
slowly running down the wall accross from where we were standing, horror
started to run over me..shit what if he saw us and tells jonothon.....i
would die here in the projects. Jay's eyes darted all over and I knew he
must of seen my cum on the walls, and sure enough he did, he turned and
smiled.. jay.. "yo this ya scum on the wall dude?"
he laughed as he said though. Jay.. "dont worry dude.many a time I
jerked off out here after seeing my girl...it aint like I can do it the
lounge is it now!"
His eyes looked deep into mine for a answer, I on the other hand
didn't know what to say. He laughed again and went and took a closer look..
jay.. " you musta been saving that lot tori model preteen
a while dude!"
Turning he was still smiling, we both stubbed our ciggies on the
wall and rusian preteens
went back in the house. I went back to the bedroom and soon jay
was knocking at my door, he came in wth 2 cups of coffe and and passed me
1... me .. "thank" we both sat on the bed and he told me about his girlfriend and the
problems they had finding somewhere to hard pre teen make out as his mom hated her bbs preteens info and
her dad hated jay, the story really made feel sorry for him. Then he told
me that they usually ended up on the stairwell having sex and that most of
the used rubbers I must of seem on the ground was his, he laughed as he
said it and i felt my dick again starting to stir up, damn not again. He
said again how he cant have preteen dildo galleries privacy to jerk off preteen girls cunts
at night and till I arrived
he would wait till everyone was gone to work and he would sit back here in
jonothons room and jerk off. He said it in a way that made me feel I was in
the way..me.. "listen jay. dont mind me..if you want me stay in the lounge when you
want to jerk off just tell msn cam preteen me.ok!" jay.. " you almost caught at it this
morin dude...didn't you realise?" me.. "nope I didn't see you till you
said something" jay.. "and I was so close dude!"
The words hung in the air as preteen half nude he looked straight at me and my
crotched strained in my tight jeans, I broke his stare and said to stop
this conversation as I was feeling awkward, with that his eyes darted to my
visible bulge, he smiled and motioned me to look down at his also obvious
bulging pants...as we both smiled he opened his mouth to speak. jay.. "
what say we jerk off here and now dude?" surprised is not the word,he was out his pants before I could
answer, dang it micro preteen bikini went as it sprang upright and hard out his undies. I undid
my jeans and let my dick in to view, we watched eachothers as we jerked our
own dicks slow and firm. There was no contact and it wasn't long before he
was panting and shoot large thick white streams of boy cum onto his upper
legs, it spewed out gush after gush, it was like a fountain and it looked
whitter against his dark black skin, his eyes were wide open holding his
dick halfway up as a last blob of cum slid out the slit, I tensed and my
pathetic explosion of cum trickled out the head, I was empty after the
janitor. He smiled prety preteen as he let his dick go and lay on his nude preteen boys upper leg, I
reached forward and ran a finger along and collected a fingerful of his
spend thick cum off his leg as it ran, he preteen gay modles shoddered and looked straight in
to my eyes as i sucked on my finger in my mouth and swallowed his juice.jay.. " I think you are going to be fit in well around here dude!" he
smiled as he the left room and me sat there wondering what he was talking
about. Jonothon arrived as promise to the apartment around 7-ish, I was
tired and so was he, he told his mom we were going to have a early
night. As soon as our nakid bodies snuggled up pics preteen
and hit the pillow we preteen lsm models
straight to sleep. playful naked preteens
Love really is to me the best when you are held and
snuggled up with the one you love in the warmth of a bed. Of course passwordz preteen by the
morning light I was woke by his dick sliding in preteens free vids
me red headed preteens and we were both joined
as he pumped me from the side position. Off went the alarm again and I fell back to sleep and when I woke
my dick hard I put on my undies and walked to the kitchen, again it was
just 100 models preteen me and jay again, who was right under the mound of sheets on the make
shift bed. I walked over and lifted his sheets and could see he was fast
asleep. I reached inside and felt my way to his crotch, preteen panty nudist his dick was soft
but soon stirred along with jay, he was a bit startled by me and then
smiled.. me.. " I made you coffe" jay.. " thanx." I stood up and walked to the hall.me.. " say jay.i'll be back in my room ok!" I walked back in room removed my undies and laid on the bed nakid
and jerking, sure enough in walked jay, cup in hand as he climbed on the
bed and lay beside me and started sex preteen american to work his dick up hard. I reached over
and helped him get hard and moved down and sucked his lengh in to my mouth,
he moaned as I slowly traced his dick along to the balls and then swallowed
on the head as I returned to it and went down the lengh, firmly slurping
and sucking... jay.. "damn dude my gurl don't do it this good dude" I sucked and sucked, I wanted to taste that thick preteen galleries forum cum again and he
soon gave me it, it was so thick and tasty as I swallowed it down my
throat, amatuer preteen model his hands brushed over my hair as I licked off every drop. We both
made for the shower and both jumped preteen model nymph in and let the water carress our
bodies... I soaped his back and let my hands run down to his butt cheeks,
he rested his head back on my shoulders as I let him lean back on me. My
dick was resting at his butt cheeks now as we stayed cluded together under
the shower spray. Soon my dick was rising as I humped at his smoouth
cheeks. My hands parted his cheeks and let my dick poke at his tight hole
and he to my surprise slighly moved to bend and I felt the need to fuck
him, with that I guided my soapy dick at his hole and it preteen little boobs
slid in him, he
squeeled animated preteen goddess
out but didn't ask me to stop. I slowly pushed more and more as I
felt his tight hole clamp my dick. I dream preteen bbs was soon gently fucking him as he
soaped and jerked his now hard thai preteen galleries dick fast, we both were moaning and really
getting in to it as I let my load splash up his azz, gasping he bucked on
me making himself really open on me and then tighten as he shoot another
thick load on the preteenboys shower wall.We washed off and went our preteen breasts model differnet ways in
the apartment, I was feeling so vera preteen model bad and thinking about preteen supermodel bbc jonthona, I sat in
the bedroom spell bound jay said he was going out for a while. I pulled him
real close and we deep kissed and with that he said all embarrassed he will
be back to take me to the real estate office to sort the deposit on the
apartment for me and jonothon. Well me and jay did the real estate preteens tgp videos I got the viewing and keys, preteen newsgroups list did
the necessary and went back to the apartment and waited for preteen cgiboard jonothon to get
home to tell him the news. hope you liked this young nudists preteen
story. let me know & thankyou for reading it. I
can contacted at zonked8hotmail.com
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