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Related post: Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:45:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rob Hoek
Subject: BusBoy DreamBoy (2)The next several days of working together resulted in two very good
things. First, Ryan had proved a natural at the food service business. His
inbred physical grace allowed him to glide smoothly among the customers,
deftly removing, or delivering, all accoutrements required pakistani model girls to ensure patron
satisfaction. Adding to that basic skill, I soon learned that his
interpersonal skills were a bonus, and allowed him to easily carry on a
light banter with the diners, which always seemed to leave them
smiling. This natural ability applied not only to making my part of the
service much easier, but certainly did no nonnude models top
damage to our gratuity take!The second good result of our teaming, was that Ryan and I had become very
comfortable with each other. Our interaction was relaxed, and easy, and I
had come to think of him as a friend, not merely a pleasant work mate, and
I know he felt the same. Yes, oh yes, I was still very turned on littile girls modeling by the
boy, even more so with familiarity. He was new models
just plain hot, no question
about it, and I now knew the person, not just the "look." His pleasant
personality only embellished his physical charms, and I truly loved every
minute we spent together. I had, in fact, begun searching out ways to
extend that experience beyond working hours.My first opportunity to expand our time together came at nylon 15yo model the end of our
first Friday night shift. Due to Ryan being under 16 years of age, his
weekly work hours were limited by state law to no more than 28, with one
shift being not longer than 4 hours. The manager had scheduled Ryan so that
his short shift came on the busy Friday nights, when he came in at 6:00
p.m., naked models female and ended his shift at 10:00 p.m. The restaurant stopped serving at
9:00 o'clock, which tmf teen models gave us an hour to serve the evenings final meals, and
clean up our station. After closing on Friday, Ryan and I walked outside
together as we were leaving, and he had the typical teen boy reaction upon
seeing my Mustang in the parking lot. As I gave him the twenty-five cent
tour of my wheels, I learned that he was on linjgerie models foot, and facing a late night
city bus ride to get home. Naturally, I offered to drive him, and that
began a regular after work thing. It wasn't actually that far out of my
way, but had it been the other side of the city, I'd just kiddy petite model
as gladly have
done it!It was another Friday, the end porn models gallery of our third week of working together. The
early dinner crowd had been unusually busy, and I was uk topless model relieved when 6:00
rolled around, and Ryan clocked in. I had been humping my ass with both
serving, and bussing, my section, and I was more than happy to see him,
both for the help, and the fact that I was just always happy alexandra 15jahre teenmodel
to see him!
The weather had finally warmed, and we were now sporting the Spring/Summer
uniform of choice, black cargo shorts, and the golf type pull over shirts
with the teen time models restaurant name embroidered over the pocket. I had gone into the
pick-up area of the kitchen in search of an order, and saw Ryan standing at
the time glamour mature model clock, searching for his card. His back was turned, and I let my
eyes drift over his trim body, admiring the toned calves extending from the
hem of his shorts, then settled my gaze on his tight little bubble. Damn,
I thought, that boy has one killer ass! I gathered up my order, and got
back to business.Ryan came into our station, smiled that heart melting grin at me, and
jumped straight into the fray, deftly applying his talents to my slightly
backed-up work load. The early crowd had been fed, and departed, by about
8:00 o'clock, and a surprising lull followed. There were only two tables
occupied christina model blog in our section, so we had a chance to relax at the computer
station, and chat. Ryan excitedly shared pantyhoses kids model
the news that he had earlier
learned that he had flat out aced amber tinymodel gallery an import model girls
English exam that he had been
stressing over, and I high-fived him, and gave him an I-told-you-so! He had
been up-tight over that test for days, and I was happy to see the obvious
relief in his demeanor.The rest of the shift stayed quiet, and there was little clean up to be
done at quitting time, so we were out the door at 10:00 sharp. We climbed
in the Mustang, and I drove off in the direction of Ryan's house. I took a
short look at him beside swiss teen models me, my eyes settling briefly onto his crotch, and
seeing the nice bulge of his treasures outlined in the fairly snug shorts
he wore. I reached over the center console, and gave his thigh a squeeze,
saying, "Love bikini car models
the outfit, Dude...nice legs, too..!" He giggled, and
answered, "Yea, right...I was, like, checking you out, too...looks fuck tits model like we
shop the same store..!" I laughed, and nodded, reluctantly removing my hand
from his firm thigh.We drove along for a couple of minutes, just grooving on the CD that was
playing, and Ryan appeared to be slightly down, surprising me, given his
earlier euphoria over acing his test. "What's up, Champ...you seem pretty
quiet over there..?" I asked. He sighed, and replied, "Oh, nothing
really....it's model tube nn cool...just....it, like, so sucks to not drive, is all!" I
chuckled, remembering exactly how that felt as I neared 16, and the
glorious freedom of wheels. "Yea...I hear that, Dude...but soon,
Buddy...soon..!" I told him. He nodded, and heaved another sigh, then added,
"Yea...well...it's not any help right now...here I got all night to do
whatever, and no wheels...sucks!"I perked naked childs models up at that comment, and asked, "What...have all night...meaning..?"
He nodded, and answered, "Yup...the `rents anniversary, so they took one of
those stay-up-all-night flights over to `Vegas...I'm sworn to my best
behavior...like I had some way to fuckup, anyhow...home all alone...!" Really,
I thought to myself, hmmm...! "Uh....well...I mean...if
there's...like...something you want to do...uh...we could....whatever..." I
trailed off. He perked up then, sitting up straight, and turning that
killer grin on me. I models art com
felt my cock twitch, just looking at that incredible
face! "Really, Josh...I mean....like...you'd actually let me...like...hang with
you for a while...?" I grinned right back at the model teens yo cutie, and answered,
"Totally, my man...hell, I'd love that, actually...want agencies models talent
to go and check out
this party I'm invited to..?"Ryan turned back to serious then, and said, "Yea...well...prolly teen model ukranian
Josh....I mean...your friends prolly wouldn't want you bringing some kid to
hang with ginny model sex them....I'll just go on home...and find something to do.." I pulled
over and stopped, then dropped my hand back onto that firm thigh, and
looked into his oh-so-blue eyes. "Look, Bud, your not exactly a africa model nude kid
anymore, and your fun, and smart, and everybody would like you a lot...don't
sweat the age thing...if you want to come and check things out, say so....we
can always split, if your not comfortable." He brightened, and lit up the
Mustangs interior with yet another smile, and said, "Damn, Josh....you're
like the most cool dude, ever...a party just has to beat some old movie on
TV!" I gave that thigh a squeeze, and answered, "You're the best, Bud...and
I'm gonna have the best looking date at the bash!" He glanced at me, and
blushed slightly, then said, "Date....yea, right....well, maybe..sorta...you
will be taking me teen model gallery home, after...!" We laughed, and I moved back into
traffic, changing direction to head toward my school bud's modelo mexicana desnuda
party.Ryan's attitude had undergone a serious adjustment, and as we drove, he
chattered up a storm, and I seized the advantage of his loose mood to delve
a fit model porn
little deeper into his personal life. I queried him about school, and
what interests he had there, sports, clubs, etc. In response to my inquiry
regarding his successes with the fair sex, he blushed, and replied that
while he was totally horny all the time, he found it awkward trying to
approach girls on that level, and sheepishly admitted to his virginity,
having only one near-miss experience with a somewhat forward young lady at
a house party. I gently probed him for detail, and he recanted how this
particular girl had reputedly been quite willing to share her feminine
charms with just about any young stud who showered a fair amount of
attention on her. He had given her a shot while at a party, and they had
slipped away to a bedroom upstairs. Apparently, much making out, and
groping of bodies had followed, while rolling about on the bed. Ryan
related how he bikini tits model
had been so hard that he was sure his dick was going to
explode, and sure enough, russian model sasha it had done exactly that, the second the young
lady slipped her dainty hand into his shorts, and touched his rampant
meat. The girl went into hysterics, and promptly exited the room to rejoin
the party, happily sharing his sexual ineptitude with a good share of the
party's female population! He had been totally mortified, of course, and
vowed on the spot to boy list model forgo any further attempts at sexual conquest, maybe
forever!It really wasn't funny, but yet, it was, and I laughed. Then, I seemingly
assuaged his slightly bruised male ego by assuring him that such
occurrences were highly typical of a boy's first time, and girls were a
completely insensitive lot to make light of it! Particularly, I told him,
in view of the fact it was something that none of them could ever actually
relate dapco model tom to! "Besides," I ended the discussion,"I bet it felt great, and, you
got off, right.....which was the original mission objective!" He cracked up
at gabys models that, and I was happy to have gained valuable insight to his practical
experiences, or the lack thereof! Shame on me, I really was gently working
toward the seduction of this boy, a realization that both warmed me, and
warned me!We arrived at ken's house, and parked the car amid a dozen kid super model or so others
that had been recklessly abandoned by the fun seeking revelers that
currently filled the nn models tulips smallish house, and spilled over onto the front and
rear decks. Ryan stayed close as we made our way into the fray, and I noted
the somewhat nervous look on his boyish face. The crowd willey top models was preeteens nude models
large, and
probably averaged around 23 or 24 years old, and dragon model 6363 they had reached that
mid-party stage of rowdiness, when the free flowing kegs of beer begin to
show the desired effect. It was mostly a college crowd, interspersed with a
few of Ken's work mates, and I was at least acquainted with the majority of
the ones I saw. I returned several "Hey's", and "Hi's," as I made way
through the packed house, Ryan in close tow. I caught a few inquisitive
looks, as the throng took note of my cute young companion, and more than a
few looks of definite interest from some of the charlotte model more lubricated females, as
they blatantly scoped out the teen hottie. Ryan said something behind me,
but it was totally lost to the loud music.I located the make-shift bar in the kitchen, new preeteen models
and filled a plastic cup from
the beer keg. Turning young model index to busty model portfolios preeteen models 12yo Ryan, I cocked an eyebrow, silently asking if he
wanted to try a beer, or one of the several soda's that rested in an open
ice chest nearby. He thought it over a teen models nips second, then flashed me little japan models
that cock
stiffening smile, and took the beer from my hand. I smiled, and leaned in
next to his ear. I inhaled the heady scent of him, then cautioned, "Just go
easy petite model contest
on the sud's, Champ...I wouldn't want to be accused of taking advantage
of your hot young body!" He nn bikini premodels giggled, and poked my shoulder, saying,
"Right...you're so funny...!" I winked at him, and turned, filling another
cup with the cold brew.Circulation inside the packed house was pretty much out of the question, so
we maneuvered to the corner of the counter, where I sat on a vacant bar
stool, Ryan leaning against the counter next to me. We sipped our brews,
and people watched, deep conversation being a lost cause, with the amped-up
music russia young models blaring from the living room. Several friends wandered past, in
various states of sobriety, and I made a few introductions of Ryan, and
absorbed a fair amount of chiding regarding my "cradle robbing". It was all
in fun, and Ryan didn't seem at all sweet youngest models bothered by it.One beer turned into a few, and Ryan had garnered the sweetest flush of
pink to his creamy cheeks, and now had a pretty much fixed grin on his lush
mouth. His natural people skills, enhanced, I'm sure, by the alcohol, had
surfaced, and he was happily entertaining a small group that had joined us
with ribald tales of high school life in the mid-2000's. He was feeling the
beer, I had no doubt, but I had switched to soda after 3, so I figured WTF,
let him party, I'd see him home safe, and he had all night to square away
before the folks returned.A close buddy of mine appeared, and wanted to ask my advise about a car
problem he was encountering. Unable to hear much of what he was trying to
say, I gripped his arm, and steered him outside to talk. I returned maybe
20 minutes market penetration models later, and discovered Ryan had gone missing. I wormed my way
thorough the throng, searching for him, and smiled, when I looked into the
dining room. Ryan leaned latina model young into a very pretty college girl, both arms wrapped
firmly around her, his hands stroking her nearly bare back, as they
danced. Dance may actually be too generous, german teen models they basically just leaned on
each free preten models other, barely moving to the blaring music. She was dressed in thong models toplist snug
shorts, and a lime green halter, which struggled to contain her ample
tits. One of her hands was moving up under Ryan's shirt, stoking the skin
of his bare back much bohr model vanadium
as he was doing hers. latina model adult He still had the silly grin
plastered across his flushed face, and I had not one shred of kds virgin models
doubt that
his boy cock was hard as nails, as his small hips flexed gently,
frictioning that sweet meat against the softness of his partner's bare
midriff. Oh man, I thought, whatever happened to the old custom that says
ya tiny tot models dance with the one what brings ya?? I sighed, and moved back toward the
kitchen, figuring that nature looks after fools and drunks. Hell, maybe the
boy would dip his wick finally, and then suddenly come to his senses, and
realize that it was ME he really wanted in his bed! Yea, right!I mingled another hour or so, and had just about decided that wick dipping,
or not, it was time to off this pop stand. I turned, about to once again go
in search of my wayward delinquent, when he appeared in the door frame. His
always flawless hair was in serious disrepair, and the flush seemed to have
gained intensity, but the goofy grin remained, and once again I felt that
heart twitch thing. This kid was seriously under my skin, damn it! He
spotted me, and made his way over, then spoke naked russion models into my ear, "Can we go,
now?" I nodded, and took his hand in mine, working my way through the crowd
toward the door. He gripped my hand snugly, and made no effort to break the
contact.I endured more salacious, somewhat inebriated, commentary as we made our
way, but just shined it on as good natured, and finally we were
outside. The cool night air was heavenly after the energy-packed body heat
of the house, and reaching the Mustang, I stopped, and leaned against
it. Still holding Ryan's soft hand, I brought him in close to me, and
checked him out. "You all good, Bud?" I asked him, and he nodded his head,
then grinned, saying, "Yup...for sure...a little toasty, maybe....giggle..." I
chuckled, and replied, "Ya think...?" he giggled again, and hiccupped! I
guided him around the car, and got him buckled up, my hand brushing against
an extremely hard cock in the process! Hmmm, I wondered, maybe Ms. Tits
hadn't taken care of business, after all! I fumbled with the seat belt
buckle again, and risked more solid contact with his swollen tool, assuring
that I had been right, on both counts! One, he indeed had a full-on
erection in those shorts, and two, I very much liked its shape, and
firmness! I stood, underteen models naked adjusted my own stiff tool, walked around the car, and
climbed in.I buckled up, started the engine, and looked over at Ryan. His legs were
stretched out fully, the hardon sweetly tenting the crotch of his
shorts. His head nude model 18teen
lay against the head rest, and the silly russian preten models
grin was still in
evidence. "Sure you're Ok, Hotstuff?" I asked him, "You're not going to
puke, or naturist nude models anything, right?" He giggled, and shook solo nude models
his head no, saying, "Naw,
Dude...I'm doing just french actresses models awesomely well, actually!" I chuckled, and looked
longingly top models hard at that crotch tent again, then drove off.Well, he was, at least, a happy drunk. He hummed, and sang along southern teen model with the
CD that was playing, and I chuckled at his giddiness, figuring it was
pretty much harmless fun tonight, that would extract a price in the
morning. A few minutes into the ride, he stopped his musical accompaniment,
and blurted, "I young model angels felt that, you know.....actually...felt BOTH farrah model times!" I looked
over at his silly grin, and couldn't help but grin myself, and asked,
"What...felt what...?" he giggled, and squeaked, "Felt it...when...you touched
my dick...twice, perv!" I paused, gauging his reactions as best I could in
the darkness, and replied, "Well....sorry Dude....just an accident...the
seatbelt...and....it IS sort of just...right there, you know!" he giggled some
more, his head nodding up and down. Silence for a while, then, "Maybe once,
Dude....but...TWICE....no way!" I looked over, and met his silly gaze, then
flicked my eyes down to his swollen crotch, gently illuminated by the dash
lights. Looking back into his oh-so-sexy eyes, I grinned, and said, "OK,
then...so I'm busted...happy now?" He held my gaze, and giggled again, then
said, "Touch it again, and pretten models list it's little angele models gonna blow....that chick got me so flipping
horned up....then just split...fucking nut ache, again..!"Off the freeway now, and on a slower side street, and again looked over at
him, and beautiful teenz models teased, "Oh Yea....well, Dude...you just might have been a little
out of your league teen star models there, anyway!" He giggled again, and said, "She started
it, Dude...all wanting to amateur female model
dance...then all rubbing all over me, and shit...!"
I waited, then said, "Yea, I saw some of pictures nude models that...what then?" He hiccupped
again, and giggled, then went on, "So I'm like totally boned, big time,
right....and so youth modeling panties
she says for me to come with her, right....so I do...!" He
belched this yung nude model
time, then, continued, "So yea...we go in some room down the
hall, right...I nodded, "And..?" A pause, "So she's, like, all kissing me
and stuff, and I'm all thinking, how fucking cool is this...I'm nn model 4chan pakistan teen models gonna
actually do it...finally...with an actual college chick, even...!" Then, "I
jerked that top thing off her, Dude...nice fucking tits, too...!" I chuckled,
and Ryan continued, "So, like, I'm all feeling her tits, right, and she's
like all cool with it...all groaning and shit...so...I chill on the bd child models tits, and
reach down to her sweet spot, right...?" Hiccups... giggles..."So yea...I sorta
rub over her pussy, right....then try for the zipper....and...whoa, Dude...she
fuckin teen model picturs freaks....!" Burp..."Pushes my amazon women models sorry ass down on the bed....getting her
top thing back on...all blabbering about me being a kid, and shit...and
fucking splits....sucks, Dude...really, fuckin, sucks, ya know..?"Can't help it, I'm cracking top models ninfets
up, drawing this whole picture in my head. I
gaze once again at the serious protrusion in his young models toploess
crotch, and sigh, sorely
tempted to just go for it, and offer to finish what the lady started. If we
were having this conversation sober, I probably would do exactly that, but
he's toasted, and not making rational decisions. Much as I want him, I am
simply NOT that big of an asshole! Ryan grew quiet then, and his head
lolled onto his chest, and he drifted off. Even sleep, I noted with a
smile, did nothing to deflate that sweet model raquel gibson crotch tent!Reaching Ryan's house, 16yo teen model I parked, and gently shook him awake. I unlatched
the seatbelt, Ok, yes, guilty, models young index I brushed his hard cock again, twice,
actually! teen model engine He was luana child model
pretty far gone into sleep mode now, and I steered him to
his room, and sat him on the edge of his bed. I got nonnude model russia his shoes and socks
off, then his shirt. God, what a beautiful boy! Slender torso, smooth and
hairless, his nipples full, and soft. I wanted to just lay bondage model wenona
him back, and
lick him everywhere! With a sigh, I got his shorts opened and slid them off
his legs. OH MAN! Again with the tiny bikini briefs! Dark blue this time,
and still corporate models top model pussy
packed to the max with that stiff meat! I nudged him backward
onto the bed, and leaned in close to that bulge, inhaling deeply of his boy
scents, and smiling, when I noted the large dark spot, wet with his
drooling passion juice! I stood, and struggled to lift his limp body into
the bed, seizing the opportunity to again nudge his rock hard cock, then
got him stretched out, and covered. I ruffled his soft, dark hair, and said
softly, "Sleep it off, Champ...I'll call you black model bikini in the morning!"I walked to the door, and paused, to take one more look, and he giggled
softly, then, said, "That last one makes FIVE....Perv!" And he giggled
again. I chuckled, then, replied, "Sober up, Hotstuff, and We can go for
six, anytime at all!" I closed the door to his silly giggle, and left the
house.Arriving home, I stripped, showered, and climbed into bed, Ryan fully
occupying my every thought. model satine gallery
WTF, I decided, my hand slipping under the cool
sheet to grasp my throbbing cock, if I'm such an honorable fool to auto model builders have
bypassed a loudly knocking opportunity, then this is the best consolation
prize available this evening! I promptly jerked off a second rate load,
groaning out Ryan's name at the moment of bliss!(To Be Continued)
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