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Related post: Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 22:59:50 -0800
From: Joe
Subject: I LEARN TO TAKE IT 24 (Adult/youth) I LEARN TO TAKE IT
(Chapter 24)As I said, about a week or so before my birthday, things seemed to
quiet down. It seemed that nobody wanted to fuck me or let me preteen xxx virgins suck
their cocks and I felt horny most of the time. preteen kinder I remembered back to
the last time I had spent at Kyle's and how, just before I left, his
dad took me aside. Kyle had to leave to go to work and I had stayed
with Doug in his bed for a bit. Afterward, we went in and took a nice
long leisurely shower and then, went back out to the den and sat down.
We hadn't put on any clothes and I was sitting between Doug's legs, my
head on his thigh as I gently caressed his big cock and balls.Doug said, "Man, never thought I'd be spending so much time with a
faggot Joey." I looked up and said, "I'll go if you want me to Doug."
He chuckled and ruffled my hair and said, "Who said anything about
goin! I was just saying that cause its the truth. I mean, I've always
had a thing for chicks and never thought I'd want to dick a guy. But
I guess working in the store preteen pussy asian it gave me some wild ideas!" I leaned in
and pushed my face against his cock and balls, feeling his cock
hardening a little and moaned, saying, "Well, I like it when you put
this big dick to me!" He laughed and pushed my head back and said,
"Shit Joey, you'd like it if any guy was putting his dick to you!!"He didn't say this in a mean way and I smiled and said, video chat preteen
"Well, you may
be right. Though, sometimes, I wonder if there's something wrong with
me!" Doug asked, "How so?" I looked up at him and slid in closer to
his crotch and said, "Its just that I can't seem to get enough cock in
me! I mean, hell, you and Kyle have been screwing me since yesterday
afternoon, and, if you wanted, or Kyle was here and he wanted to, I'd
spread and let you fuck me again! See what I mean? I just can't seem
to get enough of letting real preteen gallery
some guy put his cock into me! Don't you
think that's weird? Maybe I'm becoming preteens nude nu one of those nymphos you hear
about!"Doug looked artistic preteen nude
at me for a few moments and then, pulled my preteen p rn face into his
against his cock and said, "Maybe Joey. But, you have such a sweet
looking preteen art magazines ass and when my cock's in your mouth, man it looks like your
mouth was made to have it there!" I shivered and he continued, saying,
"And, dutch fucking preteens when I fuck you! Shit, sometimes I don't want to even take my
cock out and just do it again and again! I've fucked some pussy in my
day, but man, you're ass just seems to work on my cock like no female
pussy I ever had!" I blushed and said, "Wow Doug. I didn't know it
was that great preteen childmodels
for you! I mean, I love it when you're inside me. Your
cock is nice and thick and its long too and when I look up at you, nn preteen thongs
feel you on my back, I just want to make sure you feel good!"He laughed and said, "Shit, feel good! If it wasn't cause my cock is
soft now, I'd be putting preteen cum pictures it to you some more!!!" I smiled at him and
leaned down and kissed the head of his cock and said, "Ooo, such a
nice thing to say!" He laughed and said, "Get up here next to me you
little cunt!" I slid preteen art site
up next to him on the couch and he pulled me
over him preteen model china and lay me across his lap. My cock was down between his legs
and I could feel his cock against my thigh, as he began to stroke over
my back and ass. He said, "Yeah, you got one sweet ass Joey. Real
sweet. So nice and full and like a big pink bubble!" I moaned as his
hands slid over my butt forum forums preteens
cheeks and then, he slid a hand down along my
crack.As he did this, I lifted my ass and he chuckled and then, slid a
finger into me. I whimpered a bit as he began to stroke it in and out
of me and said, "Shit, me and Kyle have both put our dicks to this hot
hole of yours and its still nice and tight. You're nice and hot inside
too!" I just lay there, as he rubbed one hand all over my back and
butt and worked the finger in and out of me slowly. preteen illegal bbs Then, he added
another and I wiggled my ass as he shoved them in all the way. I
clamped on them with my ass muscles and he chuckled and said, "Yeah,
your ass just loves to played with, don't it Joey!?" I moaned a little
as he pulled the fingers out and then, shoved them back into me.Then, he asked, "Uh, Joey? You coming to my shop on your birthday!?"
I hadn't even preteen boy beach thought of that and I said, "Uh, I don't know Doug. You
see, my sister is getting married the weekend after my birthday and
well, I don't know how things are going to be." He worked the fingers
into me and I felt them scrape over my prostate and I moaned as he
turned me over onto my back. He pushed out from under my legs model preteen magazines and
leaned into me as I lifted my right leg and put it over the top of the
couch. I put the other foot down on the floor and he continued to work
the finger into me. He said, "Well, I think you'd have a real fun
time there baby! I got me this little room in the basement that would
perfect for you."I wiggled my ass on his working finger and asked, "What kind of room
is it Doug!?" He shoved the fingers into me hard and said, "A fuck
room Joey! Yeah, just the kind of place porno foto preteens for a hungry little whore like
you! You see, I japanese preteen nude
get only preteen
a group of guys together when I know there's going
to be someone hot coming in and let them play with him in the room.
The place has a sling thing and a bench and a few other things, but if
the guy goes into it, preteen fatties pictures willingly, well, he can get all the dick girls preteen cp he
wants. Wouldn't you love that!? underage boy preteen To have a bunch of men playing with
your body, feeding you hot cock and fucking you as much as you'd
want!?"I speedo preteen model bit my lip and said, "You make it sound so wild Doug!" He smiled
and said, "It is Joey! The last guy that came into the room was a
little older than you, but he said he was hungry for cock and that's
what he got! That guy seemed to take on any man that wanted to use
him and shit, he got fucked, fed cock, got his cock sucked and I can
tell you there wasn't a set of balls that weren't unloaded in him!" I
was feeling myself getting a little excited and asked, "If I crazy preteen boy
told you
I nymphet tgp preteen
was coming would you let me have all I wanted?" He smiled and his
thumb rubbed into my balls and said, "Honey, if you wanted it, I'd go
out and get as many studs as I could to fuck this sweet ass of
yours!!"I looked down between my legs and could see his slender preteen models cock was hard again. I
asked, "Would I get some more of that big hot cock of yours preteen girlsgonewild nude Doug!?"
He lifted up, thrusting his hips forward, asking, "You mean, you want
some more of this big thing baby!?" I wiggled my ass and drew my legs
back towards my chest and said, "Uh huh! I love that big thing of
yours Doug!" He moved in closer to my crotch and then, pulled his
fingers out of me and moved it, just placing the head of his cock at
my hole. He rubbed it all over my hole and I gasped in pleasure,
trying to lift my ass up to get on it!He asked, "Well, if you came to my preteen animation sex
store baby, you'd get this one and
a lot more! Oh yeah, a lot more! Would you like that Joey? Want to
come to my store and play whore all night! I can guarantee you, you'd
get all the dick you want honey!?" sexy preteens nonnude I shivered to his words and said,
"I'll be there Doug! Ooo, but I need you in me right now stud! Please
Doug, please, put it in me, please!!" He smiled lewdly and then,
thrust his hips forward, impaling me on his cock as he asked, "You
mean, like this bitch!!?" I groaned and my back arched as I thrust my
ass up into his crotch as he worked his hips from side to side.He held his cock inside me, grinding his hips into my crotch as my
body arched and I let out a wild shout! He pulled his cock out till
just the head was inside me and then, reached down and grasped my left
tit with is fingers. He squeezed my nipple hard, making me moan as he
thrust up into me hard again! I gasped, "Oh, oh, oh Doug!!" He said,
"Yeah brazil schoolgirls preteens
bitch, if you came to my store, I'd show you a private preteen pics night you'd
remember for the rest of your fucking life!! Have so many studs there
to fuck you, you'd think you'd died and gone to cocksucker heaven!!
That what you want bitch!? Do you Joey!? Want to have man after man
shoving their hot, hard cocks, uh, like this, uh, to you? Do you, you
little whore cunt!? Do you!?"I groaned as he pulled his cock back and thrust up into me over and
over, grinding his cock into me as I gasped and writhed on the couch
under him. He squeezed my tit again and ordered, "Answer me bitch! Is
this what you want, you fucking faggot whore cunt!? To have men
fucking you over and over cunt!? Come on bitch! Tell me! Tell me
what you want you slut, you little cum slut bitch!!!" I gasped out,
"Yes, yes, oh Doug, ohhhhhh, yes, yes, I do Doug, preteen boy cunt
I do!!" He leaned
over me at that point and as he thrust up into me, spit on my face!! I
moaned and he did it again and I opened my mouth and he spit into my
mouth and said, "Yeah, you want to be treated this way, don't you
whore!?" I gasped, "Yes, nympho preteen pic
Doug, yes!!"He lifted up and pulled his cock out of me, getting a deep moan from
me as he shouted, "Get down there on the floor cunt! Yeah, now! Up on
your hands and knees!!" I was getting a little scared at this point as
he had never upskirt preteen cp
talked so rough to me. I did as he ordered and then, he
got up and walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a couple of things.
As he walked back, I realized they were some more dildoes. One had
these preteen models extreme
little nobs all over the surface and looked about eight inches
long, the other, had nudists families preteen a handle on it and the cock part looked about ten
inches long. I knelt there, staring at them as he walked over to me.He took the one with the nobs on it and pushed ebony preteen it against my lips and
ordered, "Suck on this!!" photo of preteens
I began to do as he wanted as I looked up at
him. He began to work the thing in and out of my lips and the nobs
were rubbing all over my lips each time he thrust it in. Then, he
pulled it out and said, "Get up on russian preteen vids the couch. On your knees." I did
as he wanted and then, he slapped the bigger dildo between my legs and
said, "Spread those legs wide bitch!!" I spread my legs and he ran the
dildo along the underside of my balls and then, he shoved the one with
the nobs on it one up inside me. I gasped from the penetration, not
really expecting it.He worked the thing in and out of me and I moaned and shook as he
worked it back and forth. The nobs rubbed over my sphincter again and
again and felt funny inside me as they stroked along pre teen sucks the insides of my
ass chute. I groaned and without being able to control myself, preteens pussy photos began
to hump my ass back, eagerly, not caring as he worked it in and out!
He nude preteens pix slapped my ass and said, "Yeah, that's my bitch boy! Do it Joey
honey, work that pussy for me! Show me what a hot little whore you
are when you get played with!! Oh yeah Joey, do it baby, do it!!"I moaned as he continued to work that nobby dildo in and out of my
ass. Then, he moved the other to my mouth and pushed at my lips. I
opened alt binaries preteen them eagerly and the thing slid in and I began to suck on it.
All the while, he continued to move the other one in and out of my
ass. I preteen nympho shivered and shook in pure pleasure as he worked the one in preteen babes pics my
mouth and shoved the other in and out of fotos preteens gratis my ass. Then, he said, "Now
Joey, hold that one in your ass and squeeze that pussy on it!" I did
as he wanted as he shoved it almost all the way into me. I held it
there, feeling it inside me as he moved around in front of me. He
lifted my head, using the dildo in my mouth to do it, and smiled down
at me. He stroked my cheeks and slid the thing in and out of my
mouth.I stared up at him and he watched as I sucked on the hard thing and
then, he pulled it out and I gasped. He held it up in front of my
face and asked, "Want this one in preteen search nn
you too baby!?" I didn't know what
he was planning, but moaned, "Yeah Doug, I do!" He chuckled and then,
he moved in behind me. I tried to turn my head, but he slapped my
upturned butt and preteens of amsterdam said, "Keep facing the other way Joey!" I did as he
wanted and then, he said, "Ease fake naked preteens
up them pussy muscles a bit. funny girls preteens Yeah, now
just relax baby, gonna see if you love this!" I didn't know what he
was going to do, but leaned my face down on the floor preteens forced fucking
pushing my ass
up higher.He chuckled as he saw this and then, he began to slowly slide the
nobbed dildo fresh young preteens
in and out of me. I moaned in pleasure and wiggled my piss preteens
and he stroked the other dildo along my butt cheeks. I pushed my ass
back harder and heard him chuckle again and then, felt something at my
hole. I wasn't sure, but I thought he was going to shove the other
dildo up into me, but I waited. preteen tiny models Then, I felt it! He was shoving the
other one into me along with the first. I gasped, "No, no, please
Doug, no!!" He slapped my ass and said, "Shut the fuck up slut! You
want to be a whore baby, well, this is the way guys use a whore! Any
way they want to use him, you got that!!?"He slapped my ass with his hand and I moaned and then, felt my hole
stretching, wider, wider, then, the head of the other dildo was going
into me! I gasped and shivered and tried to pull away, but preteen models chat
he slapped
my ass and said, "Hold still, you little cunt, just hold still! Its
going in baby, oh yeah, its going in!!" I moaned and then, felt the
other preteen sex illegal preteens lingerie models
dildo going into me along with the first. Suddenly, he reached
over to the little table preteen pose near my head and pulled the bottle of poppers
over and said, "Inhale this Joey! Take a big hit!!"I opened the bottle and inhaled twice, deep and gasped as the stuff
hit my brain! Then, he was working both the dildoes in and out of me.
It hurt a little, but at the same time, felt so full! I moaned and
he laughed and said, naked preteen boy "Take another hit baby! Yeah, that's it, real
deep Joey, real deep! Just like these dildoes, going into you real
deep! Uh, uh, uh!!!" My head flew up as I felt him shove both the
dildoes into me and then, gasped as he did something and the nobby one
began to vibrate. I gasped from the new sensation, as he held that one
deep inside me, as he began to work the second one in and out.I could feel my cock straining it was so hard, as he began to stroke
the longer one in and out of me as the other was inside me, vibrating
wildly. I moaned, "Oh Doug, oh shit, oh Doug!!" He leaned over me and
asked, "Like it now, don't you baby!? Yeah, all you little whore's get
off with something up your sweet ass pussy! Squeeze honey, squeeze on
them both! Work preteen pictures virtual that pussy Joey honey, work it for ole Doug!!" preteen adult entertainment I
moaned and did as he wanted lost in a haze of the sensations working
in me from the vibrating dildo, the big one stroking in and out of me,
and his other hand stroking my butt cheeks.Then, my body began to shake and I knew, I was preteen rusian boys going to cum again! I
gasped, and tried to raise up, but his hand slid up my back and shoved
me back down as I shouted, "I'm cumming Doug! Oh, oh, oh, uh, uh, I'm
cummmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggg!" He slapped my ass and shoved the other
dildo into me further as he said, "Yeah, cum Joey! Let me see how a
whore gets off baby, shoot it Joey, shoot it all over the place!!"
He pulled my shoulders up and my cock shot up in a wild arc. One long
strand of cum seemed to shoot from the head of my dick, preteens sex incest and I heard
him gasp, saying, "Oh shit, yeah! Shoot that cream you fucking whore
cum slut!!!!!"I danish preteen sluts
couldn't control my body as the vibrations and the stuffed feeling
in my ass, the heads of the two cocks stroking and vibrating against
my prostate, were too much. I almost passed out from the wild
sensations coursing through my body as Doug watched in awe from the
way my body reacted! I collapsed down on my face, my ass stuck up in
the air and then, he pulled the dildoes out of me, one at photos preteen nudes
time. Then,
before I knew what was happening, he was mounting me. He drove that
big fat thick cock of his deep into me, holding me by the hips. He
pulled my ass back onto his cock again and again, and I knelt there,
submitting to him.Then, he grasped my head by the back of the hair and jerked me up as
he drove in all the way into me and I felt him shooting into me again!
I moaned and he gasped, shouting, "Oh shit, you hot fucking little
cunt whore, slut pig bitch!!! Oh, oh, oh, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"
He xxxteen preteen vids
continued to unload non preteen in me as he fell preteen gallery pubic over me, pushing me to the
floor. I underground pics preteen lay under him, my body heaving, his sweaty body against me
as he lay on top of me, his cock still inside me. We lay like that
for a pre teen hotties bit and then, I felt his cock softening as it slid out of me.
He rolled over onto his back on the floor, his chest heaving preteen galleries shy as I lay
on my belly next to him.For a few minutes, neither of us did a thing, just caught our breath.
Then, he rolled onto his side and smiled at me and said, "Man, you are
one hot fuck Joey! Shit, I can't believe how wild it preteen picture forum
is to fuck you
baby!" I smiled at him and said, "I love it when you fuck me Doug!"
He chuckled and then, rose up and stood over me. He grabbed my hand
and helped me up and then, pulled me against him. I nuzzled my face
into his hairy chest and moaned lightly as his hands honey preteen models
continued to play
over my back and down to my ass. He chuckled and said, "Man, I sure
love this ass baby!"He held me to small young preteen
him as his hands slid down over my butt cheeks,
spreading them a bit and then, he slid a finger from each hand into
me. I spread my legs and groaned a bit as he said, "Yeah, preteen girl erotic full of my
cum baby, so full its oozing out of your sweet pussy Joey!" I pressed
in against him harder and he said, "Come on, let's get you cleaned up
Joey!" preteen boy meat Somehow, he kept his fingers inside me as we went up the
stairs and to his bedroom. He walked me into the bathroom and then,
turned on the shower and preteenz gallery
moved me in under the warm water. I felt so
comfortable with him and the water felt good on my feverish body.Then, as I stood under the water, he washed me off, like some little
boy with his daddy taking care of him. I loved it and after he
finished rape preteen girl
me, I did him, running my hands and soap all over his nice
body and then, slid to my knees in front of him. I held his cock and
looked up at him and he knew what I wanted as he smiled down at me.
Then, he put one hand on the back of my head as I slid my mouth over
his semihard shaft. I held it in my mouth, preteen models sensuality just the head and then,
looked up at him. He smiled broadly and then, relaxed his body. Then,
I felt it in my mouth, the big dick twitched a little and then, he fun preteen quizzes preteen futanari stories was
pissing in my mouth. I drank it eagerly, hungrily.As I swallowed his hot piss, he stroked his hands through my hair. He
said, "Oh preteen 3d spanking
yeah, drink it baby, drink my piss Joey! Oh baby, my cock
feels so damned dirty preteen panties good in your hot mouth! Ummmmmmm, yeah baby, yeah
Joey!" Then, his stream slowed and I sucked on the head of his cock
till it stopped. I pulled back and ran my tongue all over the head of
his cock, catching the last few drops of his piss as it seeped out the
pee hole. Then, I kissed the head, letting him feel preteens free photod my tongue on it
and then, I moved to his balls. I sucked one into my mouth and gently
sucked on it, giving it a slow mouth massage.I moved to the top russian preteen
other one and did the same and then, licked into his
cock hairs around his cock, and pre teen blowjobs
upward, following his treasure trail
to his belly button, then, as it led to his chest. I rose up, licking
his body and then moved my mouth over to his nipple and sucked on it
as his hand tightened on my head. I moved to the other one and then,
leaned in against him, as his hands slid over my back and cupped my
ass cheeks. We stood there in the slowly cooling water, not saying a
word and then, he turned off the water. We got out and dried
ourselves and then, went in and got dressed.We went back down to his den and we sat and chatted as he put some of
the toys away. Finally, he asked, "Well Joey, are you coming preteen and porn to the
store for arina dreams preteen
your birthday?" I smiled and said, "Yes. Oh yeah Doug, I
want to be there!" He chuckled and asked, "You know though, if you
do, what's going to happen baby!?" I bit my lip and said, "Uh huh, I
think so Doug. But you'll be there, won't you?" He smiled and said,
"You bet! Have to run the store while you're getting laid baby! But,
I'll make sure that preteen porn link I close up a little early so I can come and join
in the fun. O.k.?" I nodded and then, we both fell silent.Then, I stood up young preteens naturism and said, "I guess I better go Doug. I'm supposed to
go run some errands for my folks for the wedding stuff." He got up
and walked me back up stairs to the door and as I went to open it, he
put his hand on the door and pushed me up against it. His mouth was
at my ear as he said, "If I wasn't so fucking drained by this sweet
ass of yours Joey, I'd rip your clothes off and fuck you again, right
now!!" I turned my head and pressed it against the wood of the door
as I reached back and grasped his butt cheeks and pushed mine into his
crotch and said, "And you know cute nude preteens
I'd let you stud!" He laughed and dry
humped against me and said, "Well, you better get your slut ass out undressing preteen of
here Joey, or, I might not let you go at all!"I nude thai preteens wiggled against him and said, "Maybe I should stay then! You know
how much I love it when you fuck me!" He laughed and slid his hand
down and squeezed my left butt cheek hard and said, "Get this faggot,
cunt, whore ass out of here, you cum pig, or I will!" nonude hot preteen
I laughed as
stepped back and then, groped his crotch and said, "I love being a cum
slut pig whore for you stud!!" He slapped my hand laughing and said,
"Scat bitch!" I pulled open the door and ran laughing to my car. As
I got to it, I stopped and looked back and speedo preteen he was still in the
doorway.I smiled to myself as I got in my car and then, drove off, still
feeling his preteen dog rape cum inside me and the memory of his hard body against
mine. I barely remembered what I was doing as my mind kept playing
over and over what I had been doing with Doug, and Kyle, for the past
24 hours. Oh man, those two were hot studs and they sure loved to fuck
my whore pussy a lot and feed me those luscious dicks of theirs. As I
pulled into our track, I almost hit another car coming out of the
entrance to the tract of houses. My mind was on the image of Kyle and
Doug's dicks as they nude preteens magazine
had stood in front of me, waving them at me and
telling me to suck them! I got myself together and looked and the
other car was gone and I drove home.

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