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Related post: Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2010 07:40:48 -0400
From: bigmohpost.com
Subject: the_boys_on_the_beach_part_2THE BOYS ON THE BEACHPART TWOI might have considered Levi Mathews and Gary Simpson as the sons I
would never have except that I was only a few years older than the two
young lovers. They corresponded with me frequently during their first
semester in college, telling me of their delight in having the freedom
to be together without the constant fear of their parents finding hot young studs
they were gay. When they were seniors in High School, that fear was a
real impediment to a relationship that may very well have withered had
I not offered my house as free tgp young a place where they could intimately make
love.I took great pride in hearing of their success in college. Both were
earning mostly A's and were excited about what they were learning in
class. They were also enjoying their escape piss young from what Levi called
"the suffocating environment of religious intolerance" in Asian girl young which he
grew up. I was more proud, however, of my role in helping ensure the
teens' emotional bonding by understanding their needs and periodically
letting them use my guest room for their "close encounters."In early December, an email arrived saying: "Gary and I will be home
over the Christmas holidays and look forward to seeing you." I was
thrilled. There was much to talk about that couldn't or shouldn't be
included in an impersonal email. I fired back a reply that said:
"Overjoyed that I'll see you soon. As always, you'll be welcome to
visit me whenever you have the time." I knew that the two young men
would interpret my invitation to mean they could use my guest bedroom
whenever and as much as they wanted.I certainly didn't anticipate what was to happen in what should have
been a joyous season.The day after they arrived home from campus, naturist young video I hosted a dinner for
them. When my doorbell rang, I rushed to the door. Once inside, both
young men hugged me before presenting me with a bottle of wine. We
went into the living room to sit down, Levi and Gary on the sofa
holding hands while I sat in an arm chair. They all talked
exuberantly until the timer in the kitchen buzzed to signal that
dinner was ready. The conversation continued rapidly throughout the
meal. It was a joyful reunion for all of us. Following another hour
of conversation after dinner, the two young lovers rose to leave and
thanked me for the meal. They both hugged me again and thanked me for
being a young modrls friend young girls tpg
when they needed one.Levi, sometimes with Gary, stopped by to visit me every two or three
days, including Christmas Eve to give me a present. To my surprise,
however, they never asked for privacy during their visits. I offered
but the lovers politely declined, saying, "That's kind of you, Mark,
but we can wait until we get back to school."Two days after Christmas, I was awakened at two in the morning by a
phone call. I checked the caller ID but it gave no information other
than "cellular call." Groggily, I answered the phone and mumbled,
"Hello.""Mark. It's Levi. I know it's late. I apologize. But can I come
over and talk to you?""Sure," I said, suddenly fully awake. "Is something wrong?" young danish pussy
It was a
stupid question; from the tone of Levi's voice it was obvious that he
was distraught."Yes. I'll tell you all about Cavehill young loyalists it. I'm at your front door now but I
thought I'd better call first to see if you wouldn't mind seeing me.""Be right there, Levi." I hung up the phone, threw on a robe, and
went downstairs. As soon as I opened the front door, Levi fell into
my arms and sobbed. sexy young moms I helped my young friend into the living room
where we sat on the sofa. I wrapped his arm around youngest legal pussies the teen's
shoulder to comfort him. blonde young man
A bruise was forming on the young man's
cheek. When my unexpected guest regained his composure, I said, "Tell
me what happened, Levi. How can I help you?""It's hopeless, Mark. Nobody can help me now.""There's always hope. What happened. Maybe I can help.""Everything was going so well," Levi began, mustering all the strength
he had to stop crying. "Until last night. Gary and I went to a
movie. young 13 nude We stopped for a beer afterwards--just one. He drove me home.
It was late. All the lights in my house were off. Everyone had gone
to bed. We sat in the car and talked for young hentai girls a while. Pretty soon, we
were kissing. It had been a long time since we had very young illegal sex, not since
coming home from school. It was dark. We were alone. We started
fondling each other. And--naturally--we got hard-ons. I unzipped
Gary's pants and went down on him. Even crowded in the front seat of
his car, it was wonderful. I wanted to please him. And, to tell the
truth, the taste of him was fantastic. I lost all sense of where we
were and the risk we were taking. Just about when Gary was about to
cum, we heard a rapping on the car window. Gary pushed me off him. I
sat up and saw my father scowling through the window. He opened the
door and ordered me out of the car and into the house. He screamed at
Gary to leave."Levi stopped talking and was trembling. "Try to calm down," I said as
though my words would have any effect."In the house, my father started screaming at me. It woke the whole
family. He sent my little brother and young girl nudism sister back to bed and lowered
his voice for the rest of his tirade. My mother started crying when
she found out what all the commotion was about. But my father just
got more and more angry. He didn't use any profanity but he called me
all kinds of vile names: pervert, degenerate, carnal sinner,
disgusting, Satan incarnate, and on and on. If I tried to say
anything, he'd cut me off and resume his verbal abuse. My mother left
the room in tears. I heard her throwing up in the bathroom. young teenage boys At virgin young nude
point, I felt like scum. Maybe I am.""You're brazil young nude
NOT!" I exclaimed. "You're a bright young man. With a
promising future. You happen to be gay. So what? You don't suck
cock in public restrooms. You're in love and express young cum sluts
that love in
intimate ways. Which is beautiful. As beautiful as a man and woman
showing their deep love for each other. young lust tgp You're not scum, Levi!""I am to my father and mother," he countered. "I love them and I've
hurt them. I have nudist youngest naked to live with that."I felt like saying they hurt themselves with their bigotry but chose
not to because I didn't want to condemn the parents Levi loved.
Instead I held the young man tightly to show my empathy. Then, I
gently touched the growing bruise on Levi's cheek and asked, "How did
this happen?"Levi fought back the tears as he continued. "My father eventually
settled down. I guess he had depleted his venom. He told me--didn't
ask me--he TOLD me to pray with him for forgiveness. I thought since
he had calmed down, he would listen to what I had to say. I told him
I wouldn't pray to be somebody I'm not. God made me what I am and God
loves all his children--black, white--men, women--rich, poor--gay,
straight. He just stared at me. I don't know whether he couldn't
refute what I said, whether he couldn't accept his son being gay, or
whether he simply was not used to me refusing his orders. Without
enough thinking, I went on. I told him that I was gay, that I was in
love with Gary, that we planned on spending our lives together, and if
he didn't approve I was sorry but it was the truth. He stood, slapped
me hard, and went down the hall into the bedroom."Levi's tears were flowing again. young nude child I felt like crying, too, but hugged
the suffering young man and waited young ped thumbs for him to regain control.In a few minutes, he resumed. "I sat there for a while ... a long
while ... crying. Then my father came back and told me that I had a
choice to make. The first option was to repent, never see Gary again,
and lead a good Christian life. The second choice was to drop out of
school since he wouldn't pay the bills of a perverted sinner who won't
repent. I knew I could never break up with the man I loved. Even if
it meant I'd have to get a job and support myself. It was the final
blow. I'd lost the love and support of my parents. My decision was
clear; I wanted more than anything to be Gary's life partner. But I
couldn't tell my father that. Not then. Not when we were both young girls nudist upset.
I needed time to think. I told my father I'd let him know and walked
out of the house. I wandered around the neighborhood for I don't know
how long. Until I worked up young home porn the courage to call you. There's nothing
you can do, Mark, but I needed somebody to talk to that would
understand. Thanks for listening.""I'm always ready to listen, Levi. And help whenever I can. Right
now, the only help I can give is to be there for you, to assure you
that--as bad as things are now--they're going to get better.""Fat chance!" Levi snorted. "I've disgraced my family. My college
education is trashed. All I have left is Gary. Maybe not even that.""Hold on, buddy!" I exclaimed. "If Mark loves you the way you love
him, he'll stand by you. Together, you can work things out. By the
way. I assume Gary doesn't know what happened to you after he young lolas pics
your house.""No, he doesn't.""And what will he say when you tell him?""Oh ... he'll say he's sorry and he loves me. But then what? If I
can't go back to school, tgp young 16 we might drift apart while he's getting his
degree and I'm flipping burgers somewhere.""Is that what you want?" I asked."Of course not!" Levi said angrily."So let's not predict failure. Let's figure out what can be done.
It's not likely that your father will forgive you. Not after all his
bigoted hellfire and damnation young cam sermons. But you've sex young pic got a life ahead
of you. With Gary. Let's figure out how to make that possible."Levi sat quietly, brooding over the loss of his father's support and
affection while I struggled to suggest something ... anything that
would improve my ed young young friend's spirits. But I knew words would be
futile. Holding him close is what he needed.After several minutes, Levi said, "I guess I should be going even
though I dread facing my father again. I'm sure he's just as
disappointed with me and angry as ever ... probably even more. I'm
bound to get one of his sermons youngest gay porn about homosexuality. Thanks for
listening, Mark. And thanks for understanding.""Here's an idea, Levi. Let your father adjust to the situation.
Spend the rest of the night here. Tomorrow, call Gary. Invite him
here for breakfast or lunch. I'll be at work so you'll have the house
all to yourselves. Explain to him what's happened. Maybe the two of
you can come up with a plan.""No," Levi replied. "I've already imposed on you enough. I'll just
go home and face the consequences.""It's no imposition. I'd much rather know that young teen dick
you're safe in this
house than subject to verbal and possibly physical abuse at home.
Stay here. I'd worry about you if you went home tonight."After more young blonds coaxing, Levi reluctantly agreed to stay. He went to the
guest room while I returned to my own bed frantically trying to figure
out how to help Levi.Half an hour later, Levi stood at my bedroom door and asked, "Can I
come in?""Certainly!" I replied.Levi walked over to the side of my bed and just stood there without
speaking. Even in the dim light, I could see that he was trembling.
"Wanna talk?" I asked.Hesitantly, Levi answered, "No. I just thought ... ah ... I was
hoping that ... Can I stay in here with you? I guess I need somebody
to hold me ... somebody who ... well ... somebody who loves me and
understands."I paused before replying. Levi's request was more typical of a small
boy who'd had a bad dream than a mature college freshman. I sensed
the young man's yearning for acceptance and emotional support. I
wanted to give it but I also sensed a potential problem. young girl bondage "If you want
to sit on the edge of the bed and talk, Levi, I'm more than free young whores willing.
I'm going to be very honest with you. young teenz forum
I don't trust myself. You know
I'm gay. You may also know that I haven't been with a man for years.
What young arab sex
you don't know is that I've admired you and fantasized about
having sex with you. The fantasies are harmless but I've controlled
my attraction whenever you've been around. I realize you're hurting
and I'd do almost anything to make the hurt amateur hidden young go away. But being in bed
with you would be too much porno tiny young
of a temptation for me. Let's not risk
doing something that both of us would regret."A slight smile broke out on Levi's face as he said, "If I didn't love
Gary so much, I could easily fall in love with you. You're a true
friend." He bent down, kissed me on the forehead, young russian thumbs
said, "I'll be
okay. Good night." and walked out of the room.Levi, in spite of his emotional upheaval, was tired and fell asleep
quickly. I, however, lay awake for a long time, frustrated in two
ways. First, I could not think of a way to help Levi. Second, the
thought of a desirable young man--alone in the adjacent room--was an
unwelcome arousal that I fought hard to quench.Before leaving for work, I peeked into the guest room to check on Levi
who was sleeping soundly. Only a sheet covered him up to the waist.
I looked longingly at his bare, muscular chest with its dusting of
hair and prominent nipples. It was an image of manhood. It was the
tell-tale bulge of a tgps young morning woody, however, that triggered a surge of
lust. I chastised myself for imagining what splendor was hidden from
my view--lust that I knew must not be satisfied. I quickly left.I was distracted tpg young teen throughout the day, worrying about my friend, and
rushed home after work, hoping to find both Levi young porn preeten and Gary there. It
was only Levi that greeted me as I walked into the kitchen. "Hi!" the
young man said as he interrupted his work in the kitchen to give me a
welcoming hug. He continued exuberantly, "I thought I'd treat you to
a special dinner. Most young anal boy
of the stuff I got at the grocery store but
had young girl ass to use a few things from young russian mpeg your refrigerator. I hope you don't
mind. The wine is chilling. You can pour some for us... Oh! Wait!
Maybe you want to freshen up young boys speedos first. Better hurry, though. Dinner's
almost ready.""Hold on, Tiger," I exclaimed. "What happened to the guy that spent
the night here? Who's this cheery guy in my kitchen?"Levi young ladies nude laughed. "Same guy, Mark. I've just recuperated. I wanted to
express my gratitude for your hospitality.""Recuperated?" I asked, utterly confused by the remarkable change of
attitude."Yeah. It's a long story. Tell you about it over dinner. Right now
I've got to get the biscuits in the oven. Oh, by the way, Gary's
joining us for dinner. Is that all right?""Of course!" I replied, shaking my head at the sudden and mysterious
change in Levi.Gary arrived moments later. I opened the door and was given a tgp sex youngest long,
tight young sleep porn hug but Levi got rape young sex a longer one, accompanied by a passionate kiss."Did you young panty girls do it?" Levi asked Gary."Yup! Everything's cool."The teens happily hugged again.If I was confused before, I was totally befuddled now. "All right,
you guys," I demanded. "Wanna tell me what the hell young fuck tgp
is going on?""Sure," Levi said. "But first, let's get dinner on the table."I couldn't help wondering if he took a small bit of pleasure in
teasing me by youngest girl sexpic delaying an explanation.Resigned to having to wait for clarification of the inexplicable
improvement in Levi's mood, I obediently helped set the table for
dinner. Levi brought the food to the table--roast beef, baked
potatoes, broccoli in cheese sauce, and hot sesame rolls--all of my
favorites. Gary poured the wine."This is a spectacular treat, guys," I said as I sat down, "but I
really can't enjoy it until you tell me what's going on."Levi chuckled and said, "Gary came over this morning. I told him what
happened last night--my father's tirade and your taking me in and
giving me a shoulder to cry on. the young ones We agreed that you were the
proverbial friend in need and I'll never be able to nudism gallery young thank you enough.
We discussed my situation for a long time. Gary let me vent and then
said all the right things to make me feel better. And then we ... ah
... well ... we reaffirmed our love for each other.""You could have left that part out," Gary laughed.Levi chuckled and continued, "I know you tried cute young mpegs
to talk some sense into
me, Mark, but I was too upset last night to listen to you. Anyway, we
figured that since Gary's dad is one of my father's parishioners and a
good friend, he would tell him all about what he saw so he could
rescue his son from damnation. We decided to take the offensive. So,
Gary, tell us both how that went."Gary grinned and said, "When I got home, dad and mom were still awake.
I asked if I could talk to them. I got right to the point and came
out to them. I knew they were not as bigoted as some ministers I
could name but their reaction surprised me. Mom said she was not
surprised; she had suspected it for quite a while. Dad was
disappointed and challenged me as to whether I was really sure. Then
I told them about how Levi and I love each other, that we're committed
as life partners. Dad then said the most wonderful thing: `Son, if
you're going to be gay, you couldn't find a better partner.'" Gary
looked lovingly at Levi and continued, "He's right, you know. You're
the best thing that's ever happened to me.""So your parents are okay with it, young anal thumb Gary?" I asked."They took it better than I expected," Gary grinned.Turning to Levi, I asked, "And how about your father? Has he cooled
down since last night?""Only a little," Levi admitted. "But Gary convinced me that I'd have
to come out to him sooner or later. In a way, it's young vids good to have it
over with.""But it's a shame that your father is not more open-minded," I mused."But he's not," Levi said. "I just have to accept that. I still love
him, even though he's a bigot. If he doesn't want to love me for what
I am, then so be it.""And your mother?""She won't talk to me. She just goes back into the bedroom and cries.
That hurts. Deep down, I think she loves me but is afraid to say so
because of my father's domination of her. Maybe one day--when he's not
around--we can talk; hopefully, she'll understand that I'm not the
wicked creature that my father thinks I am."Gary added his thoughts. "Fathers can't get past being a macho man.
Mix that in the brew with an extreme interpretation of Christianity
and it's a toxic combination. Mothers, on the other hand, tend to
have an instinctive bond with their nude young guys children. I don't buy in young japanese tgp
stereotypes but that's just a result of the pressures society puts on
men and women. I think your mother will come around. young fuck tapes
It may take a
while but she will. I'm just glad my parents Ernst young us are not like that. Mom
has had a professional career, which I think has brought some equality
into their marriage."Levi smiled at his lover and excused himself to get the desert, hot
apple pie. When he returned, I said, "I've been thinking about your
situation, Levi ... a lot of thinking. I hate to see you go back to a
hostile environment at home. Would you like to stay here until you go
back to school?"Levi and Gary looked at each other. I could tell from their
expressions that there was more they hadn't told him."Well," Levi petit young began hesitantly. "I'm not going back to school. My
father refused to pay tuition and expenses. So Gary and I have
decided on an alternate plan. I'll go back with him but I'll find a
job and place to live. He will go to school full time and work part
time. We figure that by September, we can afford for me to work and
go to school part time. It isn't ideal but it's doable.""I don't like it!" I exclaimed. Both boys gave a startled frown.
"It'll be too much pressure on both of you. You don't need any more
pressure right free thumbnails young
now. Both of you need to concentrate on your education
... at least when you're not making love." The teens blushed and
laughed. "One of the things I considered as I thought about your
father's ultimatum, Levi, is how to ensure that you finished college.
So here's a suggestion. I got a sizable inheritance when my young jessy father
died. Part of it I used as down payment on this house. The rest I
socked away, thinking it was a good start on a retirement nest egg.
You would do me a great favor if you let me pay your tuition and
expenses. I should add, however, that it's not a gift; it's an
interest-free loan. You don't have to pay me back until you get
established in a career ... however long that may very young kidsex take. I won't need
the money until I retire and that's a long time off. Why am I
offering this, you may ask. Simple. I can't think of a better use
for the money than to ensure the success and happiness of two
deserving young men. young ebony teens
Before you say yes or no, I want you two to
discuss it. You're partners and you should both agree. As you
discuss it, however, keep one thought in mind; I would be immensely
pleased if your answer young incest rape is yes. Now, why don't you go off to the guest
room and discuss it in private while I clear up down here. And, if
you want to take full advantage of the privacy, do whatever you need--
or want--to do."The boys were dumb-struck by the generous offer and could do no more
than stare at me in amazement."Don't young porn 69 just sit there like dumbbells!" I exclaimed. "Get your asses
upstairs! You've got a decision to make. And," I added with a grin
and a wink, "If you wish to reaffirm your love, Babe indian young then do so. Take younger and vergin your
time."The boys didn't budge so I stood, pointed to the stairway, and gave my
best imitation of young porn ukraine
a drill sergeant, "What part of `move it' don't you
understand? GO! NOW!"I think both Gary and Levi recognized that I was being dramatic but
still felt a little intimidated by my uncharacteristic outburst. They
scampered up the stairs.I had barely finished clearing the table, 1875 young porn putting the leftovers in the
refrigerator, and loading the dishwasher when I was attacked by two
young men who hugged me so tightly that I found it difficult to
breathe. I finally broke loose, looked at my watch, and said, "I've
heard of quickies before but you guys must have set a record.""We didn't do anything but talk," Gary laughed. "Levi didn't want to
accept your offer but I pointed out that it would make three people
happy. Our answer is not just `yes' but `yes and we love you'!""We also discussed something else," Levi added. "Come with us. NOW!"
Without waiting for a response, each young man grabbed one of my hands
and guided me up the stairs."Where're we going?" I asked."Upstairs, dummy!" was the only explanation I got. I had no clue what
they were up to.They escorted me into my bedroom and stood me next to my bed. "SIT!"
Gary commanded. I young kid pornstars must not have been quick enough because Levi youngest naked teens pushed
me down onto the bed. Then, in a much gentler tone, he continued,
"Levi and I agreed young guy porn to accept your offer. colombian young teens But a simple `thank you' is
so young girls iligal
weak. We wondered how we could more adequately express our
appreciation. You've been very loving and generous. What could we do
to show you our love for you? You've given us what we needed. We're
going to give you what you need."Levi picked up on the explanation. "I told Gary about how I was such
a nervous wreck last night and, like a little boy, I asked if I could
get in bed with you so you could hold me. I told him that you
refused. And WHY you refused. Then we both had the same idea at the
same time. We're both going to give you the redhead teen young
sex you've been missing.
Not just sex, mind you. It will be an expression of our love for
you.""NO!" I shouted. "I told you then and I'll young porn fuck tell you again! I won't
do anything that will jeopardize the relationship you two have.""Not to young porn tgp worry," Gary said. "Levi and I are committed to each other.
We're doing this together as the partners we are. It's something we
want to do for you. Because we love you. That's different than being
in love like Levi and I.""But...." I stammered."But nothing!" Gary interrupted.Levi gently pushed me back onto the bed, raised my legs onto the bed,
and stood beside Gary. Both boys then began to take off their
clothes. It wasn't necessarily a strip tease but it was slow,
seductive. And extraordinarily young teenboy porn
arousing! I could only stare,
speechless, at the spectacle before me--Levi, the muscular one with a
slightly hairy, well-formed chest and Gary, thinner but firm with no
visible chest hair. By the time they lowered their trousers, I had to
reposition my engorging cock. When the two virile young men let their
trousers drop to their ankles, I inhaled sharply at the sight of
prominent bulges in their briefs. All my objections and reservations
about what was happening vanished. The briefs came down next, slowly,
first revealing thick pubic bushes, then the root of their cocks, and
finally the full frontal view. Thick, flaccid cocks dangled in front
of pendulous ball sacks. I gasped.The boys then turned their attention to disrobing me. I was
completely powerless to resist. With all three of us totally naked,
the treatment began. Four hands and two tongues roamed over my body
from ears to youngest teens video toes but avoiding, for now, the throbbing rod between my
legs that was drooling precum into a pool near my navel. I was
intoxicated with euphoria but as my sensitivity to the erotic
stimulation increased, the urging from my pelvic region for
ejaculation and relief also increased. Then a bolt young angel tgp
of lightning shot
through me. Lips encircled the head of my cock. A tongue teased it
toward the unbearable. At the same time, something invaded my ass.
There was no pain; it must be a finger, a finger that soon found my
prostate and launched me into a higher orbit. I was in no state of
mind to care whose lips and tongue or whose finger; the sensations had
paralyzed my body and overwhelmed my mind. The lips let go. Why?
With the remnants of consciousness, I glanced downward to find that
Gary and Levi were working my cock in tandem. They alternated and
gradually took more of my sensitive shaft young teen kiddy into their mouths. It
wasn't long before I screamed. Simultaneously, I thrust my hips
upward, forcing my cock deep into the throat of Levi who happened to
be the lucky one of the pair whose turn it was to deliver pleasure.
He and Gary quickly changed roles so that Gary might capture
subsequent volleys of cum.Gary and Levi lust young pictures grinned at each other, no doubt knowing they had given
their benefactor the ultimate in sensual pleasure. They kissed
passionately to affirm their love and to celebrate their success in
pleasuring me. They lay down on either side of me as I recuperated
and pressed their naked bodies against me in an embrace. I was
sandwiched between two very skilled and very handsome young men. I
was blissfully contented and thanked my young friends profusely.We lay together wordlessly for several more minutes before I asked,
"Are you ready for the second part of the favor?""What do you mean?" Levi asked."You want more?" Gary asked, as though fearing that I had not been
completely satisfied with their effort."You've already given me more than I deserve," I said. young 14
"And to tell
the truth, it was the best sex I've ever had. But as you said,
`thanks' is a pretty weak way of expressing appreciation. May I
return the favor?""That's not necessary, Mark," Levi said. "We're free young modles happy that you
enjoyed it. That's quite enough for us.""I'm young boy speedo
not asking out of some sense of obligation. I genuinely want to
return the favor. But ONLY IF YOU'RE WILLING. I'll be quite honest.
I would enjoy exploring your bodies. I would welcome the chance to
swallow your cum. This may sound corny to you but it would seal the
bond between us. Not as lovers--I certainly don't expect to do this
ever again--but as friends. russian young porno
So you see, it would make all three of us
happy. You can say `no, thanks' and there'll be no hard feelings."Gary and Levi looked at each other for a moment and then burst into
laughter.I was surprised and suddenly remorseful. "I'm sorry, guys. I
shouldn't have asked. I didn't mean to offend young tenn porn you. Forget I said
anything. Just remember that I appreciate your giving me the
experience of my life.""No, no, Mark," Levi said through his laughter. "It's just that I've
always wondered what it would be like to be young porn website sucked and fucked at the
same time. But I figured there would be no way I'd ever find out.
I'm game. I'm sure Gary is game. The question is, are youngest video sex
you willing to
suck me while Gary fucks me?""Let's go for it," I replied enthusiastically, partly because it was
Levi's cock that I was more interested in.In no time at all, we were in position. While Gary carefully prepared
Levi's ass for penetration, I adoringly fondled Levi's cock to
erection. youngest teen skinny It was impressive soft but breathtakingly beautiful when it
was stiff. When I noticed Gary beginning to pump, I started sucking.
It tasted even better than it looked. It wasn't long before we fell
into a synchronized rhythm and Levi was moaning in delight. Gary came
first and locked his arms around Levi while he pumped his seed into
his lover's bowel. Levi was not far behind and filled my mouth with
creamy brigham young
nectar.Levi spent the few remaining days of hard young oics Christmas break at my house with
only a few visits to his own home to young finnish pussy gather some personal belongings.
He told me that on his final visit--to say goodbye to his parents--his
father was not home but he was extremely pleased that his mother
hugged him and said, "God be with you, son." Had his father said the
same thing, Levi reasoned, the meaning would be `May you see the error
of your sins and young sex cums
repent' but from his mother, he was sure it meant `I
love you and pray that God protects you.'I had no further sexual contact with the boys. There was not even a
mention of the wonderful threesome in our conversations. Not bringing
the subject up, I suppose, was more the result a tacit agreement that
it would be the only time we would share a bed. Nevertheless, I
treasured the memory of our first and only sex. I hoped the two
lovers did the same.Levi and Gary returned to campus soon after New Years Day where they
would study hard by day and nurture their love at night.I resumed my life, which was now enriched by the memories of a
glorious evening of carnal pleasure.to be continued
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